Finding Her True Alpha Chapter 40: Home


While we drove through the human city close to Blue Moon, Brandon pulled over to get us some coffee and sandwiches. Mason and I skipped breakfast this morning. Brandon and Liam entered the deli while Mason and I stayed in the truck.

Mason immediately pulled me into his lap, so I straddled him. He started nipping and sucking my neck.

“Mason.” I m0aned out.

“Don’t you fvcken dare have s*x in my truck!” Brandon growled through the mindlink. I burst into laughter, and Mason gr0aned. He rested his head in the nook of my neck and I wrapped my arms around his neck, resting my head on his.

It didn’t take long before Brandon and Liam returned with our food. I lifted myself and sat beside Mason again. I was more interested in my coffee, so l just sipped away while the boys ate.

I was deep in thought about how my life turned I’m mated to the Alpha Prince. My grandmother was after me. Not only did I have power over the elements, but my wolf was white and gold. Oh, how my life has changed so much. I knew Tundra was special. She’s white and gold, which was unheard of in our world. But why was I special? How could I possibly be better than anyone else? Was there no one else the moon goddess could have chosen for this? Liam pulled me from my thoughts.

“Whatcha thinking about, Princess?” he asked. I looked around to see all of them staring at me.

“Nothing.” I told them with a smile. Mason finished eating. He then wrapped his arm around me, pulling me close.

“You should probably eat. You’re going to need it.” He whispered and k!ssed my temple. I just smiled while Liam passed back my sandwich.

The sandwich was amazing, and I didn’t realize how hungry I was until I took that first bite. It was ham, cheese, veggies, and mayo. When I was done, I finished my coffee and was ready for a nap.

Brandon started driving again before I started eating. And we were making good time now.

“Ashlyn, do you feel up to answering some questions?” Brandon asked, and Mason let out a low growl. I patted Mason’s chest.

“What’s up, Brandon2” I asked him.

“Is there anything you haven’t told us?” He asked curiously, and I had to think about it.

“On the first day I was there, Susan mentioned knowing my mate. We could have a mole. I barely knew that Mason was my mate, and I didn’t tell anyone except my aunt and uncle when I had dinner with them.” I answered.

“Interesting, I’ll definitely investigate. Mason, did you tell anyone besides us?” He asked.

“Nope, just you guys,” Mason answered.

“So your wolf is white?” Liam asked while turning around in his seat.

“Tundra is white with gold tips. She wants to meet you, Mason.” I turned to look at him. “She’s only ever met, my aunt and uncle.”

“I’d love to meet her.” He said and k!ssed my forehead.

“Anything else?” I asked Brandon.

“Mason, I think we need to talk to your father about your mark,” Brandon told him.

“Why?” Mason asked, confused.

“Ashlyn’s marks show that she is also royalty.”

He said, confirming my suspicion. Mason was looking at my mark more intently now.

“Brandon, what are you talking about?” Mason asked him.

“The tiara. It’s a sign of female royalty. The crown is for male royalty. Our mark should only have a crown for your bloodline.” I explained. And Brandon agreed.

“So you think that you’re of royal blood?” Mason asked.

“I don’t know. I’ll have to speak to your father. He’s the only one that I know of that knew my parents. If I was, I don’t know where it would be in my bloodline.” I explained. Mason pulled me closer to snuggle into his chest.

“We will figure it out.” He told me. And I nodded at his chest. I closed my eyes while I was listening to his heartbeat. Soon I was fast asleep.

I didn’t wake until we reached our pack house and only because Mason tried to move away from me.

“Stop moving.” I gr0aned at him without opening my eyes.

“We’re home, beautiful,” he whispered to me.

“Not an excuse, Mister,” I grumbled, making him laugh.

“The faster you get your perfect little a*ss upstairs, the faster I get to smack it.” He mindlinked me.

“I’m up.” l yelled, jumping up. Mason burst out laughing. Brandon and Liam were looking at us like we were insane.

Mason opened the door on his side, hopping out, and I followed him. Brandon and Liam grabbed the bags, and Mason held my hand while we were walking inside. Everyone we walked by was staring and whispering, and I felt uncomfortable with all this unwanted attention.

We finally walked into our apartment, and I could breathe again. I forgot to think about the attention I would receive after being marked by Mason. It’s going to take some time to get used to.

“You okay?” Mason asked while we entered the kitchen.

“Yeah, I’m just not used to all the stares.” I answered, and he raised an eyebrow at me.

“What?” l asked him.

“You were always getting stared at before. You just didn’t notice,” he said.

“You are exaggerating, Mason. No one was looking at me.” I told him. Liam walked into the kitchen and over to the fridge.

“Ashlyn, you’re se*xy and all the guys look, get over it.” Liam told me while walking back out of the kitchen with his drink and I was stunned.

“You guys are insane.” I huffed, throwing my arms up as I walked to my room. How the hell did I never notice that guys were staring at me? I rolled my eyes.

I walked into my room, and to my surprise, Mason was behind me. I walked into my bathroom to start the shower, and before I knew it, Mason was behind me, na*ked.

“What are you doing?” I giggled. He was trying to undress me.

“Keeping my promise of smacking that perfect little a*ss of yours.” He purred into my neck and pushed his hardness into my Mason checked the temperature of the water while I undressed. When the temperature was perfect, he walked over and picked me up.

Wrapping my legs around his waist and I could feel his hard c0ck pushed against my pvssy. I was instantly we*t and grinding my h!ps to get more friction. Mason gr0aned at my actions, pushing me up against the shower wall, crushing his l!ps to mine.

I m0aned into his mouth, and he thrusted his tongue in to play with mine. The k!ss was hot and passionate and I couldn’t get enough of him, tasting every inch of him. I reached between us and positioned his tip at my entrance, and with one shift motion, Mason thrust into me.

He started k!ssing down my jaw and neck while I was m0aning his name. My pvssy pulsating around his c0ck, squeezing around him and every next felt overwhelming. My climax was building higher and higher, as I got lost in the intense pleasure he was giving me. He pushed over the edge when he bit down on his mark.

“Mason!” I screamed out, gasping to catch my breath. Mason started to thrust faster and harder, and I knew he was chasing his own release. I leaned into his chest, licking up to my mark, sucking it into my mouth. Mason let out a gr0an.

His movement became irregular until he finally stilled. We were both panting as we came down from our high.
“fvck, baby.” He gr0aned before pecking my l!ps while lowering my legs so I could stand. We both washed up, and I noticed he had his body wash in my shower already.

“Moving in?” l asked him, pointing to his body wash, and he chuckled.

“I was living here when you were gone,” he admitted. And I smiled at how much he missed me.

I wrapped my arms around his waist, gripping him.

“I missed you too.” I told him. He wrapped his arms around me. We held each other for a few minutes, just enjoying each other’s touch.

“Let’s hurry. The guys are getting food.” He told me while pulling away.

“I didn’t get a mindlink?” I asked him, confused.

“Yeah, I could figure out how to close your link off while I mindlinked to someone else. After we marked each other, the link formed, but we weren’t expecting it to. You can do it too. You just have to close my link.” He explained, and it made sense. I wonder why the link formed without us being a part of the same pack?

We rushed our time in the shower. Mason finished before me, so he exited the shower to go get dressed in his room. He wrapped a towel around his waist and left the bathroom while I finished up washing my hair.

When I was done, I shut the water off and hopped out. Wrapping my hair in a towel, I then dried my body before wrapping the towel around my body. I walked out of the bathroom and into my closet. I found a pair of sleeping shorts and an oversized shirt to wear.

I dried my hair the best I could, then put both towels in my hamper before walking out into the living room. I just left my hair down and damp. It’s not like I needed to impress Mason.

The boys were sitting in the living room eating burgers. They were all laughing and joking around. just stood in the hallway watching them. Not only did I get lucky with Mason, but also with Brandon and Liam. I loved the three of them and was glad to have them all in my life.

“Get in here, Princess!” Liam yelled to me, pulling me from my thoughts. Rolling my eyes, I walked in to sit with Mason on one of the couches.

Liam and Brandon were sitting on the other side.

Liam put a comedy on, and we spent the evening laughing and eating. It was great to let go and to actually laugh again. I’d been gone for a month but it feels like a lifetime. It feels like I’ve always been here with them and being around the three of them just felt right. I felt complete.

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