Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son: Chapter 78

I noticed that the nurse was an older woman and was usually on the afternoon and night shifts. She pops her head in and sees Everly awake before looking at me.

“I will get the doctor,” she says, smiling kindly before stepping back out when I nod to her.

It took a few hours while Everly was checked over, but eventually, she was given the all-clear to head home. I had Marcus bring her some clothes to get changed into. The doctor wanted her to stay an extra night for observations, but she wouldn’t have it wanting to go home and refused to take no as an answer. By the time we got home, it was a little after 7 o’clock at night. We got Valarian McDonalds on the way home, but he fell asleep in the car, and I had to pry a chicken nugget from his fingers.

Both Everly and I were shocked he even ate in the car, which proved how tired he was. Carrying him upstairs and inside, I tuck him in bed, stripping him down to his underwear and shirt as I tucked him in his bed before setting the night lights timer and closing the door.

Going back out to the living room, Everly wasn’t there when I heard the shower turn on, making me stop and head back to our room to find her in the ensuite. I came up behind her, placing my hands on her h!ps as she tested the water with her hand.

“Can I join you?” I asked her, k!ssing her n*ked shoulder.

She looks at me over her shoulder, and I cup her cheek before pressing my l!ps to hers. She answers my k!ss instantly, her l!ps parting, and my tongue invades her mouth, dominating it as I k!ssed her hungrily. Everly m0ans softly before turning in my arms and k!ssing me fiercely, her hands undressing me as she tugged my wrinkled suit jacket off I had wanted to b**n all day.

Her fingers run over my chest, undoing my shirt buttons, and I help her fumbling fingers and her l!ps go to my neck, licking and n!pping my skin, making me gr0an. Her hands move to my b**e chest once I rid my shirt and up to my shoulders and neck to the beard I despise because it is itchy.

“Hm,” she hums, her l!ps going to mine. “I like this rougher look,” she chuckles against my l!ps.

“It’s not staying,” I growl against hers while undoing my belt buckle. “We’ll see,” she chuckles, and I growl, biting her bottom l!p between my teeth, making her m**n and press against me. My pants fall, and I grip her wa!st, stepping out of them before her claws slice through my boxer shorts. I raise an eyebrow at her when I feel the fabric drop at my feet before she wraps her hand around me.

Her small fingers wrapped around my c**k as she stroked it, and I k!ssed her harder, pushing her into the shower. My l!ps go to her neck, and she sighs, tilting her head, giving me better access before I lean down and grip her thighs, lifting her and pressing her against the tiled wall.

Everly shrieks at the tiles’ harsh coldness, making me chuckle as she wraps her legs around my waist. Her nails dug into my shoulders, where she gripped them. I n*p at her mark, and she m0ans, wiggling her h!ps against me.

My en was painfully hard, pressed against her warm, w3t core. I wanted to bury myself in her, and she whined, gripping my hair.

“Ah, what are you waiting for?” she growled, and I could feel her ar0usal, fiery hot, burning through the bond.

“Permission,” I chuckle.

“Valen!” she growls, rolling her h!ps against me. I k!ssed her slowly, and I could feel her building annoyance as she rocked her h!ps against me.

“Valen! Either f**k me, or I will pin you down and take what I want,” she snarls, pulling her l!ps from mine and biting into my shoulder.

“Hm, that I would like to see,” I tell her, and she growls, her teeth breaking my skin as she bit my mark, making my c**k twitch against her, and I gr0aned, gripping her a*s before adjusting myself. I press the tip against her before slamming into her in one motion, burying my c**k in her tight confines until our h!ps are flush. She sighs, her teeth letting me go, and her fingers escape into my hair, gripping it and tugging my mouth back to hers.

I pull out, slamming back into her; her slick walls grip my c**k as her muscles spasmed around it, coating me in her ar0usal. I gr0an at the texture and the ridges of her smooth channel, gliding over my c**k and squeezing it with each thrust.

Her h!ps move to meet my thrusts as I slam into her repeatedly, pinning her against the wall; I let go of one of her legs and let it slide down my side, her toes barely touching the ground. At the same time, I lifted her other leg higher, slamming my c**k into her and making her cry out as she gripped my shoulders.

The back of my legs burned. I wanted to bend over and f**k her, but that was not happening in the shower. So, I pulled out of her, earning a growl. Shutting the water off, I shove her out of the shower toward the bedroom.

“Valen! We need to dry ourselves,” she squeals when I shove her on the bed. I grab her thighs, dragging her to the edge. My hands grip her h!ps, pulling her as into the air. Her protests about ruining the bed cut off when I squeezed her a*s, pulling her cheeks apart before adjusting my c**k at her entrance.

I thrust into her, and she m0ans loudly; my hands grip her as as I watch my c**k slide in and out of her w3t pu**y. She pushes back against me. The bed is ruined as I pounded her pu***y, her as jiggling as it hits my pelvis with each thrust. My hand slides up her back, forcing her further into the mattress as my fingers slide into her hair. I grip a handful, tugging her head back, and arch her back while I continuously slam into her. Her m0ans and the sound of slapping flesh resonated around the room.

I felt the moment she came, her walls gripping my c**k, the sensation of her pulsating walls squeezing and pushing against my d**k, making me shiver as she m0ans loudly and sends me over the edge.

I still inside her, finding my r3lease with one last thrust before I fill her with my hot c*m. My grip loosens on her hair; she falls against the mattress when I pull out of her. I slap her a*s when I gasp, realizing my mistake. I stare at her lying face down on the bed. She gr0ans and rolls slowly onto her back.

“I think you broke my back,” she gr0ans, but then laughs softly. I bit my l!p, noticing how her p*ssy glistened, red from the pounding she received, and I wondered how angry she would be when she realized. I figured I would get it over with, not wanting to hide it from her.

“Ah, Everly?” She cracks an eyelid open, a silly smile on her l!ps, and I looked between her legs, the evidence of my release making her thighs slick.

“I wasn’t wearing anything,” I tell her, biting my l!p, and she chuckles.

“I figured that,” she murmurs and yawns, and I expected her murderous rage, so I was surprised when she didn’t seem that fazed.

“You could get pregnant?” I offer, wondering if she heard me.

“I know how babies are made. I had one, but doubtful with all the drugs in my system at the moment,” she giggled before sitting up with a gr0an. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to see her carrying my baby. One I missed out on with Valarian, so I kind of hoped she got pregnant but also knew the chances would be pretty slim like she said.

“Ah, my back.” She whines as she stumbles back to the bathroom to finish her shower, making me chuckle.

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