Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 109

West POV

Watching Jo-anne sleep soundly in their bed, in their suite, actually here, he was just lying watching her sleep, West didn’t want to wake her, and he didn’t want her to wake up alone either, not like the last two times he’d been in bed with her.

Clova and Volt had mated in both human and wolf form, and had exhausted themselves, somewhere around midnight, fallen asleep in human form curled around each other on the living room floor. West had gotten up when his wolfs control had been relinquished and picked up Jo-anne’s sleeping body, carried her into their bedroom.

Slept right next to her, woken up curled around her and now was just watching her sleep, she’d rolled a little away from him, was sleeping on her back now. He liked watching her sleep always had.

Nothing had changed on that part. And having her here in their bed, it was what he wanted.

Volt was sleeping soundly inside his mind, all tuckered out, it seemed, he had Mated Clova like an Alpha wolf, and seems now that Clova’s bloodline was out she had been more than able to handle his wolf, still taunt him with her needs and wants. Volt had not Marked her as told not to. A good wolf.

He wouldn’t yet be able to talk to Clova anytime he wanted to, but seemed settled and happy regardless, just knowing she was his Mate and he could have her anytime he liked, kept him calm on that front.

Watching Jo-anne wake up and look right at him, she seemed a little on the nervous side he thought, smiled right at her shyness, it was cute, this would actually be the first time they’d woken up as a fully realised couple where he was open to them being Mate’s and with Volt and Clova Mated to each other, he did feel a deeper connection to her already.

West enjoyed teasing her, which was his only intent with the woman for now. She had not chosen him, per-say, had allowed Clova to choose Volt, so he was going to wait on that front, but didn’t think a little teasing would be pushing his luck. He wanted Jo-anne to know that he did want her.

Being called away by T.J. didn’t really annoy him all that much, it just meant that he would have to play with her later. But the way she was looking at him when he got out of the shower made his heart race, she was openly ogling him and he knew it. Embarrassed her by asking her if she liked what she saw. Likely she to was feeling the pull of their bond stronger now that Clova and Volt were mated.

Damned woman, biting that lower l!p of hers, nearly undid him. Climbed right up on their bed, wanted to taste every inch of her, but wanted her to know how much he wanted her at the same time.

Smelled down her neck to her mark spot, k!ssed it and goddess she was moving against him, moved down her body, smelling her all the way. His eyes were closed just drinking in her scent, he was never going to get enough of her smell. Having his eyes closed heightened his sense of smell and his slow deliberate teasing of her. tasting just little bits of her was a huge turn on.

Loved hearing her tell him she liked that way he was touching her, feeling her body lift up eagerly to meet his mouth as he tasted her sweet core, and m0aning his name nearly had him ripping his pants off. Had to pull himself together and away from her, I looked down at her and he knew she wanted him.

Not only could he smell her ar0usal, West could see it in her pretty eyes as they looked up at him.

K!ssed her chastely and hopped off the bed, he could delay his own gratification and hopefully, at the same time, drive up her wanton need for him, all the way up. Wanted her to really want him, before claiming her himself.

Left her lying in their bed na*ked and all aroused and angry, hopefully thinking about all the things he’d done to her and was likely to do to her again later on. West was going to k!ss every damned inch of her body right down to her pinky toes. Smiled to himself at that thought. She did have ticklish feet, that could be a lot of fun. A feather perhaps to trail down her body too.

Walked on down the stairs at a leisurely pace, needed time to calm himself down. As he walked down the last flight of stairs that led to the foyer he saw four thin women all with long black hair. The seer’s her presumed and a man he could only presume was Hendrick, the royal warlock, surprised him a little seeing the man, West had though he would be younger but he looked to be well into his sixties, likely was older than that, looks could be deceiving in their world, his father was in his sixties but only looked maybe 40. so this warlock could be well over a hundred for all West knew.

The man was looking right at West, as he cam down the stairs, he was not smiling, saw the man’s eyes look right behind him, obviously looking for Jo-anne. He was out of luck, he would not put that man near her unless he absolutely had to.

Walked right, passed him like he was nothing, felt the man get up and trail him into the Alpha office, stood right next to him, assessing him. West thought, as he turned to look at the man intruding on his personal space, not many would have the balls to do that to him or any Alpha, likely under the Kings protection, so didn’t care about it.

This Warlock could likely smell Jo-anne on him. West smiled as he ran his thumb across his own mouth, he could still taste Jo-anne on his l!ps, liked it, saw that the warlock looked more than annoyed by his action and the smell of her on him.

Telling King Sebastian that they had already been Mated before, came as a complete shock to the man. Shocked all of them, in fact. Especially when he stated she had been his Goddess-Gifted Mate even back then, as she was again now.

West could see Hendrick did not believe it. Well, that man could check for himself, not that West wanted to relive his life back then, but his memories would all confirm that he had scented her out while Mated to her and confirm his claim.

Saw T.J. get up and when he heard that he was being requested by the Luna, nearly laughed, Jo-anne putting her foot down, it seemed, looked like he was moving against his own free will. This amused West, Jo-anne was even stronger than T.J. and barely knew how to assert herself properly, was likely going to be interesting around here.

Watched as the King and his Queen both frowned as T.J. left the room, then they both just turned and looked at West. “Your Luna is awake, I see. Present her to us.” King Sebastian demanded.

“They’re not Marked.” Hendrick suddenly remarked, sounded happy about it.

West got off his desk and stood, even Volt was up now, sounded like a threat to his Mate. “You don’t want to do that warlock, she is my Goddess-Gifted Mate and we are Mated to each other.” he grated out.

“Why not Marked?” it was the King. Sounded curious himself.

“We’re taking it slow this time. Were Marked and Mated once before.” West pulled the collar of his shirt aside to show the scar of his old Mark as proof.

“Still not Marked.” Hendrick smirked right at him, happy about it. She was not fully claimed and that was all this man seemed to care about.

“You touch her warlock, and I and my wolf will rip your head clean off.” he was clear in his threat.

Saw the man snort with amusement, as though he didn’t think West could actually do that. Little did that man know he and Volt would be more than willing to die at his hands if it meant the man’s head came off his shoulders and they we protecting Jo-anne. They would die for her.

West’s head snapped up and everyone in the office shot to their feet at the sound of a massive roar that filled the entire pack-house “MINE” and likely reverberated throughout the pack. He knew it was T.J. it was an all Royal roar, a solid claiming of what was his, guess he had been called upstairs to come across Ella. Jo-anne had made her choice, and West knew by the one word from T.J., Ella had been gifted to him by the goddess herself.

Jo-anne’s choice to choose her wolf to be happy had been the right one. He knew she would do it, figure it out and get T.J. his true Mate.

Stubborn woman she was, determined to get what she wanted, had come back not even for herself, for T.J., had been completely heartbroken by him being Mate-less, wouldn’t stand for it, and came back from the dead just to rectify it. Now she had.

“Grandson,” both the King and Queen said in unison.

“Terence,” everyone else in the room stated.

West saw Hendrick run from the room, all his seers up and following him. West shot out of the room after him, TJ. was where Jo-anne was, and the warlock knew this, Jo-anne had called him to her and T.J. had told the room this. He was not the only one tracking the man’s claiming of his Mate, everyone in the room was on the move behind him.

Got to the 4th floor in time to see T.J. carrying Ella off towards her parents’ suite. He could see Jo-anne with her hands over her mouth, smiling so very excitedly, practically bouncing on the balls of her feet. She was so very happy, that the decision she had made had allowed the Goddess to grant T.J. his Mate finally.

She had showered, West noted, her hair was still damp and lo0se down her back, she was only wearing one of his dress shirts, so darn se*xy, her long legs bare for him to see, saw her go and hug Ella’s mother and actually bounce up and down in her excitement. Ella’s mother was smiling and laughing, happy to it seemed.

West caught movement to her right, he’d been so preoccupied with just watching her, he’d taken his eyes off of Hendrick and his seers, and they were moving down the hallway towards her “Jo-anne.” he called out, warning her. Took a step towards her only to find the king’s hand land right on his shoulder and his aura forced over him, forced him down to the ground, to his knees, and held him there, keeping his aura on him.

West and Volt snarled at the man, regardless he was the King, at the way he was stopping him from getting to her, protecting her.

“Let them test her.” the King told him, his voice flat and devoid of all emotions it seemed.

Saw Jo-anne turn and look down the hall, saw her eyes widen at the sight before her, the sight of him being held down. She would know it was by force. The King was literally man handling him.

“Clova,” he heard her call to her wolf, saw her eyes glow just a little around the edges, as her eyes moved to the 5 people advancing on her, put her hands on Ella’s parents behind her “Move.” She stated to them, giving them a shove down the hall behind her. She and Clova knew how to recognise a threat.

Watched as one of those seers stepped right up to her and snapped her hands to Jo-anne’s head.

Heard the snarl that ripped out of her and Clova as they became one. Oh, that witch was not going to like what she got if she didn’t let go.

Saw Jo-anne’s hands snap up to the witch’s head and growl “You want to play with us, let’s play.” damn near laughed his Jo-anne was strong, and had already expressed once before they didn’t like others looking at them, it hurt.

The showdown between her and the witch made him wonder what they were seeing, or if both had the ability to block each other.

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