Alpha Asher chapter 53

I had managed to grab a few more hours of sleep when I finally woke up. Alpha Asher’s arm was still tightly wrapped around my waist, his face buried in my neck as he breathed softly.

If it weren’t for today’s events, I would’ve stayed in bed indefinitely. My bladder was screaming at me, demanding to be relieved. I wrapped my fingers around Alpha Asher’s hand and pulled, making him groan.

“I’m not letting go.” Alpha Asher murmured into my neck, making a chill travel down my spine.

“If you don’t, you’ll have pee in your bed.” I scolded him, chuckling when his arm retreated from my body.

By the time I finished my business, Alpha Asher was sitting up in bed. The thick rays of sunlight hit his porcelain skin, making it glow temptingly. His rippled muscles begged to be touched, but now was not the time.

My phone vibrated on the bedside table murderously, a picture of Breyona’s face flashing on the phone.

I picked up my phone warily, accepting the call.

“Why am I hearing you’re fighting a damn Alpha?” Breyona’s voice was a few octaves too high.

“Good morning to you too.” I mumbled incoherently.

“It’s nearly one in the afternoon.” Breyona snapped, and I could practically see her rolling her eyes. “It’s well passed morning, and don’t ignore my question.”

“Um—well, you’re hearing that because it’s true?” I frowned, pinching the bridge of my nose as Breyona launched into her lecture.

“Y’know, I gave no stock to those rumors. Even when you and Alpha Asher were missing from training yesterday. I figured he just had you holed up in his room, doing all sorts of bad things.” Breyona snapped, rushing her words out impatiently, “What have you gotten yourself into this time?”

“I know, I know.” I grimaced, ignoring her comment about Alpha Asher and I. “Maya already chewed me out rather good. I know I messed up.”

“And now you can’t back out.” Breyona huffed, clearly having a strong grasp on the situation. “You almost get taken by Vampires, and now you have to fight an Alpha.”

“If it makes you feel any better, I’m going to win.” I shrugged, using Alpha Asher’s sheet to cover my exposed body.

Alpha Asher lifted himself from the bed, walking over to me. His fingers wrapped around the thin sheet, pulling it from my body. I stood on the phone with Breyona, glaring at Alpha Asher’s c**ky smirk.

“That doesn’t make me feel any better.” Breyona snapped, “And I know you’re going to win. You’re too stubborn not to.”

“Thanks for the confidence.” I grinned,

“Don’t thank me. Just stop getting into so much trouble.” Breyona sighed, “Meet Mason and I at the diner for lunch? The poor guy has been worried sick about you.”

“I’ll do my best.” I chuckled, “And I’ll be there, what time?”

“An hour.” Breyona responded, “I’ll see you then!”

“See ya.” I called out, hanging up the phone.

“And where do you think you’re going?” Alpha Asher lifted his dark eyebrow, his eyes burning into my exposed body.

“Breyona wants me to meet her and Mason for lunch.” I raised my own eyebrow in response, “I told her I’d be there. You can follow if you need to.”

Alpha Asher walked up to me, his arm snaking around my lower back. His dark eyes burned into my own, making my heart speed exponentially.

“Will you be good, Lola?” Alpha Asher murmured; his thumb pressed against my chin.

“I will.” I nodded honestly. “I’m just going for lunch.”

“Good.” Alpha Asher murmured, “I have to make sure everything is ready for this afternoon. Alpha Bran is making quite the spectacle of your fight.”

“Spectacle?” I scowled.

“Alpha Bran enjoys the crowd.” Alpha Asher murmured; his eyes dark. “He already believes he’s won—he wants to show off his prize.”

“I’m not his damn prize.” I rolled my eyes, “And he hasn’t won anything yet.”

“And you won’t let him.” Alpha Asher murmured, a smirk forming on his face. “Meet me back at the house in a couple hours.”

After reluctantly pulling myself from Alpha Asher’s arms, I wrapped a sheet around my body and retreated to my own bedroom. I slipped on a pair of jeans, a light blouse and some shoes. After brushing the knots from my hair, I left the house and headed to the diner.

Dad had offered to buy me a car a few weeks ago, something I declined completely. Dad didn’t have the money to get me a car, not without struggling financially. Besides, everything in town was close together. The packhouse was located near the center of town, while my old house was just a bit further down the block.

I made it to the center of town in seven minutes flat. I enjoyed the feel of the warm sun on my skin, the cool breeze coming just a few moments later.

I had gotten to the diner early, waiting outside until Breyona and Mason pulled up. Mason had a permanent frown on his face, which finally went away when I came into view.

“You’re alive.” Mason chuckled, grabbing me in his arms.

“For now, anyway.” Breyona lifted her eyebrow at me, a hand on her hip.

“For now.” I chuckled once Mason put me down.

“I want an explanation while we eat.” Breyona shook her head, “Tell me all about your latest bit of trouble.”

We went inside the diner and sat down, ordering our usual once the waitress came to the table. Breyona was impatient, wanting to know everything the moment we sat down. I told her the full story, including what Alpha Bran had said to me.

“Alright.” Breyona sighed, her face falling. “I can’t be mad at you for that. But still Lola, he’s a damn Alpha! Their allowed to talk to people like that.”

“It’s not right.” I rolled my eyes, “He might get away with treating other women like objects, but not me.”

“He really asked if he could, have you?” Breyona rolled her eyes, “I’m not liking Alpha Bran already.”

“Asked Alpha Asher and everything, as if I belonged to him.” I snorted, shaking my head.

“I thought you didn’t mind belonging to Alpha Asher.” Breyona smirked, while Mason averted his eyes.

“I don’t want to belong to anyone.” I shook my head. My stomach constricted, registering the lie I had just told. In truth, I wouldn’t mind belonging to Alpha Asher. His possessive claim on me was alluring, intensifying all those conflicting emotions.

“When you find your mate, you’ll want to belong to them.” Breyona nodded confidently, something flashing deep in her gaze.

I had nearly forgotten Breyona found her mate. I was so wrapped up in my own life, that I hadn’t taken the chance to ask about her own.

“How has things been with you and your mate?” I grinned, leaning forward anxiously.

“It’s been—rough.” Breyona nodded, pain filling her eyes. “He’s not really accepting of well, what we are.”

Mason’s face fell, his eyes welling up with sympathy for Breyona. He looked like he could relate to her pain, making me feel terrible for the two of them.

“He could come around.” I reassured her, “You were both made for each other.” I smiled softly at my best-friend.

“I hope you’re right.” Breyona’s voice was small, her eyes far away.

The three of us finished dinner, Breyona and Mason dropped me off at my Grandma’s. They promised to meet me at the packhouse before the fight. Alpha Bran was certainly making a spectacle of the entire situation. Everyone in town seemed to throw me sideways glances. Some were sympathetic, while others looked at me like I was a fool.

The moment I stepped into my Dad’s house; I knew coming there was a mistake.

“Lola.” Dad growled from the recliner, his face falling into a grimace as we locked eyes. I contemplated backing out the house, slamming the door and running down the street. Dad wouldn’t be able to catch me, but I’d be in a lot more trouble.

“I thought Alpha Asher was going to look after you.” Dad growled, “Not let you get into more trouble. An Alpha, really Lola?”

“Be easy on the girl.” Grandma shook her head distastefully at her son. “You can see she learned from her actions.”

“She’s clearly going through with the fight.” Dad grumbled, shooting me an annoyed look.

“It’s not like she can back out.” Grandma rolled her eyes at my Dad, “Besides, Lola’s going to win.”

“How can you be sure of that.” Dad scoffed, “He’s an Alpha.”

“His title doesn’t matter.” Grandma rolled her eyes, “She knows how to defend herself, and that Alpha is much too c**ky. The c**ky ones always fall.”

I couldn’t help but grin at my Grandma. She always knew how to make me feel better, always staying by my side as I learned from my mistakes.

“It’s still not gonna be easy to watch.” Dad shook his head.

“You’re both coming?” My jaw dropped a little bit as I looked at my Dad.

“Of course, were coming.” Dad grunted, “No daughter of mine is fighting an Alpha without her family present.”

“Thanks Dad.” I grinned pulling him into a hug.

“Yeah, yeah.” Dad grumbled, his face turning pink. “Doesn’t mean I’m not still mad at you.”

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