Finding Her True Alpha Chapter 36: Who l am. Part 1


Mason climbed out of bed to check the time on his phone. I couldn’t help but stare, or more like drool, over his a*ss while he walked away. Mason pulled me from my d!rty thoughts by clearing his throat.

“You’re never getting food if you keep looking at me like that.” He chuckled.

“And how am I looking at you?” I asked him while playing with my bottom l!p. I was lying on my stomach with my upper body turned towards him with my elbow propping my head up. Mason smirked at me before he pulled his phone out of his jean pocket.

“Like you want to devour me.” He answered, looking down at his phone.

“You could always come back to bed and find out?” I purred, patting the space beside me while I smirked at him. He placed his phone on the nightstand and crawled into bed beside me. He rolled me onto my back, half-pinning me to the bed with his upper body.

“You’re so nau*ghty, my Miss Knight.” He told me between pecking my l!ps.

“Or maybe you’re just so good, I can’t get enough,” I told him sedu*ctively. He started k!ssing down my neck until he found his fresh mark. Once it heals, it will be a unique tattoo-like image with our wolves’ names. He was k!ssing the tender spot gently, and he knew exactly what he was doing to me. I m0aned out his name and dug my fingers into her shoulders.

He stopped k!ssing me with a gr0an. I knew he was probably getting a mindlink, and I couldn’t help but laugh at our interruption. I could feel his hardness pushed into my th!gh. He let out a sigh and lifted his body off of me with his arms so he was hovering above me.

“It’s only 8pm and I guess the guys grabbed pizza.

They want us to meet them in the living room.” He grumbled.

“Or I could just eat you.” I told him, while lifting myself up and l!cking his ch3st. His body erupted with goosebumps and he shivered. It only turned me 0n more, knowing the effect I was having on him.

“You svck.” He gr0aned.

“And you like it.” I smirked at him.

“You are fixing this when we are done eating.” He leaned down to whisper in my ear while pushing his very hard c0ck into my th!gh.

“Yes, Alpha.” I m0aned out.

He sprung off of me and the bed, grunting and gr0aning while trying to find all his clothes. He looked so adorable with his little pout.

“We should probably shower first,” I told him while walking past him on my way to the bathroom. He spun me into him and crushed his l!ps to mine. When he pulled away, he rested his forehead against mine.

“Absolutely not. I want everyone to know that you’re mine.” He said, and I giggled.

“Okay, I’ll just get dressed then, but I’m fixing the s*x hair.” I said, giving him a pointed look, but then started laughing. I’m sure l look like a hot mess. Walking over to the closet to find some clothes.

“Fine, but I’m just going to mess it up again.” He laughed.

“That better be a promise.” I told him amusingly, while I dug around in my closet for some socks. I found a pair of leggings, a sports b*ra, and a long navy v-neck shirt. After I was dressed, I walked through the bedroom to the bathroom to fix my hair. Mason was sitting at the end of the bed, looking at his phone.

I walked into the bath room, and I stared at my reflection in the mirror. My hair was a mess and the only way to kinda fix it was to pull it back into a messy bun.

After I was satisfied with my hair, I admired my new mark. The skin was angry, and it was still tender to the touch, but I should heal it in a few days.

“Tundra, are you happy I chose Mason?”

“Yes, Ashlyn. I’m not sure why I couldn’t claim him, but I’m glad that you finally did, and that he claimed us. I want to meet him tomorrow.” She purred in my head.

My shirt only covered part of my mark, and I wondered if I should cover it. It’s one thing to smell like Mason, but to wear his mark might be overwhelming when everyone finds out that I’m the future Queen.

“Let them see it.” Mason said from the bathroom doorway, making me jump.

“What?” I gasped. How the hell did he know what I was thinking? He walked over to me, wrapping his arms around my wa!st from behind, so we were both watching each other in the mirror. He rested his chin on my shoulder.

“I want everyone to see my mark on you.” He said, turning into my neck and k!ssing me. And it was my turn to be covered in goosebumps and I shivered from his touch. Mason inhaled my scent and k!ssed my neck again.

“I love how you smell like me.” He whispered huskily.

He slid one of his hands up my body and started kneading one of my br*easts. I leaned my head back into him and let out a soft m0an. I will never eat again at this rate.

“Ugh, the guys are back with the pizza.” Mason sighed into my neck. I turned around in his arms to face him. I pecked at his l!ps.

“l promise I’ll help you with this later.” I said, smirking at him while rubbing my palm up and down his member through his pants. Pecking his l!ps again, I walked out of the bathroom into the bedroom. Heading to the door, Mason came out of the bathroom.

“You better, fvck. At this rate, I’m throwing your gorgeous a*ss on that bed and we are never leaving this room.” He said, walking over to me and smacked my a*ss, making me jump at the contact. He opened the bedroom door and led me out into the hallway.

We were holding hands when we entered the living room. There were pizza boxes and soda cans on the coffee table. Brandon, Liam, Alex, lan, Brad and Donny were all sitting around waiting for us. My uncle stood up from his seat beside Donny to give me a hvg. When we parted, Donny instantly pulled me for a hvg.

I sat on the loveseat on the other side of the coffee table so l could see everyone, and Mason sat beside me.

lan passed me a pizza box, and it smelled amazing. We have known each other long enough and eaten enough pizza together to know what each other orders.

“Are you honestly going to eat that whole pizza?”

Liam raised an eyebrow at me. lan, Alex, Brad and Donny started laughing while the other three looked at them in confusion.

“She could out eat us all.” My uncle laughed.

“Really?” Mason looked at me, amused.

“You guys, I’m not that bad.” I rolled my eyes at them and then they were all lost in a fit of laughs. I just started eating while they finished their laughing dvmba*sses.

The pizza was amazing, and I was starving. I was two slices in by the time the guys had calmed down enough to actually talk.

“Prince Mason, make sure to always order extra food. If not, Ashlyn will eat yours. And she is always hungry, so never believe her “not hungry” BS.” lan joked with Mason. I was actually really guilty of that.

I grabbed a can of soda from the coffee table and took a drink. I had to slow down my eating, or I was going to throw up. My stomach had shrunk since not eating much of anything for the last month.

“Alright, a*ssh0les, are you done judging my eating habits?” l asked them while closing the pizza box and setting it on the coffee table.

“You ate it all already?” lan asked, surprised. It was a large pizza.

“No, you jerk. I have to slow down or I’ll throw up. And I’m sure you guys have a ton of questions for me, so I’m going to explain while you guys eat.” I pouted.

“Alright, now where should I begin?” l asked them.

Mason leaned forward and placed his now empty plate on the coffee table. He then wrapped his arm around my wa!st, resting his hand on my h!p.

“Start with what happened with the vampire attack here.” He asked.

“Okay, but before I start, does anyone have a lighter?

“I asked them. There was so much to explain, so it was better to just show them. Donny reached into his jean pocket and pulled out a pocket lighter. He tried to pass it to me, but I told him to light it, which he did.

I focused on the flame and where I wanted it to go. I held my palm up and waited for the flame to dance towards me. It danced around my hand and I turned towards the wood-burning fireplace that was to the right of me. I leaned into the flame and blew the flames towards the fireplace. Instantly, the wood blazed to life, and the fire burned hot.

“So I’m an elemental.”

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