Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 104

Hendrick POV

That smug bastard, claiming he was the Alpha of this shitty little pack, pissed him off. He may be the resident royal warlock but could not take on any pack Alpha without the Kings official approval, it could start a war. Not to mention that bastard was the Kings own grandson.

As much as they were never around him, and that little bastard did refuse to have anything to do with his bloodline, clung to his fathers Beta line not his mothers Royal line. If he did challenge him or harm him in anyway he would come under the fire of the King and Queen themselves.

He smelled magic right in this room, the second he walked in, it was all over that door, someone had used power to blow it off its hinges, and not that long ago either a few hours at most.

He’d even been able to taste the residual magic left on it. Oh she was good and strong and he was going to find her, knew this was the one he was after.

Hendrick had no idea how old she was, could not see the girl for himself, no matter how hard he tried. But the power drew him, it was the first time she’d really used it at will, so it was likely she was only young, 18 probably, that was when a witch came into their full powers, and she was part witch, that he was certain of, the magic remaining on that door was all witch and it was good and strong.

He and his coven had felt the ripple of power last night, not just power, but Alpha blooded powers, and then today they’d felt a Royal Alpha Blooded seer, just like Belinda, but much stronger.

He’d felt it himself, latched right onto that ripple and tracked it back, and what a joyous surprise it had come from the pack where little Belinda had escaped to.

She may have gotten away from him and his plans for her once before, but he to would live for a very long time, he could wait it out for her Mate to die, then come for her and claim that woman, as was his very right to do so. He still had that royal mating alliance with her parents tucked away for safe keeping, tucked away for the minute that bastard Mate of hers was dead.

He still didn’t know how she’d found out about him, hadn’t expected her to go and run off away from him. The girl had smiled up at him, haddinners with him and seemed very happy about their up coming union, their mating alliance. She had fooled him completely, fooled everyone, at the time. Not once did he even think she was going to run away, then had just vanished, he’d felt her leave the kingdom as had her father for that matter, and in that instant he had known, she’d seen the truth about her real mate and had ran away to hunt him down and have him claim her.

She was damned fast, always had been even as a child, he recalled. Remembered hunting her right here to this pack, could feel her desperation to get away from him, she had cut herself on more than one tree branch, tracking her had been easy catching her no so much.

Hendrick had tasted her blood during that hunt and finally seen it all, everything all her planning to get away from him, she’d known the truth, right from the beginning, from the day he’d announced it to her family.

He’d barrelled right into this pack, through the packs border uncaring of the war it could well start only to see her with that bastard her Mate, already he was Mating her, right there out in the open for all to see, she wasn’t even 18 still 2 weeks from her birthday, but he had Marked her and she him. She had likely told him everything.

So the man had claimed her without hesitation, no wolf liked to be without their Mate, he could have sensed she was his already or he could have just believed her, he did not know which it was.

Watching them Mate openly for all to see, he knew she wasn’t taking any chances, he’d known the girl had been pure and innocent at the time, but had no longer been by the time he arrived, he’d been so furious at the loss of her power, that he’d yelled at the King for not chaining her up him and then he’d just portalled himself back to the Kingdom and his place of residence leaving everyone behind to find their own way home, and destroyed everything in his fit of rage.

Now that bloody woman had gone and had a secret child, kept her from him, from the King and Queen too, hidden her from his seers. How he’d yet to find out, that girl was gone from him once more, he’d been about to feel her and then woosh gone right before they arrived to snatch her.

But the trail of residual magic she had left behind her, led him to the first floor of the pack-house, right down the hallway to a room, full of things, his eyes landed on the portrait, touched it, nothing there just paint and canvas, strolled around the room and touched everything amongst the debris had exploded couch it seemed, that was likely what he had felt before she had used her seer’s ability for very first time actively used it for Some purpose unknown to him.

This was definitely her room, though why she was here and not in the Beta’s suite with her mother confused him, picked up more than one person in that bed, focused on it touched it sensed four people. One of which he knew well.

Terence had been right here in this bed, at some point. That couldn’t be right…why would that man be in this bed? If as he knew, the girl was a royal, then Terence should not be anywhere near her… a laugh bubbled up inside him, unless didn’t know anything about the girl.

Well that will come as quite a shock to that bastard, who was likely fvcking his own sister, oh he was going to take great pleasure in divulging that news. The king will put him down for it, on less bastard to have to deal with. One less brat of Belinda’s to have to live with.

Tracked that power from her room all the way back to the Alpha’s office once more, but that was it, there was no other leads on it. Like she just switched it off, relinquished her powers and they were gone. Bloody half breeds.

But he could smell her now, looked right at Terence sitting in the Alpha’s chair watching him, the man could not interfere in royal business.

Smiled right at him he had that bastard and was going to bring him down.

“Well Terence, I found something interesting.”

“I’m sure that I don’t care, Hendrick.” he replied sounded board.

“You have a sister, I don’t know about. Found her room I did, and guess what else.” he sneered at that bastard.

“Oh please do enlighten me.”

“I believe, your fvcking her. You were in her bed, I can smell it.”

Watched as Terence snorted laughter at him, seemed fully amused by his statement “Unlikely, I have a mating alliance to a girl here in this pack.”

“Really.” now that gained Hendrick’s full attention as far as he knew or his seers’ for that matter, he’d always seen this man was Mate-less, had informed the King as much “Who is she?”

“My Mate and no she is none of your concern till we are Mate officially.”

That bastard knew all the rules it seemed. “I can still state what I smelled to the King, he’lI demand her presence at once.”

“You could.” he saw him nod” l could also claim you’re interfering with my Bond, for your own selfish, sick needs and I believe your a threat to my Mate.”

Hendrick glared right at him “I’m no threat to the Kingdom.”

“No! Just who your hunting right. Whoever that person is, what is their fate Hendrick?”

“That does not concern you.”

“Actually as the current Alpha, if I believe you are a threat to that person, I as a royal blooded Alpha can lay claim to them and then you become a threat to them do you not.”

“l am looking for my Mate.” Hendrick stated flatly, the girl he was hunting would either be his chosen Mate by decree of the King himself or would be a bleed for the kingdom, also approved by the King himself, if his seers and warlock were more powerful than so was the King by extension.

“I doubt that. If you were, you wouldn’t have brought the King and Queen for back up, your actual Mate, would love you on sight, and go willingly with you. Not by decree of the Royal family. So you lie.”

“You can’t prove that?”

Watched that bastard get up from his chair and walk right over to him “No, but l bet my mother could prove it. Seeing as I know what she is and just how powerful she has become over the years away from you.” stared right at Hendrick. “That must piss you right off, one so very powerful and always untouchable to you. Fled from you.. right to my father, Jonathan. l’d be willing to bet, their upstairs right this minute, mating like crazy”

Fury built in Hendrick at his words, he wanted to kill this bastard. The second the thought passed through him, pain hit him as the threat of death to a royal was detected by his own seers and they latched onto him to track that threat, dug their magical fingers into his own body to hold him in place to come for him. Cried out in pain.

Heard Terence laugh “That must hurt a lot, you’re own coming for you.”

Heard a massive roar rip through the pack, he knew the King when he heard him. His own seers had informed their King of a threat to his bloodline, and he to was coming for him. This bastard had antagonised him into thinking about killing him, really wanting to do it and now the king and likely all his seers, his own witches, will by prying through his mind in a matter of minutes.

There was nothing he could do about it, he was being magically held to the spot by his own witches, nothing but to wait on them. Hendrick stood glaring right at that bastard, he’d always kept himself in check where Belinda and her bastard children were concerned, had to he hated each and every one of them, just a reminder to him of what should have been his to bleed dry for power.

Found himself laid out flat on the floor, his face jammed against the floor, by the King himself, his large hand shoving hard to his head, while his knee was in between his shoulder blades his wolf on the surface snarling all Alpha aggression at the threat he posed. “You dare threaten my bloodline warlock?”

“A passing thought Sebastian, is all. The boy antagonised me.”

“We’l see about that, when your seers get here. was snarled right in his ear.

He had know the King since he was a child and never once had he been a threat to the kingdom or the royal bloodline, yet here he was pinned under the damned man like an enemy would be. His bloody need to protect everything he laid claim to taking over. His Alpha wolf would not let harm come to his line. Not matter how diluted it was.

“I’ll do it father.” it was Belinda’s voice, the woman in question and she was presenting herself to be seen into “He threatens my son, the Alpha of this pack. He could declare war for it.”

“There will be no war girl.” King Sebastian snarled at his own daughter, as he yanked Hendrick up off the floor.

Hendrick’s eyes met hers, shocked him to see her wearing her royal crown, she’d never even done that when on home visits, yet here she was asserting herself as a full blooded Royal Princess, he knew why, if she believed he was a threat to her secret child she was going to claim a threat to the bloodline.

All his seers were running into the room, all of them latched onto him as were trained to do, hunt and then search without mercy on anyone or anything that presented themselves as a threat to the royal bloodline, he was no acceptation to that rule.

They were all digging and prying inside his mind the moment they had them talons on him, his jaw tightened as the pain of the four of them forcing their way inside his tightly guarded mind, prying it open to them and he knew he could not resist all of them, one or two but not four, not when they were his best, his own sisters at that.

Hendrick knew that they would stop at nothing, regardless that he was their older brother, regardless that he was the coven leader, the one they all bowed down to. They could not stop or refuse the compulsion they were under as the royal seers, an oath that they all took to make sure no one got by them. Regardless of who they were.

He could feel his mind burning like it was on fire as each one of them, pried at something different they found inside his mind “I’m no threat.” he declared out loud to them, to the king. They did not listen, were trained to not here the pleas of their captives. For an hour they searched inside his mind, for an hour he was gasping in agony as they ripped him open and searched his deepest thoughts. Could feel his own blood dripping out of his nose.

He had a very long life and many secrets, but till now never, not once had he let a single thought of killing a royal pass through him, was not so stupid, knew it would find him under his own seers scrutiny and now that bastard had caused him to do it.

Was on all fours when the finally let him go, his eyes moved to meet that bastards, he had a smug look on his face, he’d been trying to incite this reaction it was clear to Hendrick now. Had indeed on purposely antagonised him. Belinda stood next to her son, her hand through his elbow, seemed fazed by him being here, but he knew better this woman was a better actor than real actors.

He was finally declared no threat, and was yanked up by the King once more “My bloodline, you ever dare to threaten it again and I will end you.

“I’m no threat Sebastian, like I said, the boy antagonised me and on purpose, a delaying tactic I believe.” his eyes moved to Belinda “She has a secret daughter, hidden from us all.” Hendrick sagged back to the ground the minute Sebastian let him go to confront his daughter.

“If I do, I don’t know who she is.” Belinda shrugged at her father.

“Belinda?” Sebastian questioned her.

“I was mercilessly brutalised for 2 years father. I would not know who or where any child I was forced to produce is or would be, after taken away at birth.” she sighed, even sounded a little sad to Hendrick’s ear, he didn’t believe her, she was just trying to convince her father,

“How would you not know about a baby girl?” Sebastian questioned further.

“I was drugged constantly father, you know this already.”

“She lies.” Hendrick picked himself up from the floor “This child would be 18.”

“If l had an 18 year old child Hendrick, it would be with Jonathan, my Mate and I would have presented it as I have all my other children with him.” there was no lie in her words, he was staring right at her and she right at him, but he knew that she could fool them all, had done it once before, likely more than once he know realised. How was to say this woman didn’t have other gifts, that had been breeding seers into the royal bloodline for generations trying to get what she was.

“Sebastian, I can smell a royal blooded female, I can even take you to the room that is hers, where she is now, I don’t know.” turned and glared at his seers “Get back to work.” he yelled at them.

Saw all four of them flee the room and his anger, before his temper turned on them, for even though he knew that they were compelled to invade his mind, now they knew everything they wanted to about him, they also knew this would not stop him from punishing them later for it.

“Show me were.” Sebastian stated and shoved him clear out the office.

Hendrick reigned in his temper, all his coven including himself had vowed obedience to the King and Queen, all bore and oath mark around their wrists to remind them to obey. He took the King right to that room and let him see it, smell it for himself. Nothing would get passed his wolfs sense of smell. Certainly not his own bloodline.

Watched him breathe deeply more than once, then nodded, saw his eyes move right to that bed “3 Alpha males, 1 Beta and 2 women recently in this room.” stepped closer to the bed, breathed in again.

“2 Alpha males 2 women in this bed.” turned and looked at Hendrick a deep frown on his face. “Likely the one you are after is now the Luna to this pack.”

Hendrick wanted to scream and explode everything in this room, how could another get away from him, turned and stalked out of the room, reminded himself to keep his thoughts in check.

Stalked right passed Belinda, locked eyes with her, saw her smiled ever so slightly, she knew, Mated that girl off to the packs Alpha, right as they were coming for her, was always one step ahead of him. Her seer ability was great and it seemed, better than his apparently.

He was going to have to wait for that Alpha to come out of his room, to find out the truth of that girl, and he was not leaving until he did, he would test that girl regardless of what Belinda had done.

He could wait out her children to be born as well, he had waited this long, what was another 20 years or so. Did not like it one bit, but would wait if he had to.

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