Alpha’s Regret-My Luna Has A Son: Chapter 90

Having Ava over for dinner gave me much to think about. She never said anything in front of Valen, so I had been waiting patiently for her to leave. When Tatum picked her up to run her back to the hotel, I wanted to ask Valen about Nixon’s son.

Valarian was now in bed, and I groaned when I saw Valen walking out of the hall in just a pair of shorts. He started moving the furniture in the living room, pushing it against the windows. Putting the last few dishes in the dishwasher, I washed my hands before wandering over to him. He points to the couch, where he sets some yoga pants and my sports br#.

“Can’t we have at least one night off?” I asked him. His only answer was him moving the last piece of furniture out of the way. I rolled my eyes. I was tired enough and bloody hot. The last thing I wanted to do was training in the living room and become hot and sweaty.

I tried to sneak off to shower, yet Valen wasn’t having that.

“Don’t even think about it?” Valen growls, and I take off running for the room. I shoved the door open and had nearly escaped when his arms wrapped around my waist, tugging me back.

“Nice try,” He says, turning me and walking me back toward the living room.

“We can have one night off, please. Besides, I want to talk to you, not bloody fight you,” I whine.

“We can do both, multitask,” he says, and I groan, turning to d**d weight in his arms. Valen laughs and continues to drag me toward the living room; I grip the door jam on the bathroom, not wanting to train.

“Everly,” he laughs, prying my fingers off the door. “You wanted to challenge your father; therefore, you train, or I kill him, which is it?”

“Nope, I am too tired,” I tell him.

“So am I, but you’re training,”

“Can I bribe you with s*xual favors?”

“Hmm, I’m listening? What sort of s*xual favors?”

“The sort where I can sleep and not have to do anything,” I tell him.

“Wait, you want to bribe me with s*x, but I gotta do the work?”” he chuckles.

“What about an IOU?” I ask.

“Na, I will pass. I will be f*cking you anyway; I was more thinking you could su*k my d**k, but since you want to have vanilla s*x, I would rather train,” Valen says.

“Not Vanilla, I was more thinking old man style,” I tell him while he tries to get me to stand, but I go all floppy.

“Old man style?” he asks.

“Yeah, where we lay on our sides so I can nap,” I laugh.

“Not happening, now get your a*s up and help me drag the mats out. He says, dropping me on my b#tt beside the TV.

“Run, and I will drag you back,” he says while walking off to his little Gym at the back of the penthouse.

“Everly!” he calls out.

“Yeah, hold your horses. I am bloody coming,” I growl before stalking after him. Valen comes out with a rolled-up blue mat as I pass him in the hall.

“Grab the other one,” he says. I retrieve the other dragging it down the narrow hallway to the living room. Valen was unrolling the other one before he came over and helped me undo the strap that held it together. He unrolled it, and that was already enough exercise for me.

“Everly, hurry up,” Valen says when I go to lay on the couch. I roll my eyes but snatch up my clothes and quickly run into the bathroom to slip them on before returning to the mats.

“Do you know a-” The moment I step on it, I am thrown on my back when he sweeps my feet out from under me. Valen laughs while I glare up at him. He offers me his hand, and I growl at him, slapping his hand away and getting to my feet.

“As I was saying do you know Nixon’s son, his name is Carter?” I ask him.

“Why are you asking about him?” Valen asks while taking his stance. I mirror him waiting for him to attack. We circle each other looking for an opening.

“Something Ava said to me,” I told him.

“What did she say?” he asks, swinging at me, but I duck out of the way, stepping to the side before punching him in the ribs. Valen was bigger, a lot bigger, but I was quicker. His foot connects with my th*gh a few moments later when he recovers.

“You didn’t answer,” Valen grunts as he blocks me and pins me to the d**n floor. I lift my hips, trying to throw him off.

“I don’t want to say because it may piss you off,” I tell him, trying to get an advantage over him, but I couldn’t be bothered, and he knew it.

“Come on, it’s easy. I have seen you get out of this one,” Valen growls at me, but I give up, dropping back on the floor. It was too damn hot for this crap.

“Can you turn the damn AC on at least,” I snapped at him. He growls, pushing off my wrists before moving toward the panel on the wall and fiddling with the ducted AC.

“Better? Now, why are you asking about Carter for?” I chew my lip while he motions for me to get back to my feet, but I refuse and just lay there on the cool mat that was sticking to my back with how much I was sweating.

“Everly, up now.” I shake my head. Valen growls, reaching down to grab my wrist and haul me to my feet, but as soon as he gets close enough and bends down to grab my hips, I turn on my side and kick his legs out from under him. He lands on his a*s and side. I laugh but remain where I am while he rubs his hip he landed on.

“Ava told me Carter was who I was supposed to be married off to,” I tell Valen. He sits up abruptly, looking down at me.

“And you are only just telling me this now?” he growls; I shrug. “So you do know him?”

“Of course, I know him. We are the same age, I saw him a few times at meetings, but I wasn’t aware he was back in the city,”

“What do you mean?”

“He left after high school. Been years since I saw him last, and he went looking for his mother,” Valen tells me.

“His mother? Wait, Nixon’s mate isn’t his mother?” Valen shakes his head.

“No, Carter’s mother was a forsaken, and the woman you see with Nixon isn’t his real mate. He took her as a mate; she was his mistress to his first wife.”

“Wait, if Carter’s mother is forsaken, why did he go looking for her?”

“She wasn’t always a forsaken, but she was one of the forsaken we kept an eye on. When Nixon met Leah, she was an Omega, and he was already married. She had Carter and Nixon took him. She stayed in the city for a while before Nixon marked his mistress after Leah killed his wife.”

“Leah k****d his wife?” Valen nods.

“Nixon’s first wife was an arranged marriage. He never marked her. She found out about Leah and attacked her. Leah stabbed her in self-defense,” Valen says, wiping a hand down his face.

“He chose his mistress over her still, and it sent her over the edge, and she left the city. Carter went looking for her not long after graduation. He wanted to find his real mother, only when he did she was a forsaken, she attacked him and bit him.”

“And he lived?” I asked.

“Yes, he is an Alpha, plus she was his mother. We don’t know why that made a difference, but he was sick for a bit. Dad said he was never the same though afterward, then he snapped”

“What do you mean?”

“You think I am a savage? Carter was placed in a mental hospital after he killed 8 of his pack members. So, I am surprised his father brought him back to the city, he may have survived being attacked by his mother, but the poison still had some effect on him. He is unhinged,” Valen explains.

“Well, Ava said she met him, and he was a pig. Why would my father agree to marry me off to him then, knowing that? Seems extreme to marry your daughter off over a debt, especially to a monster,”

“Your father’s pack is in debt?”‘ Valen asked, bracing his arms on his knees.

“Yes, I think that is why dad has been helping Nixon. Ava said Nixon gets shadow pack lands if he can’t cover the debt,”

“How much is the debt?” Valen asks. I shake my head.

“No, Idea, but enough that dad was willing to marry Ava off to you so she could hand over half your territory to Nixon,” I tell him.

“I’m surprised your father would agree to that, “Valen says, his brows pinching together.

“Yeah, but it explains why Nixon refused to sign my petition about the rogues now, especially since his only child was attacked by one, even if it was his fault,” I sighed.

“Carter isn’t an only child; he is a twin. Carter has a twin sister, Aleesha,” Valen says.

“Ava never mentioned her,” I tell him.

“Probably because most don’t know she exists. I only know because my father told me. Aleesha has been in a coma since Carter found her; she lived with her mother. She wasn’t a forsaken, though. That’s the odd thing. She was able to survive having a forsaken for a mother, but when Carter found them. Leah attacked him. Aleesha saved him, and her mother turned on her. She has been in a coma since, like Emily, Carter managed to find a way home, but she never woke from the coma, and Carter was sent away to the mental hospital.” my mind reeled at what he told me. This was so much information to take in.

“Wait, he only took Carter?”

“Yeah, Nixon has always been a piece of s**t. Not only did his mate end up forsaken, but he also ditched his daughter and took his son,”

“How doesn’t the City know about this?”

“Same as no one knew about my mother or you being John’s daughter, he made her disappear,” Valen tells me.

“But I want to know why Carter is suddenly back in the city,” Valen says.

“Maybe he recovered,” I tell him.

“No, that is what I am finding weird. Why would Nixon risk it? Everyone knows about Carter k*g his own people. If the City found out he was back, it would cause hysteria,”

“What do you mean?”

“Carter didn’t just kill his pack members. He ate them and hung their pelts on border fences. The man is sadistic,” Valen says.

“Yes, but he is also Nixon’s only heir isn’t he, and he can’t be too crazy, Ava met him, and she said he was a pig but never mentioned him acting crazy,” I tell him.

“Hmm, I think tomorrow I may have to go see for myself,” Valen says.

“You’re going to go see Carter?”

“Yes, this is my City Everly, and I want to know why the f*ck Nixon brought a serial killer back without informing me,” Valen says, getting to his feet. He offers me a hand, and I grab him, letting him pull me to my feet. He pauses for a second, his hand cupping my face. He smirks, his eyes flashing black.


“I suppose I will be getting that BJ,” he purrs.

“Yeah, not likely,” I tell him, and he chuckles.

“We’ll see,” he growls, ripping me toward him and wrapping his arms around my waist.

“You seem so sure of yourself,” I growl as he buries his face in my neck. He inhales deeply before purring.

“I am because you’re going into heat,” he purrs, n!pping at my neck.

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