Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son: Chapter 89

A week Later

Ben was now in hospital, the Doctors had no idea how he was able to shift. But it was becoming clearer that someone was experimenting on not only the forsaken but also those that were kidnapped from the City.

This mystery facility that Emily spoke of was now the biggest target on the City’s radar. We needed to find it and put a stop to it. Ben was not doing well, he had turned savage and everyday I had been checking on him and waiting around until the hospital or Valen would force me home. He was alive but still in a semi deformed wolf state, he was mostly unresponsive just like Emily and none of the Doctor’s knew how to help him or reverse what was done.

One thing was clear though, Ben was made into a forsaken. His little body ravaged with infections, his heart had become enlarged and, the few times he had woken he had tried to attack staff which now left him strapped to a bed like a mental patient. Looking down at Ben he had a muzzle on. Once a sweet boy now made into some science experiment and it broke my heart seeing him like this. The only comfort I had was that he shared a room with Emily.

Her state had not improved either, and the bizarre events were beginning to take a toll on everyone in the city. People were scared, and they should be. Only a monster could do this to a child.

Hearing the door open I look up to see Kalen step inside the room. He had been a great help recently, Valen was busy with Pack business and I had spent most of time here or at my hotel, leaving Kalen to watch over Valarian. However I was not expecting him to show up here.

Glancing at the time I see it was an hour before school pick up, I was about to head over to the school to pick him up. I told Kalen I would today knowing he needed a break so I was surprised when he stepped into the hospital room.

Kalen glances down at Ben brushing his hair from his face. Ben doesn’t wake but the entire city had heard and was horrified despite him being rogue when they learned what had become of him.

“Bloody terrible,” Kalen says, smiling sadly.

“What are you doing here?” I asked him and Kalen held a piece of paper out to me and I took it. Noticing the emblem on it for the city council.

“I pulled a few strings and called in some favors, you got your day to be heard, your petition will be heard,” Kalen says.

“Wait, how? I needed 4 signatures,” I told him.

Kalen smiles and I glance at the paperwork to see Kalen had signed and a man’s name I did not recognize. I look at him questionably.

“I found a loophole, it said you needed four Alphas signatures, nothing stating they couldn’t be from previous Alphas,” Kalen says with a sly smile on his face. I glanced down at the paperwork to see I had a date and time allotted to be heard by founding council members. One week to prepare. Tears burned my vision as I looked back at him.

“Does Valen know?” I ask him and Kalen shakes his head. They were barely talking still unless it had something to do with Valarian. Valen is still upset with his father.

“Thank you,” I tell him and Kalen nods before looking at Emily.

“Any news on how they are doing?” He asks but I shake my head.

“No, the Doctor is due to do his rounds soon, but I need to pick up, Valarian.”

“I will wait until the Doctor gets here,” Kalen tells me, taking a seat in one of the uncomfortable blue chairs.

“Are you sure, the Doctor will ring me,” I tell him.

“Positive, besides I have nothing better to do,” Kalen tells me. He looked lonely, and I could see this feud with Valen was really starting to take a toll on him, he used to be so involved in Valens life so it must be hard now that Valen is shutting him out.

Walking over to him, leaning down and giving him a hug, and pecking his cheek not expecting him to grab a hold of me. He hugged me tight and it felt good to be hugged by a father figure, despite his wrong-doings Valen didn’t realize how lucky he was to have a father so supportive of him.

“Make Valarie proud, I know you will. Give ’em hell,” Kalen whispered to me. With a nod and peck on the cheek, I quickly left heading to the Hotel to pick up Ava on the way to school. I had hardly seen her and she wanted to talk to me about something so she was coming over home for dinner tonight and I told her I would pick her up when doing the school run.

My thoughts were plagued lately and I had trouble keeping my thoughts straight, and now I had to worry about the upcoming council meeting, for the first time all week I had some hope. Pulling up at the Hotel, I messaged Ava and waited in the parking lot. Staring up at my Hotel, I felt like I had neglected it lately. With so much going on I hardly spent any time here and when I had a chance I was just exhausted.

Although I knew Zoe and Macey had everything handled or would ring if something went wrong. Ava took a few minutes before she appeared coming out of the restaurant doors, her bag slung over her shoulder and she was wearing one of our waitress uniforms, she wanted to help and when we were short of staff she asked Macey if she could. She seemed to like it and had been pitching in wherever she was needed.

Opening the car door, she threw her bag over onto the backseat before buckling up.

“Any news?” she asked as I started the car before pulling out and heading toward the school.

“No, still the same,” I tell her and she nods, chewing her nails. She looked nervous and I glanced at her when she remained silent for bit.

“What is it?” I asked her.

“Mum rang me, she said Kalen got your petition pushed through,” she said nervously and I sighed.

“Let me guess she wants me to pull the petition, not happening,” I tell her.

“She also asked that you rescind the challenge,” Ava tells me.

“Also not happening,” I tell her and she nods looking out the window.

“Are you nervous?” she asked me but I shook my head.

“Nope, years of pent up aggression, it will be good to beat something, or someone, though I wish it wasn’t dad,” I chuckled, though that was a lie. I didn’t want to come to this, however I was more than ready for it, Valen had been helping train late at night when I was up to it, not that I was worried, I was taught by the best and you don’t suddenly forget.

I knew I could handle myself although I was a little nervous since my wolf wasn’t as big, I had to remember to shift soon. Valen had been pestering me about it, he said I had to train in wolf form yet I never had the time and I couldn’t exactly shift at home, and train. Hand to hand I would be fine, yet in wolf form I wasn’t sure how I would fair honestly.

And training in our living room wasn’t exactly a good idea in wolf form. That might scare Valarian but I knew he would force me sooner or later. Probably sooner when he finds out I have the council meeting and two days after that is the next full moon and the challenge against my father. So much going on and so little time.

Pulling up out front of the school we waited for the bell to ring. I checked my emails while Ava stared off out the window. Glancing at her I could tell she wanted to say something and her silence was starting to bother me.

“What is it? Spill, has this got something to do with what you wanted to speak to me about?” I asked her.

“Kind of,” She doesn’t elaborate and I put my phone down to give her my attention.

“Just say it, I won’t get angry,” I tell her. I could never be angry with Ava, she was my little sister, despite everything she was my sister.

“Nothing, it’s just that being at the Hotel and hearing the stories, what everyone puts up with, what you put up with, I should have come with you,” she says wiping a stray tear.

“I’m sorry, I should have done more,” she said her lip quivering as she peered back out the window.

“You have nothing to be sorry for, Ava. You didn’t do this, I wouldn’t have let you anyway, you were fifteen, what could you have done?” I asked her.

“Been there, I should have been there,” she choked out. I shake my head.

“I’m glad you weren’t, and everything turned out alright. I am alright, Valarian is alright, and you’re here now,” I tell her and she nods.

“Mum tried, you know, her and dad fought constantly for weeks, but you know how dad is,” I sigh and nodded and the bell rang, making me glance at the school.

“She still could have called, it is not like I was hiding,” I tell her.

“Dad forbade her to go anywhere without her guards or him, same with me. Bloody Nixon ruined everything,” Ava says and my brows furrow.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“The debt, and I am pretty sure that is who dad was planning for you to marry, though I didn’t know about that part though until the other day, but it makes sense to me now,”

“What debt?” I asked shocked. Ava shrugs.

“It’s why he wanted me to marry Valen, if I did. I would control half of Valen’s assets, Dad wanted Valen to enter into a treaty with our pack. Nixon has been threatening to go to war if his debt wasn’t cleared soon, so Dad thought if he had Valen on his side Nixon would back off.”

“How much does dad owe?” I asked.

“I’m not sure, but they had some original deal, which now I am assuming was you, it is the only thing that makes sense.”

“Nixon has a son?” I asked her.

“Yes, he around Valen’s age, his name is Carter, absolute a*sh0le,”

“How come I have never heard of him before?”

“Nixon hasn’t handed the pack down yet, Dad tried to marry me off to him at first, but Carter and I don’t get along the man is a pig,”

“So dad tried to get you to marry Valen?” “Yes, told me he had to find the money to pay back the debt he owes Nixon,”

“And if he can’t?”

“Nixon gets our pack lands, the pack is bankrupt Everly, it runs off Nixon’s finances,” Ava explains. Which would explain why dad backed Nixon over the petition. Yet what does Nixon get out of Rogues remaining Rogue?

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