Facts about Ptolemy XIII Theos Philopator

The 13th ruler of the Ptolemaic dynasty, all his short life, with teeth and nails, desperately clung to the power that constantly eluded him. The young pharaoh ascended the throne of Egypt at the age of 11.

According to ancient Egyptian customs, he married his sister Cleopatra. This name is familiar to everyone, in contrast to the name of Ptolemy. She not only overshadowed her husband-brother, she completely destroyed him. Ptolemy even raised a rebellion against Cleopatra, forcing her to flee Egypt.

Caesar and Cleopatra, still from the film of the same name.
Caesar and Cleopatra, still from the film of the same name.

The young ruler also entered into an alliance with the Roman military leader Pompey. He at that time was at war with Julius Caesar. Ptolemy turned out to be not a very good and choosy ally in means.

When the disgraced commander was defeated and fled to Egypt searching for refuge, the pharaoh killed him. So he tried to impress Caesar in order to win his favor. He did not succeed, his wife turned out to be more agile and resourceful.

Cleopatra not only entered into a political alliance with the Roman ruler, she won his heart. As a result, Ptolemy XIII was defeated and defeated. He drowned in the Nile River, fleeing from the vengeance of his wife.

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