Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 101

Belinda POV

Jonathan had made her a new cup of tea, he was sitting on the lounge watching her, while she paced back and forth around their living room, he’d asked her twice now what was going on. But how did she tell the man she loved, she’d had a child with another, not by her own choice, but still she loved that child.

That her daughter was now in danger from her own family, that Hendrick was coming, as he stated ‘for what is mine.’, the child he had wanted to have with her, a child he could bleed dry to increase his own power.

Warlocks were all power crazy sons of bitches.

He was no different to the one that kidnapped her 30 years ago. That man had wanted Jo-anne for the very same reason, to be bled dry to enhance his own power just like Hendrick.

She’d never really talked about that two years, not to anyone. Jonathan knew the bare basics.

She’d had nightmares when she’d come back and he’d had to comfort her some nights more than others.

All Belinda had told him was that a powerful warlock had taken her, removed their Mate Bond and forced his own Mark on her and that for two years she had belonged to him, till she had found a way to kill him and escape to come back home. He understood what “belonging to him” had meant.

She’d never wanted to be there and made sure that he knew that.

But that was all the detail she’d gone into, didn’t want to think about him or that place, her time there, shuddered and shook it off, was still happy to never have to recant it to anyone. Though her instincts were now telling her she was going to have to, that Mark on Jo-anne and Terence, the girls father had that Mark too.

“Honey, calm down, whatever it is. It’s going to be fine.”

Belinda turned and looked right at him, her Goddess-Gifted Mate, who had only ever loved her, since the day she’d barrelled into his life and practically demanded he Mark and Mate her. Loved him so much, didn’t want to hurt him, with the truth of Jo-anne, sighed “Hendrick is coming.” she finally told him, saw him frown instantly. “A day at the most”

“Why?” he asked.

“Saw something he wants, so did his seer’s.”

She turned and walked away from him, stilled as she felt all those creepy invisible spiders run all over her skin. Her vision went white and she shuddered, felt the cup drop from her hands, heard it smash on the floor, they didn’t have a day. He was here and not that far away, an hour away at most.

He had used some sort of magic portal to bring everyone through, felt him looking right at her, laughing at her fear.

Bolted from their suite. “Stay here.” she yelled to him, knew though he could feel her fear and panic through their bond. He would stay put, he knew she’d had a vision, seen it many times before, hardly ever was she wrong.

Ran right into the Alpha’s office. “The royals are here West.”

“What?” T.J. replied “That’s not possible.”

“It is, Hendrick opened a portal, they’re coming for Jo-anne.” her eyes moved to her daughter. The girl barely knew anything at all. “One hour at most.” she ran right over to Jo-anne “l’m sorry child, I don’t have that much time to explain everything to you.” grabbed her hand to take her from the room, found West’s hand right on her arm, halting her.

“Don’t take her away from me Belinda, I just got her back.”

Her eyes moved to his apologetically “I’m sorry West, if she stays here, they will take her away.”

Felt Jo-anne pull herself from the grip she had on her, “I’m not going anywhere.”

“Jo-anne please, we have to go now.” She begged her. Reaching out for her again,

“No, I can’t separate Clova from her Mate and I won’t, just tell me what is going on, or I am not going anywhere.”

“We don’t have time.”

“Please make the time, state what is going on. I will not leave Volt.”

Belinda looked around the room, looked right at West. “Watch the northern border, be vigilant, that’s where Hendrick will be coming from, and he’s bringing my parents and 4 seers with him.”

Saw him nod and his eyes glaze over, likely alerting his border patrof to the situation.

Looked back at Jo-anne, this is not the way she should find out about anything about herself. Took a deep breath “When I left you. I knew that Luna Natalia would bleed you into another bloodline. I knew this would hide you from the Royals, from Hendrick specifically. He’s their most powerful warlock. He wants you and now without Heath’s blood in you.

Tainting your blood. All of your royal blood, and your father’s blood runs unchecked and pure through your veins. Last night you asserted yourself completely and they felt something… but today when you used your seer’s gift, something you got from me, I wasn’t sure if you would get that, I prayed not, but.” she shook her head, “should have known, now everyone of them seers including Hendrick, their coven leader, felt it.”

“So?” she sounded confused.

“So my child. Hendrick is now coming for you, your blood more specifically. In its purest form, it will enhance his and all his seer’s abilities, to see better. You see every time one of them drinks your blood they will be able to see clearer, it is difficult to explain it.” she sighed, could probably let the girl see it for herself, but now was not the time. ” He is coming right now, told me to claim what is his.”

“I don’t belong to him.” Jo-anne frowned at her now.

“No you don’t. But in his eyes, technically, you still belong to no one.”

“Excuse me.” West and Volt shot at her together. She knew his wolf had claimed hers. But that would not be enough in Hendricks eyes.

“In their eyes, Hendrick and my fathers, at that.

Until Jo-anne is Marked and Mated she belongs to no-one. But, West you can’t Mark her yet. You marked her once before, your wolf bit her all over, if I recall correctly.” saw the man’s jaw tighten. She wasn’t trying to remind him of that time. Just explain the basic information “while she was tainted by Heath’s blood, you can’t Mark her again until that tainted blood is out of you. I don’t really have the time to get into all the details, but I will. Just please trust me, on this.” saw him frowning again, much more deeply.

Belinda knew that he had changed after Marking Jo-anne when she was 16. He was just lucky that she had not come of age and been 18 or he’d likely have ended up like Heath fractured and desperately trying to kill her, at every out burst of anger. Her being underage had likely saved them both. Though she knew they were both tortured by their past.

She had not been able to do anything about it lest she reveal Jo-anne’s true identity. She herself had tried to save him once, damned near killed him.

It was not her who could save him, likely only Jo-anne had that ability. She’d saved Heath, she could save West too, it was just a matter of time, explaining it to her and trying to get her to focus on it.

Her eyes moved back to Jo-anne “Please, I have to hide you, there is no other way. Hendrick will either bleed you dry or forcibly Mark and Mate you to produce children with you. So that he can bleed them dry”

Saw Jo-anne’s eyes go very wide. “I’m sorry, it’s the reason I hid you, in the first place, a terrible fate has always awaited you. Your own father, he wanted you, for the same reason. It’s why I killed him, to protect you. It’s why I asked our moon Goddess to protect you.” her eyes moved right to Terence. “I’m sorry son, she chose you for this task. I love the choice and I hate the choice at the same time.” and she did.

“It’s fine mother.” he smiled at her. Never cared about it.

“No. its not T.J, it made you Mate-less.”

Jo-anne shot at him, unhappy about this.

“It’s fine Jo-Jo, I have Ella now.”

“Jo-anne, he always will have Ella, I have already foreseen it. She loves him, their bond is good and strong. Do not worry about Terence. He is fine, and he is happy and will always be.” she tried to reassure the girl.

“That is not the point.”

“No, the point is, I have to hide you once again, Jo-anne. I can’t literally hide you. Once Hendrick and his seers are here in the pack, they’ll sniff out your royal bloodline and fast, but I can re-taint your blood. Bleed you to another, so when they taste your blood to test it and they will.”

“I hate to interrupt, Belinda, your family is here coming across the border now.”

“No, it’s to0 quick.” she shook her head.

“I got this mother,” Terence walked across the room “you just need Jo-Jo bled to another blood line, that is all, right.”

“Yes, but not you, definitely not West.”

Watched as Terence nodded, then grabbed Jo-anne’s hand and pulled her towards the door.


“I know who, West get the pack Blade.” He called over his shoulder.

Belinda was walking behind her son. “I m sorry Jo-anne, we can undo it once they are gone.”

“Will my blood hurt this person?” she asked as she was pulled along by Terence up the stairs of the pack-house.

“No, not in its purest form, and we only need to bleed them to you, not you to them anyway, so don’t worry about it.. Terence, where are you taking her?” She asked her son as they climbed from the first to the second floor.

“Where she has always belonged.” he answered her simply.

“What?..” and then it dawned on her a moment later as they hit the 3rd floor, he was taking Jo-anne to her suite with Jonathan, he was taking her right to his own father. “No, Terence stop. He doesn’t know”

“Well, he’s going to find out mother, in short order from Hendrick, right? Better you do it this way.”

“T.J. wait, if your mother doesn’t want this, find another.” Jo-anne pleaded with him, sounded worried about her and Jonathan’s relationship, even now she was concerned more about a mother who had abandoned her than being saved from Hendrick.

“There is no time, Jo-Jo.” he told her as he pushed into their suite.

Jonathon was sitting looking at everyone piling into the room. She bit her l!p nervously, she’d never told him about Jo-anne, Goddess she prayed he would not hate her for this, watched as he stood up, looked from her to Terence, their son, then to Jo-anne, who stood right next to him as West stepped into the room and closed the door behind him.

“Father, I need you to accept Jo-Jo as your daughter and she has to accept you as her father.”

Belinda watched as Jonathan look to the girl and then to Belinda herself, “Alright, is it pressing?”

Belinda nodded to him. “Hendrick is here already.”

“20 minutes for them to walk from the border to here at most.” West spoke up.

Belinda touched Jo-anne’s arm. “Please do this. It is the only way to save you.”

“What will happen? When they test me, my blood?” Jo-anne asked her, could hear the worry.

She knew what had happened to Heath.

She would not lie to her, “One of two things, the one testing your blood could become fractured like Heath did, or.. they could die, depending on how much blood they take from you to test.”

“What?.. l don’t want that.” she saw Jo-anne’s eyes go wide in horror.

“l’m sorry Jo-anne, it’s you or them, I can’t loose you, I won’t.” her eyes moved to Terence and she nodded, saw him pull Jo-anne right up to Jonathan. “Father?”

“l accept the girl as my daughter.”

“West please don’t.” Jo-anne begged up at him

“someone could die because of this.”

“I’m sorry Jo-anne, to save your life | have to.” he told her gently.

“l won’t accept him.” Jo-anne suddenly yelled at all of them.

Belinda knew the girl had to actually accept this, want this. It would never work if she rejected it.

“Please Jo-anne, I know you have been through a lot lately, that I was never there for you, but please, they are going to kill you, bleed you dry in a matter of days.”

“Jo-anne honey.” it was Jonathan. “allow me to save your life, bring you into this family, where you have always belonged.” watched as he reached out and touched her face “So like your mother, I would love to be your father, I should have been.” he told her softly.

“I don’t want to hurt anyone.” Jo-anne was looking up at him.

“It will hurt everyone if you are taken away from us. Terence here will likely be in agony every minute you are in their hands. West and Volt, it will break them to loose their Mate. Belinda, myself even. Your two sisters, even likely Heath, he is still bonded to you honey. You will hurt all of us, if you don’t do this.”

“Jo-Jo, you’ll let then kill Clova if you choose not to do this.” T.J. tilted the girl’s face to his, looked down at her. He knew her better than anyone.

Belinda watched as Jo-anne closed her eyes.

That was the one she could never hurt, not again.

Clova was a deal breaker.

“Alright.” she said softly after amoment.

“West, please hurry.”

Watched as West cut Jonathan’s out-stretched hand, “Do you, Jo-anne Carlton, accept Jonathan James as your father?”

Saw Jo-anne look at West, look at Jonathan, he smiled right down at her. “I want this Jo-Jo, please.

Saw the girl’s eyes widen at the use of her name, the one Terence had given her right here in this suite, right before Jonathan himself. “I accept you as my father, Jonathan James.” leaned down and pressed her mouth to his palm. Saw the girl’s eyes white over and knew she was seeing something of Jonathan, what Belinda did not know.

Looked up at him when it passed, tears in her eyes and watched as Jonathan enfolded her into his arms and hugged her, looked right at Belinda and smiled “Where she’s always belonged.”

Felt tears well in her eyes, somehow he knew, still loved her, even looked like he loved her daughter to another.

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