Alpha Asher chapter 46

My head was throbbing rapidly, following the beat to one of the songs Breyona constantly listened to.

It took me several minutes to finally open my eyes, the beating in my head subsided in the slightest. Surprise registered in my head when I realized the bedroom. Memories flashed through my mind, filled with both pleasure and pain.

This was the bed I had received my hours long punishment on, one I was still healing from. The sensitive spot between my legs throbbed once, reminding me of the pleasure I had felt.

I sat up in bed, grimacing as I looked down at my clothes. Someone had changed me before setting me in Alpha Asher’s bed.

I let out a low groan as I pulled myself from the bed, wobbling on my own two feet.

“I demand an answer for your behavior.” Alpha Asher’s snarl was abrupt, nearly making me topple over.

His voice startled me, causing me to clutch the thin fabric of the t-shirt I was wearing to my chest. The t-shirt smelled like Alpha Asher, and my heart hammered as I realized who it belonged to.

“Quit gaping at me and answer.” Alpha Asher snapped, rolling his eyes.

He sat on the other side of the room, resting in a large armchair. He had a glass of liquor in his hand. Judging from the sun shining through the window, it was much too early to be drinking.

“I’m not gaping.” I snapped, speaking the first thing that came to mind.

I needed a minute to think about last night, to ponder what happened. I was ready to leave with Tristan. Hell, I wanted to leave with Tristan. His skin against my own, it felt right for some reason.

The side of me that wanted Tristan was growing stronger, yearning for him more. That side didn’t diminish how I felt about Alpha Asher. The intoxicating feelings I had were still there, leaving me even more confused. I was sure one of them would be my mate, but who?

I couldn’t imagine myself with either of them. I wasn’t Luna material, and I wasn’t sure I was mated to a Vampire. Both choices sounded strange in my mind, and yet I felt a connection to both of them.

‘You idiot.’ Maya’s voice growled throughout my mind.

‘I’m sorry, Maya.’ I frowned, ‘I didn’t expect to be thrown off guard like that.’

My blood ran cold, the words Tristan had said that sent me over the edge still rang clear in my ears. I felt hatred mingle with the desire I felt for him. The as*sh0le had something to do with my brother leaving, I was sure of it.

“That’s not what I asked, Lola.” Alpha Asher growled lowly, standing from his seat on the armchair.

“You would’ve never let me go.” I shook my head, “We needed information. They would’ve known I hadn’t come alone.”

“So, you decide to put yourself in danger.” Alpha Asher scoffed, “What did you learn Lola? Tell me.”

“I think they took my brother.” I frowned, “That and they’re just getting started.”

“So, you learned nothing.” Alpha Asher scoffed, shaking his head.

More memories hammered my brain, images flooding through my mind.

“You have Tyler.” I gaped, “You have Tyler. Obviously, that counts for something.”

“Tyler is nothing.” Alpha Asher sneered the word. “Refuses to speak, no matter how badly we torture him.”

I should have felt bad for Tyler—I really should have, but I couldn’t. The thought of torturing someone made my stomach turn, but Tyler had put himself in this position.

“He’ll break.” I shook my head, “Tyler isn’t strong.”

“Lola.” Alpha Asher exhaled sharply, his fingers pinching the bridge of his nose. “You’re lucky you survived.”

“I knew they wouldn’t hurt me.” I shook my head.

“How do you know?” Alpha Asher’s eyes turned dark. “Is it that Vampire you mentioned? What was his name? Tristan.”

Alpha Asher snarled Tristan’s name, his eyes growing black. I was tempted to stumble backwards, unable to handle a repeat of the night before.

“He wants me.” I shook my head, “I don’t know why, but he does.”

“He can’t have you.” Asher snarled, backing me up against the wall.

My heart hammered in my chest as Alpha Asher glared down at me. Many emotions were swirling in his eyes. He was furious with me, but desire was present as well. Desire and fury mingled in his gaze, setting my insides on fire.

“I don’t want him.” I assured him, but part of me knew that was a lie. Part of me did want him—she wanted him bad.

‘It’s that stupid mark on your shoulder.’ Maya hissed, ‘It’s messing with your head.’

I wasn’t sure if I believed her or not. Was it the mark? Or was it the mate bond trying to pull me towards my other half? What would I do is Tristan was my mate? Would I have the strength to reject him?

“You say that, but I don’t think your being honest Lola.” Alpha Asher leaned in close, his l!ps nearly grazing my ear. “Do you need a repeat of last time?”

“N-No.” I stammered as his hot breath fanned against my ear.

Alpha Asher’s hands traveled down my waist, squeezing my h!ps roughly. The pain made my core throb, already begging for more.

“Then why are you lying to me?” Alpha Asher whispered gruffly, yanking up the t-shirt I was wearing.

Cool air fanned against my bare legs. A blush formed on my cheeks as I realized I was only wearing a pair of panties. Alpha Asher had changed me, letting me sleep in his bed wearing next to nothing.

“Because I don’t want to want him.” I bit down on my lower l!p, fighting against Alpha Asher’s touch.

“He can never have you.” Alpha Asher murmured; his voice tinged with anger. “I’m possessive—I’m demanding, and most of all; I do not share what is mine.”

Alpha Asher spoke each word slowly, letting his hand trail between my legs. He cupped my pu**y, the scent of my arousal filling the room.

“See how ready you are for me?” Alpha Asher murmured in my ear. I shivered roughly as he nipped at my earlobe and buried his face in my neck.

He was taking deep breaths of my scent, his finger trailing my covered pu**y slowly. My legs parted on their own and I clamped them shut in frustration.

Alpha Asher had gotten me to admit I belonged to him, something I would’ve done for no one else. It was frustrating how my body responded to him. I had woken up this morning feeling like crap, learning my brother had been taken. With just a single touch, he had me forgetting everything that happened. My body was mush in his hands, and he loved using that against me.

“Fighting only makes me want you more.” Alpha Asher chuckled darkly, forcing my legs open with his th!gh.

I wanted to shove him off and stomp away in frustration, but my body had other plans. He forced my leg open with his own, pulling my panties to the side. His finger grazed my slick l!ps, bringing moisture up to my cl*t.

“You thought you could handle playing with an Alpha.” Alpha Asher chuckled darkly, his teeth clamping down on my neck. “You made him want you, Lola. Teased him every chance you had.”

“I didn’t—” I started but gasped as one of his fingers slid inside of me. He pumped his finger inside of me steadily, his pace agonizingly slow. My core clenched around his finger, already begging for more.

“You did.” Alpha Asher chuckled, running his l!ps over the sensitive skin of my neck. “You know exactly what you did.”

Alpha Asher used his thumb to rub along my cl*t. The sudden rush of pleasure made my back arch, shoving my chest against his own.

“You made him want you, and now you belong to him.” Alpha Asher murmured against my skin.

“You want me—but you won’t f**k me.” I gasped in pain as a second finger slid inside of me.

He hadn’t used two fingers before, and I was struggling to adjust. The pain mixed with pleasure, stretching me but not quite filling me. It still wasn’t what I needed.

“Like I said before, Lola—only good girls get f**ked.” Alpha Asher murmured, “If you haven’t noticed, you’ve been very bad lately.”

At Alpha Asher’s words, his pace increased feverishly. His fingers rammed my puy roughly as he took his anger out on my body. The pressure in-between my legs continued to climb until another hard thrust sent me over the edge.

An exhilarated scream tore through my l!ps as my org**sm wracked my body. My legs shook and my fingers curled, yet I still wasn’t fully satisfied. Alpha Asher’s touch had chased any thoughts of Tristan away. The side of me that wanted him was dormant.

I was willing to give Alpha Asher all of me—but I wanted the same in return.

“I’ll try—” I stammered, swallowing my pride. “I’ll try to be good, but you know what I want.”

“It seems being good is an impossibility for you.” Alpha Asher replied, his eyes returning to their usual honey shade. I couldn’t tell if that was a term of endearment for Alpha Asher, or if he was just stating the truth.

“It’s not.” I shook my head. Alpha Asher had me turning into a bitch in heat, dying for his touch. “I can be good.”

“And why should I give you what you crave?” Alpha Asher murmured, his face leaning in close to my own.

I was hyperaware at the fact his l!ps were only inches away from my own. All the times Alpha Asher had touched my body, he had yet to k!ss me. The act felt somewhat insulting and impersonal, but it only made me want him more.

I knew what he wanted me to say—but was I going to say it? Was It the truth?

“Because I’m yours.” I breathed, and I knew it was the truth.

He had claimed me the moment he met me, never once telling me he did so. The moment I first showed up late to training, I was his.

“Good girl.” Alpha Asher’s anger had left, his eyes even softened infinitesimally.

“I will spare your friends.” Alpha Asher turned as he began walking back to his liquor. “They will not be punished for your recklessness.”

“Thank you.” I nodded sincerely; grateful my friends wouldn’t need to suffer.

“You can find some other way to thank me.” Alpha Asher’s voice was emotionless, but his eyes glinted slyly.

I wanted to snort and roll my eyes, but my mind was elsewhere. I was sure Grandma and Dad had heard the news. They were probably out of their mind with worry.

Dad would likely murder me, while Grandma would give me one of her disapproving looks that nearly broke my heart. I hated how Alpha Asher always left me wanting more, but for once I had other things that needed tending to.

I grabbed the pair of jeans that were lying crumpled on the floor and slid them over my legs. Just as I wrapped my hand around the bedroom door, Alpha Asher stopped me.

His large hand wrapped around my wrist, gripping it tightly.

“And where do you think you’re going?” Alpha Asher questioned, his toffee eyes burning into my own.

“I need to see my Dad and Grandma.” I lifted my eyebrow as I stared at him, practically daring him to refuse. “Their probably worried sick.”

“You’re not leaving.” Alpha Asher shook his head, pulling me away from the door.

“What?” The word left my l!ps in a frustrated squeak, “The hell I’m not!”

“You are not leaving, Lola.” Alpha Asher murmured, his hand cupping my face tightly. “I told you last night. You’d be lucky if I ever let you leave my side again.”

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