Finding Her True Alpha Chapter 22: Aftermath


When I awoke, it was morning, and the light was coming in from around the curtains. I went to grab my phone off the nightstand and hissed out in pain. My side started throbbing, and the pain was sharp. I got my phone, but I had to breathe through the pain.

When I turned my phone on, Mason still hadn’t texted me back, so I called him. I needed to explain what had happened. It rang and then went to voicemail. I guess he ignored it. Sighing, I texted him.

Me: Mason, please call me. It’s important.

After receiving nothing back, I tried to find the motivation to get out of bed. I stumbled to the bathroom to change my bandage and to shower. I needed to keep the wound clean. You really don’t know how much you use your abs until every movement kills.

By the time l got to the shower, I was sweating profusely. The bandage was very painful to remove.

I’m glad the shower had a little corner seat, so I didn’t have to stand. I was feeling lightheaded and dizzy.

After I was done with as much as I could do sitting down, I shut off the water. Sitting there, I realized I needed help.

“lan?” I called through the mindlink.

“Ashlyn, you’re awake.” He said, surprised.

“I need help,” I whispered.

And before I knew it, he was in my room calling my name.

“I’m in the bathroom,” I called out. Walking into the bathroom, he grabbed a towel and helped me out of the shower.

“What happened?” He asked. He was examining my stitches.

“It just hurts.” I breathed out. And he nodded.

He helped me to bed and gave me a couple of painkillers to help. He then helped me re-bandage my torso. I was lying down, waiting for the painkillers to kick in. lan grabbed me some clothes to help me get dressed, and I was so thankful there was no way I could bend down to pull my pants up.

“We need to get you fed,” he said. I thought he was going to help me walk, but he picked me up bridal style. I hissed out from the pain.

“I’m sorry.” He told me, as I breathed through the pain. He walked out of my room and started moving to the kitchen. I was thankful II didn’t have to walk any stairs.

“We should go see the doctor for a numbing cream for the pain.” He said, and I nodded. I think the pain is worse today than it was when it happened. After breakfast, lan carried me back over to the hospital and, unfortunately for me, my aunt was working.

“Ashlyn, what the hell happened?” She gasped.

I still haven’t told her about yesterday.

“I’ll explain, after I see the doctor.” I told her.

And lan carried me into a room and the doctor and aunt followed us in.

“Dr. Bailey, is there a numbing cream that you can give Ashlyn?” lan asked me.

“Yes, how is the pain today?” He asked me.

“It’s worse.” I told him honestly. He lifted my shirt and removed the bandage. I was hissing like an angry cat.

“It looks like it’s healing, but I’ll get a cream to apply for the pain. How are the pain killers working?” He asked.

“I took some this morning, and it seems to help a bit. Feeling a little less dizzy.” I shrugged.

“I’Il give you some stronger ones. It may take longer than a few days to heal. Let me go grab everything, and I’ll be right back.” He said and left the room.

“Aunt Grace, don’t freak out. Okay?” She raised her eyebrows at me when I looked over at her.

“I was at the waterfall yesterday afternoon and some vampires attacked me” I told her, stopping so she could absorb the information.

“Vampires? But how?” she asked, confused, but at least she wasn’t yelling.

“I felt something cross the border, and I had patrol out looking for what it was. By the time Ashlyn mindlinked me, she had killed all five of them. But unfortunately, one clawed at her and he had his nails laced in a toxin. The toxin slows down our healing and causes pain,” lan explained.

“Ashlyn, you killed five vampires?” She asked skeptically. “That’s amazing!” She exclaimed. “Brad is going to be so proud.” She gasped. lan chuckled, and I groaned out, trying not to laugh.

The doctor came in and applied the numbing cream and put another bandage on. He handed me a bag with extra bandages, more pain killers and cream. I thanked him and said goodbye to my aunt.

The cream kicked in and I was able to walk back to the pack house. I headed up to my room while lan had some pack business to attend to. I checked my phone to see Mason had texted me back.

Mason: I’m busy Ashlyn, as I’m sure you are with Alpha lan.

“What the fvck is that supposed to mean?” I said out loud to myself. He didn’t answer when I called again. I decided I needed to head back. I wouldn’t be able to sleep without knowing what he was thinking.

I packed up my stuff and I threw my meds in my purse. I walked down the stairs and I can tell you right now that carrying my small suitcase was not the smartest idea. When I reached the foyer, I was breathless.

Walking outside, I found lan and Alex talking to some warriors. They all turned their attention to me when I walked towards my car.

“Ashlyn, what are you doing?” lan called out. I put my stuff in the car and I tried to look like it didn’t hurt, but I was dying inside. I walked over to the group.

“I have to head back now.” I told him.

“Ashlyn, you need to heal. You shouldn’t be driving that long with the injury you have.” He told me, concerned.

“You’re the one that killed the vampires?”

Asked one of the warriors. And I nodded. All the warrior’s faces lit up in surprise. “That was fvcken awesome!” The warrior exclaimed.

“Thank you.” I smiled at them. lan excused us and walked me back over to where my car was parked. Alex stayed to talk with the warriors.

“Ashlyn, I don’t like that you’re leaving.” He said, turning to me.

“lan, I’m okay. The cream was working and the pain killers kicked in. I’ll be fine and I’ll text you whenever I stop, okay?” I said, trying to reassure him.

“ls this about yesterday?” He whispered. I took his cheeks in my hands, even though lifting my arms hurt like a b!tch.

“It has nothing to do with yesterday. We are friends and I think the moment just caught us both off guard.” I told him, and he nodded. I was about to hug him goodbye when I was tackled to the ground. Someone was on top of me, yelling and trying to hit me. I put my arms up to block my face.

My entire abdomen was throbbing, and I felt sick.

I heard lan growl, and then the person on top of me was gone. I looked up to see that Alex was holding back his sister, Nicole. I just laid on the ground. If my side didn’t feel like it was just ripped off of my body, I would be kicking her a*ss. lan came over to help me up. I knew I’d ripped out some of my stitches.

“lan, stop touching her!” Nicole screamed. “Alex, get off of me! Ashlyn, stay the fvck away from my mate!” She screeched.

“Alex, take Nicole inside and put her in my office.” lan commanded, before turning his attention to me.

“Are you okay?” He asked, looking worried while he brushed the snow off. He was trying to check my torso, but I told him I was fine. But I could feel the blood oozing. lan tried to get me to see the doctor, but l just wanted to leave. I gave him a hug and reassured him I would keep him updated.

I was about halfway home when I could feel the blood running down my stomach. Looking down, the blood was soaking through my hoodie. Sighing, I looked for a gas station so I could pull over and change. When I could finally pull over, l grabbed a long sleeve out of my suitcase and my purse. I went inside to get everything cleaned up. I had ripped out about half my stitches. Damn it! I’m making a mental note to go back there to kick Nicole’s a*ss.

When I was done in the washroom, I bought a bottle of water and some chocolate, hoping that it would make me feel better. When I was back in my car, I texted lan to let him know where I was. I pulled my car around to fill it up so I could get back on the road. Only 3 and a half hours to go.

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