Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son: Bonus Chapter 4

The meeting with the new Alpha went off without a hitch.

He was around the same age as Valen, perhaps a few months here or there. Though not as clean-cut. The new Alpha was more of a rough around the edges type of guy.

He also had a son around Valarian’s age. We learned he was a single father and had built his Pack from nothing. All on his own. He didn’t mention any family besides his son, so we took it as a sign that the man had no one who had helped him after his wife passed.

His story was very similar to mine. His Pack was originally a Pack of Rogues, and his Pack that had lived in Lake City was forced out by the human council’s, who took over the City.

After meeting him, we decided to invite him back home for dinner. We thought it was a nice gesture and could help us to get to know him better.

Everyone knew how wrong trusting strangers was, and this guy technically was just that – a stranger, so although we were friendly and nice, we also were still slightly cautious.

Until his Pack settled in, we had decided to give him Nixon’s old Pack lands. We would give him enough time, he could use the old lands which had been pretty much abandoned, until he built out the land he was purchasing and extended his borders out.

Checking my phone, I sighed. Valen was still talking to Alpha Lee, while I was watching and waiting in the d*mn car. I wanted to get home. The comfort and warmth of home was calling me back, it pulled on my heart like a magnet as the odd feeling of missing the kids overwhelmed me, they drive me up the wall, but there was no place I would rather be.

Besides, we still needed to tidy up before the Alpha and his son arrived at home in two hours. We couldn’t let them think we were slobs and the way I left the house it would look like it with toys scattered everywhere. People judged others when they entered houses, and I would be d*mned if I allowed anyone to judge me, especially the new Alpha.

I knew that Macey and Zoe were already tidying up, and my father was setting up the tables out back, but I still wanted to get home and freshen up before his arrival.

Plus, I wanted out of these goddamn heels. They were fvcking killing me.

The ur*ge to beep the horn at him was strong as I watched him happily chatting away to Alpha Lee on the steps. However, what seemed off was that Valen was super excited about something. I could see it from where I watched him. Not that I didn’t want to see him happy or excited, but darn, it made me feel a little suspicious about their conversation..

I arched an eyebrow and focused on them as I tried to figure out what they were discussing. The feeling through the bond was almost giddy, yet I could feel the hint of nervousness about something.

I was just about to beep the horn when I finally saw them shaking hands.

“Finally!” I muttered to myself as Valen strolled over to the car.

He climbed into the driver’s seat.

I didn’t give him enough time to settle in as I turned my entire body to him. “What are you so excited about?”I demanded an answer while he unbuttoned his suit jacket and shrugged it off.

My suspicions about his out of the character behavior grew when he tossed the jacked onto the backseat. Usually, he hung it up and ensured it stayed neat for the next time he might need it. I watched as he plugged in his seatbelt. He shrugged again, and I raised an eyebrow at him.

What? I can’t be excited about a new Pack coming to the City?” He asked, while turning the key in the ignition. I shook my head, I just wanted to get home to shower. If that meant that I had to miss out on some answers, so be it.

“Alpha Lee will be at our house in three hours instead of two, he just needs to duck home real quick.” He added as his eyes focused on the road ahead.

Lake City was on the other side of the mountains, before the bypass went in it would be a four-hour round trip. The new road and tunnels, cutting through the mountain, lessened that time by more than half.

Sounds good, gives us more time to get everything ready.” I spoke right as a yawn escaped me. To minimize the awful sound, I covered my mouth with my hand.

Valen hummed as he drummed his fingers on the steering wheel. There had to be something he was hiding from me. There just had to. I could see how weirder he was getting with each passing second, feel it through the bond like alarm bells going off. He could barely sit still in his seat.

Once we arrived home, I saw that my father and Valen’s had recruited help in setting up because the street was lined with cars. The barbecue was open to whoever wanted to attend to meet the new Alpha.

Just for that fact alone, I wasn’t surprised by the amount of people here.

They had a chance to meet someone new and get free food. I mean, who wouldn’t take up on an offer like that? I would fall for the free food offer, screw everything else if it meant I didn’t have to cook.

Valarian came rushing out of the house the moment our car pulled into the driveway. I felt as if every time when I closed my eyes, that boy somehow managed to grow. Literally by seconds. And now, he was getting so tall that he was nearly as tall as me.

Not to mention that every day he looked more and more like his father. He was a carbon copy of him, just a little smaller. Well, he was smaller for now.

Where are the girls?” I asked him as his father scooped him up, hanging him over his shoulder.

Valarian laughed and giggled as he dangled half upside down. “Out the back with Pop,” he answered while he was trying to wrestle out of his father’s grip.

“Is Marcus home?” Valen asked him as he finally set our son on the ground.

“Yep, just got home,” Valarian told him. “So Alpha Lee has a son?” Valarian asked, excitedly.

Yep, his name is Sam,” I told him as I smiled at my son and grabbed the last of the files from the backseat along with my purse and Valen’s discarded suit jacket.

I rolled my eyes at the piece of clothing. Our son might have distracted me when we pulled up, but this once again remninded me of how suspicious my mate was acting. Which, in turn, annoyed me since I wanted to know and drop the matter at the same time.

Valarian and Valen moved toward the door. I huffed at them, like father, like son, for fvck’s sake! No, no, guys, don’t you mind me, I’m all good being the d*mn donkey of this family and carrying everything.

Thanks for your help!” I called after Valen and he stopped in his step.

His brows furrowed before his eyes widened when he finally saw how much I was struggling as I tried to juggle everything I was carrying. Valarian laughed as his father quickly rushed back to help.

What’s gotten into you?” I snapped at him.

He usually wasn’t this distracted. Once again, he gave me a vague answer of being excited about the new Alpha coming to the City.

As soon as I had dropped everything inside the downstairs office, I spent the next two hours helping to set everything up for the barbecue, making some salads and getting the kids table set up. When I was done, I checked on the triplets and went upstairs to shower.

I was just str!pping off my clothes when I heard scratching on the bathroom door before it was nudged open by Frankie. I patted his little head as he lay down on the bathroom floor mat and str!pped my clothes off, eyeing the Frenchie suspiciously. He still wasn’t forgiven for his earlier stunt of eating my heels.

You better not be in here to cause mischief.” I warned him. He cocked his head to the side and his tongue lolled out of his mouth. My wild guess was that the shit actually thought he was winning by being cute and would earn himself some extra pats. I shook my head at him as I tossed my heels off next to the door, and climbed into the shower.

Halfway through my shower, I glanced out to find Frankie l!cking the shower screen. His big eyes were watching me as he tried to open the shower screen and climb in. He was a terror.

I snapped the door shut as he nudged it with his squished nose. “No, go harass Valarian or the girls!”

I told him. Squeezing some shampoo in my hand, I started washing my hair.

Rinsing it out, I opened my eyes to find Frankie was eyeing me through the shower screen, only this time he had my designer high heels in his mouth.

I pointed at him. “Don’t you dare?” He dropped it, and I was just about to go back to showering when he grabbed it and darted for the door.

I tried to slam the door shut before the little mutt took off out the door. But he weaseled his chunky body out the door just in the nick of time.

I growled as I had to shut the water off and jump out of the shower. Angrily, I snatched my towel off and wrapped it around my body as I darted out, after him. He was standing by the bedroom door, looking in at me. These were my only heels he hadn’t slobbered on.

“Here puppy, give me the shoe,” I tried to coo like Valen did when he was calling the dog spawn of Satan. I crept forward as I held my hand outstretched, when he took off again.

“Little fvcker!” I cursed, chasing after him.

Frankie, get back here!” I snarled at the pint-sized dog. I was going to skin it and turn it into slippers.

He darted for the stairs and I snarled at Valen to help me through the mindlink but got no answer. The mutt moved to the second floor and turned for the last set of steps.

“Get back here!” I ordered the half a dog.

He stopped briefly, the little bastard was taunting me. I slowed down, trying not to spook him as he adjusted his grip on my $1000 heels he was drooling all over.

I was nearly beside him when I tried to snatch the shoe, but he took off down the next set of steps. I must have sounded like a stampede of elephants coming down the stairs as I chased the mongrel when I saw Valen heading toward the stairs out of the corner of my eye.

Taking the next step, my foot slipped on something and everything slowed down. Time, everything as my stomach flopped as I went ass up just as Valen opened the front door. My scream was visceral as I stepped on a Hot Wheels car and started somersaulting down the steps. Valen shrieked, and I felt his panic as I landed on my back, bvtt n*ked, my towel having unraveled and disappeared.

“Crap, are you alright?” Valen asked, helping me sit up to find Alpha Lee standing at the front door.

I blinked at him and his son. Dad, I see her b00bies!” the boy whispered, tugging on his dad’s jacket while pointing at me.

The Alpha shook his head, coming out of his shock, and his hand covered his son’s eyes as he gaped at me. I shrieked, ripping Valen to me to cover my nvde body. Frankie had done his dash with me now, he was definitely becoming my next set of slippers.

Alpha Lee cleared his throat, looking up at the ceiling. “We’ll go around the back way,” Alpha Lee said, rushing off.

I gritted my teeth and looked at Valen. “Where is he!” I growled, my eyes scanning the area. I found Frankie chomping away on my heel by the fireplace.

I’m sure it was an accident,” Valen defended his thief of a dog.

It dies! I kill it!” I screamed at him, absolutely livid.

That dog was my nemesis, and now he was my next set of slippers.

How about you go get dressed, and I will go speak with the Alpha?” Valen offered, edging closer to his devil dog. He scooped him up before I could wring his neck. “Besides, I have a surprise for you later, that’ll cheer you up.” He added.

Valen stepped closer to me, quickly pecked my cheek, and darted off with his shoe goblin. I growled as I started stalking back to the room to get dressed.

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