Finding Her True Alpha Chapter 75: Mission Planning


I know Ashlyn wasn’t happy about us asking her-to slow down. And I know I pissed Derek off for bringing it up. I at least got s*x last night, and now she was pissed off, meaning he probably wouldn’t get any. But she didn’t throw up after she walked through the portal she opened, so that was a plus.

When we were heading to the training field, I was thinking about how Ashlyn had been feeling. I know nothing about magic and how using too much of it at once can make you feel. I hope that it’s just her using magic and not something more serious. I wondered if she was pregnant, but she had a birth control shot and it hadn’t been 6 weeks yet.

We arrived at the training field, and we had three teams already waiting for us. Derek, Matt, and I were going to head to the dragon kingdom to organize the dragon teams in a few days. We were going to have a few teams meet near Emerald Lake and scout out the area to get us some intel.

We had three groups of ten, making thirty total for werewolf warriors. We were going to get thirty dragons and break them into groups so everyone could mindlink.

This way, the dragons could man the air and the wolves could cover the forest. Delta Dylan came over to greet me. We were both in the same training class.

“Prince Mason, it’s good to see you. Where’s your lovely Queen that I keep hearing so much about?” He asked, shaking my hand.

“She had a family thing come up and could not make it today. But I’m sure you’ll meet her soon.” I told him and he nodded. He greeted Brandon and then turned his attention to Sage.

“What’s with the witch?” Dylan asked curiously, and Brandon let out a growl, confusing Dylan.

“I’m Princess Sage of the magic kingdom.” Sage announced, and poor Dylan paled.

“Delta Dylan, this is Dragon Prince Derek. Sage and Derek are here to help.” l introduced them and they shook hands.

“So it’s true, we are officially working with the dragons?” Dylan asked me, and I nodded.

“After we have the dragons organized, you’ll be heading out to an area near the Emerald Lake Pack.” I told him.

“Emerald Lake? Isn’t that the pack that vanished?” He asked me.

“That’s the pack the Queen is originally from. We believe that’s the home base for all the rogues responsible for all the attacks,” l explained.

“We also believe they have magic working with them. The Warlock King has agreed to send a few of his warlock warriors with the group,” Sage explained.

“We are just waiting for a report from the Former Vampire King and then we will head out to our planned location. We aren’t planning on attacking until Our Queen is ready,” I explained, and he raised an eyebrow at him.

“Surely the Queen won’t be on the battlefield?” He asked. And I looked over at Derek.

“She is the best weapon we have,” Derek told him. Dylan looked confused but didn’t say anymore, he just nodded.

“This mission is just to collect intel on the enemy. We will not attack unless they attack first. Derek and I will also be out there for the first few days to make sure everything goes smoothly with the wolves and the dragons. I know we haven’t worked with the dragons before, but before we never needed to. We need them to man the air while we watch the forest.” l explained, and he nodded.

“I’ll explain everything, and “‘ll let you know if there are questions about the mission.” Dylan answered, before wandering back to the group of warriors.

“And which one of you is going to explain to Ashlyn that you are both heading into the field and you’re not taking her with you?” Sage asked, and I sighed.

“Sage, we thought you would explain.” Derek told her, and she started laughing.

“Really? are you insane? I’m not getting involved in this.” She said. And I pinched the bridge of my nose. I-knew she would not be happy about our plan.

“We will figure it out when we have a better idea when we are leaving,” I told them. My phone rang, and I pulled it out of my pocket to see that King Draco was calling me. I answered and walked away from the group to speak with him. After I hung up with him, I walked back over to my group.

“What’s wrong?” Derek asked me, concerned.

“King Draco hasn’t been able to locate his father. He also cannot track his phone. He also hasn’t used his accounts, either. So, we don’t know if he’s dead or alive.” I relied on what King Draco told me.

“We should move the planned base a little further out, just to be safe,” Derek commented, and I nodded.

“I’ll make sure magic protects the base. No one can enter that has ill intentions.” Sage told us, and that made me feel a little better about what we were walking into.

Dylan walked back over to us and informed us that everyone agreed with the plan and that he’d make sure they were all ready to mobilize in two days’ time. I thanked Dylan, and we were just about to leave the training field when my phone rang again. Liam’s name popped up and my stomach immediately fell.

“Liam, what’s wrong?” I answered.

“Mason, we need you and Derek here now.” A panicked Liam sounded through the phone.

“Liam, is Ashlyn okay?” I yelled into the phone.

“She is not hurt, but I don’t know if she’s okay.” He answered before the phone cut out.

“What?” Derek asked me, panicked, and I could feel Thor ready to shift and take over.

“Sage, we need a portal,” I commanded. And before we knew it, we were standing in front of the Blue Moon pack house. Liam was waiting out front for us and I was on the verge of punching him in the face.

“Mason, she isn’t hurt but something happened, but I don’t know what.” Liam rushed out.

“Where is she?” Derek demanded.

“She’s in the pack house,” he answered, and Derek rushed inside.

“What happened?” Sage asked him.

“She wanted to see the man that attacked Grace. He was sedated, but when she touched his hand, her eyes turned white. The man woke up from his sedation, which he never should have. He asked her if she liked her future, in this demonic voice, and then said that he’d see her in hell. He cut his own wrists with his claws. Ashlyn has been crying ever since. I do not know what happened,” Liam explained all in one breath, and I could see that he was just as worried as the rest of us were.

“How long were her eyes white for?” Sage asked him while we made it into the pack house.

“Only for about a minute. It wasn’t long, but she moved her arms up to protect her face before she came out of it.” Liam explained.

We walked into the living room to find Derek trying to pry Ashlyn off of lan. She was a sobbing mess and Derek wasn’t happy with our mate smelling like another male.

I sat down beside lan, and Derek was sitting on the coffee table in front of him. Ashlyn had her arms tightly wrapped around his neck and was sobbing on his shoulder. I leaned into her neck while rubbing her back.

“Baby, it’s okay. You can let go of lan. Derek and I are here now.” I whispered to her. It still took her a few minutes to register that we were here. Whatever happened really had her worked up. She finally turned her head away from lan’s neck and looked at me.

She unwrapped her arms from around lan’s neck and threw them around my neck. I pulled her off of lan and he moved so that Derek could sit beside us.

“Mason, you’re alive.” Ashlyn sobbed on my shoulder, holding onto me like I was her lifeline. I squeezed her into my chest while Derek was rubbing her back. I was confused by what she said. Of course I was alive.

“Babygirl, what do you think happened to Mason?” Derek whispered to her. She turned her head away from my neck to look at Derek. She wrapped one of her arms around his neck and pulled us both close to her.

“l promise l will never complain about you two trying to keep me safe again. I get it now, just please don’t leave me.” She sobbed. I looked over at Sage to see if she could explain what happened.

“I need to see the body.” She told lan, and he nodded. lan led Sage and Brandon out of the living room. Leaving Derek, Matt, Liam and me with a sobbing Queen.

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