Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son: Bonus Chapter 6

Later that night.

I knew from the beginning that it was a bad idea to agree to Valen’s deal, although I knew without a doubt he would not be letting me get out of it. I had started it myself, of course, by saying I wanted a d*mn Ferrari if he wanted a baby. I underestimated him and his eagerness. He had laughed at me, and said he would take the puppy. I thought that would be the end of it. Apparently not!

How about some fish? I offered and Valen smirked. “Not a chance, you’re paying up!” he purred as he climbed onto the bed. “A guinea pig?” I asked. Not a chance. You’re not getting out of it.”

he growled, n!pping at my th!ghs as he crawled up my body. He pushed my night dress up, then k!sses my stomach. I am filling this womb, a deal is a deal.” he growled, n!pping at my flesh.

You got a Frankie!” I retort. “And now a warm womb to house another pup!” he chuckles.

“That double-dipping!” I snap.

“No, but I don’t mind double-dipping tonight to ensure you a filled with my seed.” he laughs. I roll my eyes at him. I should have asked for a jet I shake my head. “I go to protest some more, and try to talk my way out of it, when he silenced me with his l!ps as he settled between my legs. I m0an into his mouth as his tongue invades mine, his hard muscled body pressing against me. Sparks spread across my body. Every inch of my skin is covered in goosebumps. And my breath hitched as he devours my l!ps in a soul svcking k!ss.

I feel like I am on some sort of high, which makes it hard to see straight. I can’t concentrate. It’s all too much, and Valen knows exactly how to get what he wants, how to get me to comply. And I knew he would get what he wanted because he was not going to give me a chance to back out. Yet some small part of me didn’t want to anyway and was coming around to the idea.

Valen breaks the k!ss, then with one hand he tugs off his shirt, tossing it aside. A smirk dancing on his l!ps as he sits back on his knees. I raise an eyebrow at him as he reaches for my night dress. A gasp of surprise leaves my l!ps when he yanks on it, r!pping it straight up the middle. “Valen.” I hiss at the sting.

I just bought that one,” I pout. He chuckles, uncaring, eyes solely on the prize he thinks he won.

You owe me a- He forces my mouth open with his tongue, and I have no choice but to oblige as he presses his weight against me, cutting off my words once more.

I shiver, the pool of arousal in my p*nties only growing more prominent. My heart beats out of my ch3st, nauseatingly. I want more. I want so much more. And so I allow him to explore my mouth with his tongue, in a rhythm so fast I can barely keep up with it. His claws rake my h!p as he shreds my p*nties, earning another growl from me, to which he ignores. Yet I feel the hint of a smile on his !ips as he k!sses me.

My hands roam across the hard muscle of his chest as I surrender, allowing him what he wants.

Reaching down, I push his boxer’s down. “Hmm, somebody changed their mind.” he hums.

Just shut up before one of the kids barges in.I tell him.

At my words, he wastes no time. He slips inside of me. I feel every inch of him as he penetrates me, making me gasp.

Fvck…” I gr0an, leaning up and n!pping at his mark. Valen shivers, a deep purr rumbling from his ch3st. My breath hitches when pulls out, then thrusts back in, shooting electricity through me. I can feel the sparks everywhere, making me tingle.

My body is warm, my heart flutters and my stomach swirls. The sen*sations are overwhelming, and he is savage as he continues to pound into me the way he knows I like.

The m0an that leaves my l!ps sounds like a shout. I fall quiet straight after, my body freezing beneath him.

It shoots down between my legs now, making my body quiver as I reach my org*asm. Everything is so bright and so sens!t!ve. I can’t take it. It’s too good.

Too much. My muscles around his c0ck, drawing a growling sound from his l!ps.

I’ve already come embarrassingly quick, but this entire thing is only starting for him now. He leans down, reaching over me, and his mouth brutally attacks my throat. His teeth dig in my skin, just biting in order to deal with the pleasure he’s feeling himself. He’s purring into my skin, fvcking me relentlessly and rocking my body so hard I start to lose my mind.

A smile spreads across my l!ps as he picks up his rhythm. I m0an, taking whatever his body has to offer. He thrusts harder, his movements crashing against my body and making my bre*asts bounce along to the thrusts. I love the feel of his hunger, pushing inside of me and making him m0an. I love knowing that it’s my body that’s making him feel utterly blissful, and I love the feeling through the bond, his desires morphing with mine.

When he angles himself more, I feel my walls clench, and I gasp, my eyes opening again. A hazy look in his eyes, smiling down at me as he fvcks me with force and urgency. We’re both breathing heavily, m0aning and gr0aning. It’s all so in sync as he chases to finish it.

He moves faster and harder, squeezing his eyes shut as he focuses on the sens*ations that shoot through his body and his l!ps crash against my own. The sens*ations building between my legs, and before I know it, there’s a sudden wave of bliss that crashes down on me, making me m0an.

Valen’s movements slow as my pussy grips him, my inner walls pulsating as my org*sm washes through me, he slows with a gr0an. He falls quiet for just a second, until a loud growl escapes his throat. He thrusts forward then, stills, his c0ck pulsing, filling me with his cvm before collapsing on top of me.

My fingers trail up his sides while he catches his breath, and I hold mine under his crushing weight when he rolls, pulling me with him.

I rest my hands on his ch3st, propping my chin on them as I watch him. Valen leans forward, a devious smile on his l!ps as he grips my h!ps, dragging me higher. He bumps my nose with his before k!ssing me and letting me rest on top of him.

“Give me a minute, he growls, and I raise an eyebrow at him.

“No, I need sleep.” I whine.

“You can sleep once you’re knocked up.” he laughs.

I have plans, Mr. Solace.” I growl at him.

So do I, to fill this womb.” he chuckles. I shake my head. Now was not the best time to get pregnant, but was ever a right time? We’ll see what happens, I guess. Valen sweeps my hair behind my ear and gr0ans.

You don’t want anymore. he sighs like he was hoping I changed my mind. In a sense, I had, but the timing, I had big plans, goals to reach.


I relent, and he smiles.

Then what is it?”

The state meeting. I can’t be pregnant for that. I’ll be run off my feet.”

I rub them,” he offers, and I roll my eyes.

How am I going to look after a baby while running for state?” I ask him. For the first time humans were allowing us in office and I wanted to rid the rogue laws for good, win our cities back and fight for equal rights.

With my help. Always with my help.” he promises.

I chew my l!p and his fingers trail up my sides.

So you decided you are going to run for it then?” I sigh and nod my head.

“Are you sure, Mrs. Solace? I tilt my head, watching as his l!ps tug in the corners. I don’t know, I have my doubts? What you’re planning is unachievable, you’ll never do it.” he taunts.

I sit up, straddling his h!ps. “Is that right?”

He shrugs. “Impossible, you can’t run for office,” he growls, and I grip his face. I n!p at his l!ps, feeling his tug up into a smile.

“Watch me!” I growl.

Valen grips the back of my neck, his l!ps pressing against mine as he rolls me onto my back, pressing me into the mattress.

“Always.” he promises, leaning down and recapturing my l!ps.

The End.

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