Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son: Bonus Chapter 2


I don’t like it,” Valen growls, pacing the living room. I sigh, trying to work through the backlog of paperwork I have been avoiding, If he paces anymore, I would need to replace the d*mn carpet.

Valen stops next to the coffee table. “Do you hear it?

Does it not bother you?” he demands, and I raise an eyebrow and shake my head, turning back to the paperwork resting on my lap when my pen suddenly disappears from my hand. Annoyed, I huff, pinning him with a glare.

“Can you hear it? It’s driving me damn insane,”

“Hear what?” I ask, shaking my head and holding my hand out expectantly for my pen.

“Exactly!” Valen hisses, passing my pen back. “It’s so quiet, he mutters to himself.

I roll my eyes. Is he seriously still carrying on over this?Yep, it is great! I can now scratch my a*ss without one of them being up it,” Valen glares at me.

I’m going to get them,” he snatches up his keys, and I gr0an and rest my head back on the couch.

They have been at school for not even two hours, this is part of life. Kids grow up. They need to go to school, Valen!”

Then we homeschool! Simple problem solved,” I blink at him before pursing my l!ps.

“And who would be doing this homeschooling?”

You, of course, I have to work,” ah, ah, frickening way. I finally have six hours of freedom. I am not giving that up.

“Nope, if you want to pull the girls from school to homeschool,’ you are doing the d*mn homeschooling,” I growl at him.

“I have a city a run, I can’t homeschool, you’l have to quit and do it, Valen tells me.

“Exactly why am I homeschooling if you aren’t going to be here?” I ask him. He grumbles, pacing some more. “I can’t take the damn silence. It’s too quiet, too fricking quiet, Everly, how does it not bother you?” I don’t even bother answering.

He is being irrational. The man hates mess, hates loud noise, and suddenly the girls start school, and he’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown. He has cleaned the house frantically in an hour, and then the next hour, he has paced the floor so much I swear I see tracks.

Valen stops again, and I wait for his tirade when he jumps. “I got it,” I toss my paperwork aside. Clearly, I was getting no work done today. I glance at my mate, his tailored suit ruffled from his stress, the top two buttons on his shirt undone. He stands with his hands on his hips like he has a solution to the problem I didn’t know we apparently had.

My eyes skim over his face, and his l!ps tugged up into a smirk before I meet his dazzling amber eyes. I was ogling. I did that too much these days, but when my eyes go to his. I don’t like the look on his face. He is too upbeat, like there was some joke I wasn’t in on. His smile grows devious.

Before I can demand to know what he is on about now, he slowly, methodically walks around the coffee table as if he is stalking prey and not his mate and wife. He stops in front of me, and I raise an eyebrow at him. I don’t like the smirk on his face.

Something sinister about it makes my ovaries shrivel up and die instantly.

I shake my head, and he nods, l!cking his l!ps.

Nope, out of the question, not happening,” I snap at him. Before I could give him a list of reasons for why we have too many children and more was not an option, he grabs me.

He tosses me over his shoulder, and I beat his back with my paperwork going everywhere and scattering on the floor. “I am putting another bun in this oven,” Valen declares, stalking off toward the stairs.

“Like hell you are!” I growl, biting his d*mn back and thumping my fist against his as*s.

“It’s the only solution. Problem solved,” Valen tells me while I grip the handrail on the stairs. He is brought to a stop, twists, prying my fingers off.

That’s it, the bastard asked for it,” I open the mindlink, pulling on the big guns. I search for his father.

“Hey, Evie. What’s up?”

“I am about to kill your son. So, I will need someone to help bury the body,” I growl at him.

“I’m listening, very intriguing.”

“Bring a shovel.”

Man, that is a big hole to dig. I will ask your father to come help and tell him to bring an extra shovel, Kalen tells me.

I grip the wall cornice with my fingertips. Valen is cackling his head off like a madman while I hang on for dear life and for the sake of my womb.

Exactly why are we plotting to kill my son?” Kalen asks.

“The bastard is trying to impregnate me!” I snap at him as if it is his fault. Well, he spawned him he can deal with him.

“Like right now? I really think this is hardly the time for a mindlink. I love you Everly, but there are just some images I don’t want of my daughter-in-law in my head,”

“Not now, he is trying to kidnap me. Bring a big fvcking shovel, so I can beat him with it.”

“So this act hasn’t been performed yet…. oh… If it’s a boy, can we name this one Kalen? Oh, or maybe Kal?”

You’re supposed to be on my side! I screech at him.

“There are sides?” I growl at him through the link as Valen turns onto the third-floor stairwell.

“Yes, there are sides. Now pick one. Either you sort out your son, or you help me bury the body, ” I snap at Kalen. He sighs.

“So back to this name situation, Kal would be fitting for a girl too,” pad!” I snarl at him.

Fine, fine.” he sighs, shoving the mindlink open and including Valen.

“Oh, you want to do this telepathically. I can whisper sweet nothing’s in your head instead of your ear, Valen purrs.

Please don’t, not while I am here, Kalen quips.

Valen stops when I feel his hand comes down on my as*s over my skirt. I jump and yelp.

That’s d*amn cheating, and you know it, they always take your side.” Valen growls.

Because I am his favorite!” I snap at Valen, gripping a door handle, and my fingers slide off.

“I am his son! This is some bullshit!” he huffs, stopping outside our bedroom, and still not putting me down.

“Valen put the Luna down and step away from your mate.”

No!” Valen huffs defiantly.

We have plotted your death and organized the location for your body,” Kalen warns him.

“Is it at least a nice resting spot, and will you visit regularly and clean it?” Valen taunts.

Put the Luna down, son.” Kalen argues. I snicker to myself, listening to them bicker.

“Nope! I will cut you a deal, if it’s a boy I will name it Kal,” Valen states triumphantly.

Kalen falls silent for a second.”oh, really?” I growl and Kalen clears his throat awkwardly.

“Such a strong name, your counter offer Evie?

I think his poor father gets dragged into all our arguments, playing mediator. I think hard about my offer.

Valen will mow your laws for the next year,” I declare. Valen scoffs, his hand coming down on as*s again.

Now that is a nice offer. Backyard too?”

Yep, even weed the gardens.” I assure him.

“You can’t offer me!” Valen growls.

As Luna, I think she can,” Kalen adds. So many choices,” he taunts, but we all know who he is going to pick me! I could shit on that man’s lawn right in front of him, and he would say it was the neighbor’s cat.

Put the Luna down, Valen. Don’t make me cover up your murder,” Kalen tells him, and Valen growls.

Fine!” He huffs, and I go flying. A shriek leaves me as he dumps me on the bed. I bounce and Valen smirks down at me with his hands folded. I feel the mindlink dissolve.

You always cheat and play dirty,” he accuses.

I don’t want any more kids,” I tell him.

“Two more?” Valen pleads, crawling onto the bed. I shake my head, finding his pleading amusing.

Fine, if you want two more kids, then I want a Ferrari.”I tell him, knowing damn well he wouldn’t waste money on one. He was more frugal than me these days.

Valen jumps off the bed, and rushes from the room before returning, he jumps on the bed dropping something between my cle*vage poking out of my blouse. I grab it and giving him a deadpan look.

“A toy one. There, I got you a Ferrari.” He declares and I shake my head.

“One more?” he begs. Nope, I was not changing my mind. He grabs my face in his hands.

“Three more?” he offers.

“How did we go from 1 to 3?” he laughs. “So one it is!” he declares.

Definitely not, I will buy you a puppy,” I tell him.

Valen pulls a face at me. “I am not having a dog sh!t on my floor.”

“But a baby can?” I deadpan.

“They wear diapers. Please, please, just one, I will look after it.” he gave me his best puppy dog eyes, but I was not falling for it. I shake my head. He gr0ans, dropping his head against my shoulder.

“Fine, I’ll take the puppy,” he whines before lifting his head. But can we at least still pretend to make a baby?” he asks, his amber eyes glinting back at me as he rocks his h!ps against me.

I grab his head, pushing him down. “I can be persuaded,” I chuckle.

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