Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son: Chapter 26

Valen POV

Everly thought she could just dismiss me and I would let her; she was wrong. I get what I want, and I want Everly. I refuse to be mated to some girl out of responsibility when I had a perfectly good but unwilling mate. My father would choke on his spit if he knew she was rogue, but I didn’t care. If she is my bond, then I trusted the Moon Goddess; she would not give me faulty one, Everly would be mine. I would make sure of that, everyone has a breaking point, and I will find hers.

I sat across the road with a smug look on my face eager to see the look on hers and I watched the tow truck pull up that I organized this morning. I already sent the health and safety inspector in and could see his car in the parking lot from where I stood.

Her truck was just an added annoyance. The beeping of the reversing truck instantly alerts staff something is going on, and I see Zoe Everly’s little friend rush out when she notices it backing up to the truck with the Hotel’s logo on it. Everly believes she can ignore the Mate bond; well, I will make sure she sees me every turn she makes.

Zoe waves her arms frantically at the driver. One of my men, Dwayne, ignores her as he backs up. The burly-looking man steps out of the cab and stops next to her, looking down at Zoe. I could just make out her telling him to leave that he was on private property.

“No can do love, this car has been ordered to be impounded for defects, ” He tells her, and I get out leaning on the hood of my car. The tow truck driver spotting me gives me a thumbs up, and I nod for him to continue, and he starts hooking the old thing up.

It didn’t take long before Zoe returned with a frustrated Everly in toe. She shoves the man as he starts hoisting her car onto the bed of his truck.

Dwayne looked at her shocked, and honestly, so was I. Not that she moved him. Dwayne remained precisely where he was, and she may as well have been a child pushing on a brick wall as she stood beside him.

Everly tries to snatch the controller from his hand, but he was holding it too high for her to reach. I found the pure rage on her face funny, and I couldn’t help but laugh, and that is how she spots me.

Her grey-blue eyes pin me where I stand before her lips press into a line and her hands ball into fists, she storms over to me in a raging fit, and I fold my arms across my chest just before she stops in front me.

I found her pint-size rage entertaining; her tiny body was no threat to me. Everly barely came up to my chin and had to turn her face up to look up at me. I smirk back at her, her eyes practically spitting fireballs at me.

Good thing she isn’t a witch. She definitely would have cursed me with the look she gave me. She could ignore me all she wants, but Everly can’t overlook in y influence in this City; she will give in.

“What the hell are you doing?” She demands, poking me in the chest with her finger. I snatch her hand, holding it in mine, and she tries to rip it free. Her strength is nothing compared to mine, and something about that bothered me. What if someone grabbed her who wasn’t me?

It was clear she would never be able to fight them off. She growls at me, and I realize how non-existent her aura is, like she didn’t have one. Rogues had auras too, weaker and nothing in comparison to a pack wolf, but she had none, her growl meek, and if it wasn’t for the look of anger on her face, it might as well have been a purr.

“Let go, and make him stop, “

“Let me mark you, and I will,” I tell her, and she snarls at me, her canines slipping from her gums.

“Go for it, bite away; I don’t care if you want to mark me first. Either way, you will be mine, “

“You are bloody infuriating, this won’t win you any brownie points, ” Everly snarls, and I tug her closer before spinning and pressing her against the hood of my car.

Her breathing becomes harder as I press closer to her. God, her body feels good pressed against mine, her scent making my mouth water, and I fight the urge to push my face into her neck, losing the battle completely when I do, but she gasps and I feel her pulse beating against my lips.

Everly’s hand still clutched in mine loosens, and her body goes slack against me when I press closer to her. Her breathing intensifies as I run my nose along the column of her throat to her ear. So warm and enticing. Her heart is pounding in her chest when I feel her other hand grip the front of my shirt feebly.

I could tell she was trying to fight off the effects of the bond, telling her to give in. Telling her to give herself to me, to an Alpha. The vibration of my purr rattles my chest, and before I could stop myself. I ran my tongue across her neck. I groaned at the taste of her skin on the tip of my tongue.

D**n, she tasted better than her scent, and I wanted to devour her. However, the action seems to snap her back, and she tries to shove me off, fighting against me. I pull back to look at her, only for her palm to connect with my face.

My cheek stings from her slap, and if looks could kill, I would be reduced to dust. “Get off me, you brute, “

I rub my cheek with my hand. Her slap made my skin tingle and burn, but I don’t move away from her.

Instead, looking over my shoulder to see the tow truck leaving with her vehicle on the back.

“Well, seems like you need a lift to the impound yard?” She growls at me, and I purr back at her before she starts smacking my chest and I raise an eyebrow at her. She makes a noise of frustration before glaring at me and fixing her hair putting herself back together like she didn’t just chuck a hissy fit in public.

“I swear, Valen. You will regret doing that. Tell him to bring it back now. That truck has sentimental value. It was given to me by someone I cared about. Now ring him, and undo it,” I run my finger down her neck, and she shivers under my touch.

My c**k twitches in my pants, seeing the effect I have on her. She feels the bond, she could deny me all she wants, but she can’t deny the mate bond.

“Not until you agree to be mine. If you want it back, all it takes is one little mark to sit right here, ” my finger stops where her shoulder meets her neck and my gums tingle. I desperately want to mark her as mine, craving for her skin to break under the pressure of my teeth when I give her my mark that would forever lay on her skin, telling the world she is mine.

“Valen, please, ” She asks, and I look down at her, her face turned, watching the tow truck move down the street, taking away her truck.

“It’s just a truck, Everly. If you want it back, you know what you have to do,” Her jaw clenches, and she turns to look back at me. My stomach sinks when I see her eyes teary like she was fighting the urge to cry. It was just a truck and an old one at that. It wasn’t even new why she would get so emotional over that old thing was beyond me.

“You have no right, ” She snarls.

“Maybe you forget who I am; I have every right. I own this city, and I say what happens in it, Everly. The sooner you realize that the better it will be for you; I could give you everything you ever wanted, “

“Not everything, Valen. You can’t give me the last five years of my life back, ” She says, shoving me away, and I let her.

“If you haven’t figured it out yet, Valen, I don’t care for your social status or your money; I make my own, I don’t need yours, and I certainly don’t want it.

“I can make your life miserable, Everly,” Everly laughs, which startles me; a threat from the blood Alpha isn’t to be taken lightly; she knows I am capable of destroying her and those that work for her. I could have her Hotel torn to the ground, and no one would bat an eyelash at what I did, especially for some rogue girl.

“Do your worst, Valen, don’t forget my reputation as a rogue is minuscule compared to the reputation you have. Who do you think will suffer more when it’s tarnished. Certainly not me. They already think I am the lowest scum to reside in this City. Yet they still walk through those doors. They still visit my Hotel. Miserable, you don’t know the meaning of the word, but you will. I will make sure of it,” Everly says before turning on her heel about to cross the road.

My phone rings, and she glances at me as I pull it out to see the towing company name pop up on the screen.

“This would be about your car,” I tell her, and she turns to face me, folding her arms across my chest. I answer it putting it on speakerphone so she can hear.

“Alpha, ” Dwayne states.

“Am I bringing it back? Should I take it back to the yard?”

“That is up to, Everly, ” I tell him raising an eyebrow at her wanting an answer. She glares at me.

“What will it be Everly, “

“Go f*ck yourself, Alpha, ” She sneers. Dwayne whistles at her tone.

“Wow, so what would you like me to do,”

“Crush it,” I tell him, not taking my eyes from her, she takes a step toward me, and her hands clench before she closes her eyes tightly, breathing deeply.

“Alpha?” Dwayne asks.

“I said crush it, take it to the scrapyard and make sure it isn’t salvageable, ” I tell him. Her eyes snap open, and I raise an eyebrow at her. Everly’s eyes b**n with unshed tears, and she shakes her head, and I hang up my phone.

“Could have been avoided, ” I tell her.

“Yeah, if only I never met you, all of this could have been avoided, ” She spits at me before turning on her heel and darting across the road. I notice Zoe and Macey waiting out the front for her, and she shakes her head when Macey reaches for her, swatting their hands away before chasing after her. I start driving off, heading home to plan my next move since this one was unsuccessful. I would have to think of another way, she would give in; it is only a matter of time.

I was halfway home, yet my thoughts kept going back to her. I needed to look into her background, find out more about her, but I didn’t know her last name; it should be on the Hotel’s information. Might explain why she was so difficult and why she would be so upset by a car? I also want to know what she did to become a rogue since she wasn’t a rogue -wh0*e.

I couldn’t forget the way her lip trembled when I said to crush her car, I felt like an a**h*le. It made no sense, she had enough money to buy another one; she owns a damn Hotel, for goodness sake. No way in hell would I be caught dead in that old piece of junk. She should be thanking me for removing it; now she has reason to buy another when I suddenly blanch.

“F*ck, her car,” I dart off to the side of the road. Pulling my phone out of my pocket, I quickly ring Dwayne back.


“Where are you?”

“Next door at the scrapyard, doing what you asked,” “Don’t let them crush it,”


“Please tell me they haven’t crushed it yet,”

“Oh sh*t,” He says, and I hear banging around in his truck and the sound of a door being slammed before hearing Dwayne hollering and yelling for them to stop. My heart pounded in my chest while I waited, praying it wasn’t destroyed.

I heard more banging before heavy breathing could be heard, and Dwayne sounded like he had just run a marathon. He was a big guy, and he sounded puffed out as he grabbed the phone.

“Yesh, that was close. Good thing you rang another second, and it would have been crushed into a can” I let out a breath of relief while he tried to catch his, breathing heavily into the phone.

What do you want me to do with it?” he asks, sounding more normal.

“Put it in my garage out of sight, cover it over. I don’t want my father seeing it if he stops over,”

“Rightio, ” Dwayne answers and I go to hang up when I hear his voice again.

“Hey, Boss, “

“Yeah, what is it?”

“She is your mate isn’t she, I haven’t seen you try this hard to get a girl in a while, figured she must be special if you are trying to make her chase after you, ” Dwayne says.

“Keep it between us; I don’t need my father knowing for now, “

“Yeah, we all know he hates rogues, but by the look on her face when she spotted you, she hates Alphas more, ” I ponder his words for a second.

“Oh and you might want to have patrols set up around her perimeter, forsaken have been spotted multiple times the last couple of weeks, that Hotel backs onto the reserve, not a safe place right now, your dad pulled all the patrols away to focus on the pack’s perimeters only, “

I growl. He had no authority to do that. Only Alphas did, and he no longer held the title. “Thanks, I will handle it; I will get Marcus onto it straight away,”

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