Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son: Chapter 106

Valen POV

Doc laughs at Valarian, who excitedly bounces the b*lls of his feet as the doctor points to the two beating sacs. Yet I couldn’t sit still. This was too much information to process. I expected one. Was it hot in here?

I tug at my tie, and Everly reaches for my hand when I stand up. I was overheating. Doc falls silent again. He squirts more jelly on her belly, turning the screen away for a second, he clears his throat, and tugs on the collar of his shirt.

I stop my pacing and notice him becoming a little nervous as he moves the device. Valarian was babbling happily about the twin brothers he thinks he will have. His nervousness had me uncomfortable. Why did he turn the screen away?

“Doc, is everything alright?” I asked, now suddenly frightened something was wrong with my twins I wasn’t expecting.

“Maybe you should take a seat, Alpha,” Doc says, and I froze. Something was wrong. I glance at Everly, and her fear is just as bad. Everly leans up on her elbows to look at Doc.

“Take a seat,” Doc says he motions toward the chair. Yet now he had me panicking. I didn’t necessarily want twins, but the thought of something being wrong with them made my heart race faster and my stomach dropped. I shake my head. “Just spit it out, Doc,” I snap, becoming annoyed.

“It appears I was wrong about there being twins.”‘ I clutch my hair and let out a breath. “Oh, thank the goddess,” I sighed.

“It’s not twins?” Valarian asks, pouting.

“No, I found another heartbeat!” I nod along at his words. Thank g*d I wasn’t looking forward to never sleeping again.

“What!” Everly shrieks, “but I saw two sacs.” Doc holds his hands out in an apologetic gesture. I know she was outraged, but this was a good thing, I planned for one.

“I was wrong; I found another so you’re having triplets,” Doc says, and I blink. I must have heard that wrong.

“Triplets,” I murmur, looking at Doc and he turns the screen.

“Yep, Everly is five weeks along and baby A, B, and this one Baby C was hiding behind the other. I thought it was a shadow.” Doc says while pointing at the screen.

My vision tunneled and his words faded away along with the room. I fainted! My head pounded as I opened my eyes to Everly’s worried face hovering above me. She taps my face with her hand before sighing.

“Thank g*d, and why are you fainting? You don’t have to carry them?”‘ she laughs.

“Please tell me that was a dream. Are we having a litter?” I mumble incoherently.

“Ah, no, there are definitely three. We finished the scan while you were ah… napping,” Everly says, holding up the scan. I snatch it off her and peer up at it.

“I will give you both a moment,” Doc says, leaving the room.

“We are having triplets!” I repeat, trying to wrap my head around that information. I had some super sperm. I should be selling that sh*t! This was a damn nightmare, and she was getting her damn tubes tied afterward.

“Valen?” Everly says, staring at me worriedly. Man, how embarrassing?

“You didn’t tell anyone I fainted, did you?” Everly presses her lips in a line and shakes her head.

“Nope,” she says, but I could feel her lie.

“Who did you tell?”

“Marcus, you were out for about ten minutes. I thought I was going to have to carry you back to the car,” she says and I huff. Great, he would never let me live it down.

“Did you tell him why?”

“No, Doc said it was too early. Best not to announce it until I hit 12 weeks.” That makes sense, but I knew Valarian would blab to the girls. His excitement was kind of annoying, yet also contagious.

I look at the small scan in my hand before getting to my feet. “Give me your keys. I am driving,” Everly says, holding her hands out for them. I reluctantly give them to her before following her out to the car.

Triplets. What the heck was I going to do with triplets? I pictured one baby, and I ended up with a damn litter! Well, almost. My head was spinning the entire way home. Valarian was chatting away happily about his baby brothers.

Please, Moon Goddess, be boys. He would be on the warpath otherwise. Valarian was already picking out names and they haven’t even got a brain yet! Literally, a heartbeat, and that is it. She was only five weeks pregnant, so we still had 35 weeks left.

“Are you alright?”‘ Everly asks me. I swallowed. Mentally, I prepared myself for one, but now there would be three. Three!

“Yep, fine,” I tell her, a little embarrassed that I fainted on her. Thankfully, the drive home was uneventful, but I had so much to do tomorrow. Marcus and I were going to visit Nixon tomorrow. Everly told me her plans over dinner. She was meeting with her father’s accountant and checking over some business accounts, both us were going to busy.

I had just put Valarian to bed when I heard Everly curse from the living room. Walking out, she turned the news up. “What is it?” I ask, but she holds a finger to her lips when I see Nixon was in some sort of conference meeting with one of the news channels.

I move toward the couch and sit beside her. She turns it up a little more. So this is why Nixon didn’t want to meet today. He was doing damage control. I growl as I watch him give some sob story, which I knew was a lie. My father told me the real story. He handed himself in, knowing we were onto him.

He tells the news reporter he was trying to find a cure for his sick daughter, leaving out the part he abandoned her to her mother. Instead, claiming she had been sick all her life, and he was trying to find a cure, that he had top leading scientists working on a vaccine. He knew we were going to uncover everything, and we blew our chance. He painted himself a saint, so when this came out, he already had an explanation.

He made it look like Leah, his mate, dumped her kids on him, including a sick baby, before running off with another man.

“What is he doing? He is admitting everything?” Everly exclaims.

“Damage control. He knew he was about to be busted. Nixon covered his tracks and got those in the city on the side. ” We listen a little more and it was clear to me this was his way of covering up. He then says he tried to offer me the Vaccine for Emily and Ben, but I refused.

He was trying to save his reputation while destroying mine. Everly’s phone starts ringing, and so does mine. Pulling it out of my pocket, I see it is Marcus calling.

I quickly answer it.

“Are you seeing the news? Nixon is being broadcasted across every station,” Marcus tells me.

“Yep, I am watching it now,” I tell him and I hear Everly on her phone talking to someone. It only takes me a moment before I realize it is her father.

“Dad, slow down, let me think. You need to calm down. I will think of something,” I hear Everly tell him when the Mind-link also opens up, and my father’s voice rushes through my head before utter chaos ensues when every pack member suddenly starts trying to alert us through the pack link. Everly screams, clutching her head, and my head spins as voices flit through the open link.

Dropping my phone, I race to her before booming through the link. “Don’t use the mind link. We are aware!” I order my pack before shoving them.

They would give one of us an am. I help Everly to sit on the couch before flicking the damn TV off. John, I could hear, was calling out to her, and I looked around for her phone and found it on the floor. Picking it up, he screeches in my ear.

“Everly, what’s going on? Do you need me to come over?” John says, sounding rather panicked.

“She is fine. The pack link overwhelmed her,” I tell him, moving into the kitchen.

“What is it you want? We already know of Nixon’s bt interview?”

“I rang for the same reason and also to warn her that Nixon has told me if I don’t verify this to the media, he was stopping Claire’s treatment,”

“F**k!” I curse under my breath. I fill a glass with water, take it back to Everly, and pass it to her, watching as she sips it.

“What happens if she doesn’t get the vaccine?” I ask.

“She will eventually turn forsaken,” John says. “I have another dose, but it will hold it off another month. She needs that vaccine every month. I am sorry, but I have no choice, Valen.”

I growl. He gets up there and states Nixon’s claims are valid, and it was going to cause a rift between all the packs and the rogues.

“Wait! You have one Vaccine left?” I asked.

“Yes, so?” John says.

“Give me the Vaccine. I will see if any of our doctors can replicate it and if we can’t, then go public as he wants.”

“I haven’t got the money to fund a science team. Everly has seen my pack’s accounts,” John tells me.

“I will pay for it, but if you have to go public, you out Nixon, you tell them everything, even if you are involved in any of it, you go public. It will force him to hand the vaccine over to Claire and buy us some more time to prove a case against him,” I tell him, and I see Everly’s head turn to look at me as she listened in on the conversation.

“Or better yet, we beat him at his own game, tell them about Claire, paint him as the hero and tell the city he promised to give her the vaccine free of charge. If he backs out and, I know he won’t, it would backfire on him, and it gives us time to work out a cure while she receives treatment,” I tell John. I could hear John talking to Claire in a calm voice before returning to the discussion.

“I get seen going over there. Nixon will know we are talking,” John says, and I look at Everly.

We go over there. Nixon will definitely know, yet one of the rogues might be able to meet John somewhere.

“I will send Macey to the service station near your place, give it to her,” I tell him and we discuss details of the time, etcetera. Everly uses my phone to ring her and gives Macey her father’s number. Once we hang up, we wait.

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