Finding Her True Alpha Chapter 57: Derek’s past


The next morning, Mason woke me, k!ssing his mark on my neck. Derek was my big spoon, and I found myself grinding my a*ss into him.

“Mason,” I m0aned out before l opened my eyes. He had a hand resting on my bare h!p and the sparks were heating my core.

He pushed my top leg back, giving him better access to my pvssy. Rubbing his hand against my core, causing me to m0an out as I rolled onto my back.

“You’re soaked, baby.” He mumbled into my neck. He moved my thong to the side and slid his middle finger in between my folds, causing me to gasp as the sparks shot through my body from our skin contact.

Derek was awake now, pushing my shirt up to expose my br*easts. Both of them took a n!pple into their mouth, n!pping and svcking. I arched my back off the bed to force them both closer to me. Becoming a m0aning mess, needing more.

Derek moved himself in between my legs, positioning his tip against my entrance. My pvssy was pulsating with the need for him. I tried to move my h!ps into him, but Mason held them down.

“Derek.” I m0aned out, and he thrusted into my dripping we*t pvssy, gr0aning while I gasped out.

“So we*t, baby girl.” He gr0aned.

Mason crushed his l!ps to mine, swallowing my m0ans while his fingers played with my cl!t. My cl!max was building and I couldn’t take much more of this. My org*asm ripped through me like a tidal wave, causing my pvssy to tighten around Derek’s c0ck.

Derek was thrusting harder and faster while l rode out my org*asm. Mason pulled his l!ps from mine and bit down on Derek’s mark on my neck. He gr0aned out, releasing himself deep inside me.

I was trying to catch my breath when Derek moved off of me. I didn’t expect Mason to flip me on my stomach, pulling my a*ss up. Rubbing his tip against my entrance causing me to m0an into the bed, gasping when he trusted into me hard.

“Fvck, Baby.” Mason gr0aned, digging his fingers into my h!ps. His pace was slow, as he’d pulled almost all the way out just to slam back in. Pushing my h!ps back into him, chasing more friction for my aching pvssy.

Mason started thrusting faster and harder, while Derek started rolling one of my n!pple in his fingers.

Derek moved lower to play with my cl!t. Even though I was oversensitive, my org*asm was building fast, and I just needed release.

Derek bit down on Mason’s mark on my neck, causing me to scream into the bed while Mason gr0aned behind me. My org*asm exploded, causing me to bite and grasp the sheet. Mason stilled, cvmming deep inside of me.

Mason k!ssed up my back until he flopped beside me. I fell forward on to my stomach, panting. Covered in sweat and my whole body was oversensitive. They both rested their heads on either side of mine, giving me small k!sses on my shoulders.

“How are you feeling?” Mason whispered.

“Amazing.” I breathed out, still trying to catch my breath.

“We have to head to the council building this afternoon. So you’ll need to pack an overnight bag and we have the meeting scheduled for tomorrow.” Mason explained, and I nodded.

“I’m going to go shower and then I’ll start packing,” I told him, getting up on all fours. Leaning down to give Mason a k!ss, and then I k!ssed Derek.

I showered quickly so I could actually shower.

Having both of them is amazing, but exhausting. I was done when Mason was just about to hop it and he gave me a pout.

“I love it, but I’m exhausted,” I told him, pecking at his l!ps.

“Fine,” He grumbled, smacking my a*ss when I walked passed him. I laughed while rolling my eyes. How could he not be satisfied? I walked into our room and found Derek packing a bag while he waited for the shower. I still haven’t moved my clothes back into this room, so I had to go to my old room to get changed and packed.

“Do you think Matt is up yet?” I asked Derek.

“He went with Liam earlier this morning to grab a few things.” He told me and I nodded. walked across the hall into my old room to get dressed. I found a pair of black high-wa!sted leggings, a tank top and then l pulled a blue hoodie over my head.

After I finished getting dressed, I walked out into the kitchen to find some coffee before I started packing. I wasn’t sure what I should even wear for our meeting. I made myself a coffee and sat down at the kitchen table. It was good, but the way Matt made it was so much better.

Drinking my coffee while I thought about what I should wear to our meeting tomorrow. I was to be made Queen, not that I wanted the position. I didn’t know the first thing about being a Queen, let alone how to dress like one.

I was lost in my thoughts when Derek’s phone started ringing on the coffee table. He must have left it there yesterday after dinner. I got up to answer for him. It might be important.

I looked at the screen; it said a Chantel was calling. I answered it, but I soon realized it was a big mistake.

“Derek’s phone.”

“Who the hell is this? And where is Derek?” A woman growled.

“I’m sorry, but who is this?” I asked.

“I’m his mate. Now, who the hell are you? And why are you answering my mate’s phone?” She screamed. My heart stopped and my blood ran cold from her words.

Mate? But I’m Derek’s mate.

Derek walked down the hallway, noticing me in the living room on his phone.

“Who’s that?” He whispered. I walked over to him, pushing the phone into his che*st.

“Your mate,” I growled. I walked past him, entering my old room, and locking the door behind me. How the hell could he have another mate? He asked to be with me, to have a relationship with me and Mason. And I brought him in. l asked Mason to let me take on another fated mate, while he had a mate all along.

My head was spinning, and I stepped on the balcony to get some much-needed fresh air.

“Tundra, what the hell was that?” I was trying so hard not to burst into tears. I knew nothing of Derek’s past, but I never thought that he’d lie to me about a mate.

“I don’t know,” She whined.

“I wish I could get out of here.”

“We can.”


“Step up on the railing.” And I did what she asked.

“Now focus on the air. Picture it under your feet as you step off the railing.”

I hesitated for a moment. We were 11 stories up. If I didn’t do this right, I would fall to my death. I focused on the air, and it moved around me. I pictured walking downstairs made of clouds and when I stepped off the railing, the air was now firm under my feet.

After a few steps, I took off running and made my way to the tree line behind the pack house. I made sure that when I hit the tree line that I’d be on the ground again. And before l even hit the ground, Tundra shifted, jumping through the trees into the forest. She took off running, faster than I ever thought possible.

“Where are we going?”

“The council building.”

Dragon Prince Derek.

When Ashlyn pushed my phone into my ch*est and told me my mate was on the phone, I was shocked. Ashlyn pushed past me, slamming the door to her old room. Mason was just coming out of our room, and he gave me a confused look.

A woman screaming through my phone, pulled me from my thoughts, looking at the caller ID, immediately growled out. Fvcken Chantel.

“Chantel, what the hell do you want? And what the f*nk did you just say to my mate?” I growled into the phone.

“Derek, I’m your fvcken mate! And I don’t appreciate another girl answering your fvcken phone. I thought you were out of the kingdom, working.” She yelled.

“Chantel, we aren’t together, and we haven’t been in months. You’re not my fvcken mate and you never will be. Now stop, call me!” I yelled to her before I hung the phone up. I was now furious. Ashlyn will never forgive me for this.

“What the hell was that about? Where’s Ashlyn?”

Mason asked me and I let out a growl.

“Ashlyn picked up my phone, and an ex told her she was my mate. Ashlyn stormed off into her old room.” I sighed. fvck, I could kill Chantel.

“Well, you better go try to explain your side.” Mason said, watching me.

“How the hell did you handle this when you first got together with Ashlyn?” l asked him. I needed his help with this.

“There was nothing to handle. I’ve only been with her.” He told me and I was shocked. He’s a prince and could get as much pvssy as he wanted and he waited for his mate?

“You waited for your mate?” I asked him, stunned.

“I did, and it was worth it. I never have to worry about ex-girlfriends or lovers.” He shrugged.

“fvck!” I cursed myself.

“Ashlyn won’t care about your past, but she will care that you pursued her just for some ex to claim that she’s your mate instead of Ashlyn. And she will care that you didn’t tell her about your many lovers.” He told me and I gr0aned.

“How did you know?” l asked him.

“I know of your reputation with the ladies.” He shrugged.

“And you are still okay with this arrangement?” I exclaimed.

“I figured since you were told that you didn’t have a fated mate, that you just didn’t care.” He answered, and I nodded.

Just then, the elevator dinged, and the doors opened for Liam and Matt. They were both carrying boxes full of files, they both placed their boxes on the coffee table.

They looked between both Mason and I.

“What happened?” Matt asked.

“Chantel happened,” Derek growled, and Matt pushed his l!ps into a line.

“What? Who’s that?” Liam asked, confused.

“That’s Derek’s on and off again girlfriend. Aka a place to keep his d!ck we*t.” Matt clarified and Derek growled at him.

“What? Where’s Ashlyn?” Liam asked, concerned.

“Her old room.” Mason pointed down the hall. Liam pushed past us, stopping at her door. He knocked before calling out to her.

“Beautiful, are you okay?”

“Derek, what happened?” Matt asked me.

“Chantel told Ashlyn that I was her mate.” I gr0aned.

Liam walked back into the living room.

“What the hell is wrong with you two? At this rate, she is going to reject you both and go live in the wilderness, alone,” he exclaimed.

“I haven’t been with Chantel in months!” I yelled, and Matt scuffed.

“What?” l asked him.

“Maybe not together, but you were fvcking her before we left for our mission. The mission where we found Ashlyn.” Matt explained, and I cursed myself.

“fvck!” I yelled.

“I mindlinked Brandon. Sage is the only one I think she’ll talk to at this point. And you two better figure out your sh!t!” Liam exclaimed before storming off to his room.

I walked over to her bedroom door and knocked. I tried the knob, but it was locked.

“Baby girl, please talk to me,” I called out to her.

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