Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 102

Jo-anne POV

Hearing Belinda tell her very roughly what her blood did to people, shocked and frightened her, to hear her say her blood was tainted, tell West and Volt that they could not Mark her or Clova because the first time they had, they would have been tainted themselves by her blood, that it needed to be removed from him first, before they could Mark them again, she didn’t really understand that.

Knew she was getting the really short version and there was a lot more going on, then she could comprehend, the royals, who were apparently her grandparents, were coming and they were going to let their warlock and his seers drain every drop of blood from her because she was never going to be his Mate, would kill him first.

These people did not even know her, didn’t even care about her either, it seemed. Just wanted the power of her blood, she didn’t think she was that special, but the urgency she could hear in the woman, her own mother’s voice, the moment West told her they were here, crossing the border, let her know, that she believed every word she was imparting to them.

It was T.J. that pulled her from the office on a mission to save her. The Protector part of him would never allow her to be harmed. He took her right to his parents’ suite, put her right in front of Jonathan. A man who knew nothing about her being his Mate’s hidden child, Belinda was panicking over the man finding out and T.J. didn’t seem to care all that much.

She had to know what her tainted blood was going to do to the one testing it, and to hear it would be a fractured mind or death, depending the amount of blood they tested. She couldn’t allow that.

Heath was in agony with a fractured mind, though now at least she understood some of his behaviour, when Jester had bitten her, gotten a mouthful of her blood, it fractured his mind, it had sent him insane.

Is that what happened to West? When he had Marked her all those years ago, had he to become fractured? She knew that he had changed and like overnight, from a happy, charming man who all the girls liked, T.J. had told her, to an angry, controlling man.

There was no way she wanted that for anyone, even listening to Jonathan list off all the people that would be hurt by her own death, she knew it would just be emotional pain, better than a fractured mind. Emotional pain could at least be healed given time.

It was when T.J. told her what it would do to her own wolf, that Jo-anne knew she had to do this, if she chose not to, it was likely a death sentence for her own wolf, her sweet Clova, who was finally happy. Really truly happy at that. Had gone silent, listening to everyone talk, she was not the type to want to hurt others either, it was her choice, hers and Clova’s.

No one could force them to take Jonathan as their father, it didn’t work that way for someone as old as she was, one who could understand and make the choice for herself.

Reached out to Clova, her wolf said nothing at all. She would not choose, not aid in this decision.

She was finally happy back with Volt where she had always belonged, wanted to be Mated again to her Alpha Wolf.

Jo-anne had been terribly selfish once before, not taken her wolf’s feelings into account and nearly killed her, she would not do that again. Clova was her choice, she would accept Jonathan as her father and let herself be bled into his line to save her wolf.

“Alright.” she said softly.

Accepted the man, the minute her l!ps hit his palm and the metallic taste of his blood found her tongue, she felt the connection to him, so strong.

He was now her father, there was a father-daughter bond between them.

Then a second later, her vision whited over and she was him, looking down at a very young T.J. holding a baby in his arms, his hand out to touch the baby; it was her, the day she’d been born, the man’s heart was beating a mile a minute inside his chest, as he smelled the little girl in his son’s arms.

Smelled the scent of his own Mate, a woman he’d believed had been dead for the past two years. Knew right at that moment, that Belinda his Mate, was alive out there somewhere, had suffered terribly over the past two years. He already understood that she had abandoned the little girl, the baby his son was holding in his arms before him, abandoned in this pack, her pack, so that the baby would be looked after, that Belinda knew their Luna would bleed her into another line, if no one claimed the girl.

That she had given birth to this little girl before him and then run away again. Knew she would never abandon her own child without good reason.

Perhaps so he would never find out about the little girl.

The little baby now sleeping in his small son’s arms, a baby he’d told his father he’d heard crying, that he Jonathan had not believed him, his hearing had not picked up the baby crying, when Terence had told him he heard one crying.

But there she was right before him, smelled just like her mother, his lost Mate. Proof that she was alive. He followed his son to his bedroom and watched him pat her just the way Belinda had done to him when he was small. He could not keep the baby. Couldn’t let Terence keep the little girl either.

What if Belinda came back?

What if this was the precursor to her return to the pack? To him? She had left the baby, she would not want the little girl here, not when she had gone out of her way to hide her from him. He believed that Belinda did not want him to know about her about the child she’d born to another.

Walked out of his suite and woken Alpha Damien and his Luna, he told them nothing of Belinda’s scent on the baby, nothing other than Terence had found a baby out in the snow. Both had nearly laughed, been more than shocked by the truth of the matter, he’d encouraged them to bleed the girl to another family when they offered him to keep the girl, seeing how attached Terence was to her.

He already saw their sibling bond, how attached to his little sister he was, but could not allow the boy what he wanted, in case Belinda came home. He would keep his knowledge of the girl to himself, keep her secret. If she came back to him, he would never mention the girl, never bring her up and do his best to keep Terence from doing so as well.

She was flashed forward in time to when she was all grown up, 18 and at university, and there was Jonathan talking to the Dean of the university, making sure she got into all the classes that she wanted, making sure that any class that had filled up before she could get in, a space opened up for her and she was slotted into it.

Saw him talking to a Realtor a few years later, in the very apartment she had lived in for the last 3 years, had helped her to get it, it seemed paid that Realtor a large some of the money to let her live there as long as she liked.

The man had done everything he could to look out for her, where he could. Tried to do fatherly things for her, even though he’d never been able to tell her, who she was to him.

Felt tears well in her own eyes as she watched him recommend her artistic skills to Alpha Blake of the Hunters Moon pack, during a meeting, told him she was a talented artist and produced one of her cards, handed it to the man, had not pushed him into it. He simply offered him the choice to use her.

He was the first Alpha she had painted in a portrait.

She had no idea that Jonathan even carried her cards.

This man before her, had done so many things for her, that she was completely unaware of, he’d treated her like his own, when and where he could, always loved her like his own, even though he could not claim her as his own. Had been to the city for all the meetings she’d had with Alpha Damien, and not because he was the Beta, but because he wanted to see her, make sure she was doing well.

Hugged him so tightly, the minute she lifted her l!ps from his palm, felt him hug her back, buried her face into his chest, and whispered “Thank you.”

He likely had no idea what she was referring to, but she wanted to thank him anyway. Just stood there and leaned on him, this man should have been her father, heard him say “where she’s always belonged.” wanted him to be her father more than anything in this world right this minute. Knew he also wanted her to be his daughter.

Realised as she turned her head and looked at the others in the room, this was her family. Her actual mother stood right there just a few metres away, her brother next to her, and even saw Ava and Sonja standing over by the hallway that would lead down to their rooms, her sisters. She had a real family and they were all right here, in this very moon.

Looked at West, he was watching her, smiled gently at her, seemed to know what she was feeling as she looked about the room. Could feel Clova inside her mind. Wanting to see all of them, all of her siblings. She had no idea how much Ava and Sonja knew, if anything at all, had no idea when they had come into the room. Could already see Clova running with their wolves.

Smiled as she recalled that Clova had pounced all over Ava and Sonja’s wolves during training that day, had been happy around them, happy-like. puppy even, her eyes moved back to the girls, who were standing watching. They didn’t look upset, both just seemed a bit confused by the way their father was holding on to her, and him.

Pulled herself together and away from Jonathan, looked up at him and saw him smile down at her “Welcome, daughter.” he sounded a bit gruff to her ear as he brushed her tears away, then she saw his eyes move to his Mate, Belinda.

Her eyes moved to the woman as well. She seemed a bit nervous as she looked at him, but walked over to him when he beckoned to her, hugged her right to his chest “l love you, and all of your children. Our children.”

“I’m sorry, I never said.”

“Don’t mention it, she is our daughter now, and no bloody warlock, royal or otherwise, is touching any of my children.” he grated out the last part.

“What do we do now?” Jo-anne asked.

“Get you out of their sight, for as long as possible.” Belinda looked at her.

They are here, Belinda” West sighed. “About to hit the pack-house.”

Belinda grabbed Jo0-anne and pushed her right at West looked from her to him. “West, take her to your suite right now. Mate her, as long as you and Volt like.”

“W… What.” Jo-anne gasped, completely shocked by the woman’s comment.

“I’m sorry sweetheart, we are running out of time. Not even the King and Queen can interrupt and Alpha and Luna mating for the first time. Please go.” she turned to Terence, “Son, get downstairs, you’ll be in charge, until these two come out of the Alpha’s suite.” turned to look back at Jo-anne “Tomorrow hopefully.”

“We can’t just go and Mate.”

“Sweetheart, yes you can. You are Mate’s. Go.

West, under no circumstances, do you or Volt Mark her, I mean that..”

“Alright.” he nodded. Had hold of Jo-anne’s hand a second later, smiled right at her “Got mums blessing.” he chuckled and pulled her from the suite and out into the hall.

“I’m still annoyed with you,” Jo-anne muttered as he led her up the stairs to the 4th floor. “where are we going exactly?”

“To our suite, it’s across from Terence’s.”

“Oh.” she had not known that “West, I don’t think we should do this yet.”

“Hmm, what about Clova and Volt? That will take most of the night, they could never get enough of each other.” he commented with a chuckle as he pushed opened the door and walked her into the Alpha suite. Heard him lock the door behind her.

Could feel Clova getting all excited inside her mind, itching to be with her Mate,’ Oh yes, you’ll wait for West and I to sort things out.’ she shot at her wolf.

There would be no waiting, not for her wolf it seemed. “Goddess help me,” she muttered as she looked at West.

He was nearly laughing she realised, “Is your little Clova clawing to get out as much as Volt is right now?”

“Yes.” she murmured, pointing a finger right at him as she saw Volt push forward “No marking Volt”

Heard him growl, a massive smirk right on his face as he took complete control of West’s body, yanked her hard up against him “Mate only.” He growled “Clova now.” he called out her wolf.

Jo-anne allowed Clova to push forward,

Goddess she knew she was going to be sore all over and exhausted when they were done. Now that these two were officially Mates once more, they were going to Mate unrestrained and likely not just in human form either. They were already ripping at each other’s clothes. Goddess she was going to have nothing to wear afterwards.

Crazy Alpha wolves going at it. Clova so very happy to be with Volt again.

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