Finding Her True Alpha Chapter 42: Broken bond


It’s been a week since our fight, a week. I haven’t seen Mason all week and I’ve been staying out late every night in the park. I hated feeling like I wasn’t welcome in my home, and this wasn’t my home without Mason. I even went out and bought a new vehicle, an SUV this time. It was all blacked out, including the windows, and I’ve been looking for a new place to live.

I’m not sure what’s going on with Mason, but it kills me, not being with him. He’d be gone when I woke up, but I’d try to stay away in the evening. I didn’t want to be around him all happy with Amber. He hasn’t even tried to talk to me. And it killed me regretting his mark on my neck. And poor Tundra had been so depressed, she missed her mate.

Walking out of my old room, I actually dressed for the day. I had black leggings, my heeled ankle boots, and a cream-colored off-one-shoulder knit sweater. It was 3/4 sleeved, and the cuffs were wide and tight against my forearm. I made sure I covered Mason’s mark. I never thought I would deny my mate. My hair was down, and I curled it into beach waves. I didn’t bother with makeup. I was just going to hit the mall and then go house hunting.

When I made it to the living room, Brandon was on the couch watching me sympathetically. I didn’t expect him to still be home. He stood up from the couch.

“The Alpha King would like to speak with you,” he said. And I nodded. I already had my purse, and I was ready to go as I was just about to head out myself. We didn’t say a word until we walked out of the pack house and Brandon was heading towards his truck.

“Can we take mine, please?” I asked him. He nodded and followed me into the garage so I could get my vehicle. We drove to the pack offices in silence, and my stomach was in knots. I didn’t even know that the Alpha King was back yet.

Brandon didn’t lead me to the Alpha King’s office. He walked me into a conference room. The Alpha King was sitting at the head of a long table with comfy office chairs along it. To my surprise, Mason was there with Liam to the left of the Alpha King. Brandon went over to sit with Mason. Mason didn’t even acknowledge me, and tears swelled in my eyes at his silent rejection.

“Derek?” I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. Why was he here?

“Ashlyn.” He nodded.

Derek was sitting on the other side of the table with an older man sitting beside him and the Alpha King.

Maybe that’s his father, the Dragon King.

“Ashlyn, please take a seat.” Arthur asked me. I took the chair in front of me, the one opposite of the Alpha King. I looked around the table. Derek and the other man were watching me intently while Mason had his arms crossed and a scowl on his face. Brandon and Liam were looking at me sympathetically, and I didn’t understand why.

“Is everything okay, Arthur?” I hesitantly asked the Alpha King.

“Ashlyn, I’d like to introduce you to the Dragon King Victor. He’s Prince Derek’s father.” He introduced the man seated beside him.

“It’s nice to meet you, your majesty.” I bowed my head to him in respect. He stood up from his seat and I immediately thought I had done something wrong. He walked over to the chair beside me and was sweating bullets. Dragon King Victor was a very intimidating man.

He was tall, built like a house, and he had the same light brown hair and sea-green eyes that his son Derek had.

He sat down and took my hands in his, giving me a smile.

“You look so much like your mother, Ashlyn.” He smiled.

“Thank you,” I sighed in relief. “You knew my mother?” l asked him.

“I did. I was one of her mates.” He said, and I was stunned. What the hell was he talking about?

“I don’t understand.” I stuttered out.

“Ashlyn, we have a lot to explain to you. Okay?” Arther spoke, and I nodded.

“Ashlyn, I wasn’t always in line to be king. Your father, James, was king before he handed the crown over to me.” Arthur started, but Mason interrupted his father.

“What are you saying, father? We aren’t actually royalty?” Mason demanded. And his tone surprised me.

“Son, we have royalty in our bloodline, but I was Alpha King James’ beta when he met his mate, Ashlyn’s mother.” He explained. And l looked over at the Dragon King.

“But how were you, my mother’s mate, if my father was?” I asked him, confused.

“Your mother was an elemental like you are, Ashlyn. Fated to the sons of the council. The Vampire King, the Fae King, the Warlock King, your father and I. t was up to your mother to keep the peace and run the council with us beside her.” He explained, and I was even more confused.

“What happened?” I whispered. This was so much to take in.

“Your mother chose your father and only your father. The four of us accept her decision, with the Alpha King stepping down from his place on the throne. Alpha King Arthur took over for your father and your mother and father left.” He went on.

“So what does this mean?” I asked them.

“It means that you are the true heir to the throne,” Arthur said, until Mason smashed his fists on the table.

“Bullshit father!” He yelled.

“Mason, what the hell has gotten into you?” Arthur asked his son. And Mason was quietly staring daggers at me.

“It means, Ashlyn, that you and I are also mates.” Derek spoke, and Mason laughed. We all looked at him.

“Good, you can have her. I’ve decided to take a chosen mate.” Mason said with a smirk, and my heart broke at his words.

“Mason, you don’t mean that?” My voice cracked, and the tears were falling down my cheeks.

“I mean that. I don’t love you, Ashlyn.” He growled. And at that moment, my heart shattered and Tundra was howling in my head.

“Now you don’t love me?” I yelled. Pain and pressure was building in my chest.

“I never loved you.” He growled.

“Fine.” I whispered, trying to hold myself together. I grabbed my purse and tried to leave, but Mason was in front of me.

“Withdraw your claim to the throne.” He demanded, staring down at me.

“I never want the throne. I just wanted you.” He moved out of my way after I whispered to him.

I didn’t hesitate to get the hell out of there before l fell apart. I hopped into my SUV and burnt rubber. My emotions were about to explode, and I didn’t want anyone to get hurt.

I let out a loud growl when Ashlyn left the conference room in tears. What the fvck was wrong with the Alphas in her life?

Dragon Prince Derek

“Mason, what the hell is wrong with you?” His father growled.

“Father, I’m in love with someone else,” Mason told him.

“Ashlyn is your fated mate, she loves you and you couldn’t have figured that out before you marked and mated her?” The Alpha king yelled, his face turning red with anger. And Mason just shrugged his shoulders like it was no big deal that he had just broken the Luna Queen’s heart.

“Mason, what the fvck? You love Ashlyn.” His beta questioned him.

“I’m in love with Amber.” He told us.

“Brandon, go after Ashlyn and make sure she is safe.

“The Alpha King commanded. And the beta rushed out.

“Mase, you’ve known Amber for six years and not once have you mentioned any feelings towards her.” His gamma questioned him.

“I’ll be stepping down as Alpha King and giving the title of Luna Queen to Ashlyn. If this Amber actually loves you, she’ll stay even when you are not crowned king. And it will be up to the Luna Queen if she’d like to keep you on as beta.” He informed his son.

“Ashlyn doesn’t want the throne, Father.” He growled at his father.

“I don’t care if she wants it or not, it’s hers and you will just have to live with being demoted.” The Alpha King commanded.

“Not so important now, are you, Mason?” I smirked. I wouldn’t be using his title anymore.

“What the fvck is your problem?” He growled.

“You and her fvcken alpha ex are my fvcken problem!” I yelled at him.

“How the fvck do you know about her ex-mate?” He yelled back.

“She told me all about you and that cheater while I was helping her in the shower after she was almost beaten to death. She was fvcken broken by the two of you fvcken idiots.” I growled and Mason grabbed me by the collar, throwing me against the wall behind me.

“Don’t you fvcken touch her!” He screamed in my face. I was stunned by his outburst. Wasn’t he just giving her to me? He shook his head and let me go. He almost looked confused when he backed away from me.

Just then, Brandon rushed back in.

“Ashlyn’s SUV is gone, and she hasn’t shown up at the pack house.” He informed us, panicked. The last time she went missing, someone kidnapped her, fvck. My father turned to me as the Alpha King turned to the Beta and Gamma.

“Find her!” They both commanded. And the three of us rushed out to find her, leaving my father and the Alpha King with Mason.

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