Finding Her True Alpha Chapter 54: Misunderstanding

Beta Brandon

I was trying to mindlink Liam while the three of us were waiting in the hallway. Mason wasn’t handling this very well. Again, Ashlyn is in the hospital and Liam could be somehow involved.

“How often does this happen?” Sage asked, and I sighed.

“Way too often,” I told her.

“And can we trust Liam?” Matt asked, concerned.

“I’ve been friends with Liam since we were kids. He has loved Ashlyn since the moment we met her. This all must be a misunderstanding” I defended. I knew for a fact that Liam would never hurt Ashlyn.

“How is she?” Liam was finally in my head.

“Where the fvck are you? She asked the doctors to find you, and now Mason is losing his mind.” I exclaimed. I could hear him grumbling.

“Did she say anything else?” He asked, which I thought was weird.

“Liam, what are you saying?” I demanded.

“Don’t tell Mason yet. I’m handling it.” He closed the link, and l cursed him. What the fvck was going on?

“Are you okay?” Sage asked, resting her hand on my thigh. I let out a breath.

“No, Liam just answered. He said he was handling it and not to tell Mason.” I sighed.

“That doesn’t sound suspicious at all.” Matt commented, and I had to agree with him. fvck. I reluctantly decided to trust in my friend and wait for him to tell me the truth. Hopefuly, this doesn’t come back to in the a*ss.

Gamma Liam

I know Brandon was worried, but I needed to handle this. Mason is going to lose his sh!t when he finds out that it was Madison that tried to kill his mate. And I’m not even sure what Derek is capable of.

I finally made it over to the interrogation building and was greeted by warrior Nick. We both walked into a room with monitors to see into the room where they placed Madison. Ashlyn’s blood covered her.

“We caught her at the gate trying to leave the pack.

It’s a good thing you alerted us when you did or she would have gotten away.” Nick was telling me.

“Get a CSI team over to the pack house, the dining room, the woman’s washroom. Also, has she said anything?” I asked him. And he nodded.

“She’s been crying and asking for you. I take it you know her?” Nick asked.

“She stabbed our Queen.” I told him while walking out of the room to enter the interrogation room with Madison. She started sobbing when she saw it was me who had entered. I was thankful they cuffed her to the table so she couldn’t get near me.

“Liam, what is going on?” She cried.

“Why are you covered in blood?” I asked her while taking a seat across from her.

“Someone attacked me, Liam. Believe me, I did what I did in self-defense.” She pleaded.

“Then why were you fleeing?” I asked, and she stopped sobbing.

“I didn’t think you’d believe me.” She gasped

“So if I test that blood, it won’t come back as Ashlyn’s?” l asked, and she paled.

“Liam. I did it for you, for us. You’re mine” She stuttered out, and I slammed my fist against the metal table, making her jump.

“For us? You haven’t talked to me in months, Madison. There is no us and there never will be.” I yelled.

“Please Liam, I love you.” She cried. She will never know how long I’d be waiting to hear her say that, but it doesn’t matter anymore. I don’t love her and I never will again.

“You never loved me Madison, you loved what my position offered you.” I clarified.

“Liam, please don’t do this?” She started sobbing again.

“You will be arrested and charged with attempted murder of our Luna Queen Ashlyn Knight.” I stated and left the room.

I told Nick to process our suspect and told him of the crime that she was to be charged with. I also instructed that she would be in solitary confinement until I said otherwise. Only her lawyer could visit her. I left the building and headed to the hospital. I had to check on our Queen and, hopefully, her mates didn’t kill me.

Prince Derek

It was hard to see Ashlyn lying unconscious in a hospital bed. But it was even harder to watch Mason fall apart over our mate. He has been here before and I knew he was blaming himself. He was torn between love for his mate and love for his childhood friend.

The others were still waiting in the hall when a nurse came in to check on Ashlyn. When the nurse pulled back her cover and removed the bandage to apply a clean one, I gasped at what I saw. I looked over at Mason, and he was staring at Ashlyn’s stomach in horror. She had a deep cut from her bellybutton to just under her br*easts.

After the nurse was done, she left the room and I could feel Mason’s anger. I was also angry, but I couldn’t do anything until she woke up and told us what actually happened.

“Mason, you need to calm down,” I told him.

“I don’t want to calm down. I want blood.” He growled. And I was quiet after that. There was nothing I could say that would calm him down or make him feel better.

Ashlyn jerked awake, making us both jump. Siting up, holding her stomach with one of her arms. She was looking around the room, looking confused.

“Baby? Are you okay?” Mason asked her while moving to the side of her bed. But she didn’t answer.

“Where’s Liam?” She whispered, and Mason growled.

“Mason, enough.” I growled at him.

“Babygirl, what happened to Liam?” I asked her, worried.

“I need to make sure he is okay. Have you seen him?” She turned her head to ask me. She had tears in her eyes.

“Ashlyn, why are you so worried about Liam?” Mason spat out, and I glared at him.

“Mason, I need to make sure he’s okay. Where is he?” she yelled, and Mason stood up from the bed.

“What the frk, Ashlyn? You almost die and the first thing you do when you wake up is to ask for Liam? He should have been there protecting you. Now tell me what the f*k happened?” He yelled out. I moved to sit beside her on the bed.

“Mason, Stop!” I growled.

“Babygiri, what happened?” I asked her. I took her cheeks in my hands and wiped her tears.

“Please find Liam.” She begged, and now I was worried. Whomever did this had to be connected to Liam in some way?

Mason was pacing the room, cursing his Gamma while I held Ashlyn. She was clearly upset about Liam not being here, but why?

“Find me clothes. I need to find him.” She asked me, and Mason wasn’t having any of it.

“Ashlyn, you understand that you have a gaping wound in your abdomen that isn’t healing, and you just want to get out of bed and look for Liam like you didn’t just almost bleed to death?” He shouted.

“Are you not worried about your fvcken mates?” Mason continued to yell.

“I can see that you both are okay!” She yelled back. And this became a shouting match between my mates.

“Okay? You think that I’m, we are okay?” He yelled, motioning to him and me.

“You’re alive! And I need to make sure Liam is safe! So instead of yelling at me, go out and find your friend!” she growled, but then she started gasping for breath. Her heart rate picked up, and it looked like she was having a panic attack.

“Breathe, Babygirl. That’s it, calm down. We will find Liam, okay?” I comforted her. I turned to look at Mason.

He had his arms crossed, glaring at us.

“Mindlink Liam, Mason. Now!” I growled at him. His eyes clouded. And he let out a growl. He walked over to the door and threw it open. Liam walked in, with the others following behind him. He was no longer covered in blood.

“Liam! Thank goodness you’re alright.” She breathed out a sigh of relief.

“Of course, l’m okay. Why are you worried about me?” He asked, coming to sit in my chair beside her bed. I was still sitting with her on the bed.

“I thought she got to you.” She cried, and Liam stood up to give her a hug. And now I was really confused.

“She? Who’s she?” I asked. Mason was now sitting on the other side of me, listening intently.

“Mason, don’t freak out.” Liam started.

“It was Madison,” Ashlyn blurted out. Both Mason and Brandon growled.

“Okay, who the fvck is Madison2” I asked, confused.

“An old love interest.” He sighed. And I ripped him away from Ashlyn and held him against the wall with my forearm on his throat.

“I almost lost my mate because of some jealous b!tch of yours!” I growled in his face. Everything I had been holding back was now being released with a vengeance. I could hear Ashlyn yelling for me to stop, but I couldn’t focus on anything but the pain his b!tch caused us.

Ashlyn touched my arm, and I noticed she had ripped out her IV. Blood was running down her arm. She had wrapped the cover around her body to cover herself.

“Derek, please stop.” She begged. Liam’s face was red, and he was struggling to breathe. I let him go, and he fell forward, resting his hands on his knees, taking in deep breaths.

“Liam, are you okay?” She asked Liam, comforting him and l couldn’t help the hurt and jealousy I was now feeling. Now I understood how Mason was feeling earlier.

“Ashlyn, I deserved that and more.” He whispered to her, and she shook her head.

“You saved my life, Liam. And I would never blame you for Madison’s actions and no one else should either.

We have all done crazy sh!t for love. I drove 7 hours, bleeding from my abdomen. It’s okay.” Her voice was soothing, but now I was wondering why she was driving while she was bleeding.

“She’s in custody and is being charged with attempted murder.” He spoke to all of us while standing up.

“That’s where you went to?” Brandon asked, and he nodded.

Just then, the doctor entered the room and gasped.

“Miss. Knight, you’re up?”

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