Finding Her True Alpha Chapter 38: Congrats


I felt uncomfortable leaving Ashlyn with Alpha lan, but I couldn’t control her; I had to trust her.

Even if Thor wanted to rip the Alpha apart, he was less than helpful.

I met up with Brandon and Liam on their floor.

They were waiting for me outside their rooms. I’m sure they had a ton of questions for me.

“Congrats man.” Brandon exclaimed while he smacked me on the back.

“That was fast. Congrats Mase.” Liam was wiggling his eyebrows. His antics made me laugh. I thanked them both. I was happy to have finally marked Ashlyn. She is mine and the entire world will know it.

“So what now?” Brandon asked me.

“Now we are going home. We can figure everything else out later” I told them.

“And how are you feeling about Ashlyn’s relationship with Alpha lan?” Liam asked, and Thor let out a growl. He really liked to poke the wolf.

“I’m trying to be okay with it.” I told them honestly. It was hard for any alpha to share, but they were friends before and l just have to trust them. Alpha lan promised he would never go after Ashlyn again, and I’m just going to trust him.

“How are you feeling about knowing that she’s elemental?” Brandon asked curiously.

“Honestly, I haven’t given it much thought. I will need to protect her as she already has others after her, but that she is powerful doesn’t bother me.” I shrugged.

“That she made a vampire explode is fucken awesome!” Liam smiled. And we all laughed.

“Don’t worry, Mase. I’m sure she’ll still let you wear the pants in the relationship.” Liam joked.

“Ha ha! Hilarious, Liam.” I grumbled, rolling my eyes at him. He thinks he’s so funny, a*ssh0le:

“What do you think about the whole grandmother’s business?” Brandon asked seriously.

“I believe her, of course. Ashlyn isn’t a liar.

She’s been through hell, but she was there for almost a month. There’s no way that she would mistake someone like that. She was smart enough to get more information and to bide her time to get out of there alive. But all I want to do is find the bastards and rip them apart for touching her.” I growled.

“We will find them and I guess we’ll have lots to discuss on the road tomorrow” Brandon said. We said goodnight and headed off to our rooms. Well, I headed to Ashlyn’s room. She would never sleep without me again. I was anxiously sitting on the end of the bed when Ashlyn entered the room. She didn’t say a word.

She turned the lights off and started stripping off her clothes before climbing into my lap, straddling me. I knew now that we were marked that we would be forever connected, but with everything that had been happening between us, I was almost waiting for the other shoe to drop. Or that she’d figure out that I wasn’t good enough for her.

“Ashlyn.” My voice came out husky. She crushed her l!ps to mine, and I was instantly hard.

Her taste was addictive, and I only wanted more.

She pushed me back against the bed. I just wanted to be inside her as she k!ssed her way down my jaw and neck. She k!ssed her mark, and I m0aned out her name. She knew exactly what she was doing to me. My hands were trying to get her bra undone.

There were too many clothes between us.

“Mason, you have nothing to worry about. l only want you.” She whispered to me. I unhooked her b*ra and flipped us so that I was on top. I slid her b*ra off while I was k!ssing her l!ps. She was frantically trying to get my shirt off. I leaned back, so that I was on my knees between her legs, pulling my shirt off, and Ashlyn threw her bra to the floor.

She ran her hands down my chest until she hit the button on my jeans. She undid the button and undid the zipper. I grabbed her hands and forced them above her head, pinning her to the bed.

“Mason, please.” She m0aned while grinding herself into me. She was so sexy when she begged, I thought, while I k!ssed down her neck. I paid special attention to my mark. She was a m0aning mess, and I was painfully hard with anticipation.

As soon as I released her wrists, she flipped us over so she was on top of me again. I’m not even sure how she did it. My legs were hanging off the bed, with my feet resting on the floor. She slid down my body to remove my jeans and boxers. She pulled them down to my knees and then l!cked her way up to my c0ck.

She l!cked a line from my balls to the tip and I thought I was going to explode just from that.

Goosebumps erupted all over my body. I let out a gr0an. I didn’t expect her to be so bold. She took my c0ck into her mouth and started bobbing her head while swirling her tongue around. My hands were instantly in her hair.

“Baby, that feels so good” I m0aned. I threw my head back onto the bed, enjoying the feeling of her hot, we*t mouth wrapped around my c0ck. When she was done deep-throating, she l!cked her way up my abs. She was now fully na*ked and I don’t remember her taking her pants off. I was wrapped up with her mouth around my c0ck.

Her pvssy l!ps slid around my c0ck, and she let out a m0an. She was grinding my c0ck into her cl!t. I could feel how dripping we*t she was. I kicked off my jeans and slid us further up the bed, so I had more leverage. Grabbing her h!ps to pull her forward, my tip resting at her entrance now.

She pushed herself up and back, forcing my c0ck into her we*t, warm pvssy. I groaned. fvck, she felt so good. I pushed us up the bed further until my back was against the headboard. She started bouncing on my c0ck while I took one of her n!pples in my mouth

“Mason.” She m0aned, her nails digging into my shoulders. I knew she was getting close to cl!maxing when she moved fasting. I moved my way up her chest and sucked down on my mark. she exploded all over my c0ck, m0aning my name and her pvssy pulsating around my c0ck, making me groan. She makes it difficult to hold out longer.

I flipped us so l could take control while she rode out her high. She was panting and m0aning, while I thrusted into her harder, faster, chasing my release. We were covered in sweat and the room smelt of s*x. But I couldn’t get enough of her. She just felt so good.

“Mason.” She m0aned before she bit down on her mark, making me explode inside of her.

Thrusting a few more times than I stilled inside of her. I was hovering above her with my elbows resting beside her head. I rested my forehead against hers.

“fvck, Baby.” I panted. She wrapped her arms around my neck with her hands, sliding into my hair. I k!ssed her forehead before I rolled off of her. I Wrapped my arms around he, bringing her to my side. She threw a leg over mine and rested her head on my chest. We were both trying to catch our breath. Ashlyn started k!ssing my chest, and I groaned. I could feel myself getting hard again.

Ashlyn’s breathing leveled out, and her heart rate slowed down. I couldn’t help but let out a laugh. She fell asleep while turning me on. I covered us both up with the blanket and wiggled to get comfy beside her.

I could get used to this, making love to the woman I love and having her fall asleep in my arms.

I didn’t expect any of this when I woke up this morning. She has been through so much and she I still with me. She had every right to walk away and reject me. I was awful and my actions led to her being kidnapped and tortured. But she didn’t blame me for that. Even though she was pissed earlier, she still chased the comfort I give her.

I felt terrible that she drove all the way back to Silver Moon with such a nasty gash on her side. I knew she was coming back for me, but she didn’t want to paint me in a poor light in front of everyone.

She needed me, and I let her down.

I should have been texting and calling her, making sure she was okay, but I was stuck in my head. I was stuck on the fact that she was staying with her ex-mate. The same ex-mate that was trying to win her back. I didn’t understand the whole love potion, and I still don’t. I was worried that being around him would bring the magic back to life somehow. And then I’d be left without her. It was easier for me to push her away than to feel the pain that she might bring if she chose Alpha lan over me. But now I know that was never the case.

I leaned into her, k!ssing his head. I made a silent promise that I would never let her down again. Breathing in our scents, now fused together, I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

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