Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son: Chapter 56

We drove through the City, but when Valen didn’t turn onto his territory, I glanced over at him. Wondering where we were going when he stopped at the police station on the City’s main drag.

“You’re doing this now?” I asked as he unclipped his seat belt.

“Yes, Officer Richard’s mind-linked and said his son and Amber are still here. I told him to hold them until I got here,” Valen said before getting out of the car. I rushed to unclip my seatbelt and jumped out, and he started walking up the steps. My heart raced in my chest at the thought of what he would do.

“You said you wouldn’t hurt him,” I gushed, racing after him and gripping his arm. He kept walking into the building, and some officers opened the door for him as they came out. They tipped their hats to him and continued to their patroI cars. I shook my head and looked at Valen.

“I said I won’t, though I bloody want to. But Amber is pan of your father’s pack, and Micha is joining it. So if you want her to keep her mouth shut, I need to speak to them and Officer Richards.” Valen explained, and I sighed a breath of relief.

Valen didn’t bother speaking to anyone, he just navigated his way around like he owned the place. He probably did; I wouldn’t put anything out of his price range. When we came to a locked-off area. Valen tapped on the perspex window, and the officer, who looked half asleep, jolted upright in his seat, nearly falling out of it. He quickly reached over and hit a button, and Valen opened the door and held it open for me. He then grabbed my hand, leading me down the long corridor before I came to some holding cells.

Officer Richard leaned against one, and he stood straighter as Valen entered. Baring his neck to Valen. Amber sat in the chair behind a desk and glared at me. Valen growled at her, and she dropped her head quickly.

“AIpha, I have spoken to him, and he has reassured me it won’t happen again,” Officer Richard said while shooting a glare at Amber.

“No, it won’t. I want them both kept here until after the Alpha meeting,” Valen said before turning to Amber.

“And in cells,” he said. Officer Richards nodded to two men, and Amber jumped up and shrieked. The noise hurt my ears as they grabbed her. They dragged her kicking and screaming toward the cell Micha was placed in while she chucked a full-blown tantrum worse than a toddler. Valen

growled and stepped toward them before gripping her face.

“You can’t command me. You are not my Alpha,” she sneered, and I could see his rage as his entire body trembled and the back of his shin ripped as he tried not to shift. Her eyes widened with fear and I swallowed, actually feeling bad for her despite the trouble she caused.

“Be glad I’m not because if I was, I would have stripped you of your title. But your mate is one of my men, and if you don’t get your as in that cell, the only place you will see him is in the forsaken territory,” Valen snarled at her. She gasped, and her eyes flicked to Micha in h0rr0r.

He shoved her face away, and the officers let her go. Officer Richards opened the cell, and she turned her nose up and walked in as if she wasn’t just humiliated or embarrassed herself while acting like a fool.

Valen turned toward the cell where Micha was. He was bruised and bloody, but mostly healed from the beating he received from Marcus. Micha cowered when Valen turned his icy glare on him. Valen’s shirt was torn, and his skin rippled as he tried to contain himself.

“Consider yourself lucky, Micha, that your Luna is forgiving. You and I both know I am not. The only reason you are still breathing is because of her, so do you have anything to say?” Valen asked him. Micha turned his head toward me, stuttered out an apology, and thanked me for sparing him. I just stared in disbelief.

“Now, either of you speaks one word of Everly being my mate to anyone. You and your entire families will be considered a traitor and made forsaken, am I clear?” Amber looked at me but nodded her head.

“Take their phones and print off the custody forms,”

“Custody forms?” Amber asked, standing up. Micha growled at her, and Officer Richards glared at her.

“Yes, Micha will sign all parental rights to Zoe for Casey and drop the custody battle. I expect all relevant documentation to be filled out, signed, and filed when I return after the Alpha meeting.”

“After the Alpha meeting, I am meant to be attending,”

“Tell your father you have food poisoning. I don’t care, but neither of you will leave this cell until after. If I hear one whisper around this City that Everly is my mate, both of you will no longer live in this City,” Valen said, before turning to me. Officer Richard cleared his throat, and Valen looked at him.

“Um, Alpha, if Micha signs all rights away, does that mean my wife and I can’t see her either? It would break my wife’s heart, Alpha,”

“I never said he couldn’t see her, but I want it all legal, so he can’t take her from Zoe. If Zoe allows it, I don’t see an issue with any of you remaining part of Casey’s life, and that goes for Micha. If those papers aren’t signed and sent off, and a copy waiting when I return, I will send your son Rogue, and he will leave my City, that’s if I don’t decide to kill him,” Valen warned him.

“The relevant documents will be here when you return, Alpha. Thank you,” Officer Richard said, before glaring at his son and Amber.

The other officers bared their necks, and Valen nodded before tugging me out of the room and back down the corridor.

“Would you really make them forsaken?” I asked once back in the car.

“Yes, and yes, I would have killed him if you didn’t make me promise not to,” Valen answered. He tugged off his torn shirt and tossed it in the back, before pulling away from the curb.

“Are we going to get Valarian now?” Valen nodded, but by the stern steel gaze he had out the window, and the burning rage I felt through the bond, I knew he was fighting

with himself not to go back and tear Micha apart. Just as we were about to turn up the street toward Valen’s place, my phone rang. Macey’s name popped up on the screen, and I quickly answered it.

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