Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son: Chapter 71

I wasn’t sure how late it was when Valen came in, but I felt him slip into bed beside me before snuggling into my back. Although when I woke up, he was gone, his side of the bed was cold, and I wondered what time he got up and left. I did, however, notice Valerie’s not had been opened because it sat on the bedside table. Picking it up, I placed it back in its envelope before tucking it away in the top drawer where it wouldn’t get ruined.

Racing around, I quickly got dressed for work. Marcus had taken Casey to school for Zoey. She was also running around getting changed, hopping on one foot as she slipped her shoe on because both of us were already late.

Kalen had already taken Valarian to school. Kalen had sent me a picture of Valerian and him at the school gate, so the only thing I had to do today was pick him up when he finished.

In the meantime, I had never-ending work at the hotel, having fallen behind in recent days with all the added drama. With the cleanup and multiple rooms that needed cleaning after the place was packed last night, I was already exhausted just thinking about my never-ending list. With a groan,

I dragged myself down to the restaurant, knowing that was the first major task, taking inventory to order new stock in. However, Zoe came rushing in halfway through, scaring the living daylights out of me when she squealed loudly.

“Evie, come quick, you have to see this,” she gushed excitedly, waving me to follow her. I held up my notepad, but she was practically bouncing on her heels with excitement. Placing my notepad down with a sigh, I followed her into the staff lunchroom, which was packed and full of staff members as they crowded around the small TV in here when they should be working.

“What, Jesus, Zoey, I have things to do,” I whined at her when she reached over and grabbed my hand, ripping me to the front as she pushed past everyone. My feet halted when I saw the TV screen.

Looking for the remote, I noticed Sarah had it and took it from her, turning the news up. A reporter stood out in front of the rogue primary school, and huge buses were lined up along the road. The news reporter stood between them, but what was most shocking was Valen standing in the background talking to men in construction uniforms.

My brows furrowed, wondering what he was doing at the school when the new anchorwoman started speaking.

Recently I received some news that Alpha Valen has made a significant turn for the better, or so he claims. It is not just that he accepted a rogue as a mate, he has opened all of his borders to the rogues, permitting them to pass through or even move into his territory. Alpha Valen stated that other Alpha’s should accept change and follow by opening up the borders,”

“As you can see behind me, he has also gone a step further and has accepted all students from this rundown school and welcomed them into t he pack schools on his territory. His bizarre behaviour is believed to be a result of learning the son of his rogue mate, who he also claims is his own, attends this school,” the woman said. She then prattled about some other crap he was supposedly up to and how I managed to fool the Alpha with outlandish claims that Valarian was his. Turning, I looked at all my staff when Zoe shook my arm.

“Did you know?” she asked. I shook my head. I had no idea whatsoever; he left this morning without telling me where he was going.

” I knew he said he would open up the borders, but, ” I shake my head, trying to wrap my head around the news, it seemed too good to be true.

“That’s not all; he is turning the old school into a homeless shelter; Marcus rang me this morning. This morning, Valen also put a statement out for any Rogues looking for work. Telling them they could apply through all his personally owned businesses as well welcoming them to apply for any positions available on his pack land,” Zoe exclaimed.

“We also had workers out at the commune this morning,” Sarah said behind her, making me turn to look at her.

“Construction workers?” I asked.

“Yes, they were ripping the fences down that bordered on his pack and said they were building a road into the place,” Sarah tells me. I blink, unsure what to say; turning back to the TV, it was footage of kids lining up to get on the buses to go to their new school.

“About time, things changed around here if only the other packs would adopt this change as well,” Sarah murmured, and I looked at Zoe and chewed my lip.

“Maybe we can make them?” I tell her, and her brows furrow.

“I’m no longer Rogue; I am a Luna of the city now. I can petition the council, remove the laws,”

“Girl, do you have any idea how hard that is? I looked into that sh*t years ago. You need to have at least s council member signatures on that, and as far as I can tell, you will only get two, yours and Valens. The other three packs won’t agree, and no way your father will sign after the dramas last night, ” Sarah tells me, and I sigh.

“Alpha Nixon and his wife definitely won’t sign, ” I murmur to myself so that only left one other Alpha and Luna, so I would still be a signature short, and that is if they agreed.

“Not to mention you need them to agree before you can even bring it before the council members. You can bring it forth, but that doesn’t mean they will agree to hear it, let alone call in a meeting over it,” Macey says, getting up from her spot on the small sofa, also thinking.

“We will find a way. First, I have to petition for it anyway, which will take a couple of days,”

“No, first you need to let Valen mark you. You aren’t Luna until he does,” Macey tells me with a smirk on her face.

Right, that too, I guess.” I admit. Suddenly feeling nervous, though I knew I didn’t need to be, old anxieties were hard to let go of. Yet looking back at the TV screen, there is no one else I would rather be tied to than my mate.

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