Finding Her True Alpha Chapter 17: Mates

Thor ran to the hospital and entered the ER. The doctors recognized Thor; he was a very large black wolf, and he was hard to miss. A doctor opened up a room for me and I shifted back. The doctor passed me some scrubs to wear.

Prince Mason

“Prince Mason, are you here because of the young woman that just arrived by ambulance?” He asked while l was pulling the scrubs on.

“As of right now, I don’t have a lot of information. Are you able to fill me in on what happened?” He asked me.

“Yes, is she okay?” | asked anxiously.

“We were talking, and she collapsed,” I told him. He furrowed his eyebrows, but said nothing more about it.

“Are you able to give me information about her?” He asked, pulling out a clipboard and a pen.

“Her name is Ashlyn Knight, and she’s 18 years old.”

I told him and he nodded.

“Had she been drinking tonight?” He asked.

“Yes, we all were,” I answered.

“How about any drug use?” He asked another question.

I took a few deep breaths to calm myself down. The worry I was feeling was twisting my stomach into knots.

“I know this is hard, Prince Mason, but this information could help us identify what is wrong with Miss. Knight more quickly.” He said, trying to reassure me.

“No drug use, and l’m not sure how much she had to drink.” I told him truthfully. I don’t think Ashlyn would ever do drugs, but I knew she was drinking.

“Okay, Prince Mason. I have to get back there. Please wait in the waiting room and I’|Il come get you when I have any news.” He bowed his head and left the room.

I walked out to the waiting room, and a nurse led me to a private waiting area for people waiting on 0R patients. The waiting area was empty. I took a seat and rested my head in my hands.

I lost all track of time. I’m not even sure when Brandon and Liam entered the waiting room to sit with me. Brandon leaned over to speak to me.

“Mason, what happened?” He asked with Concern.

“I k!ssed her.” My voice cracked as I blinked back my tears. “What if she dies? Her heart rate was so slow.” I whispered to them. Brandon started rubbing my back and Liam leaned over and placed his hand on my forearm.

“She will pull through.” Liam said, trying to comfort

“I had Donny call her aunt and uncle. They should be here in the morning.” Brandon told me, and I nodded.

How was I going to explain to them what happened?

The doctor I spoke to eventually came out to speak to us. I believe his name is Dr. Green. He greeted us when we stood up.

“How is she?” I asked him.

“Miss. Knight is in intensive care on life support. She coded in the ER, but we could get her back.” He explained and my tongue became thick and I couldn’t speak.

“What happened?” Brandon asked.

“We aren’t sure, but one of the other doctors suspects magic. All her blood tests came back normal and her blood alcohol level was below the limit. I have nothing to explain what happened to her.” He answered

Brandon’s question.

“Come and I’ll take you to her room. Prepare yourselves. We hooked her up to a lot of machines.” He spoke while leading us to her room.

Her room door was open and I could see she had a breathing tube in and multiple tubes in her arms. It broke my heart to see her like this. I walked into her room, ignoring the conversation Liam and Brandon were having with the doctor. I pulled up a chair to the side of her bed sol could hold her hand. Not long after, Brandon and Liam entered the room.

“They aren’t sure when she will wake up, but they are hopeful,” Brandon told me.

“Mase, we should probably head home for the night.

It’s pretty late now, and Ashlyn is in excellent hands. And the doctor will call if anything changes.” Liam said. But I didn’t want to leave her, but there was nothing I could do.

I stood up, but hesitated before I let go of her hand. She was so cold. She was so close to death. I followed them out, but I hesitated again before I closed the door behind me. Liam and Brandon had to nudge me away from her door. There was a car waiting outside for us to take us back to the pack house.

When we got home, I had a shower. The time was just after three in the morning. I stood under the shower, for I don’t even know how long. The tears fell and I couldn’t help myself. I can’t lose her. I felt helpless and guilty.

“Thor, what is happening? Why does my heart hurt like this?”! asked him, desperate for some kind of answer.

“She’s our mate, Mason. I can finally feel her wolf.

She’s weak, but she’s there.” He whimpered.

“How can that be?” I asked, shocked.

“She told me someone cast a love spell on her with her ex-mate. Ashlyn broke the magic, and that’s what almost killed her. Your k!ss pushed that bond to the surface, and she could break it.” My wolf explained.

“Will she wake up?” I cried. I couldn’t Iose my mate.

“Her wolf, Tundra, is weak, but she will pull through.”

He said before letting out a howl.

She was going to be okay, and I was so relieved.

After getting out of the shower, I got dressed. I was going back to the hospital to sit with her. I can sleep when she wakes up.

I walked back into her room after I was gone for only a couple of hours. She had the breathing tube removed and was breathing on her own now. She was healing really quickly, even by wolf standards. I noticed that she only had the iv in now and all the other tubes had also been removed.

I sat down on the chair beside her bed again. I reached for her hand and found it warm to the touch now. The sparks were strong where my hand touched hers and they travelled up my arm. Her scent was also stronger, floral rain. But before there was more of a floral scent, but now the rain is much stronger. I smiled. She was going to be okay.

I was about to pull my phone out of my pocket to go over some emails and work some when Ashlyn gr0aned.

“Ashlyn?” l called to her. Her eyes fluttered before they opened. She blinked a few times before she looked at me.

“Mason2” she barely whispered. I could cry.

Happiness filled me knowing that she was awake and Thor was howling in my head.

“Water please.” She whispered, and I hit the call button. They hadn’t put water in her room yet. I figured they didn’t expect her to be awake yet. A nurse walked in and gasped, looking at Ashlyn awake. I told her we needed water, and she said that she would also inform the doctor.

The nurse was back in a few minutes with a tumbler filled with iced water. She also brought in a jug so I could refill the water for her. She checked all the machines and told us the doctor should be in shortly. Then she left us alone. I held the tumbler for Ashlyn to drink from the straw.

“Thank you.” She whispered a little louder now. “What happened?” She asked me, as I held her hand.

“We k!ssed.” I started, and I noticed she smiled.

“I remember that, but what happened after?” She asked, while trying to get comfortable.

“I’m not sure. After we k!ssed, you collapsed. The doctors said you coded, but they could revive you. My wolf, Thor, told me he could communicate with Tundra,” I explained. And her eyes went wide in surprise and then furrowed in confusion.

“I don’t understand. What did Tundra tell Thor?” She asked.

“She told him you were under a love potion that tied you and your ex together in a fake mate bond. Is that true?” I asked.

“I broke the bond, yes. Tundra told me our k!ss made the fake bond surface so I could break the magic.” She answered.

“And you broke it?” l asked again for confirmation.

“Yeah, i broke the magic. But now I’m even more confused than before. Why would someone put a love potion on me and lan?” she told me.

“I don’t know. Could lan have done something like that to keep you?” l asked.

“This wasn’t lan, he may be a cheater, but I don’t think he is capable of something like this.” she defended him.

“You still love him?” I asked her.

Dr. Green walked in before Ashlyn could answer my question, and I never wanted to punch someone as much as I wanted to punch this doctor. My stomach was in knots, waiting for him to leave so she could answer my question.

“Thor, why haven’t you claimed her yet?” I questioned my wolf.

“There’s a force stopping me. If I think about claiming her, I can’t come forward.” He whimpered. He was longing for his mate.

“Miss. Knight, you gave us quite a scare. How are you feeling?” The doctor asked, while checking her.

“I’m okay.” She answered him.

“Great, I’ll have the nurse come in to unhook everything and hopefully we can have you out of here by late morning. You are healing incredibly fast.” He pointed out. We thanked him and he went to grab a nurse.

“Ashlyn, do you still love lan?” I asked her impatiently. She squeezed my hand, and I squeezed it back.

“My relationship with lan was always complicated. Do I love him? Yes, but am I in love with him? No.” She told me and I had to appreciate her honesty.

“So you don’t want to get back together with him?” I asked, sounding so needy, but I had to know. Even if my wolf couldn’t claim her, she was ours and I wasn’t letting her go.

“No, Mason. lan and I aren’t getting back together. I care for him, but we weren’t right for each other.” She answered, and I let out a breath. I didn’t realize I was holding in.

The nurse walked in a few minutes later and asked me to step outside while she unhooked Ashlyn and help her get cleaned up. I was waiting in the hall and texted Brandon and Liam. It is around six in the morning now and I’m sure they are still sleeping. I also texted my father to give him an update. I probably should have brought clothes for Ashlyn, but I didn’t expect her to be awake already.

I walked over to the nursing station to ask one nurse if they could grab a hoodie, a pair of sweatpants, and a pair of socks for her. The nurse l was talking to said that she would go find something. I thanked her and walked back over to Ashlyn’s room. I sat down in a chair, waiting for the nurse to come out. But I wasn’t expecting the person I saw walking down the hallway towards me. I could feel his aura and I knew he was an alpha.

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