Finding Her True Alpha Chapter 52: Mating the Prince’s


Mason was n!pping and svcking on my n!pples while I was grinding into him. I know I should wait, but I needed him. It feels like a lifetime since he last touched me like this. My hands were in his hair, holding him to my ch3st. My body was on fire with need, a need only he could satisfy.

Lost in the pleasure when Derek started k!ssing up on of my b!ceps to my neck, goosebumps erupted all over my body and I silvered at his touch.

“Derek.” I m0aned out. He moved behind me, sitting over Mason’s legs. Derek was na*ked, and he pressed his hard c0ck up against my as*s. He slipped his hand into my shorts, sliding a finger in my folds, causing me to gasp.

“You’re drenched, Babygirl.” Derek gr0aned against my neck. Mason r!pped my shorts and panties off and I gasped, not expecting him to r!p my clothes 0ff. Mason had also r!pped his boxers off. I could feel his tip at my entrance and my pvssy was pulsating, desperate for release.

“Mason.” I m0aned to him. He moved my h!ps forward, slamming his full length into me, making me cry out. Derek was k!ssing my neck while rubbing my cl!t. I was a m0aning mess in between my two mates. I started bouncing up and down on Mason’s c0ck, and he gr0aned before taking my mouth into his.

I m0aned, and he took that moment to thrust his tongue into my mouth. His tongue was playing with mine as I gripped his shoulders to bounce harder on him.

“You’re so tight, baby.” Mason gr0aned while k!ssing his way down my jaw to my neck. Mason svcked on his mark and Derek pinched my cl!t. And I forgot how to breathe as my org*asm r!pped through me. I was on Cl0ud 9 and I don’t think “I’ll ever drift back down.

My body was over-sens!tive, while my pvssy pulsated around Mason’s c**k, gripping him tightly. I leaned down, n!pping my mark, causing him to grvnt and gr0an while he released deep ins!de me.

I didn’t have time to catch my breath. Derek pushed me into Mason’s ch3st, pushing Mason back down on the bed. Mason slipped out of me, and Derek took that moment to thrust his c0ck into my dr!pping pvssy.

“Derek.” I m0aned into Mason’s ch3st.

“fvck, Babygirl.” Derek gr0aned. He moved one of his hands to my ch3st, pulling me up against his ch3st while he thrust into me. Mason sat up again, k!ssing up my stomach, to my ch3st and ending on his mark on my neck.

Mason was hard again and his tip was rubbing against my cl!t while Derek thrusted into me from behind. The pleasure was becoming too much, and I was digging my nails into Mason’s shoulders. Derek l!cked and k!ss the empty side of my neck, while Mason took a n!pple into his mouth.

I was a m9aning mess, and I needed release. Derek bit down on my neck hard and I screamed out. Mason’s l!ps captured mine, and he swallowed my screams and m0ans. My org*asm r!pped through me and I couldn’t breathe. Derek was thrusting harder and faster, chasing his own release. It didn’t take long before he was releasing himself deep inside me.

He pulled his teeth from my neck, l!cking the mark to seal it. Mason l!cked up the blood that was running down my ch3st. Derek k!ssed his mark gently, causing goosebumps to erupt all over me.

Mason grabbed my cheeks, puling my face down to rest my forehead on his. We were all panting and covered in sweat. Derek flopped us on the bed beside Mason just as his alarm went off, telling us it was time to get up. I gr0aned, turning to Derek to snuggle into his ch3st. And they both laughed.

“Come on, baby. We have a busy day.” Mason leaned over, k!ssing his mark, and I shivered.

“Stop it,” I m0aned, digging my nails into Derek’s ch3st.

“I’m sure Matt is up with coffee made.” Derek told me, and I was officially awake.

“Fine. But I’m only getting up for the coffee.” They both laughed when I yawned and sat up. I scooted my way to the foot of the bed and hopped off, heading to the bathroom to have a shower. I didn’t bother to close the door behind me. They will be here soon enough.

I turned the shower on and hopped in when the water had warmed up. The hot water felt amazing on my achy, stiff body. I hissed when the water hit Derek’s fresh mark on my neck.

I was stroking it, lost in thought about how it was going to look, until l felt Derek come up behind me,

Wrapping his arms around my waist.

“What you thinking about, Babygirl?” He said into the other side of my neck. I turned in his arms to look at me.

I noticed Mason wasn’t in the bathroom yet.

“I was just thinking about how your mark was going to look.” I told him and he crushed his l!ps to mine. His hands were squeezing my as*s, pulling my body flush with his. He lifted me up, and I wrapped my legs around his waist. I could feel his hard c0ck pressed into my cl!t, making me m0an into his mouth. He started k!ssing down my jaw to his mark, pushing me up against the shower wall.

“We aren’t leaving this bathroom until you mark me.”

He gr0aned, grinding into me.

“Derek, I want you.” I m0aned out. He moved to position his tip at my entrance and, with one swift thrust, buried deep inside me.

“fvck, Babygirl. You’re so tight.” He gr0aned while pumping into me harder, while I m0aned his name. Derek was hitting all the right spots, and I couldn’t get enough of him.

“Derek, Mason?” I gasped. I needed to make sure he was okay with this. Derek l!cked his way to my ear, and I m0aned.

“He wants you to,” he whispered. Tundra came forward, and I sunk my teeth into his neck, marking him as ours. He gr0aned before taking his mark into his mouth and my org*asm r!pped through me. If my mouth wasn’t deep in Derek’s neck, I would have screamed out.

Only after Derek stilled, panting into my neck, did I release my bite. I ran my tongue over it, sealing it. Derek pecked my l!ps before he released my legs, helping me stand. My legs felt like jelly.

Mason was watching us while leaning against the sink. I motioned for him to come in with us. I needed both of them. The shower was huge and had a few shower heads on either end.

I was washing the shampoo out of my hair when Mason wrapped his arms around my waist. I opened my eyes to find him watching me. Derek was behind him, using the showerhead at the other end.

“Thank you.” He whispered, pecking at my l!ps.

“For what, my love?” I asked him. He hugged me close, resting his head in the crook of my neck.

“For asking.” He whispered, k!ssing his mark.

“Mason, I wanted you to be okay with this. And I’m glad that you both have been talking about us.” I told him. I love them both and I could never choose between them.

We finished up in the shower and headed out into the bedroom wrapped in towels. The boys walked in to the closet and I sighed. My clothes were in my old room.

“I’ll meet you in the kitchen.” I called to them before I walked into the hallway.

“Matt?” I called out. I wanted to make sure he was in the kitchen.

“Ashlyn?” He called from the kitchen.

“l just need to get some clothes from my room.” Before entering my old room, I called to him. I closed the door behind me and walked over to the closet to get dressed.

I found some dark skinny jeans, and I paired them with a dark purple cami and a black 3/4 sleeve cardigan.

I grabbed some socks and my white sneakers. After getting dressed, I walked into the bathroom to do my hair. I did more of a side part, wrapping it up into a hair clip.

I noticed that Derek’s mark had already healed. It was a tiara, overlapping a crown with flames coming out of the middle of it. Tundra’s name and the name Magnus circled at the bottom. I’m assuming Magnus is Derek’s dragon.

“Tundra, are you happy?”

“l am, Ashlyn. I know this is all strange, a wolf claiming a dragon, but l love them both.”

“Why has his mark healed already?”

“Now that we have released our powers, you will heal much faster. You can also heal with your saliva. Weird, I thought. When I finished getting ready, I walked out into the living room and entered the kitchen. Mason, Derek, and Matt were all sitting around the table. Matt got up while I sat down between Mason and Derek. He returned to the table with a mug of coffee and a plate of muffins.

I took a sip of coffee and a bite of the muffin and m0aned. The boys started laughing.

“How?” I asked Matt, with a mouthful of chocolate chip oatmeal muffin.

“How what?” He asked me.

“How the hell do you make them taste so good?” I asked him before sipping my coffee.

“It’s a secret.” He winked. And I pushed my l!ps into a line.

“Of course it is.” I gr0aned, making him laugh.

“How much is Derek paying you?” I asked him.

“What?” Derek asked.

“Not enough. Why?” Matt laughed.

“I have a proposal for you,” I told him.

“A proposal?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Baby, what are you doing?” Mason asked. But I ignored his question.

“It will triple your current salary.” I told him, pecking at his interest. He shifted in his chair, looking at Derek, and then back at me.

“And what do I have to do?” He questioned.

“All you’ll need to do is make me coffee and muffins.

“I told him matter-of-factly.

“Baby girl, you don’t even know how much he makes and you’re willing to pay him more to make coffee and muffins for you?” Derek asked me, and I nodded.

“Oh, you would also be one of my personal bodyguards. So I’ll pay you triple your current salary to make me coffee and muffins. And to keep me alive.” I explained.

“Actually, that sounds like a great idea,” Mason commented. And Derek sighed.

“It does.” Derek agreed.

“Great, so what do you say, Matt, do we have a deal?” l asked him.

“Yes, my Queen.” He answered, and I gr0aned.

“Every time you call me Queen, I get to keep 20 bucks,” I told him and he laughed.

“Yes, ma’am.” He winked, and I rolled my eyes.

“That’s worse!” I exclaimed, and they all laughed.

I was three muffins in and on my second mug of coffee when Liam walked out of his room. He greeted us, but walked over to the elevator.

“Where are you off to?” I asked him.

“Out.” He answered.

“Well, I’ll go with you,” I offered.

“Why?” He asked.

“Why not? And besides, we need to stick together and I wanted to speak to you.” I told him, and Mason squeezed my th!gh.

“Fine” Liam grumbled.

“Yay!” I jumped from my seat. I k!ssed both Mason and Derek. Matt also stood up with me.

“Matt, it’s your day off.” I told him before I ran to my room to get my purse. I walked back out into the living room to meet Liam. The elevator was waiting.

“We’ll be back. If you need me, mindlink or call Liam. I don’t know what l did with my phone.” I said to them before the doors closed.

“Why are you here, Ashlyn?” Liam asked, annoyed.

“I wanted to hang out with you,” I told him, a little hurt by his tone.

“Why?” He asked, confused.

“Why not? Are we not friends?” I asked him.

“Yeah.” He sighed.

“You want to tell me what’s bothering you?” I asked him, giving him a side hug. The elevator dinged, and the doors opened up to the main floor. Liam led me over to the dining room.

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