Finding Her True Alpha Chapter 47: Guilt


I woke with a start, guilt smashing into me as I remembered what had happened yesterday. Ashlyn has to hate me. I hated myself for being so stupid.

I was so worried about protecting Ashlyn that I failed to protect myself. They would come after me. I should have known that. I ‘was the closest one to her and now she will never forgive me.

I don’t even know what happened. One minute I’m in love with Ashlyn and the next I feel the pull for Amber. I feel the same things I feel for Ashlyn, but towards Amber.

And it was like I couldn’t remember the feelings I had for Ashlyn. Ashlyn felt like a stranger to me.

The pain that I caused her is unforgivable, but I couldn’t imagine my life without her. Tears blurred my vision as I thought about the family we would have been.

I was going to be a father, and they took that away from me. They have fvcked with our lives for the last time. I was going to hunt them down and kill them all.

Thor was growling in my head. He wanted revenge for our lost pup just as badly as I did. I got out of bed with newfound determination. They wanted a war, and they officially got one.

I had a quick shower and got dressed in dark jeans and a dark grey Henley shirt. As I was walking into the living room, I heard my phone ringing on the coffee table.

I picked it up to find it was Ashlyn.

“Ashlyn?” I answered.

“Hi Mason.” she whispered, and I could hear the pain in her voice.

“Where are you? Are you okay?” I rushed out.

“Mason, I need to tell you something” She told me, her voice heavy with sadness.

“Ashlyn, I know. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry, baby.” I told her, breaking down.

“Please, come home, baby. I promise to make this right. I love you so much.” I pleaded.

“Mason, what happened?” She asked me through her gasps.

“Magic? I don’t know the details. But I know you were able to break the magic suppressing our bond.” I told her.

“How do you know that?” She asked me, calming down.

“Your friend Sage told me. You freed me from the spell, baby. I love you so much. I’ve always loved you. Please come home. I need you.” I told her, desperately.

“Mason, l just need some time. I’ll be home in a few days and you can call and text me anytime. Okay?” She told me.

“Okay, Ashlyn. I understand, but I miss you and I love you more than anything. Please don’t hate me?” My voice cracked as it broke my heart to hear her so broken.

“I don’t hate you, Mason. I love you. I just need some time to clear my head. Be safe. I’ll call you later.” She told me before ending the call, and l just sat on the couch with my head in my hands. I was angry that they hurt my mate, that they forced me to hurt her.

Brandon came to sit beside me on the couch.

“How are you feeling?” He asked me.

“Angry” I growled.

“We took Amber into custody last night. She confirned that Susan McNeal was behind this.” He told me and I nodded. Now I needed to find this Susan McNeal and rip her heart out.

“We have Amber’s phone with Susan McNeal’s number. What would you like us to do, Mason?” Asked Sage, and I didn’t realize she was sitting on the other couch with Liam.

“Can you track her?” I asked her and she shook her head.

“Only if you have something of hers, but I could have some tech guys hack her phone using the number she gave Amber. It may take a few days, but it will give us a location, hopefully.” She said, and I nodded.

“Who called?” Liam asked me.

“Ashlyn did.” I told him.

“How is she doing?” Sage asked, concerned about her friend.

“She said she needed some time.” I told them with a sigh.

“I know this is hard, Mason, but you and Ashlyn will get through this.” Brandon told me while patting my back.

I needed to put my sadness aside and move into Alpha mode. We need to find them and put an end to all of this.

“Once we get a location on the phone, we’ll text the number to set up a meeting acting as Amber. Hopefully.

She doesn’t have any informants in our pack that will report the news of Amber’s arrest. Also, we should track Amber’s financials to see where she’s been. It may lead us to where they have a hideout.” I commanded.

“I’ll also get them to check the GPS on her car. We’ll be able to see her movements.” Liam chimed in, and I nodded.

“Mason, do you have questions for me about what happened?” Sage asked.

“How did she spell me?” I asked her.

“Did you eat or drink anything around her that wasn’t sealed?” She asked.

“Yeah, she brought us coffee that afternoon before she invited us out to the club. It surprised me that Mason actually agreed to go out with her” Liam answered.

“I’m assuming when you drank the coffee, the spell was placed, and you felt the pull towards her?” She asked, and I nodded. I usually would never agree to go out with someone besides Ashlyn. I would have stayed home with her.

“Is the magic gone?” l asked Sage.

“I don’t see or feel it around you.” She answered, and I nodded.

“I think we should call Prince Derek and let him know our plans.” Brandon said, while taking out his phone. He placed the phone on speaker so we could all hear. It rang a few times before he answered.

“Brandon?” He answered.

“Prince Derek. I’m here with Mason, Liam and Sage.

We wanted to go over our plan with you.” Brandon told him.

“Yeah, hold on, I’ll put you on speaker. Ashlyn is here.” He said, and I let out a low growl. I didn’t like my mate with anyone else.

“Hey guys.” Ashlyn’s voice came through and my heart skipped a beat. I missed her so much.

“We have Amber in custody.” Brandon stated, and Ashlyn let out a growl.

“Sorry.” She whispered.

“It’s okay, Ashlyn.” Sage reassured her.

“We found out that it was Susan McNeal who Amber was working with, but we have a plan to find her.”

Brandon continued. The phone was quiet for about a minute.

“Ashlyn, baby, please say something.” I begged her.

“I’m not okay, Mason. I had the chance to kill her, and I was a coward.” She said, her voice was heavy with guilt and pain.

“Babygirl, you were in no condition to fight after you escaped. This is not your fault or Mason’s fault. It’s her fault and she will pay for it.” Prince Derek said, trying to comfort my mate.

“Ashlyn, Derek is right. It’s not your fault you were surviving, and you did.” I told her. And Derek scuffed.

“Mason, how hard was that to admit?” Derek snickered.

“Shut the fvck up!” l yelled at Derek. Asshole wasn’t helping.

“Will you two stop? We are all on the same side.” Brandon scolded us.

“Anyway, we are going to get investigating on our end and we will let you know what we find.” Sage changed the subject. But before we could confirm anything, I could hear a wolf howling on the other end of the call.

“Vampires,” I heard Ashlyn say.

“Ashlyn, what is happening?” l yelled at her.

“Babygirl, get back here.” I heard Derek yelling before the call ended. Panic flooded me, and the need to protect her grew.

“Sage, we need to get there now!” I commanded, standing up from the couch.

“Brandon, take my hand and think of the pack house like before.” She told him. Not long after, a portal opened, and we were standing in the driveway of the Blue Moon pack.

Thor forced the shift and took off running. We could smell her and he was tracking her scent. I noticed Brandon and Liam had also shifted and were following me, but l could run even faster than before.

“Mate, she is strengthening us,” Thor told me.

Thor ran into a clearing with wolves on one side and vampires on the other. A beautiful gold wolf stood between them. She was the size of Thor, and her golden fur shimmered in the sunlight. She was the most beautiful wolf I’ve ever seen.

Thor ran over to Tundra, only for her to shift back to Ashlyn. Her shift brought a bright light and when the light fated, Ashlyn stood there in a gold dress covered in white lace and her hair flowing down her back in waves.

The wolves behind her all bowed down to her and the vampires fell to their knees at the goddess that stood before them. I noticed Derek was there, standing a little behind her, and he was also down on one knee.

Thor walked closer to his mate and bowed to his goddess.

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