Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son: Chapter 134

John POV

“Where are we going?” Marcus asks me, and I glance over at him as I pull out of the garage and onto the street. We were going to meet Kalen outside the city.

“To meet up with Kalen,” I tell Marcus.

“I just don’t get why Carter would take Macey. We should be telling Valen. He will find out, and he won’t be happy we kept this from him,” Marcus tells me, and I chewed the inside of my l!p.

Everly had enough on her plate, and I didn’t want to ruin what would be a joyous moment for her and Valen with this news. Kalen believed the same thing and didn’t want to taint the day even more for them at this time. We could handle this, assuming Kalen could pick up her location. That was the concerning part. We had lost her, and her phone was switched off, so we couldn’t even track it with the cell towers.

“John, either you tell me what is going on, or I am contacting Valen,” Marcus snarls at me, and I turn the radio down as we leave the city limits.

“Carter is Macey’s mate. She bargained for herself to get Ava back. We were supposed to ambush him, but then the council interfered, as you know, and ruined our plans. We thought we had it under control.” I tell him.

“Wait, what? And you kept this from us? From the pack?” he yells, and I glare out the windscreen.

“Yes, because Macey asked us too! Think about it, Marcus. Think about what I just said,” I snap back at him. Marcus falls quiet before he gasps, my words finally sinking in. “Everly and Zoe wouldn’t have allowed us to kill him,” he murmurs, looking at me, and I nod. Macey knew that, and she was right.

“Did Macey ask you to keep this from them?” Marcus asks, and I nod again.

“F**k! So what now?” he asks with a growl.

“We find Macey and Carter and….”

“You kill him, and it will kill Macey! We have to figure out something else. Everly will never forgive either of you for this,” Marcus says, sitting back in his chair and clutching his hair.

“And you will keep it to yourself. Valen will tell Everly,

“Marcus growls at me.

“And he should!” Marcus snaps, and I glare at him before pressing my lips in a line.

“I asked for your help, not your judgment! Either keep quiet, or I will leave you on the side of the road,” I tell him. Marcus curses and shakes his head.

“So, where are we headed?”

“To meet Kalen. We put a tracker on Macey, but we lost the signal. Kalen said you’re good with tech. We need you to up the frequency, expand it,” I tell him, pulling into a service station outside the city limits. I jump out, popping the cap and filling the car up.

“What sort of tracker is it?” Marcus asks, climbing out of the car when I see his eyes glaze over. I keep filling the car up, knowing he is being mind linked when he sighs. Glancing at him, I see him shake his head.

“Zoe?” I ask him, and he nods, scratching the back of his neck and glancing around.

“Yeah, she wants to know what is going on,” he tells me.

“What did you tell her?”

“The same thing that I am helping you, that we are looking for Carter, but she is suspicious. She knows Macey would never leave Taylor for one or not answer her calls. She also doesn’t understand why Carter would take her,” Marcus says when the pump clicks, telling me the tank is full.

“And you won’t tell her. She hasn’t contacted Valen or Everly?” I ask him, and he growls, unhappy about lying to his mate.

“No, she said she would wait until I know what is going on,” Marcus tells me, and I let out a breath of relief. The last thing we needed was Everly out here looking for Macey after having a C-Section.

“Explains why she had us sign all those documents. I can’t believe this. We need to find her! I come back without her. Zoe will f**king kill me.”

“We will. And Zoe won’t. Besides, you’re her mate,” I tell him, and he laughs.

“Idiot. There is a reason Macey didn’t tell them. She knew their reaction and that Zoe and Everly wouldn’t allow it. She knew Zoe would sacrifice her mental health by allowing him to live so she could. Those girls are a package deal, John. Their bond outweighs any mate bond, “Marcus tells me, and I nod, going in to pay for the fuel.

I swallow. He is right. I couldn’t return home to my daughters without Macy. I owed them both this much.

I owed my Claire to fix what I broke, owed her for destroying our family and her. Something I would live with for the rest of my life, but I would not live with knowing I killed Everly more.

Macey wasn’t just a rogue friend. She was as much a sister to my daughter as Ava was. Therefore, she was mine, too. And I won’t make the same mistakes of the past. I protect what’s mine, and if that means bringing Macey home, I owe them that much. Walking out, the weight of the situation weighed heavily on me. We couldn’t fail. I had to bring her home to her daughter, to mine.

Starting my car, I pull onto the old highway heading for the old power station where we were meeting up with Kalen.

“If we can’t pick up her location by the end of the weekend, we tell Valen, just give them the weekend. They don’t need this stress right now.”

“No, you have 24 hours, or I am going to Valen with this. I can hold Zoe off for a day, but she will go to Everly.” Marcus says, and I suck in a breath before nodding. Kalen would be angry, but it looked like we had no choice. We needed to find Macey and were required to bring her home.

Macey didn’t have to fight for me and save me in the forsaken attack, yet she did. I owe her my life, and I will lay it down for her if needed, just like I would give my last breath if it meant bringing my Claire back. Now, we just needed to find her.

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