Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 108


T.J. was unhappy that the King and Queen were demanding that West was to come downstairs to walk with them. They appeared to be getting impatient with his not being around and them not being able to lay eyes on him and his Luna.

But what could they expect? Some Alpha and Luna’s spend more than a day being together Mating and bonding as such, some didn’t come out of their suites for 3 or 4 days. It was nothing unusual to see. Yet here they were demanding that the Alpha of the pack pull himself away from his new Mate and Luna and show his face.

Hendrick and his four seers were all sitting out on chairs in the foyer, near the alpha’s office door, they had been up all night trying to get any information on a royal-blooded she-wolf. They were all tired, it seemed.

They had all come up empty-handed, they had not found a single pack member during their search with any information, about any new royal-blooded wolves inside this pack. They hadn’t touched any of his family. He and his sister’s had been seen into many times, and they’d never seen anything within them ever.

Couldn’t touch Luna Natalia, T.J. was still not certain if that woman knew anything or not, but he was willing to bet she did, seemed not to miss anything at all around the pack. And Hendrick was not about to go searching his father’s mind. That was a given, would likely get the two of them mating copiously. And as far as T.J. knew, they were the only ones to know the truth about Jo-Jo with certainty.

“West…sorry to interrupt’ and he got the distinct impression he was, from the feelings that filtered down the mind-link ‘the King is demanding your presence. As far as he is concerned, you’ve had plenty of time to Mate your Luna.’

‘Alright, we’ll come down.’ West answered, didn’t sound too annoyed by the interruption.

Just you, he did not request the both of you. A little loop hole.’ T.J. chuckled softly at him.

‘Alright, I’ll see if I can drag myself away. It might take me a minute or two.’ sounded amused himself.

‘Take your time West. He knows the rules.’ T.J. cut the mind-link and looked to the King. “West stated, he’ll be down shortly.” did not put a time on it for a reason. They were not supposed to interrupt an Alpha and Luna Mating for the first time and they both knew it. West could decide to stay up there for another whole day if he so chose to and, realistically, they could get mad, but not do anything at all about it.

“Good, I need this sorted out, so I can get back to my Kingdom.”

Yes go back, T.J. thought absently, and bloody stay there. But said “You needn’t have come yourself, if, of course, as Hendrick claimed, he’s here to collect his Goddess-Gifted Mate.” He was practically challenging the King to deny his own words, that Hendrick was here to claim what was his.

Saw the King, stare right at him, his eyes narrowed and hard on him. But the man said nothing. If he took back his words now, he was telling them he had lied, so had his warlock for that matter and they were here to take a girl against her will.

It was nearly 9 in the morning and it wasn’t just T.J. in the office right now with the King and Queen. Both his parents and his two sisters, Sonja and Ava, were both sitting on the couch. Ricky and Cole were seated on a chair quite casually, Ricky in the chair, Cole on the arm of the chair. It was nice to see Ricky’s arm draped down Cole’s leg all casual and loving, now that they had Marked each other it seemed they didn’t care who saw them at all. It was good to see.

T.J. did note his father smiled at them, and stated morning boys, all knowingly like. Winked right at the two of them even. It was good that they were being accepted by all without issue all over the pack. Not that T.J. thought there would be an issue. His mother had squeezed Cole’s hand and mind-linked him something but had been smiling and both his sister’s just raised an eyebrow and shrugged.

T.J. knew the King was not about to admit in front of all these people to trying to get a she-wolf into Hendrick’s grimy hands as a possession for horrid reasons. Though it was unlikely, that the King knew, they all knew the real reason that Hendrick wanted Jo-Jo, and everyone in this room did know, even Cole and Ricky now knew. He’d had to explain it to them, to explain why the King and his seers were actually here.

Took a good 15 minutes for West to stroll into his own office. The man was wearing only a pair of jeans and a simple tee-shirt. No shoes at all, hadn’t it seemed even bothered to brush his hair, just raked his fingers back through it, it seemed. The man also smelled quite strongly of Jo-Jo, in fact.

T.J. nearly laughed out loud, as he noted did his mother for that matter. Although Jo-Jo was his sister and she his mother’s daughter, they were both happy for West and Jo-Jo to be together.

Heard his mother actually snicker when West looked at Hendrick, who was suddenly standing next to him.

West ran his thumb right over his mouth, a smile on his face “My apologies, my Mate is…” his smile turned to a bit of a smirk as he walked away from Hendrick to lean on the edge of his desk.


West had not missed the way Hendrick was on him. Though he’d never actually met Hendrick before, his sudden attention made it clear who he was to West. The man was rubbing his Mate Bond right in Hendrick’s face, it seemed, and loving doing so. Arrogant as ever, typical Alpha behaviour, he supposed.

West actually was acting just like T.J.’s own father did. Jonathan always went out of his way to have his hands all over his Mate, twice as much as normal with Hendrick around, especially when he was in their actual presence. He constantly touched Belinda, her hair, her face, squeezing her a*ss and making her giggle like a teenager, occasionally he would just stop and k!ss the hell out of her, or bury his face in her neck and smell her deeply growling about how good she smelled to him.

T.J. and both his sisters were used to the behaviour, though Hendrick? He never seemed to get past it, could see the man’s anger ticking away every single time. That anger got worse when T.J.’s mother reciprocated and played back with her Mate. Sometimes it did actually get out of hand and they did go running off to Mate. That made Hendrick completely furious.

Hendrick was not inside this office for a reason. His mother had sat herself right in his father’s lap, upon entering this office and had snuggled herself right into him, had murmured to her Mate, though she made sure it was loud enough for Hendrick to hear, how she couldn’t wait to go back bed. And his father had growled all hungrily for her.

Everyone inside the room, including Hendrick, had understood them. Hendrick had stalked right out of the office, anger rolling off of him at their affectionate display right in front of him. You’d think after 33 years the man would have gotten used to it. Or been able to hide his annoyance.

“Alpha Westley. Firstly congratulations taking over as the Alpha. Secondly, I hear you found your Goddess-Gifted Mate?” more of a question than an actual acknowledgement, King Sebastian commented.

“Thank you.” West nodded “and I did.” He smiled “She’s still tired.”

“I was expecting her right now.” The King stated.

“Why?” West asked, sounding confused to the ear, playing it up T.J. thought “My apologies your Majesty, but I was completely unaware of your visit, or the reason for it even. I left Terence in charge early yesterday afternoon. He is the actual Alpha for the next few days as well.”

T.J. Smiled, it was a slight back handed way of saying, why the hell are you bothering me when there is an Alpha who is running the pack that can be of assistance to him.?

“Hmm,” T.J. looked right at the King, who was now looking at him, he had told him he was in charge. “l would like to meet your Luna, Alpha Westley.”

“May I enquire as to why?” West asked right back.

“I believe she has a royal bloodline.”

West gave a long low whistle, “Wow, that’s some big news if true. But wouldn’t I have known this already? We were Mated to each other once before. I never detected royal blood in my Mate during our previous Mate Bond”

“You were Mated to her once before?” The King sounded very confused to hear this news. Seemed to T.J. West had been thinking a lot about how to approach the King and his warlock and their claim that Jo-Jo was the warlocks and not his.

“Yes I was. For a two-year period of time. She left me… I’ve won her back.”

T.J. was actually enjoying the clear amount of confusion he was seeing, not just on the King now, but the Queen too and Hendrick now as well.

“Was she your Goddess-Gifted Mate, then?

“Yes,” West answered him simply, “I was, however… an a*ss-h0le. I have mended my ways, or working on it. She has forgiven me and given me a second chance. I believe our wolves can’t get enough of each other, even without the mate bond they were still attached to each other, very hard to keep them apart.” he chuckled. That was a very true statement.

Hendrick was glaring at West now. This news came as quite a shock to him. It seemed the man could not see Jo-Jo with his foresight. It also meant that Jo-Jo could not be his Goddess-Gifted Mate if she had been for another all this time. His claim to her was a lie.

“I’d still like to meet her.” The King requested.

“Hmm, why? If you don’t mind me pressing the situation a little. Is there perhaps another reason I don’t know about. You could have just called the Pack and asked that the girl be brought to the Kingdom to be presented to you.” His eyes moved to the office doors “They are the Kingdom’s seers out there, yes.”

“They are. I had them searching for the bloodline”

West’s eyes moved right back to the King.

Then they do not know who she is. You do not know if it is my Luna at al?”

T.J. bit down on the snort that was trying to escape him. West, it seemed, didn’t care that he was talking to the King, treating the man as though he was just another Alpha in his pack.

“I have smelled her, in her room, on the first floor along with you in there. I came to the conclusion she is your Luna.”

“T.J. I need you to come to the 4th floor.’

Jo-Jo’s voice came down the mind-link to him.

‘Kinda busy Jo-Jo, the King and Queen are here, you know.’ and they were and West was starting to tick the King off, by the sounds of it.

Questioning him and all.

“I don’t care about that. Get up here now.’ She shot at him.

‘Jo-Jo.’ he grated, flicking his Alpha aura at her. This was not the time to be bothering him and she should know this.

Felt her full Aura, suddenly pour down the link right at him along with her clear statement ‘I the Luna demand your presence. Right now.’

It made him stand up without thought, pure instinct on his part. Although he was the acting Alpha, she was now the actual Luna and outranked him. Damned woman knew it too, she was fully asserting herself to him ‘dammit Jo-Jo.’ he shot right at her, unhappy.

‘Now.’ she snapped at him, all Luna.

He was moving before he realised it, stepping away from the Alpha’s desk and around West himself.

“Terence son?” it was his mother.

“The Luna, demands my presence,” he shot at her, turned his eyes on West, who he noted nearly laughed as he realised Jo-Jo was likely asserting herself and forcing him to get up and go do whatever it was she wanted. Nodded at him as if to say go.

This had better be good. Getting up and leaving a meeting with the King and Queen, even by demand, showed disrespect and he could well be punished for it. Stalked up the bloody stairs, he was going to have to have to talk to her about when it was and wasn’t appropriate to put her Luna’s foot down.

Stepped onto the 4th floor landing and his eyes fell on Ella, who was standing right in the middle of the hallway. Lark was up instantly inside his mind, staring at her, T.J.’s whole body stilled by his wolf as they both looked at her. She looked very nervous to them. Why?

Then it hit him, her scent.

He breathed it in deeply and Lark was suddenly snarling inside his mind, and ripping to get out of him, as that scent, the one that always eluded them.

Filled his nostrils and crashed over them, Wisteria, it was purple Wisteria, it was all around him, filling all his senses ‘Mate’ Lark growled all deep and hungry inside his mind ‘Claim now.’ he practically roared at T.J. all aggressive and possessively.

His eyes never left Ella’s as Lark surged forward and together they roared with everything they had “MINE.” all his Royal Alpha Wolf primal need on full display, to claim what was truly theirs.

Shot off the mark right at her, could see tears in her lovely eyes as she stood there smiling at them, yanked her hard against him as he buried his fangs right into her lovely neck, sank them deep as he shoved her up against the nearest wall, his need to not only Mark but Mate her driving him to already grind up against her. Nothing was going to keep him from fully claiming her.

Heard her tell him all husky and wanton “My room.”

Turned his eyes on her the minute he’d sealed her Mark, his Mark a beautiful silver filigree for all to see, to know she was his for always, on full display.

“Mark me now.” He outright ordered her, grabbing a fist full of her soft silken hair and pulling her mouth right to his own neck, he wouldn’t wait a damned single second longer than he had to, to be claimed by her, the minute they were buried deep in him, he picked her clean up off the ground, she was his for the taking. Turned and strode right to her room, in the Delta suite. It was closer than their room and he and his wolf were not going to make it there, they had to have her. Kicked her door shut and dropped down onto her bed, on top of her, his mouth found hers, she was already pulling at his shirt to release it from his pants, m0aning his name and her whole body was rolling against his. She wanted him just as much and he knew it, could smell her arousal so strongly around him.

Felt Lark push all the way forward and stare right down at her, T.J. got shoved to the back of his mind quite violently as his Alpha wolf took all control, watched from behind his wolf’s eyes as Ella smiled up at Lark herself, reached up and slid her own hands over his face, along his wolfs lower l!p.

“You want Starling, my Alpha?”

A deep hungry growl of “Yes.” erupted from his wolf, and T.J. watched as Ella, pulled his face down to hers, k!ssed Lark softly on the mouth, a soft m0an came from her as his wolf rolled his h!ps hard against he, his hard c0ck ready for her “She wants her Alpha wolf too.” she sighed softly though a little teasingly, then was biting his lower l!p and tugging on it, but not giving starling control yet, holding her at bay, or maybe she and Starling both wanted to tease Lark. TJ. laughed softly, the bloody woman and her wolf were definitely holding out on his and on purpose, he realised, he could tell from the slightly devious look in her eyes, she just had to be naughty and hold him at bay a little longer.

Found her hands pinned above her head roughly as Lark’s need to control and dominate the situation was coming through “I’ll have both then.”

Lark growled down at Ella, and his mouth smashed down on to hers as he held her down, his body rocking against hers hard, then turned his mouth from hers and bit her neck roughly pulling on the skin, made Ella giggle, seemed she loved playing with Lark as much as T.J., she was freaking perfect.

Then a deep growl came from Ella and when Lark’s eyes moved to hers, there was Starling all on the surface, staring up at him. Her brilliant blue eyes glittered at him all hungry and desire filled “Mine.” she growled right at him.

“Mine.” Lark growled right back as he stared down at her, his Mate. Then he was up off of her, stood at the end of the bed and ripped his clothes off, reached out and grabbed her ankle, yanked her down the bed quite aggressively, put his hands on the clothes and ripped them open, tore them clean off of her, till she was completely na*ked before him.

“Shift.” he ordered her.

It was clear he wanted his wolfen Mate to Mate with. She shifted without hesitation and his eyes fell on her wolf, growled his approval right at her and then shifted himself to his wolf form. He was a lot bigger than she was, and she took a step back, Lark stalked her instantly, around the room, a full Alpha wolf hunting its prey, stalked her clean over the bed and down off the other side. Two full slow laps around the room enjoyed the feeling of being in control and dominant of her.

Then lunged at her, not to have her, it seemed, but to make her run, and then he was chasing her right around the room, till he had her pinned underneath him, held her by her neck, a bite firm to her neck to hold her still and then he was mating her furiously, dominating her, taking full control as was his true nature.

Taking what was his, hard and fast till she was knotted to him, a massive roar came from his wolf, from Starling, as well as they knotted each other.

Found Lark rubbing himself all over her after they separated from their knotting, growled softly. Almost lovingly down to his Mate, their bond complete and able to speak with each other at will, even in wolf form ‘Always mine.’

Starling n!pped him right on his chest, right on his moon and purred for her Alpha wolf, slid her body under his and walked all around him, rubbing her head along his chest and up under his jaw, till her blue eyes met his ‘again.’ she stated. Seemed starling was just what his wolf needed, as much as Ella was for T.J. both creatures beautiful and perfect for them.

T.J. did not interfere with their mating. Did not push to have his way with Ella, he would have his mate in all her glory, the minute their wolves were sated. They had both waited a very long time for their Mates, and he was not about to deny Lark the pleasure he knew he was getting from being with his Mate.

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