Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 106


The night was long, T.J, Ricky and Cole, along with the pack’s doctor, Patterson, were all fielding pack members’ distress and anxiety, about having those seers latch onto them at random, and peer inside their minds for however long they saw fit.

Some of the pack members were able to handle it and just shake it off, vomit and move on, and then there were others that did not handle it well at all.

It was barely 9pm and the packs hospital already had 3 dozen wolves in the emergency room in need of various treatments for mild headaches with mild constant nausea, to severe nauseated wolves that were dry retching every few minutes, to wolves who had reacted quite violently with uncontrollable vomiting, and need to be given intramuscular anti-emetics to settle them down.

Then there were those wolves that, after throwing up, passed out completely, setting off panic in not just their Mates but their children or the parents, and their family’s had rushed them to the pack hospital for diagnosis and treatment.

Patterson was being overwhelmed in his own hospital and this was just the beginning of the night.

T.J. gave approval for Patterson to call in all available nurses, that weren’t affected or in need of treatment to come on shift for the entire night, to help control the flow on effect of having 4 seers and 1 warlock roaming about latching on to anything and everything they saw fit. Thankfully, it was reported that only those over 13 were being looked into, The smaller children were being left alone.

He, Ricky and Cole were out in the pack trying to help keep the pack calm and they were anything but calm. Some were pissed off, mostly the Mates of those that were in the packs hospital, others were crying and asking what the hell was going on.

No-one knew about Jo-anne. A few of them asked about where West was and he’d informed them with his Luna for the first time.

That had picked up the atmosphere a little, but much. They were happy to hear their Alpha had a Luna, always a good thing in a pack. He was in-charge, they didn’t seem to mind that at all. He found Oliver and his team at the southern end of the pack trying to wrangle a few teens that were upset and freaking out after the seers had latched onto them. Brought them back in and settled them in the pack-house gaming room. Switched on the theatre room and announced to all teens via the mind-link, if they were unable to cope, to please make their way to the pack-house he opened it for them to use all night.

The omega’s, unfortunately, were hit the worst with the severe vomiting and passing out. T.J. yanked ranked members from all over the pack to help keep the teens and little ones entertained and contained, fed and hydrated, especially those with parents in the pack hospital.

Doubled the border patrol when oliver reported half a dozen leaving the pack, trying to escape the seers before they got to them. Anyone leaving would be seen as knowing information and would likely end up with more than 1 seer attached to them. It was a nightmare out there.

Ricky was exhausted by midnight, using his Gamma Charm on the females all over the pack to keep them calm and redirect them back to their homes or to the pack hospital or the pack-house itself. The poor man was pulled in all directions all over the pack. 3 pregnant she-wolves had gone into early labour and he was hoping they and their pups were all going to be fine.

Ricky’s father, Baden, had come out to assist, realising how bad it was getting out there, had even pulled Hayden, Ricky’s younger brother, out of bed to help. He didn’t have much training but his Gamma bloodline kicked his instincts in pretty quickly, at all the distress he was getting, and he too was out there trying to help those in need as well.

T.J. had stationed Baden in the packs hospital, while his two sons ferried she-wolves to the hospital if they could’t be calmed down at all. Baden was a fully realised Gamma and handled the situation better than his two sons, though it could be seen that he t0o was wearing down after a few hours out there.

T.J. returned to the Alpha’s office around 2 in the morning. He had been bombarded with mind-links from pack members near constantly, was sporting a headache himself, but was patiently answering every pack member that linked to him for answers or had concerns.

Found Howard the cell guard reaching out to him as Hendrick had made his way out there and was demanding entry to the prisoner. T.J. sighed and looked at a passed out Ricky who’d flopped down on the couch about 10 minutes ago and muttered something about needing just 30 min of peace before going back out there. Cole was still out there somewhere. So he told Howard to inform Hendrick that the Alpha was on his way.

Then just casually made himself a cup of coffee and strolled on out there at his leisure, just to make the man wait on his arrival, that little be longer. Was furiously glared at by Hendrick when he walked over, Hendrick could see that T.J. was in no rush at all, as he strolled towards the man sipping on his coffee.

“Why do you need to be here?” he’d snapped right at T.J. “I can go wherever I want. You can’t stop me.”

“I’m not going to stop you, Hendrick, we simply have prisoner protocols to follow. I also thought that you might like to know, the one prisoner I have in there, has recently had a fractured mind and only just barely came back to himself.”

Hendrick frowned right at him now, “What fractured him?” he asked.

“The man attacked and then tried to kill his own daughter.”

“Fool” was all he stated, “Let me in.”

T.J. didn’t particularly want this man in Heath’s mind, who knew what Heath knew about Jo-Jo.

They hadn’t got that out of him yet, but hopefully. having a fractured mind would hinder Hendrick in his attempt to see into him. Hopefully, it would be chaotic at best.

T.J. walked him down to the cells, Hendrick looked at the man, wrinkled his nose, he may not be a wolf himself, but he knewa roque when he saw one. “A roque?”

“He is yes.” T.J. nodded.

Heath had yet to be brought back into the pack. It was likely that he would be with many restrictions and full monitoring, because Jo-Jo was unlikely to turn the man away. T.J. did not like it, but knew that he was going to have to deal with it.

Watched as Heath woke up when Hendrick banged his fist on the cell bars, and demanded he get up and present himself for inspection. Saw Heath look at T.J. worriedly and T.J. wondered who the man was more afraid of him? or the Warlock about to step inside his mind?

“Royal Warlock, to see inside your mind.” TJ. answered the man’s unspoken question with a shrug. He doubted he would ever trust Heath again where Jo-Jo was concerned.

Stood and watched as Hendrick laid his hands on the man’s head to peer into his memories and search for any knowledge of royal blood. T.J. had no idea if Heath knew about that or not. It took all of 10 minutes of Hendrick frustratedly shaking his head, and grunting, gripping the man’s head even tighter, before he let go with an annoyed hiss of pain. It seemed, “Useless to me.” he let go and shoved Heath back from the bars. Didn’t get what he was looking for, it seemed.

T.J. did not think a fractured mind would be easy to search at all. Watched Hendrick stalk away out of the cells.

Heath looked at T.J, who shrugged and walked off himself.

“Jo-anne? How,is she?” he called after T.J.

“As far as I am concerned Heath, none of your business.” he told the man as he walked out, did not care that the man was now or at least appeared to be better and worried about Jo-Jo, it was too little too late for that, as far as T.J. was concerned.

Even if he was granted back into this pack, the whole pack knew of his deeds against his own daughter, who was now the Luna of the Pack.

Though that had not been formally announced yet, many did now know and it would spread by word of mouth.

Strolled back to his office and found Ricky no longer on the couch, he had gotten up and gone back out there, it seemed. He was not getting any sleep as neither were many in the pack. Ella was going to be on her own all night long, opened a mind-link to her didn’t care it was nearly 3 in the morning now, missed her.

Felt Lark sit up instantly at the sound of her sleepy and soft voice, he like hearing her all sleepy, liked it more when he was right there to wake her up and see it and hear it for himself, but this would have to do for now.

‘Hey baby, you alright up there?”

‘Mm,’ she yawned Where are you?”

In the Alpha’s chair.’ he answered her.

‘Mm, my se*xy Alpha.’ she practically purred in his mind.

He growled right at her, so did Lark for that matter, and it did not go unnoticed by her, he heard her giggle softly.

‘Awe, you both turned on by that, huh?’

‘Seems it.’ T.J. chuckled himself ‘stay in your parents’ suite, I’ll come see you when West comes back to his office’

I’m lonely, here in my bed by myself, can’t you spare me even a few minutes.’ her voice turned all sultry on him.

Damned woman, he smiled, he’d understood her sultry meaning ‘It’ll never just be a few minutes with you Ella, I need to r****h you every time.’ He purred right back at her.

Heard her sigh softly ‘No fair, now I’m thinking about it, you tease me Alpha.’ he could hear the pout in her voice.

A deep growl ripped out of him and he felt Lark pawing at his mind suddenly, ‘We go Mate now.’ His wolf told him.

I’d better go Ella, Lark is a bit.. don’t know, weird. Night baby.

‘Night.’ she replied, and he cut the Link.

“What’s Wrong with you Lark?’ he asked his wolf.

‘Mm, sounded different to me, liked it.’ his wolf replied.

TJ. smiled ‘You’ll get Starling when we Mark and claim them.”

‘A year is too long.’ Lark snorted annoyingly at him.

T.J. shook his head, ‘It’s not that long.’

‘For you. You get to have what you want, anytime you want it.’ sounded frustrated to T.J. I have to wait.”

T.J. laughed, his wolf sounded as though he was already all in ‘perhaps Starling will let you prior to Marking and Mating.

He felt Lark stalk around inside his mind, and then finally settle down, with a huff, but did not say anything else. T.J. knew wolves only mated their Mates. Poor bugger had waited a long time for his Mate. Then they’d had to hear Jo-Jo tell them that they were in fact Mate-less, though it had not really surprised him, his wolf Lark had not liked hearing it at all. Always wanted a Mate, always just thought they had not found her yet. Now to hear they did not have one, he had been very unhappy about that.

T.J. had tried to console him with the thought that if Jo-Jo made the right choice, whatever the question was, and he believed she would do it,. figure it out with time and get it right, that Ella and Starling would then become their Goddess-Gifted Mate, and they would have a true Mate, Lark had just snorted at him, seemed nothing stopped him from being annoyed by the news she’d imparted to them at the time.

The sun rose and T.J. sent out a pack wide mind-link to call off all training for the day, canned all the kids going to school and pretty much halted the pack in its tracks, declared and official day of rest for the pack. Advised everyone to stay in doors where possible and apologised to them all for the seers here inside the pack causinq undue stress on everyone.

Drove West’s car down to the front gate at the request of the guards on duty as there were two female rogues, a mother and child, requesting sanctuary. Got out of his car and looked at them curiously. It was barely sun up and they looked like they had been running all night long, to him. Female rogues, not a safe thing for them to be out there.

The woman stood with her small child directly in front of her. She was of average height, maybe 25, he thought, with long red hair, that was quite messy. She had light brown eyes and was of a good athletic build, was biting her l!p nervously, wearing just tights and a tee-shirt and a pair of running shoes on, looked very tired, exhausted in fact, he realised and afraid.

The little girl was standing clutching at her mother’s two hands over her chest. She had strawberry blonde hair that fell around her shoulders, also messy. She had a smattering of light freckles over her nose and cheeks, and big blue eyes, she too was wearing clothes the same as her mother’s, tights and a tee-shirt with running shoes on. Neither of them were carrying any bags either. Both dressed in all black, likely the better to hide themselves in the night as they moved about.

Frowned at the both of them and then smelled them, beyond the scent of rogue he picked up the distinct sent of Alpha blood, glanced from one to the other and realised it was coming from the child herself, his eyes widen a little when he smelled her again. She was definitely Alpha blooded.

Turned his eyes to the woman questioningly, they did resemble each other, so he had not doubt they were related. “You are?” he asked. Not many would steal an Alpha blood child away from its father, that would cause a massive man-hunt and the punishment could well be death to the mother.

“Carmen, my name is Carmen, this is my daughter Cami. Please, Alpha, I request sanctuary, please before he finds us.” she begged him right away. He could hear the desperation in her voice.

“Who?” T.J. asked, though from the look of the little girl and the smell of Alpha blood, taking in one such as this could cause a pack war, he had to know who they would be up against before making such a decision.

Watched her bit her l!p hard trying to decide if she could trust him or not with that information “This is the closest pack to ours, I’m sorry. I really need your heip. Please grant us sanctuary.”

That narrowed things down quite a bit. His eyes fell on the little girl. She too, looked nervously up at him, “I need to know the pack, I’m sorry it could put us all in danger.”

She was staring at him, did not want to say and he knew it, likely if they were aligned he’d send word to the allied Alpha. That was what she was thinking, and he knew it.

“Silver Moon Pack” she said softly, and looked around behind her, as though expecting her Alpha, Alpha Jayden, to appear.

T.J. nearly laughed “Well, today is your lucky day, Carmen. Our Luna severed ties with Silver Moon yesterday. Come on in. I am Alpha Terence.

Alpha Westley is busy currently, but I’m sure you’ll be welcomed here.” Oh, she would be. Terence would make sure of it. He waved them on through the gate “you’re on foot, that’s a long way to go.

“Not allowed a car or vehicle of any kind.” She told him.

T.J. sighed and shook his head. “Come on,” he looked down at the little girl, still clutching her mother’s hands tightly, seemed to be a bit afraid of him. “You must be hungry, huh? We got all sorts of meaty goodness up at the pack-house,” he walked over and opened the car’s back door “Hop on in, no harm will come to either of you under my watch.”

Drove them right to the pack-house and walked them right in through the front door, saw Ricky and Cole raise an eyebrow at him and the two females, who smelled like rogues. “Carmen, Cami this is Ricky and Cole our Gamma and Delta.” He introduced them “Boys when these two lovely ladies have eaten till their hearts are content, please show them to a family suite here in the pack-house.”

“Yes, Alpha.” they nodded.

What a nice turn of events. T.J. smiled to himself as he headed back to the Alpha office to Mind-link West ‘You up yet West?”

‘Mm, I’m awake.’ the reply came back right away.

‘Just to let you know, I just permitted two female rogues into the pack territory, they requested sanctuary, Mother and Daughter duo.’

You’re in charge Terence, do as you like.’ West commented, didn’t sound concerned at all.

‘You coming downstairs any time soon?’ T.J. asked with a smile.

‘Mm…not until Jo-anne wakes up, I don’t want her to wake up alone today.’

‘Fair enough. Did you and my sister?’ he enquired.

‘No Terence, just our wolves.’

‘Hmm, you’ll get there.’

There is no rush’ He heard West reply casually.

Didn’t seem concerned at all, didn’t sound tired either.

‘You alright West?

“Yes Terence, just watching her sleep.”

‘Right, well, just to also let you know, I canned everything for the entire pack, declared and official rest day, last night was not fun for the pack.’

You’re the Alpha Terence, do as you like.’ T.J. cut the mind-link, the man sounded too laid back to be West, shook his head, seemed that whatever T.J. wanted right now he could have, that was an interesting thought. lt was clear to him that West was too preoccupied with Jo-Jo to care about anything else at all.

He was just up there watching her sleep. T.J. knew for a fact that West had used to watch the girl sleep all the time, it had been the one guilty pleasure he’d allowed himself during their Mate Bond, not that she knew that. But West would stand and watch her sleep, sit and watch her sleep, or layin their bed and just watch her sleep in their bed.

Well, at least now he could not just watch her in secret, he could watch her all he liked, even when she woke up to find him looking at her, he didn’t have to hide he was watching her.

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