Finding Her True Alpha Chapter 23: Back home?


I pulled up to the pack house, right behind Brandon’s truck. The guys were just hopping out. I got out of my car immediately to yell out to Mason, who just walked right by me. I didn’t care that my shirt was soaked in blood again.

“Mason, Stop!” I called out to him. I tried to move faster to catch up with him. Panting, when I reached him in front of the pack house. Brandon and Liam came up behind me.

“Mason, what’s wrong?” I asked him, out of breath. I was holding my side, praying that the blood would stop oozing. He turned, glaring at me, and his alpha aura was out in full force.

“I felt you, I felt you with someone else.” He growled and guilt twisted my stomach.

“Can you just let me explain, please?” I pleaded.

“Just go back to your Alpha.” He demanded, leaving me stunned. I knew l had fvcked up, but how could he not want to hear me out? I just wanted to explain. He turned away from me, but before he could walk away, I called out to him.

“Please, Mason.” He stopped for a moment before he continued to walk into the pack house.

I watched him until he was inside, and then I turned around to walk back to my car. I couldn’t stay here. Brandon and Liam were watching me sympathetically. As I walked past them, Liam grabbed my arm.

“Ashlyn, why are you bleeding?” He asked, concerned. Shaking off his hold, I continued to walk to my car. I didn’t want to talk to anyone. My heart was breaking and the pain in my abdomen felt like rainbows compared to the pain in my chest.

Driving around, I found a pharmacy so I could get a first aid kit. I also needed to find a clothing store to get more shirts and hoodies, since all the ones I had with me were covered in blood. Lucky for me, there was a sporting store beside the pharmacy. After quickly shopping, I looked up hotels on my phone, finding one pretty close to me.

Pulling up to the hotel, I grabbed all my stuff. Using a fake name, I rented a room for a couple of nights. I didn’t want anyone to find me. I wasn’t sure how to handle this mess I call my life. When did my life become such a mess?

I was planning on going to the airport and getting the hell out of here. I don’t care about school or anything else, I just need to get away from everyone. Maybe some distance will help with the overwhelming heartbreak I was feeling.

I finally could get the bleeding to stop, and I got myself all cleaned up. I was lying on the bed, looking at my phone. Tundra wasn’t talking to me.

She was upset about our mate. I texted lan that I was back at the Silver Moon Pack. I didn’t need him showing up at the apartment looking for me.

Me: I’m back.

lan: How are you feeling?

Me: Better.

lan: I hope you’re not lying.

Me: Goodnight, lan.

l ordered some room service to eat before l took anymore painkillers. You shouldn’t take them on an empty stomach. But I was a mess. I couldn’t cry because sobbing hurts my abdomen. But I needed to cry because my heart hurt so much. I was in a losing battle. And eating was another battle all together. My stomach was in knots and I had no interest in food. I got some chicken noodle soup down, but even the warmth of the soup didn’t make me feel better. I felt cold and broken.

I spent the next day in bed, ignoring phone calls and texts from everyone. Mason never tried to get a hold of me, but Brandon and Liam seemed worried.

Brandon: Ashlyn, text me back, I need to know that you are safe.

Liam: Ashlyn, why were you bleeding? What happened?

All I did was pop painkillers and try to sleep.

There was nothing I wanted to do, and my body still hurt like a b!tch.

I decided that the next morning I was going to drive to the airport and go to a beach or the mountains. Whichever flight was earlier, I didn’t have a passport, so I had to stay in the country for now. I’ll get all the paperwork done wherever I decide to go.

Sleep did not come easily for me that night. I would have tossed and turned if I could have. I kept playing what happened with Mason over again. The anger he felt, seeping into my soul.

The next morning, l got up and got ready to head to the airport. My wound was healing slowly, but it was feeling better. The wound was mostly closed where the stitches held my skin together.

And the rest was all scabbed up. It’s heavily bruised, but the pain is manageable now.

I wrote a message to Mason explaining what had happened. Before I left, I had to get it off my chest. I will be turning off my phone for a bit.

Waiting and worrying about him calling was giving me so much anxiety and my stomach has been in knots for two days now.

Me: Dear Mason, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that lan k!ssed me, but I wanted you to know that I pulled away from him and I tried to come home to you.

Tundra couldn’t claim you, but I wanted to claim you. I wanted you to be mine, and I wanted to be yours. I’ll miss you forever.

I sent a text to Brandon and Liam explaining that I was leaving the area.

Me: Brandon, I’m fine. I’m leaving the area and I’m no longer your problem.

Me: Liam, I’m fine. Something did happen, but it doesn’t matter, now. You don’t need to worry, as I’m no longer your problem.

l also sent a text to lan to let him know that I’d be unavailable for a few days. And then I texted my aunt to let her know that I’d call her in a few days.

After checking out of the hotel, I headed to my car. “I’ll be taking it to a dealership to sell it, before I head to the airport. I loved this car, but I wasn’t planning on coming back here.

I was on my way to the dealership, and the roads didn’t seem busy. I was crossing a bridge that seemed to cover a ravine. The snow covered the evergreens beautifully.

There was a car coming towards me in my lane. I swerved, but I was going too fast to stop. I went over the guardrail and into the ravine. My car rolled until it hit the bottom. The car was right side up, but the engine was in the stream. All the airbags had gone off, but I hit my head on my window.

Everything was blurry and my world was, spinning.

Something then ripped the roof of the car off, but I couldn’t see who it was. Going in and out of consciousness, I could hear people talking, but I couldn’t make out anything. I knew my car had a gps thing where if the airbags deployed, the safety company would locate my vehicle and send help.

I could hear sirens in the distance, but help would never reach me. Someone pulled me out of the car and a sharp point pinched my neck. They then threw me over their shoulder and I lost all consciousness.

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