Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son: Bonus Chapter 5

Aş I walked back down to the barbecue, I felt like I was doing a god*mn walk of shame. After the adventure that shoe shredder of a half dog pulled me into, this sure felt like one of the most embarrassing things I had experienced.

Not to mention the fact that the new Alpha’s son saw me bvtt n*ked, so did the Alpha, but at least he didn’t say anything. The little guy, oh yeah, he went full on and pointed at me with his finger just to tell his dad he could see my bre*asts. I was sure he had already told the story to the entire party, which, by no means, made me feel any better.

Yet, as I joined everyone, Alpha Lee seemed to have forgotten his introduction to the Packhouse.

Valerian and his son became quick friends. Way faster than I imagined, but that made me feel a little better about everything.

As I scanned the crowd, I noticed that Taylor and Casey also seemed to get along with Sam pretty well, and the boy didn’t seem to be traumatized by meeting my bre*asts before he got the chance to meet me.

My cheeks heated up again as I recalled the incident.

That fvcking mutt was so darn gone, he had no idea what was coming for him. Oh, I got a better idea how about I make a d*mn hat out of his skin and gifted it to the very man who brought the menace in my life?

For the time being, I focused back on the barbecue.

We had guests, many of them, and it was already enough that two of them witnessed me at my worst.

The others wouldn’t see how far I was willing to go for revenge.

Just like the meeting, it went off without a hitch, everyone enjoyed themselves and as the night came to an end, Valen’s excitement lifted to magnitude levels when we all heard the sound of an engine revving out the front.

“Ah, finally arrived.” Alpha Lee said as he slapped Valen’s ch3st. Valen nodded for me to follow him and Alpha Lee.

“Who is it?” I asked him, but he remained tight-l!pped.

As we passed Zoe, she chuckled and once again, I grew suspicious of her odd behavior. What?” I asked her.

“Nothing, congratulations.” She snickered, covering her giggling with her hand, My eyes narrowed on her. I went to ask her what she meant when Valen grabbed my hand and tugged me after him.

He led me up the side of the house. At one point, he stopped us and covered my eyes with his hands.

Yeah, nothing to bloody worry about, just a shoe shredder, my mate keeping secrets and an entire Pack of people who seemed to know something I didn’t.

Valen, what are you doing?” I hissed at him as he led me out the gate to the driveway. I kept tugging at his hands, but he didn’t release me, so I gave up on trying. Just a second later, he stopped me again.

Thanks, Cole,” I heard Alpha Lee tell someone when Valen’s l!ps k!ssed the side of my neck.

Remember when you said if I wanted another baby, you wanted a Ferrari?” Valen purred in my ear.

My face dropped as I wondered what he meant by those words. I didn’t like the c0cky tone of his voice.

What had my mate done now?

He lifted his hands from my eyes. Ta-da Valen sang triumphantly. I blinked at the Ferrari in the driveway.

I said that because I knew he would never get me one! It was nothing but an excuse to get out of the d*mn baby talk!

And yet, here it was, a bright canary yellow Ferrari sat in my d*mn driveway. Alpha Lee tossed me the keys and I barely caught them before they hit the ground.

I stared at the keys only to hear laughing from the side of the house as Macey and Zoe peered around the corner at my horror. How was my worst nightmare amusing them? Had they lost the last remnants of their minds? They knew I had goals to accomplish, they even helped me plan!

I shook my head as I finally reached the understanding of what Zoe’s congratulations were for. Valen thought he was spitting another litter out of me. Heck no!

No, we have the slippers!” I told him, as I glanced at him.

A deal is a deal!” Valen huffed as he plucked the keys from my hands. I shook my head and glared at Alpha Lee. I knew he owned the most car dealerships in the country, but…. No! Alpha Lee put his hands up in surrender.

“He asked, I delivered.” He laughed.

“And for half the price!” Valen chirped in a stupidly happy tone.

I turned slowly and clenched my teeth. “We have my slippers,” I told him, pointing to Frankie, who was excitedly watching from the front window.

“Now, I need a robe, your pelt will do just fine!” I growled at him.

Valen’s face fell. He backed up. Hey, I delivered on my end, a deal is a deal!” He said as he folded his arms across his ch3st.

By now, both our father’s and those who remained were in the driveway, getting ready to leave or just watching us.

He has a point, Evie. A deal is a deal.” Macey chimed in and I shot her a glare. To which she just laughed.

And about the name, is Kalen or Kal still on the table?” Kalen asked.

I pressed my l!ps in a line, shooting my father-in- law a look to shut it. He shrugged when my father wandered over with Ava, both ready to leave. He stopped, giving me a hug and k!ss.

“Congratulations sweetheart. Hopefully, this one is a boy.” I slapped his arm, and he laughed, rushing off before I could kick him too.

Valen smirked, thinking he had won. He may have won this one. But he has to sleep sometime.

We bid our farewells to everyone before we headed back up the side of the house to clean up when Macey spoke. “I predict this time it will be quadr-“

I clamped my hands over her mouth.

“Shut it, you jinxed me last time,” I snarled at her, and she laughed, swatting my hands away.

Hey, that reminds me, Valen. You still owe me that foot rub!” She called after him.

He peeked over his shoulder. “I am not touching those neanderthal feet!” He said, and she growled.

“You  be rubbing my feet!” She snapped, as she darted after him. I shook my head, and Tatum laughed as she gave chase.

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