Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 103


T.J. headed downstairs double time, ignoring the fact that his wolf’s hearing was picking up Jo-anne’s concerned voice, behind him as West led her to their suite, they would sort themselves out, likely just let their wolves Mate.

Was sitting in the Alpha’s office, in the Alpha’s chair when he felt it. The Royal Aura of his Grandfather and Grandmother. Did not bother to get up and go greet them, they had come unannounced to this pack and would have to deal with the fact that nothing was prepared for their arrival.

Looked up as they entered the office, didn’t even knock, didn’t believe they had to “A surprise visit?” he questioned as he stood up, it was expected of him, of any Alpha, bowed his head slightly as a mark of respect.

The King, his grandfather Sebastian, was dressed in Royal colours, a full three-piece suit, of black, with a royal purple vest over a black dress shirt, and a gold tie. His suit button to the very top button, his dark brown hair styled immaculately and his crown, a golden band around his head, worn everywhere he went, even in his own castle the man never took it off.

He was a tall, imposing man, lean rather than muscular, though that did not denote a lack of strength, he was a pure-blooded Royal Alpha wolf.

He stood in the middle of the room, looking right at him, with piercing black eyes.

His Luna, and Queen, T.J.’s grandmother Christina, stood next to him, her long brown hair swept up in a neat braided bun atop her head, she too was wearing her crown, matched the Kings, only thinner and more dainty, lady like, T.J. supposed. She was dressed in a long black gown with dark purple embroidered flowers on it and had golden silk cuffs and collar to it, a picture of elegance she was.

“Slipped her hand through her Mate’s elbow Grandson.”

“Your highness,” he knew better than to address her, informally, “What brings you here to the human realm?” he asked as his eyes moved away from her, as Hendrick strolled into the office.

Saw him look right at the door that was leaning up against the wall, reached out and touched it, watched as he then lifted his hand and smelled his fingers, slid his tongue over them, tasting what ever was on the door. He was a tall thin man, with thin l!ps and a slightly hooked nose, and soulless black eyes. His black but greying hair, was pulled into a low ponytail and then plaited all the way down his back to his waist where it stopped, he was wearing a simple pair of grey pants and a lighter grey shirt, nothing special about him.

Nor the four seers that stood just behind him either, all very similar in looks, likely sisters, all had long black hair, were also very thin, tall and looked like a stOng qust of wind would knock them over.

Also, had those black soulless eyes of their coven leader, made T.J. wonder if they were related.

One of them already had her eyes whited over, searching already, he supposed, they to all wore grey dresses, and were all bare-footed, had nasty 6 inch-long finger nails, the better to grip ones head with, he knew from past experiences.

“A new Royal has been detected, amongst this pack.” King Sebastian stated “Where is your Alpha?

“My apologies.” T.J. bowed his head again “My Alpha is currently with his Luna, Mating for the first time as Goddess-Gifted Mates.” he added that last part, so when Hendrick and his grandfather did come across her they would know she had a Mate already.

“From the last full moon..” he frowned at T.J. “What took him so long to Mate the creature?” the king did not believe in waiting to Mark and Mate.

“She was gifted two Mates, both Alpha’s, from two different packs, has only just chosen which she wants for herself, today.” he explained.

“Hmm,” was all his grandfather stated on the subject. Waved a hand in Hendricks’ direction Hendrick will be sending the seers out to find, what is his…where is your mother?”

T.J.’s eyes moved passed the king, to Hendrick.

The man was looking right at him now, a smirk on his face, like he had already won the prize. Little did he know he could never win this prize. She already belonged to another.

“I believe mother is in her suite, with my father Jonathan.” he knew Hendrick hated hearing his father’s name, saw it wipe that smirk right off that bastard’s face. “Though I don’t believe another Royal has been born yet, neither Ava or Sonja, or myself for that matter have children. Though I do suppose since my father has retired from being the Pack Beta, he has way more time on his hands for mother, and they have been.” he smirked right at Hendrick “Mating constantly since his retirement, just can’t keep his hands to himself, she could very well be with child, to my father once again.”

Saw Hendrick glare right at him, T.J. knew the man hated having to think about what he’d lost, that another got to have what he thought was his.

T.J. to could be just as annoying and hit this back right where it ticked him off the most.

“Your sisters?” Hendrick asked him pointedly.

Oh, the man was not so stupid, he knew he was not looking for a baby.

T.J. felt one of the seers turn right towards him, turned and looked right at her, she stepped forward, towards him. Her hands already itching to be put on him, so he answered the question honestly to stop her “The last time l saw my sisters, they were all up in my parents suite.” this was not a lie, his eyes locked right on to that seer challenging her to pick a lie in his words “Did I lie?” he grated out at her, halting her in her movement to latch onto his head. He could not be seen into without her actively touching him, because of his bloodline.

He could sense her searching his words for a lie. “No.” she answered, and saw her take a step back. There was no need to search his mind if he was telling them the truth and he knew it. “I don’t like you,” she stated flatly as she stepped back.

I don’t like any of you.” T.J. replied right back, all honesty showing.

“Terence, that is no way to speak to a royal seer.” it was the King.

T.J. moved his eyes to the man, and stared right at him. “Then she shouldn’t say such disrespectful things to the Alpha in charge of the pack.”

“You are just the Beta.” he was informed. ” Not the Alpha.”

“l am the Alpha currently. Appointed by West himself at all times when West is not here or indisposed. I am the Alpha of the pack, and everyone in this pack knows this and respects me such.” T.J. turned his eyes to the seer “Back off now.” rolled his Aura right over her and heard her hiss in pain before turning and scurrying back behind Hendrick.

“Now your Majesty, may I request to know how long you will be staying? Your visit was not announced and we have not had the time to properly prepare for you, a room or meals.” T.J. realised there were no omega’s at all with them, they were not planing on staying long. Only long enough to claim what they came for, it seemed.

“Not long. Hendrick send the seers out, search the pack.”

“Wait a moment.” T.J. looked right at his grandfather. “l as the Alpha, would like to make a formal request. It will not effect your search of the pack.”

He stood staring at the man. Not many would dare to halt a royal order from the King himself, but he was the man’s grandson after all, and some leniency should be granted. They stood with their eyes locked for many minutes, T.J. did not back down, stood his ground firmly and saw the man’s mouth twitch in amusement after 3 minutes of dead silence with them just staring at each other.

“Alright grandson, what is your request?” seemed the King was impressed by him. “Your seers are going to make many vomit.

He saw the King nod his head. He knew this to be true.

“I simply request that your seers carry a bucket, and when they are done with each pack member, they catch that vomit. I don’t relish my entire pack reeking like vomit.”

Saw the man raise an eyebrow, then nod again

“Simple enough request..Hendrick.” he waved his hand at the man.

Saw Hendrick wave his hand and all four of his seers had a buck appear in their hands, “Go” Hendrick stated to his seers “Find what is mine.” watched them all turn and leave the office. Alpha Damien and Luna Natalia chose the moment to stroll right into the office. “Alpha Terence, may I ask what is going on?”

T.J. smiled right at him, The King knew who Damien was, and he’d just addressed him with his full title, solidifying his position in the pack as the Alpha right in front of him. “Of course Damien. Your son is currently upstairs Mating his Luna. The King and Queen claim a new royal has been born, and are searching for it now.”

Saw Damien frown and look right at him “You have no child Alpha Terence, that I am aware of, nor your sisters.”

“That is correct.” he nodded.

“Enough. This person is not a baby, just come into her powers, a girl I already feel that.” it was Hendrick. He turned to look right at Luna Natalia, You should know.” reached out his hands to grab her head, only to have Damien’s Alpha wolf shoot right to the surface, and yank the woman directly behind him and snarl right at the warlock.

“Touch her and you’ll die warlock. She is with child and we nearly lost our pups just yesterday. I will not let you risk them.”

Hendrick glared right at the man, did not like being confronted by any wolf.

“Leave it Hendrick.” it was the Queen. “I can hear the heartbeats, Alpha Damien does not lie.

Hendrick was still staring at the Luna, his fingers cracking as he still contemplating putting hands on the Luna.

“Hendrick enough. You will not risk harm to their Heir.” it was the King now, seeing that his warlock wasn’t ready to back down, had to pull him into line, watched as Hendrick turned and stalked out of the office, anger wafting off of him.

“My apologies Alpha Damien, Hendrick has been searching for a long time for what he believes is now inside this pack.” the Queen bowed her head slightly to him.

“Apology accepted, My wolf is on edge, with all that has happened around my son’s Luna of late, it’s why he surfaced so quickly.” Damien apologised right back.

“And that would be?” The King.

“She was killed during the full moon, brought back by my son and Alpha Terence here. A very stressful time, since the full moon inside this pack.”

“I did not know this. Is the woman alright? Did get the culprit? If not, I can lend a hand with the hunt. My seers will seek out that person and present them for you.”

“She is dead, I believe.” Damien looked right at T.J. as though for clarification, even though he already knew the truth,

“Yes.” T.J. nodded.

“Good, now if you’ll all excuse us, I’d like to get my Luna up to our suite. She is still supposed to be on bed rest for another day.I felt the King’s arrival is why I came to your office, Alpha Terence. If you need anything while West is busy?”

“Thank you, I can handle the seers and the warlock. You are excused, though if you could do me one small favour, could you please see the King and Queen to an appropriate suite on the 4th floor for me”

Damien and Natalia both smiled at him. “of course, Alpha.” Damien nodded, then he turned to the King and Queen ” Please, come this way, we have a lovely corner suite available in the west wing.”

T.J. watched them all leave, closed his eyes and Mind-link to Ella ‘Baby leave our suite now and go directly to your parents suite, stay there. The King and Queen are here with the seer’s. I don’t need them in your mind.’

“Okay, is everything alright?’ she asked, sounding a bit concerned.

‘No, but I’ll explain later, just please say out of sight for now.’

“Will do…do I have to sleep alone?” she sounded a little pouty to him. all.’

T.J. chuckled softly ‘Maybe, just one night. I’ll miss you.’

‘Awe shucks. I know you just want the fun bits of me.’ he teased her.

Heard her growl all playful down the link Always T.J.”

A growl was elicited from him, at her use of his shortened name ‘say that again.’ he told her, practically commanding her down the link.

‘TJ.’ Ella’s voice practically purred down the mind-link at him “Do you like that my Alpha?” her tone was now al seductive.

Every part of T.J. was loving hearing that come out of her pretty mouth, a deep growl burst out of him ‘woman you keep that up and I’ll be lax in my duties.’

Heard Ella chuckle ‘Well, well, well. I think I found my new word for you.’

‘Might get more than you can handle baby.’ He warned her, for even Lark was up and all attention in his mind now. His wolf liked the way she had called them Alpha, and T.J. was getting the distinct impression that Lark himself wanted to Mate her and her wolf.

“I can take all of you.’ she teased and cut the link.

T.J. opened his eyes and refocused on the room, he was standing beside the Alpha’s desk still, fully hard, ready to go up there and give the woman exactly what she wanted. His woman was a bloody temptress indeed.

Realised he was not alone in the office anymore. Both Ricky and Cole were standing staring at him. Ricky smirked right at him, as T.J. turned and went to sit down, Cole looked not too happy by his state.

“Ella, I presume, to get you all hot and bothered, Heard that growl of yours from out in the foyer we did.” he was clearly amused, they’d likely come in here to see what he was growling at only to find him mind-linking to someone, and well…

“Bloody woman tormenting me.” his eyes fell on Cole, he said nothing, could no longer object at all, though it was clear he was still annoyed about the situation.

They both sat down and looked at him. “What are we doing now?”

“Nothing, stay away from the seer’s, do not think about Jo-Jo, who is currently with West.

Mother ordered them to Mate all night.”

Saw both of them raise an eyebrow. “Their wolves will, T imagine. So till they emerge from the Alpha suite. We are on damage control, the seers will be in any and all pack members’ minds revealing all manner of secrets, a lot of wolves will be sick, so damage control is what we’re doing for the rest of the night.”

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