Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son: Bonus Chapter

Macey POV

Seven eggs later and one finally stuck, the joy I felt when we found out our baby made it past what they considered the safe date was overwhelming. Zoe was devastated each time, just as devastated as I. Some part of my mind thought it just wasn’t meant to be. Carter

had ruined every chance I had once he marked me, I may now be immune to Forsaken bites, but the venom of his bite had serious ramifications.

The city scientists managed to scramble and find a safe vaccine, thankfully to Valen’s genetic mutation, he was an anomaly and so was Valarian, entirely immune to the effects of the venom, yet for me, the damage was done. I couldn’t even try to use my own eggs, and now every year for the rest of my life I would need the vaccine to keep from turning Forsaken myself.

Things could have been worse, I could be dead, just like Emily, and those who were infected. Tatum also was subjected to yearly vaccinations too.

The last year our lives were turned upside down, one thing we were good at was rebuilding and each time we did, our foundations were stronger, reinforced with love and family.

Our tribe had grown, our city united and for once we weren’t separated by borders, rules, or stereotypes. No, those were things of the past, a past I hoped would never be repeated.

Instead, Slasher pack Alpha stood down, submitted to Everly and Valen and the entire city was now one pack. The name rogue-whore was long forgotten, now we were one pack, just people, co-existing together peacefully.

Choice is given freely and everyone is united. Valarie’s dream had come true, and for that I was grateful. It showed all our hard work and sacrifice paid off.

“Here we are,” Doc says, pointing at the screen. Zoe grips my hand as Doc moves the device over her rounded belly.

He turns the screen so I could see better and Zoe gazes up at me with a smile on her lips and Everly drops her chin on my shoulder looking at the screen behind me.

“You’re having a little boy,” Doc confirms and Tatum does a happy dance ; fist pumps the air. He was uncaring. Doc could say the kid had three heads and he would be just as excited.

Crammed in the small space like sardines in a tin can, we all watched as Doc finished the scan. Excitement bubbled within me and Zoe I could tell was just as ecstatic.

Once finished we drove home. On the way back to the packhouse Zoe and I discussed going baby shopping, Valen and Marcus were stuck at home on baby duty, and tonight we were doing a gender reveal at the packhouse.

As the car pulls up out front however we hear utter chaos inside. Everly groans resting her head back on the headrest beside me. “If we are quick we can back out of the driveway before anyone notices,” she chuckles.

“Nope, we have been spotted,” Zoe says and Everly and I lean forward to look out the front window. Valen was frantically scrubbing the window on the second floor, peg on his nose and wearing gloves.

“Is that-?” Zoe looks at Everly.

“Yep, that is poop, definitely back up, I am not dealing with that today,” she whines when Valen points angrily at the window when Tatum winds down the window and sticks his head out.

“You good Alpha?” he sings out and Valen shakes his head, trying to open the window mouthing something or maybe he was yelling, it was hard to tell because he couldn’t seem to open the window.

“What? We should come back later?” Tatum taunts out the window.

“Yes, that is what he is saying, come back later,” Everly says tapping his shoulder. “Quick, let’s escape. I hear a bottle of wine and eight hours sleep calling from the hotel,” she says and Tatum chuckles at her not realizing she was dead serious.

“Do you need help?” he yells out. Valen nods his head viciously. Pointing and motioning for us to come help.

“What? I can’t hear you?” Tatum yells out the window. Valen presses his lips in a line and facepalms himself before he starts pointing angrily while Everly continues to block the mind link.

Everly giggles Valen still not realizing when he facepalmed himself he smeared shit down his face. “Oi, shitface, we’ll come back at a better time,” Tatum sings out and Valen glares at him, pointing angrily and tapping the window. “Yes, now let’s go,” Everly says, tapping Tatum’s shoulder, “Quick!” she snaps at him.

Zoe giggles and I lean a little closer peering out. “He still hasn’t noticed,” Zoe laughs. No sooner than she said it does Valen remove the peg then sniffs the air looking at his hand like he suddenly grew extra fingers. He blinks, ripping a glove off and wiping his face on the back of his hand.

“Go, go, now!” Everly squeals and then groans when he loses his stomach on the window he was trying to clean. Valarian wanders over to his father standing at the huge bay windows, holding his sister out like she is contagious, a peg on his nose too, she was n#ked, legs kicking and we realized who the poopy culprit was that removed her diaper and decided it would be fun to paint in it.

“Darn it,” Everly groans, tossing her door open. I follow, climbing out after her while cackling my head off when she stops abruptly. She points up at the window.

“No, Valarian, hold-” he didn’t hold it in as he turned green, seeing his father puke, instead adding to the muck on the window as he too loses his stomach while little Claire cackled, clapping excitedly and patting Valarian on his head.

“You would think he would have a stronger stomach by now,” I tell Everly with a shake of my head as we head inside. Stepping inside Marcus has Noah over his shoulder, Everlyn and Summer sat on the mat with building blocks while Marcus tried to stop Taylor and Casey who were fighting over a book, playing tug-o-war.

“Geez, we are gone for an hour and the place is in chaos,” I mutter. The girls freeze from their fighting, hearing my voice and I narrow my eyes giving them both the look.

They straighten up, turning into perfect little angels, batting their eyelashes knowing I don’t mess around when it comes to the naughty corner.

“Thank god!” Marcus says as Everly rushed up the steps to sort her kids out and Valen.

Zoe waddles in and collapses on the couch, Tatum coming in behind her and passing her some cushions as she lays down.

Tatum claps his hands loudly drawing all the kid’s attention. They all stop and stare at him. “Time to play a game,” he sings out and they jump excitedly. “Called find the house!” he yells out.

They groan and Casey and Taylor start cleaning up the mess they have made. Everlyn and Summer, plop back on their bottoms, tossing their blocks back in the bucket, just as the doorbell rings, and I peer over my shoulder to see a figure through the stained glass. Wandering over to the door, I pull it open to see Alpha Daxon, John, and Kalen.

“Grandpa!” Taylor squeals behind me and rushes over to her grandfather. He scoops her up, propping her on his hip and stepping inside just as Valen comes down the stairs drying his face with a towel.

“Dad! Great, you’re just in time,” Valen exclaims.

“I am?” Kalen asks.

“Yep, shit explosion upstairs. I nominate you to take my place,” Valen says and Kalen looks at John.

“Scissors, paper rock?” He asks John.

“He’s your son,” John says.

“He’s your son-in-law!” John raises an eyebrow at him and I watch as Daxon steps closer, and pecks my cheek “Afternoon, love,” he chuckles, moving to help the girls clean up. Just as I am about to close the door. I see Ava’s car pull into the driveway and step aside to wait for her too.

Ava wanders in, a bottle of wine clutched in her hand and she stops in her tracks watching her father and Kalen argue over who is helping Everly upstairs. They stop as she enters, both turning to face her. “Ava! My favoritest daughter,” John exclaims.

“What!” She groans.

“I’ll give you-” Kalen sifts through his pockets and Ava pops her hip and places a hand on it. He pulls out some cash, a few fives, and a ten. “$25?” Kalen announces.

“Nope! Whatever it is, no!” she says and Kalen nudges her father who starts fishing in his pockets. He pulls out a twenty.

“I’ll add $20 and a peppermint,” John says.

“Have I told you why you’re my favorite sister-in-law?” Valen says reaching for her and leading her upstairs.

“I’m your only sister inlaw!”

“Exactly! And that is why you never have to compete for that special spot,” I clear my throat and raise an eyebrow when the mindlink opens up.

“You know you’re my favorite, just don’t tell Zoe,” Valen says and I shake my head while closing the door.

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  1. Really enjoyed reading this story. Hilarious,.got me cracking up at their comments. Sad, I got to the end of the story. Will read it again.

  2. Great story usually fallout mid story. The details and story line kept it exciting enough to keep going. Definitely recommend.

  3. It was a great story. Great attention to detail! Had me smiling, laughing, and tearing up or pissed when need be. It’s great when a book can bring all of those true emotions forward and keep you going for as long as this lasted. Honestly sad it has ended , but with hopes of a sequel and you’ve gained a new follower 🙂

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