Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son: Chapter 50

Everly POV

It took ages for me to get rid of Valen. Valen had been pestering me all by day about taking Valarian for the weekend; he finally agreed to leave if he could get Valarian from school and take him somewhere after school. I decided to agree so I could get some bloody work done because once again, we were down more staff, and to make matters worse, no one could get a hold of Emily, and apparently, her son also didn’t show up for school.

However, when it was nearly 6PM, I began to worry when Zoe hadn’t messaged me to say Valarian had been dropped to her like promised for dinner.

Walking back to my office after dinner rush started to slow down. I pulled my phone from my pocket about to ring Valen when I smacked into someone. Looking up, I find it was Marcus.

“Seriously, I have been looking for you everywhere,” He said, shaking his head.

“Ah, okay. Why, but more importantly, do you know where Valen is with my son?”

“At home, I think, he sent me to watch you for the night,” I growl, shoving past him and heading toward my office. Only when I got there I could hear banging inside the room and some strange noises. I push my office door open, wondering who is inside before stopping dead in my tracks at the sight before me.

Marcus walks in behind me and bumps into me before freezing also. Looking up at Marcus, his

mouth had fallen open in shock, and he glances at me before suddenly covering my eyes. I slap his hand away, about to back out of the room quietly. When Marcus, of course, makes sh*t awkward by clearing his throat and drawing attention to the fact we were in the room.

My plan was to back away slowly and pretend I did not just see one of my best friends bent over my desk with her pants around her ankles while Tatum was pounding into her. They both jumped, and I tried to bail out, but Marcus was blocking the door with his huge *ss body.

I glance everywhere but at the pair of them, while Marcus has no issues openly staring at them. I elbow him while poor Macy, who looked mortified at being busted, scrambled to put her clothes on.

“You should really put a sock on the door or maybe just lock it, ” Marcus taunts. Tatum clears his throat, yanking his pants up.

“We were um, filing and,” Tatum glances at Macey.

“And tripped and fell into her v****a; it happens all the time? I hate when that happens,” Marcus finishes for him while shaking his head laughing.

“Fcking filing? Do I look like a d*n cabinet, you idiot?” Macy growls.

“If you were, I would definitely stick my files in you, ” Tatum says as Macy buttons up her blouse; she growls at him.

“Next time, can you pick a room and not my desk?” I ask, still not looking at them. I would definitely be taking some sanitizer to that desk later. Maybe even buy another. I don’t think I will ever look at it again same without seeing Macey bent over it.

“I thought you knocked off at four?” I asked her. “I did, but Tatum asked for help,

“Wait, why are you still here?” “I haven’t left,” Tatum says.

“Jenny didn’ t show up?” Tatum shakes his head and shrugs.

“Jenny wasn ‘t on today, Blaire was, and she never showed . I tried ringing her, and that was when I met.”

“She glances at Tatum. “Your friend, did you get a hold of Emily? Zoe tried this morning and could n ‘t?” Macy asks, and I shake my head.

“No, I was about to go over there and check on her,

“Maybe Blaire caught the bug too? ” Macy said, but this was getting too strange, I had managed to lose two receptionists in two days, and multiple staff was already sick .

“Okay, ring Jenny and see if she can fill in; I am heading over to the commune,” I tell Macy, who picks up the phone. S**t! Valarian, I thought. Pulling my phone out, I quickly dialed Valens phone, which was switched off. I growl and look at Marcus.

“Mindlink your Alpha and ask where my son is?”

‘If you let him mark you , you could mind link him you rself ,” Marcus taunts, and I roll my eyes before watching his eyes glaze over. I waited when he sighed.

“He said he is taking Valarian for the night,” Marcus tells me, and I press my lips in a line before walking out to the car park. I would pick him up on the way home. Only when I get out there, I curse, realizing I don ‘t have a car thanks to Valen and turn around to head back home to see if I could borrow Zoe ‘s. Only when I turn around, do I smack into Marcus again.

“What are you doing?” I asked him, seeing that he was following me.

“Ah, coming with you,” He says.

“You are not staying at my place, go home and… wait, have you got a car,”

“Ah yeah, you think I walked here”

“Good, you are taking me to the rogue commune,” I tell him, looking for his car. I spot the shiny, sleek sports car and start marching over to it.

” Is that where your friend lives?” Marcus asks, chasing me to keep up.

“Yes, she isn’t answering her phone, and her son never showed up for school,” I tell him as he unlocks his car.

I climb in the passenger seat before sending Zoe a message that I would get Valarian and that I was going to check on Emily.

Marcus drove me insane the entire drive there; the man could talk the leg of f an iron pot. And what was up with his music selection? It sound ed like a kid ‘s musical in here.

“What the heck are you listening to?” I ask. “Trolls soundtrack, it is catchy, do you like it?” “No!” I tell him.

“Casey downloaded it on my Spotify,”

“What is up with you sniffing her, by the way. And I wou ld stay the hl away from Zoe. She wants your dn head on a silver platter, I warn him.

“Yeah, Valen told me on the way to the school at Lunch time, said she bitched him out really good. I only wanted to know what washing powder she used, a bit of an overreaction if you ask me, ” Marcus sighed.

“You wouldn’t think that if you had her upbringing, she spent the majority of her childhood in youth homes; she met some b****y creeps in her time, I tell him.

“Is that how she had Casey?” He asked, and I shook my head.

“No, and what were you and Valen doing at the school at lunchtime, “

“Getting Valarian to take him to the birth registry,”

“Excuse me?”

“Valen, got him DNA tested and changed his last name?”

“He what?” I growled. “You didn ‘t know?”

“No, I f*cking didn ‘t,” Marcus looks away

awkwardly, drumming his on the steering wheel.

“I thought you knew Valen had a blood sample taken the night he found out before you got there,”

“Why would he need to have his DNA tested? We can tell our own Kin,”

“Yeah, but the birth registry would need it. They can’t tell if Valarian is his or not, ” Marcus shrugs.

“ I thought he told you he was taking Valarian from school,”

“Yes, picking him up after not kidnapping him and changing his name, I am going to f*cking kill him, ” I growled as we pulled into the commune.

Driving in blue and red lights made us slow down , and officer Richards waved for us to stop as we pulled in. We were in a pretty secluded area at the back of the commune, so there wasn’t any reason for them to be out here. Only Emily and her son lived out here because her neighbors kept complaining about the smell of her vegetable garden, so she moved to the other side of the commune away from everyone.

Marcus rolled down his window, and officer Richards came over and peered in the window.

“Beta, Everly,” Officer Richards said. “What is going on?” I ask him.

“School sent us out to do a welfare check on a woman called Emily and her son. Apparently, neither showed up to the school today; she did the morning reading group,” I nod. Emily always did two days a week at the school, one day for canteen duty the other for reading group.

“So you spoke with her?” I asked. “You know her?

“Yeah, she works at my hotel. I was coming to check on her,” Officer Richards runs a hand down his face.

“Her place is a mess, and there are signs of a struggle; forensics are in there now taking blood samples, ” Forensics were taking blood samples; I blink, thinking of the last time I saw Emily or her son.

“Blood samples?”

“Yeah, the place is pretty messed up, she put a fight, but we can’t find any sign of her or her son,”


“Unsure, maybe, but we found a dead one not far into the forest,”

“You reported it to Valen?”

“No, we tried , can’t reach him, but Alpha John is on his way out said he would stop by and grab Alpha Kalen, bloody strange seeing them two talking, “

Officer Richard says. Marcus nods, and so do I. My brows furrow, wondering why my father was interested in missing Rogues.

“I will let Valen know tomorrow; let us know if you find anything,” Marcus says. I wondered briefly if Kalen would tell my father about Valen and me but doubted it. However, I was interested in why those two were so bud dy-buddy right now. Officer Richards goes to leave bef ore stopping and coming back to the window. He leaned in, looking at me, but I was still stuck on the fact my receptionist was missing and her son.

“Also, Everly, you might want to give Zoe a heads up, “I look over at him.

“Pardon “

“Amber found out about Casey, “

“F*ck, think she will cause issues,” Officer Richards shrugs.

“No idea, but she wasn’ t happy,” I sigh and nod.

I will let Zoe know,

I’m sorry, Everly,

Why are you sorry?

They are filing for custody of Casey,


“Don’t worry, we will back Zoe up; she is a good girl, and honestly, Amber is just being spiteful, “ I curse, shaking my head. Zoe was going to freak out.

“Tell you r son to back off and pull his mat e in line; they come after Zoe f or Casey there will be issues,”

“I will speak with him, but you know what the courts are like, he already filed, and Zoe is a Rogue, “

“That says nothing about her ability to parent,” I tell him. Officer Richards nods sadly.

“Which court did he file in?”

” His mates, Shadow Pack. Alpha John ‘s pack, ” F*ck! I was hoping he would have said Valen ‘s pack.

“Wait, she is from shadow Pack?”

“Ah yes, she is the Beta’s daughter,”

I blink at him, racking my brain for the name. “Wait, Amber Zimmer?”

“Yeah, do you know her?”

“Yeah, I went,” Marcus elbows me, and I realize I was about to admit going to school with her. She was one of Ava’ s best friends.

“We should go; I need to get Everly over to Alpha Valen is to pick up Valarian,”

“Oh yes, Kalen told me it was being announced at the Alpha meeting when I rang him. The pack will be stoked that Valen finally found his mate,”

“Once they get over the shock of his mate being a rogue?”

“Ah, well, yes, bu t the pack will love you ,” Officer Richards says. I doubted that but sighed.

“Well, we should go; keep us updated,” Marcus says, winding his window up and turning the car around.

“Valen’ s?”

“Yes, then I need to go break the news to Zoe,” I tell him, and he nods.

“She can fight it,” Marcus tells me.

“She is rogue, and the custody case will be heard in my father’s pack, ” Marcus seems to think for a second .

“You think he would interfere?”

“I know he will if he finds out she is my friend,” He nods, and we drive to Valen’s.

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