Finding Her True Alpha Chapter 82: Excuses


“Baby, you’re pregnant,” Mason said, and I nodded.

“I wanted to tell you in person, but I guess Tundra told you. I found out a few days ago,” I told them.

“Babygirl, you shouldn’t be here,” Derek said, and I glared at him.

“Your girlfriend is dead, so you don’t have to worry about me finding out,” I growled.

“Ashlyn, that is not what I meant.” He said, trying to reach out to me, but I moved my hand.

“Do you have any idea how humiliating it is to show up and smell your mate all over his ex-girlfriend? To have everyone know that you both don’t respect me enough to tell me what the fvck was going on? Mason, your Delta almost died. If I wouldn’t have shown up, he would have.

So both of you are going to explain now, or you can both get the hell out.” My voice cracked at the end. Tears began to pool in my eyes. I hate needing them as much as I do. I hate how much I crave their touch and how their scents make me feel. Closing my eyes, I tried to slow down my breathing.

“Baby, it’s not like that. I’m sorry that you had to show up with things the way they were. It’s not that we didn’t want you here, it’s not that we don’t trust you.” Mason said, kneeling in front of me now. And Derek moved to sit beside me.

“Then what?” I asked them and they both looked at each other, worryingly.

“One of you better talk.” I growled out.

“Babygirl, when we showed up, and we were scouting the area, we came upon a body.” Derek sighed.

“Okay, and what does that have to do with me?” I asked them, confused.

“It was a message. It was someone you know.” Mason said, and I could feel the panic rising.

“What? Who?” I stuttered out.

“It was Donny, Baby. I’m so sorry. We were worried about telling you,” Mason told me. I pushed him away and stood up from the cot. I started pacing the tent while my mates stared at me.

“So you thought that you’d keep me away? They are coming after people that I care about. And I have the power to heal and you just thought you’d hide me away.

What the fvck would have happened if one or both of you got hurt or even worse? I wouldn’t have been able to portal in and you both would have died. Do either of you even love me at all?” I was full on sobbing now. Just the thought of anything happening to them had my chest tight and my stomach in knots.

I stopped pacing, bending over, I rested my hands on my knees. I was hyperventilating now and my breathing became labored. Tundra was outside my body, rubbing up against me.

“Ashlyn, I need you to calm down. Think of our baby boy.” She said in my head, nudging her head into my neck. I kneeled down, wrapped my arms around her neck, and sobbed into her fur.

“Both of you get the hell out!” Tundra growled out.

“Tundra, we are trying to make this right, but how can we if you keep pushing us away?” I heard Derek say.

“You should have thought about that before you brought that stupid b!tch here.” She growled at him.

“She was only here because she is good at her job, nothing more,” Derek defended. I pushed myself away from Tundra and looked up at Derek. He and Mason were now standing over us.

“You are telling me she never tried anything?” I asked him, and he shifted uncomfortably. I wiped my tears and stood up. Now l was pissed off.

“That b!tch called your mate Hybrid scrum. That b!tch refused to acknowledge her Queen and she hurt a young vampire. And you are telling me right now that she tried sh!t with you and you still kept her around?” I screamed.

“Baby, please calm down and let us explain. Please.” Mason approached me and placed a hand over my still flat stomach. I looked up at him and I could see his concern. He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me against his chest.

Before anything else could be said, my phone rang inside my pocket. I know it must be Arthur calling me back with all the details. But before I could even reach for it to answer, Mason pulled it out of my pocket and handed it to Derek.

“Go.” Mason told Derek. Derek took my phone and stepped out of the tent. Mason nuzzled his face into my neck, breathing in my scent.

“Both of you need to stop making decisions about my life.” I said into his chest.

“We just didn’t want to see you hurt, Baby. I knew if you saw Donny like that, you’d feel incredibly guilty. I didn’t want you to run into the unknown because of your guilt.” He mumbled against my neck.

“And that’s not your call to make, it’s mine. This is my destiny. I’m the hero in this story, and if you two can’t be my sidekicks, then you can just leave. I’m not doing this anymore. This is my battle.” I told him, pushing him away.

I was feeling lightheaded. I pulled a granola bar out of my pocket and sat down on my cot. Regardless of how I was feeling emotionally, I still needed to take care of myself physically.

“Baby, but now you are pregnant, and that changes things,” Mason breathed out, as he sat down on Sage’s cot.

“I’m pregnant, not broken. And if T had the full support of my mates and the fathers of my son, you’d have nothing to worry about.” I told him, taking a bite of my bar. Mason came over to sit with me.

“We are having a boy?” He asked, stunned. And I sighed.

“Mason, I’m six weeks along.” I told him, and his eyes went wide.

“What?” He stuttered out. Just then, Derek came back into the tent.

“King Theo is sending a plane out to pick up all the vampires. He is also going to lead the investigation into the kidnaped families. Sage and Nathan are going to portal them near a human city where the plane is scheduled to land in a few hours. Sage said that she’d make sure that everyone was on the plane safely” Derek informed us, sitting down on Sage’s cot. And I let out a breath. I’m glad that they are going home.

“Now explain to me why Chantel was here and why she was covered in your scent.” I asked Derek.

“And why did both of you smell like her yesterday?” Tundra growled out. She was sitting beside the cot and I shared some of my granola bar with her.

“She would try to flirt, that’s it. I would never touch her, Babygirl. I love you and only you.” Derek tried to explain, but I was ready to roll my eyes.

“Why was she even here? And why did you smell like her, Mason?” I asked. Nothing gets past Tundra and I could tell she was ready to just say fvck it and reject them.

“She was here because she is a leader in the Dragon military. She is an excellent tracker and leader” And I let out a scuff.

“Good leader, my fvcken a*ss. She only cared about the Dragons. Dragons almost got some wolves killed. And the two of you let that happen.” I told them, and both of them hung their heads.

“Now, why the fvck was that b!tch’s scent all over you, Mason?!” I yelled. I was quickly losing any patience I had. All of their excuses Were fvcken bvllshit. It didn’t matter when I found out about what happened to Donny, I would and always feel guilty about his death. So keeping me away for that reason was bvllshit.

“When we walked into our tent yesterday, she was lying on our cot na*ked. I yelled at her to leave, and both Mason and I left. Then we received a call from Liam about you and Sage. We didn’t have time to shower or change.” Derek explained, while he kneeled down between my legs. He ran his hands up my thighs until they were resting on my h!ps.

“Do you honestly think that anyone would ever even come close to you?” Derek said, and Tundra huffed.

“Clearly not. We are fantastic and she was a trash bag.”

“Tundra! You can’t just say that? Out loud!” I scolded her while I tried to hold in my laughter.

“I can and I just did. Fvcken trash bag. I’m going to check on our boy. I’m over talking about that fvcken b!tch.” She huffed before she jumped into me. I’m so glad that I didn’t throw up, but I gagged. Only 14 more weeks to go of this.

“Has she always been like that?” Mason asked me.

“Boy?” Derek exclaimed.

“She has always been like that, but you never heard her. And Yes, Derek. We are having a boy. I’m 6 weeks along” I answered both of them. Derek lifted my hoodie and pushed his head into my stomach.

“Derek stop.” I yelled at him, smacking his back.

“No, I want to hear my boy,” he mumbled into my tummy. Sage entered the tent and immediately turned around.

“That was fast.” She laughed.

“He’s hearing the baby.” I corrected her.

“Oh, thank the goddess. We all know the fastest way to your heart is through cupcakes, not dick.” She laughed.

“Thanks Sage.” I shook my head. Mason wrapped an arm around my shoulder, giving me a side hug before kissing my forehead.

“I missed you Baby.” He mumbled against my forehead. Derek was mumbling into my tummy, and his scruff was tickling my tummy.

“Derek, stop. Your poky face tickles.” I giggled, trying to push him away.

“Ashlyn, Milo would like to say goodbye before we leave,” Sage told me and Derek to let out a growl.

“You are not allowed to growl at me, mister. Both of you are far from forgiving. Now move, I have vampires to say goodbye to.”

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