Finding Her True Alpha Chapter 70: Bonds


“What do you mean, she spoke with the moon goddess?” Sage gasped.

“l guess it pulled her back into the in-between, and the moon goddess was there to speak with her,” I explained.

“And what did she tell Ashlyn?” Brandon asked, sitting down beside Sage. Sage places a hand on this thigh. I guess they are getting more comfortable with their relationship and that we all know.

“We don’t know. All she said was that it could wait until after she naps.” Derek answered. Liam came out of the bedroom and walked into the living room. He sat beside Brandon on the couch. Matt was sitting beside Derek, and we were all lost in our thoughts about what the moon goddess could want to talk to Ashlyn about.

“How is she?” Brandon asked Liam.

“She is out. I just covered her back up. Where do you guys sleep? She sleeps like a damn starfish.” Liam laughed, and I shook my head. We definitely needed a bigger bed.

“That’s what I said. How can someone so little take up a whole king-size bed?” Derek laughed.

“What did the doctor say?” Matt asked.

“Her ribs are healed, but the area is still tender,” I told him and he nodded.

“Man, does that girl heal quickly? I’d give her my muffin recipe if she could share her healing abilities with me.” Matt commented, and I knew for a fact that Ashlyn would take that deal.

“She can heal with her saliva, but I’m not sure if she could bless you with faster healing. But I know she would try anything for that damn recipe.” Derek laughed.

“I know, I would.” Sage laughed and Brandon let a low rumbling growl, and she just rolled her eyes at him.

“So what happened after you got back to the council building?” I asked them, changing the subject.

“To say that everyone was pissed would be an understatement. King Victor and King Arthur tried to keep the peace. King Theo left with his mate after his father kept demanding that he reject her to claim his fated mate. And then King Victor and King Arthur are pissed that King Gregory hurt Ashlyn, but he swears he doesn’t know what happened. And he’s adamant that he would never hurt his own daughter.” Brandon was explaining, and Sage started laughing.

“What’s funny?” I asked her, confused.

“Just him saying that he never hurt his daughter.” She answered, rolling her eyes. She clearly wasn’t on good terms with her father.

“Care to explain?” Derek asked her, and she sighed.

“He claims to care, but I don’t think he does. My whole life, I was raised to be this perfect princess. Even though I would never be queen, my brother was in line to inherit the throne from our father. He tried a few times to marry me off to “good families”, but I never went along with any of them. It bothers me, l didn’t get to be raised with Ashlyn, but I’m glad that my father didn’t raise her.”

She explained, and l definitely understood the pressures she was feeling. I was raised to be king and there was so much expected of us.

“Ashlyn got to have a somewhat normal childhood. It would have been very different if my father had claimed her and brought her back to us. We probably wouldn’t even be friends. My father always compared me with my brother, and it was hard not to resent Nathan for it. It wasn’t until I left the kingdom did I learn it was my father’s doing and not my brother’s.

If l had to be compared to the future Queen, I probably would have snapped. But I love hearing Ashlyn deny our father. Now maybe he’ll actually change his attitude. She’s taking control of this entire situation, and I’m so proud of her.” She continued.

“I have to agree that she could have been a different person, but my father told me that the plan was for her to be sent to Silver Moon when she turned 16 for training.

And both King Victor and my father told King Gregory that they would have raised her if he didn’t want it all to come to lite.” I told her.

“I think he just wanted her to have a normal life, and that’s why he used a love potion for her and Alpha lan.” Liam commented.

“And what would have happened if they had a child together and it turned out to be a hybrid? It would have been a fucken mess. Then not only would she have been marked by her fake mate, but then everything would have come out, and we still would have been her mates.” I sighed.

“It would have been a mess,” Derek agreed.

“Yeah, he really didn’t think his plan through. Did he?” Liam commented.

“My father never does. He only does things that benefit him. Ashlyn wouldn’t have made it easier for him. My father was trying to cover up his actions.” Sage shook her head.

I heard the door to our room open and Ashlyn wandered down the hallway, yawning. She walked into the kitchen first and then walked into the living room with water. In front of the coffee table, she sat on the floor. She crossed her legs and rested her head on her hand.

“What are you guys talking about?” she asked with a yawn.

“How are you feeling, Sweetie?” Sage asked her. She stood up from the couch to go sit with her sister. Sage wrapped an arm around her and Ashlyn rested her head on Sage’s shoulder.

“Tired, hungry, but I’m okay.” She answered.

“Matt, let’s go get dinner,” Liam told him while standing up from the couch. Matt stood up from our couch and went to hit the button for the elevator. When Liam walked past Ashlyn, he leaned down and k!ssed her cheek.

“I’m glad you’re okay, princess.” He whispered to her.

I looked over to see Derek glaring, and I nudged him with my leg.

“Thank you, Liam. Can you bring back some cookies, please?” Ashlyn asked him.

“You got it, beautiful.” Liam laughed. The elevator dinged, and they both left.

“Cookies?” I asked her.

“Yeah, I really want a cookie,” she laughed.

“So, what are you guys talking about?” she asked again.

“You spoke with the moon goddess?” Sage asked her, and she sighed.

“I did,” she answered her.

“And what happened? What did she say?” Sage rushed out, and I know she was eager to know we all were.

“Well, I now know that James was also my father, and that I technically have two fathers.” She told us.

“Okay, what? How?” Derek stuttered out.

“l guess when you’re marked, you give your mate a piece of you. And then that piece is passed down to your child. Giving the child a piece of both parts. But in my case, it was Gregory who impregnated her. But James still marked her. So I technically have a piece of both of them,” she explained, and I was shocked.

“What else did she say?” Sage asked.

“She told me that my mother was supposed to give birth to the first hybrid, that this was all planned by her, the moon goddess. She told my mother that she wouldn’t be able to conceive a child with just James as her mate, but my mother didn’t believe her. It wasn’t until three years after trying that she sought the help of Gregory. It didn’t matter which one of her other mates she chose, but she just needed to have a hybrid.” She explained.

“What’s so important about hybrids?” Brandon asked, and Ashlyn let out a sigh.

“Hybrids will strengthen us. The moon goddess trusts my family, and that is why she enlisted our help. My grandmother fvcked that up and that is why the moon goddess took away her powers and her mates. I guess I can also bless couples with a mate bond, as long as they are not bonded to another.” She told us and I noticed Sage looked over at Brandon.

“Baby, could you form a mate bond between Sage and Brandon?” I asked her, and she nodded.

“The mate bond will naturally form between all the mythical’s within a couple of generations, but until then, I’ll be able to bless couples with the bond. And they will have children, hybrids.” She explained.

“So, what will happen when we have kids?” Derek asked.

“I’m marked by both of you, so both of you would be the father.” She answered.

“It doesn’t matter which one impregnates you?”

Sage asked, and she shook her head.

“And you could really form a mate bond between Brandon and me? One where we could have children?”

Sage whispered, but we all heard it. She clearly cares for my beta.

“If it’s what you both want, I could, yes,” she answered.

“And this is all because she wants to strengthen our world?” Derek asked.

“Yes, when you think about it, it will bring the kingdoms together. People wouldn’t have to hide in the human world just because they love someone different from themselves,” she explained.

“Wow, this is a lot,” Sage breathed out.

“You’re telling me my head hurts.” Ashlyn sighed.

“Did the moon goddess mention what we should do about Susan?” I asked.

“She told me to train my magic and that Susan would find me and that I needed to be prepared,” she answered. The elevator dinged and Liam and Matt walked in with bags of takeaway.

“Awe, did we miss all the fun?” Matt asked while placing the bags he was carrying on the coffee table.

Liam placed his bags down before digging through one of them. Liam passed Ashlyn a small bag, and I assumed it had cookies in it. She looked in the bag and her face lit up. She pulled out a cookie and passed it to Sage and then pulled out another one.

“You’re sharing now?” Sage asked her.

“l could always take it back,” Ashlyn told her while she reached back for the cookie, and Sage smacked her hand away.

“No, this is mine.” Sage l!cked her cookie, and Ashlyn laughed.

“I’d still eat it.” Ashlyn shrugged, and Sage laughed at her. You can tell that these two are sisters.

“So, what did we miss?” Liam asked, sitting down beside Brandon.

We all explained what Ashlyn just told us, while she and Sage stuffed their faces with the cookies that Liam brought.

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