Finding Her True Alpha Chapter 33: Elemental?

Prince Mason

I was anxiously waiting for the dragons to arrive with Ashlyn. I expected them here in the morning, but they didn’t arrive until midafternoon.

At the crack of dawn, I had to go for a run around the territory. I had so many built-up emotions I had to work out or I was going to explode.

We still didn’t know if Ashlyn was conscious yet, as we didn’t have a number to contact Prince Derek. Being a Prince myself and a future council member, I’ve met all the kings and their heirs. I’ve met Prince Dereka few times over the last couple of years and I wasn’t a fan of his. And I really didn’t want him near my mate. He was a massive player and a pr!ck. I am grateful that he helped he, but he would have started a war if he didn’t, so who knows why he actually helped her?

After I came back from my run, I went up to my room to shower and get dressed. The others were sitting at the front table chatting and eating breakfast as I walked into the dining area. I was being eye fr***d by all the unmated female warriors that were also present. I’m not sure why all the she-wolves think that I’ll just magically choose them. If you’re not my fated mate, you’re not ending up in my bed.

I grabbed some breakfast and made my way over to sit with Alpha lan, Beta Alex, and my guys. I sat between Brandon and Liam. They all greeted me and went back to their conversations while I picked at my food. I was feeling anxious and my stomach was in knots from waiting. This day was going agonizingly slow and what the hell was I going to do to make the time pass by faster?

They pulled me from my thoughts when Brandon patted me on the back. I then noticed that the table was now quiet, and they were all looking at me.

“Mason, you alright?” Brandon asked.

“Yeah, what’s up?” I asked him.

“Alpha King called my father this morning after he received a call from the Dragon King. Ashlyn is awake.” Alpha lan explained.

“What?!” l exclaimed. I pulled my phone out of my pocket to see a few missed calls and messages from my father. I must have switched it to silent mode.

“Prince Derek informed his father that Ashlyn is still in rough shape and is healing slowly.” Alpha lan continued to explain.

“That’s probably what is taking them so long to get here. They probably have to take their time getting Ashlyn ready for transport.” Liam chimed in. I pushed my chair out and stood up from the table.

“Where are you going?” Liam asked me.

“I’m going to my room. Call me when Ashlyn crosses the border.” I told them.

The guilt I was feeling was overwhelming.

She’s hurt, and it was all my fault. I didn’t know the extent of her injuries, but it had to be bad if the dragons thought moving her to the nearest pack was necessary.

I was lying in bed, just thinking about what I was going to do and how I was going to make it up to Ashlyn. I must have fallen asleep. It startled me awake when there was pounding on my door.

“Mason, get up! Ashlyn is crossing the border now!” Brandon yelled through the door. I was up, opening the door in seconds. We both ran down the stairs and out the front door. There was a crowd outside waiting for their arrival. I could hear some howls in the distance. My stomach was in knots waiting for the vehicle to make its way to the pack house.

The truck finally pulled up, but the windows were all darkly tinted so I couldn’t see inside.

Finally, Prince Derek hopped out. He came over to shake my hand and introduced himself to the others. I heard Ashlyn before I saw her. The other dragon was blocking her from my view.

“Prince Derek?” She asked, confused. She didn’t even get an answer or to see me before her aunt wrapped her in a hug. When her aunt pulled away, Ashlyn led her away from the crowd. Both their eyes clouded, and I knew they were mindlinking. Ashlyn looked heavily bruised and her face was a little swollen.

Prince Derek handed me a folder with a report on what they found and how they found her. They included photos of her injuries. It was going to be a hard report to get through. Handing the folder to Brandon for safe keeping. I need to worry about Ashlyn right now. I was thanking Prince Derek for bringing her back to us when we all heard a slap.

Thor let out a loud growl. I turned to see Ashlyn’s head turned away from me and a handprint mark forming on her cheek. What the actual fvck? I may actually kill this woman.

Grace started yelling at Ashlyn, while Ashlyn is just watching her and you could see the tears forming in her eyes. I tried to walk towards he, but Ashlyn held out her hand to stop me. A few moments later, Ashlyn walked into the pack house without looking back or saying a word.

Brad was now in his mate’s face. He wasn’t happy about what had just happened. No one here was happy about what Gace just did. What the hell was that about?

“Grace, what the hell was that?” He yelled at her.

“She’s trying to accuse my mother of what happened to her! She’s dead Brad. Dead. And she thinks she can just accuse her, throw her name in the fucken mud!” she yelled back to him.

“Ashlyn has been through hell. Maybe she remembered things wrong but maybe she has an explanation but instead of listening, you overreacted again! I know you’re pregnant, but this sh!t is getting out of hand. You better figure your sh!t out or we are done!” He yelled back at her. She didn’t say another word. She just turned and walked away from the pack house.

Just then, a rush of wind came over the house, and it was eerily silent until we heard Ashlyn let out a painful scream from the back of the house. I was in and through the house and onto the back porch before I even knew what was happening. Ashlyn was on her hands and knees in a massive circle of cleared snow. The trees and everything around the area had also dumped their snow.

I tried to run up to her, but hit an invisible wall of some sort. I was following it around to get her attention. Blood covered her back as I noticed she was wearing a white dress. Also, she was crying and her tears were causing flowers to grow under where her head was leaning forward.

I was panicking because the blood was soaking further down her dress. I didn’t realize Prince Derek was beside me until he spoke.

“She’s an elemental,” he whispered to himself.

“A what?” I yelled at him.

“Boss, we need to go. There’s an emergency at the cabin!” His warrior yelled to him.

“Go! I’ll catch up!” He yelled back. He then turned to face me.

“We need to shift. That’s the only way we are getting through.” He told me.

“How do you know that?” I asked him, but he was already shifting into a giant golden dragon.

Thor forced me to shift without question. He wanted to get to our mate, and he didn’t care about the details.

Prince Derek could walk through the invisible wall as a dragon. He walked right up to Ashlyn and gently nudged her. The action pulled her out of her thoughts, and she looked up at him. Thor walked through and around to the other side of her.

She was watching Prince Derek’s dragon in awe, and l had to admit that he was impressive. I watched as she reached out her hand to touch his snout and his dragon leaned into her touch. I think he was talking to her because she was talking, but what she was saying made little sense.

“It’s okay, Derek. I understand, but please be safe.” She whispered to him and he nudged her cheek. His massive dragon took to the sky with a whoosh. Thor moved to sit in front of Ashlyn now.

“Mason, I’m so sorry.” She sobbed while throwing her arms around Thor’s neck. Thor placed a paw on her back in a hug and she hissed in pain. I mindlinked Brandon to bring me some sweatpants so I could shift back. I noticed that, when she was focusing on something else, that the invisible wall surrounding her was gone.

She let go of Thor, but he licked her cheek and she let out a small giggle in between her cries. Thor walked behind her and I shifted back. Brandon threw me some sweatpants and I pulled them on.

Liam then threw me a blanket so I could wrap it around Ashlyn.

I turned around to see that she had sat back on her heels. The back of her white dress was now dark red, but where did she get the dress from? I wondered. I walked back to her and wrapped the blanket around her back.

“Are you okay to stand?” She nodded after I whispered to her. I helped her up, but she was hissing and gasping at the movements. I’m not sure what happened or what she did, but I can tell that it only made her condition worse.

“Ashlyn, we need to get you to the hospital.”

Alpha lan told her, but she shook her head.

“l just want to go to my room.” She whispered.

“Ashlyn, you are bleeding,” I told her.

“I don’t care.” She snapped. She started walking by herself back to the pack house. I was looking around at the group and we were all confused by her actions.

“What the hell was that?” Liam gasped.

“I do not know,” I told him.

“This explains her wolf,” Brad said, but I think it was more to himself.

“What does that mean?” I asked him.

“Tundra is white with gold tips.”

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