Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son: Chapter 146

She shouldn’t have tried to touch my babies! My instincts were running feral, and she backed up, almost tripping over her own tail as she tried to get away from my teeth. Pouncing on her, my teeth rip into her neck, my claws sink into her sides, and she wails loudly while thrashing.

I start ripping at her neck, tearing the flesh from her bones, spraying her blood everywhere. It drenched me when I heard a whimper behind me and knew I only had moments before Nixon was on me.

She bucks wildly, trying to throw me off, as her skin peels back. She would bleed out before I could go for the kill. I let go before chomping down again, only this time on the side of her neck, curling my claws under her ribs, and shaking my head.

My vision turns red as her blood gets in my eyes. She rears up on her hind legs, and my claws slash down her sides as I am thrown back I hit the ground, landing on my side, my chin hitting the concrete, and I spit the chunk of fur on the ground and skin in my jaws, her blood molesting my tastebuds.

Getting to my feet, I went to attack her again when I slammed into the car. The thud was loud as Nixon’s teeth rip into my chest. Valarian screamed, and the windows smashed at the impact.

There screams ring out loudly behind me. Nixon’s teeth latch onto my front paw and he flings me to the side. Getting up, I am smashed by his wife again, and I see Amber’s naked form bruised and bloody a few meters away when I hear claws on metal and see Nixon trying to get to my kids. I thrash, kicking her off, and my teeth wrap around her neck.

The sickening crack as I lifted her and slammed her down made my teeth ache as her neck broke in jaws. I charge at Nixon, but before I reach him.

I am forced to skid across the ground as Valen appears in front of me. He grabs the scruff of Nixon’s neck and rips him back.

Nixon goes flying before Valen turns on him. Yet my focus was checking on my kids. My paws hit the side of the car, the broken glass cutting me as I peered in to find the okay, though Valarian had a scratch on his from where it looked like he tried to shove Nixon’s head out of the car.

“Dad!” he screams, looking past me, and I turn to find Valen and Nixon fighting, although Valen hadn’t shifted, not having the chance as Nixon lunged at him.

But watching him, I found he didn’t need to as he dodged him easily, landing blows against the enormous wolf. Yet my heart nearly stopped as I watched Nixon’s wolf launch across the air straight at him. I sucked in a gasp.

About to help when they collided, Nixon’s jaws snapped at his face as he was thrown backward; only Valen pivoted at the last second, his hands grabbing Nixon’s fur and pulling him under him. His arms wrapped around Nixon’s neck as they hit the ground. Nixon was no match for Valen.

He was stronger and faster as he wrapped his legs around the beast’s torso. Nixon’s ribs crack under the pressure as Valen’s arms wrap around his neck and he squeezes his legs.

Nixon thrashes, snapping his jaws wildly and close to his face when he shrieks. One minute, he was thrashing under Valen’s grip.

The next, Valen grabbed Nixon’s bottom jaw with one hand and the top with the other. My stomach heaved when he pried Nixon’s jaw wide, snapping it.

His bottom jaw hung limply, and blood sprayed everywhere. Yet still, Valen didn’t let him go as Nixon’s screaming howls cut out.

Valen’s canines slip out in his rage as Nixon loses the fight, his body moving slower as he bled out.

When I saw Valen’s claws slip free before he punched his hand as he moved on top of him straight down Nixon’s throat, I could hear his insides being torn to pieces by his powerful razor-sharp claws.

Blood gushed and spewed out of Nixon’s mouth as he forced his arm to his elbow down his throat before reefing it out and along with it, Nixon’s heart. He drops it standing up.

His entire body was drenched from head to toe in Nixon’s blood when his eyes moved to Amber, who was trying to sit up. It was at that moment I realized he was going to kill her, thinking she was involved.

“Valen! She tried to help!” I screamed through the mind link as his hand reached for her. He stopped glancing over his shoulder at her just as police cars screamed toward us with their sirens blaring loudly. Amber drops her head, but she looks terrible, and the moment he stands up, relief floods me. He turned to face me, and I felt woozy.

Valen POV

Reaching for Amber, I was furious. They tried to attack my kids! My mate! “Valen! She tried to help!” Everly screams through the link, and my hand pauses before I grab her. I peer over my shoulder at Everly.

When I got here, all I saw was my mate fighting for her life and our kids but turning to face her, I was slapped with shock.

Her wolf was magnificent, strong, and rivaled my own in size. Her gunmetal grey fur was covered in blood as she sways on her feet, and I could feel the poison running through my system and my lips part.

She was covered in bites, and I had no doubt that the poison running through my veins was forsaken venom.

Looking at Amber, I could tell she was feeling its effects too when cop cars flooded the parking lot.

“Everly?” I stammer as she sways again before running at me. I catch her wolf as she pounces on me, her tongue licking every inch of my face as I land on my a*s.

Relief floods me when I feel through the bond to find the venom not affecting her, proving my DNA in her veins was enough to give her some immunity, though I could tell she felt queasy.

Yet her relief upon seeing me and the adrenaline overrode the effects. “You’re beautiful,” I tell her, pulling her furry head back and stopping her mauling tongue.

I look past her at the car. Valarian, I could see talking to his sisters as the police started pulling them from their seats.

I sucked in a breath, seeing them thrashing and screaming in the officer’s arms, and I knew they were alright.

I had never been so petrified as when I saw Nixon’s wolf’s head inside the window.

Everly shifts in my arms, and I rip my shirt off as she does, yanking it over her head before she even had fully shifted back.

The moment she did, she rushed toward our kids, and I tugged her back “I can feel Forsaken venom.

Can’t you feel it?” I ask her, and she whimpers, wanting to go to the kids, but we couldn’t risk them getting the blood on them, not knowing if it will affect them.

I wrapped my arms around her waist, knowing I was the only thing keeping her from snatching them out of the officer’s arm just as ambulances finally get on the scene.

Amber is rushed off and disappears while Valarian is checked over. Nixon only appeared to have scratched his arm, not actually have bitten him.

I “It’s over love. It’s finally over,” I whisper to her, and she inhales deeply, watching our kids being fussed over. My car had run into another, not having turned it off when I slammed on the brakes and jumped out as I pulled in.

However, I could not care less about the damage; the main thing was my family was okay. Guilt gnawed at me.

What if I didn’t get here in time? What if they had succeeded in taking them or killed them all? Despite all my rampant thoughts, immense relief flooded the bond, and I know this was something that had been an endless worry for her.

Not knowing where Nixon was had the entire city opn edge. And now we did, dead at our feet. Now, hopefully, we can finally move on with our lives.

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