Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son: Bonus Chapter 3

Six months later.

“Frankie, get back here with my d*mn shoe,” I screech, chasing the d*mn dog through the house.

He races up the stairs, my heel in his mouth while I try to catch the little turd. His short stumpy legs run a million miles an hour as he tries to evade me.

“Frankie!” I screech as he darts into one of the kid’s rooms. He peeks over his tiny shoulder, giving me a challenging look before he hides under Valarian’s bed. “Come here, puppy, puppy, give me my d*mn shoe, or I will make one out of you, I growl at him.

I reach for the squirming beast, gripping the heel, and it becomes a game of tug-o-war.

“Give me my d*mn shoe!”

“Should have chosen the baby,” Valen says behind me, and I jump, bumping my head. I wiggle out from under the bed.

We have a meeting, and your dog stole my heel!” I snap at him.

Valen whistles, and Frankie yelps excitedly.

“Now, Frankie.” Valen calls. I see his little head poke out from under the bed, my heel covered in slobber, he slinks his way out, and I eye the little Frenchie.

Does he not realize I could shift and eat him? Yet, the rotten little sod, still tries my patience. He races over to Valen, dropping my heel at his feet.

Who’s a good boy, ” Valen says, while crouching down and patting his little head. “Good boy?” I snap, snatching my heel that is covered in slobber and now chewed on.

“Leave his shoe fetish alone. He gets it from his momma,” Valen chuckles, scratching his belly while his tongue lolls out the side.

Valarian comes in, seeing what the commotion is. He scoops Frankie up, taking him from his father. “Is momma being mean, Frankie,” he coos, pulling faces at him. If anything, the dog has done wonders for their OCD. It is practically nonexistent, though Valarian and Valen still have a thing about coasters.

Who would have thought that breed of dog was so d*mn navghty,” I scold the cute little squashed face dog. He l!cks frantically at Valarian’s face.

“Don’t listen to her, Frankie. You’re a good boy, and I know where she keeps her favorite shoes,” he whispers.

“Valarian, don’t you dare,” I scold him, and he snickers, walking off. While trying to fix my clothes for my meeting across town, I look down and gr0an.

I was covered in his fur. No! Now I need to find something else to wear.

Walking out of the room, Valen follows me back to our room to quickly change once dressed and semi-presentable. He then follows me downstairs, where Macey and her son are playing with Taylor and Casey with some blocks. It was the middle of the school holidays, and everywhere I look, I was stepping on children or playing Russian roulette with toys. Yet I wouldn’t have it any other way. It was chaotic and messy, but so worth it.

“Are you going to meet this new Alpha coming into the city?” Macey asks.

“Yes, we are just waiting for my father to get here to help with the kids,” I tell her, and she nods. Zoe was working, covering my shift at the hotel today, while Valen, Marcus, and I went to check out this new Alpha wanting to move into the city.

We valued our way of life here and wouldn’t accept just anyone in to ruin that peace. But with the werewolf cities becoming fewer after human government seizures of land and new regulations coming in. There was nowhere to house everyone.

And since werewolves are centered around pack communities, we have had no choice but to accept two new packs.

One was easily dismantled, and Alpha Daxon, Taylor’s grandfather, decided to reunite his pack, he had stood down to us and given us ultimate control, and we still have it. But with the cities growing numbers and pack members growing antsy with strangers, they felt more comfortable in their own packs. Yet the laws on rogues will never be accepted in our city again.

So far, we have had no issues, and most of the packs that did come here. Either joined ours, or Alpha Daxon’s. The Alpha’s not caring for titles and land as long their pack’s could stay together, so the city was more council run now. Everyone equal, everyone gets a say.

Yet we had qualms about this new pack. Slowly we had extended the city borders all the way out to the mountains, subdivisions had gone in, and even a new rail development. But this new Alpha, he doesn’t want to join another pack, he wanted his own, and that is what this meeting is about. He wants to buy half my land, he wants the forsaken territory.

We had no plans for it, so I had considered it, but before we agree, I wanted to meet him. SUS out exactly who he is and any intentions he has. We won’t allow disruption to the peace we finally have here.

Hearing the door open, a chorus of grandpa rang out as the kids rushed toward him and I smile, Love you dad, bye!” I call over the chaos while grabbing Valen’s hand to escape for a moments peace by ourselves.

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