Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 107


Jo-anne’s eyes opened as she yawned and stretched a little, her body ached from Clova and Volt mating. Bloody wolves had been all over the place, found herself under West’s gaze. His dark green eyes had a smile in them, saw his l!ps curve into a gentle smile as he looked right at her, he was lying on his side propped up on one elbow just watching her, it seemed.

“Good morning,” he said softly.

“Morning,” she answered, a little shyly. She’d never woken up with him just watching her or smiling at her as he was doing now, and she knew she was na*ked as well.

“You’re all messy” he chuckled softly “your hair is everywhere.”

She gr0aned “Blame your wolf.”

Saw West grin right at her, fully amused by her statement, it seemed “l know, and he’s a very happy and satisfied wolf, sleeping soundly right this minute.”

Jo-anne could well imagine that Volt was happy, likely as happy as Clova had been before she’d fallen asleep next to her Alpha wolf. Clova currently was sleeping as well. Those two had been all over the place last night.

Moved her eyes around the room, when she realised that this was not where Clova and Volt had fallen asleep, if she recalled correctly, they had snuggled up on the floor in the living room. Where all their mating had taken place. She was now in a very large bed, under a simple white sheet.

Turned her eyes back to West and raised an eyebrow “How’d we get in here?”

“l brought us in here. I thought it would be more comfortable for us. After Clova and Volt were sated and relinquished contro! back, you were out already.”

She shook her head. “I always was, out cold after them” she acknowledged, “is this your room?”

“It’s our room,” He corrected her. Jo-anne went to sit up. It was a little weird laying na*ked in bed talking to him, though she didn’t exactly feel uncomfortable either, she did know this was not their normal. This had never happened during their previous Mate Bond.

Gr0aned as her body protested “Nope.” She murmured and lay back down.

Heard West chuckle softly and turned her eyes on him, he looked very happy right this minute, and she did not know if she would ever get used to the sound of him chuckling or even seeing him smile as he had been since she’d woken up.

“To sore?” he commented, sounded like he was teasing her a little.

“Mm, bloody wolves.” She nodded.

“They just love each other, always have.”

“I know, tired me out even back then. Now… with a true Mate Bond, Goddess help me.”

Heard him burst out laughing, “You will be exhausted all the time…between Volts needs.” His body was suddenly right next to hers, his mouth pressed against her ear “and my desire for you.” He growled softly, “You’ll definitely be exhausted, might just need to have sleep days.” he bit her ear lobe gently and Jo-anne bit her l!p as his hand started to slide up the side of her body, slowly, just the tips of his fingers trailing on her skin from her h!p up to the curve of her waist, leaving hot electric tingles in its wake.

His hand stilled on her rib cage and his head lifted up from her ear, his eyes were glazed over, being mind-linked from someone. Looked down at her a few minutes later “l guess. They are over waiting on us to come out of the suite. I’ve been requested by the King and Queen, to make an appearance,” He told her.

Jo-anne sighed, they both knew it was coming at some point today.

Found his mouth on hers briefly “You stay here. T.J.’s got you safe in here for now, on a technicality.” he got up from the bed.

“Huh?” she didn’t understand.

“Only requested my presence apparently, not yours.” he laughed softly and walked into the bathroom. She watched him go. He was bvtt-a*ss na*ked. Let her eyes wander over his back and his tight a*ss as he walked, bit her l!p and shook her head, bloody Bond, now that Clova and Volt had mated she knew it was going to be hard for her to say no.

Stayed in the bed. If she didn’t have to get up and go downstairs, then she wasn’t going. She was not looking forward to that confrontation with the man Hendrick or his seers for that matter.

Her body still ached from last night and she wondered if there was a bath tub in that en-suite.

She was hoping so. She did so love a good long hot bath. Moved her eyes right to West when he strolled out of the bathroom a few minutes later, still completely na*ked, he was dripping water on the wooden floor as he walked, a towel in one hand drying himself, smiled right at her and she couldn’t stop the blush that heated her cheeks as she realised she’d really been looking at him, completely na*ked and wet all over, ogling him openly.

“Like what you see, Jo-anne?” he teased her.

Had to turn her eyes away from his na*ked body, reminded herself she was supposed to be still annoyed with him, heard him chuckle, looked at him under her lashes as he turned and headed for his walk-in, to get dressed. Damn, she’d nearly forgotten just how ripped and muscled up he was.

Watched him come out in a pair of black jeans, carrying a light blue tee-shirt, “Um, is that appropriate attire for the Royals downstairs?” She questioned him, was more than shocked by his choice of casual dress code. The man normally walked around dressed like he was about to go into a meeting at any given moment. Yet today he was opting for jeans and a tee-shirt.

“Terence is the Alpha in charge.” He shrugged”

He’s the one who has to dress to impress. Besides, they are the ones interrupting us.”

“Still, West.. shouldn’t you like, I don’t know, put proper pants on?”

Saw him smile right at her. “Do you want me to get all na*ked for you again?” He walked right over to the foot of the bed, and tugged on the sheet covering her body. She snatched it and held onto it.

“No.” she bit her l!p and shook her head. The man was playing with her, had never done that before.

Heard him growl as his eyes fell on her mouth, felt the sheet get yanked hard and it was gone from her grip and pulled clean off of her to be dropped on the floor at the end of the bed. She was now laying na*ked before him.

Watched him as he crawled right onto the bed, his eyes never left her mouth the whole time, crawled all the way up the bed, till he was directly above her, looking down at her, her heart was beating faster inside her chest as she stared up at him.

“Now, what did I tell you about doing that.” His voice was all deep and husky, his eyes moved to hers, as he leaned down, his mouth lowered to hers in a soft k!ss, then his whole body was on top of hers, as his teeth tugged on her lower l!p to free it, sucked on it softly before releasing it to move his nose down over her chin, then along the edge of her jaw to her ear, k!ssed it softly, made her bit her l!p again though harder this time to stop the soft m0an that was trying to escape her l!ps.

Felt his nose slide down the side of her neck, slowly, and heard him breath in deeply as he smelled his way down her neck, right to her mark spot, “You smell so fvckigng good.” he growled into the crook of her neck. His l!ps made their way to her mark spot in a soft k!ss, and goddess she couldn’t stop the m0an that came from her, as pleasure rolled through her body, spreading from her mark spot, she slid her hands up his arms as his whole body moved against hers.

“West.” she gasped as he k!ssed harder on her mark spot, felt his l!ps curl into a smile against her skin, then his tongue was sliding right over her mark spot, gripped onto his arms, her nails digging in as her body arched up to press against his, her eyes closing. He was going to seduce her and she was not going to stop him, it felt too damned good, and she knew it would only get better.

Felt his mouth move away and his nose slide along her collar bone, and then down her body all soft and slow, smelling her deeply, brought his mouth to her br*east and took her hardened n!pple into his mouth, sucked on it deeply, tugged it gently with his teeth, his hand grabbed her h!p and slid round to grab her a*ss and pulled her h!p up to meet his as he pressed down against her, he was hard and ready for her here.

Slid his mouth from her br*east and she couldn’t help but whimper a little at the loss of the contact.

His smile was back, pressed against her stomach “You liked that did you?” he asked softly.

“Yes.” Jo-anne answered him honestly, she wanted more of that.

“Then you’ll love this.” he growled deeply as his mouth moved lower, as he was pushing her thighs open, and then k!ssed her cl!t, let his tongue swirl over it in slow firm strokes, she cried out and pushed her h!ps up to meet his mouth, felt his tongue slide between her wet folds all the way to her hot aching core and tease the entrance with the tip of his tongue, she m0aned in pleasure “Goddess West.”

Then he was gone, her eyes snapped open at the loss of him, and found him right there above her, looking down at her, he was smiling devilishly down at her, his green eyes, dark with desire. Her whole body wanted him pressed against her, she wanted him and she knew it. Knew that he knew it as well. Then he k!ssed her chastely and got up off the bed, pulled his tee-shirt on and grinned right at her “Mm, you taste so freaking good.”

“West?” she gasped. He was just going to leave?

“Food for thought, till l get back.” he growled right at her and then turned and walked out of the room, a deep husky chuckle following him.

Jo-anne nearly screamed in frustration, grabbed a pillow and pulled it over her face and gr0aned right into it. The bloody man was on purpose toying with her, had gotten her all worked up and wanton for him, and so darn easily at that.

Then just up and walked away, she knew he wanted her, he’d been fully hard had felt it herself. Bastard was trying to drive her insane, it seemed.

She was never qoing to be able to stay mad or annoyed with him, when he could make her whole body feel all hot and ignited with desire, covered in those electric tingles, then to just get up and walk away, arg it wasn’t fare. He clearly had more self-control than she did. Hell he could have had her and Jo-anne was damned certain he knew it.

That’s why he chuckled on the way out.

Sighed and pushed herself up into a sitting position, just k!ss me all intimate and walk away, she shook her head, and then suddenly bit her l!p as she realised he was going downstairs with her sent of arousal all over him. “West you’ll smell like me.’

She shot down the mind-link at him.

Heard him chuckle right back at her ‘I like smelling like you. I don’t care. Rest up, Jo-anne, I’ll be back to finish what I started soon.’

Jo-anne could hear the desire in his tone and bit her l!p again. Trying not to let it filter down the mind-link to him. That his words were turning her own, as was the sound of his voice.

“Now, what did I tell you about biting that l!p of yours? he suddenly growled deeply at her through the link, as though he knew she was doing it.

‘Sorry.’ she murmured and cut the mind-link as she heard him laugh, knowing he’d been right.

He was definitely very different from before, all hands and mouth, seems he had to just touch and taste every part of her now. Hell, the man had just slowly smelled his way down her entire body, and it was the most erotic thing she’d ever felt. Like he couldn’t get enough of her scent. It had turned her on so quickly too, really liked that he wanted to smell her so much, touch her and taste her, that he was so open about it. She was never going to be able to resist him, she realised. She wanted him to want her, always had back then, still did now. part of her had always craved him, and wanted to know what it would be like to have him actively want to touch her like he was doing now, to make love to her. Hell she knew what it felt like he’d already done that only just over a week ago and she’d wanted it then too.

Goddess that had been without their Mate Bond, and it had been the best damned s*x she’d ever had, she was in real trouble now. Wondered if this was how Clova always felt about Volt all the time, why she never said no to her Mate, would actively taunt him into mating her.

Got up out of the bed, needed to have clothes on before West came back or she was going to end up screaming his name and likely not just once either. Showered under the two shower heads of water so hot, and the firm pressure of the water relaxed her muscles. Got out and stood wearing just a towel as she realised she had no clothes to wear up here.

Walked into his walk-in, and looked at his clothes. She didn’t think he would mind if she borrowed something, he certainly wasn’t going to want her walking around na*ked. Inside his walk-in was 90% business wear and 10% casual clothing, guess that was why he always dressed nicely.

Pulled a white dress shirt off a hanger and pulled it over her head. He was taller than she was, it was kind of long enough to pass for a short dress, rolled up the sleeves to her elbows. They were too long for her.

Stopped as it hit her, she had made her choice.

Not only had she made it, Clova and Volt had mated each other, it should be official, the moon goddess should have granted her the right to pick a mate for T.J.

Mind-link to Ella Where are you?

‘Mum and dad’s suite. T.J. said I had to stay here till he comes.’ she answered.

I’m coming to you, stay there.’ she cut the mind-link, smiling to herself as she realised Ella had called him T.J. and not Terence like she would normally do. Wondered when that had started, headed out of the suite, stopped and looked at the up turned furniture in the living area and the wolf’s claw marks on the wooden floors, and shook her head. Crazy wolves.

Headed off to the Delta suite and knocked on the door, Ella answered it, looked Jo-anne over and smiled, “Spend the night with West, did we?”

“Clova and Volt Mate all night.” she nodded. “

How do you feel Ella?” Jo-anne asked her, “Do you feel any different?”

“What? Why?”

“I made my choice, Ella. It was Clova and so.”

She was staring at the woman. “Do you feel different?”

Saw Ella suddenly look more than a bit nervous and then shake her head as if to say no. Jo-anne frowned at her. “I know I got it right.” She muttered to herself “Where is T.J?”

“In the Alpha’s office still.”

“Have you seen him at all since yesterday afternoon?”

“No, he’s been really busy with the King and Queen here, just told me to come here and stay here, he’d see me when West came down stairs.”

But then bit her l!p a frown on her face.

“What is it?” Jo-anne urged her to speak up.

“I don’t know…when he mind-linked me last night..”


“It kind of felt weird. Different and even Starling was all attention, Lark even growled at me along with T.J.”

Jo-anne smiled now, “It’s time to put you two, face to face with each other.”

“What if it’s just nothing?”

“It’s not.” Jo-anne was certain she’d chosen right, and what Ella was explaining was Starling and Lark responding to the sound of each other as Mates through the mind-link, only because they had yet to scent each other out. It seemed odd to them. She knew it because Clova and Volt did it all the time as Mates.

Grabbed onto Ella and pulled her out into the hallway, looked down the hall to the stairs and moved her just a bit more. “What are you doing?”

Jo-anne grinned at her, “Helping you get what is yours. Stand right there and just wait.”

“I don’t know Jo-anne, what if it’s… what if it..”

“Have some faith in me, Ella,” she stated firmly, and then opened a mind-link right to T.J.

‘T.J. I need you to come to the 4th floor.’

‘Kind of busy Jo-Jo. The King and Queen are here, you know.’ he replied.

‘I don’t care about that, get up here now.’

‘Jo-Jo.’ she heard his disapproval and his Alpha voice at that.

Well, she outranked him now. Not only did they have the same mother, but she was also Mated to West. She was the Luna of this pack. I the Luna, demand your presence right now.’ she rolled her own aura right back at him, making it an order.

Felt his annoyance instantly ‘Damn it Jo-Jo.’

‘Now.’ she snapped and severed the link.

She knew he would have no choice but to move his a*ss and get up here. Grinned at Ella and stepped away from the woman to give T.J. a clear line of sight when he came up the stairs, stepped right back to the other side of the hall and leaned on the wall, well out of the way and waited.

Ella was standing there fidgeting nervously.

Jo-anne was hard pressed to not be bouncing around with joy. She knew it was going to happen. She knew without a doubt her choice had been right.

Turned her head at the sound of footsteps on the staircase, saw T.J. appear and then stop on the landing, his eyes on Ella standing in the middle of the hallway, right in the open, the first thing he would see, when he came up stairs. Watched as his whole body froze as his eyes fell on Ella, saw his nostrils flare wide a moment later as his body tensed up completely, then Lark was right there on the surface staring at her as well.

The roar that ripped out of him and Lark, the one word “MINE.” was so loud, Jo-anne had to snap her hands over her ears. All his Royal Alpha Wolf on the surface to lay claim to what was rightfully theirs, finally, sounded very primal and full of Alpha need, his roar for all to hear, there would be no mistaking that T.J. had found and laid claim to his Goddess-Gifted Mate. Likely half the pack had heard him and his claim.

Watched as they shot off the mark, down the hall, fangs already out. Watched as her best friend, Ella was yanked hard up against her big brother, her other best friend, and his fangs sank deep into the woman’s neck. Marking her for all to see.

Then Ella was up against the wall of the hallway and T.J. was moving his whole body against her. Jo-anne’s hands covered her mouth as she smiled and giggled in her excitement that she had indeed made the right choice. She was so very happy. T.J. and Ella now Goddess-Gifted Mates.

“My room.” she heard Ella m0an. Her desire could be heard already. She wanted to mate him.

Watched as T.J. looked right at her, “Mark me now.” he demanded of her, grabbed her head in his hand and pulled it to his neck.

Saw Ella’s fangs sink right into T.J. and then he just picked her up and as she wrapped her legs around him, carried her right into the Delta suite, both Ella’s parents stepped right out of their way.

Had come outside at his massive roar. It was clear from the smile on both their faces they knew what had happened, looked happy about it too.

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