Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 11

Jo-anne POV

Staring right into West’s deep dark green eyes from barely an inch away, her heart rate picked up. She had not been expecting to see him. Jo-anne couldn’t really find any words to say to him at this very moment. She had not been expecting him to hunt her down at all, let alone do it himself personally.

She thought if he wanted her to come back to the pack, he would just have sent some of his trackers, or maybe his retrieval team. Possibly even just T.J. that would be the most likely option. West knew she and T.J. had a good relationship, that she trusted him with her life. That he would likely be the best person to send and have no problem picking her up and bringing her back to the pack.

But for West to come himself, personally. Right after, he had taken over the pack. Would have had to leave the day after taking over to be here. That more than confused her about him.

He’d not said anything to her, when she had arrived, and when he had finally spoken to her it had been somewhat threatening.

Clearly, he had not been happy to have her home in the pack once more. So why was he here?

She could tell from his words he was still unhappy.

Why he had touched her like that, was in fact still touching her, she didn’t understand that at all. His fingers had brushed down her neck softly, almost intimately. That’s how it would look to anyone watching. All the way down to her mark spot, he currently still had his hand resting on it.

Kind of felt a little bit like he was trying to make a point. If there had been other wolves around, or any shifters for that matter, it would have made a very clear statement to them all.

That she was his. You didn’t just go around touching people’s mark spots, it was too intimate a gesture to be played with.

They were not Mates anymore. Yes, she retained the scar from his bite, as he did hers, but he’d never, in all the time that they had been together, even touched it. The only time he had ever shown any possessiveness was actually over her na*ked body. Other than that, nothing at all.

She heard him loud and clear in her mind “I’m your Alpha now.’ and internally sighed to herself, he was going to be putting his Alpha foot down on her once again, it seemed. Why? When he had Miranda, would he even care?

Jo-anne had thought, to be honest, he would have been glad to see the back of her, after Volt and Clova had Mated the other day. Against both his and her wishes. But here he was, trying to take her home.

He pulled her chair out and she knew in that instant, she was actually going to have to get up and go. Or he would manhandle her in front of the entire restaurant. She didn’t doubt he could do it, or would, for that matter. So got up and turned to leave, so as not to make a scene. Not that she thought West would care about that. The man did as he pleased.

Jo-anne was not at all surprised to see T.J. standing not too far away, being that he was now officially the Beta of the pack.

Where the Alpha went, so did the Beta, a natural thing to see within werewolf packs. She smiled right at him and greeted him, hugged him “Good to see you again.”

“Glad, you’re alright.” he’d returned, knocked his fist gently on her chin and then she turned and fell into step with him.

There was no point in arguing or trying to flee, both of them would be faster than her, and running away from West, when he’d come here personally to retrieve her, would probably tick him off completely.

Jo-anne couldn’t help but talk about the amazing things she’d seen here, and ask T.J. what he thought of Singapore. He’d liked what he’d seen so far. Though commented here on business, Jo-Jo is not pleasure.

She was that business, she guessed.

They chatted all the way to the car. West didn’t say anything at all. The man had never been one to talk to her, or pay her the slightest bit of attention when out in public. So it didn’t surprise her at all, and she knew better than to try and strike up a conversation with him. She had tried for the first year of their Mate Bond, it had gotten her nowhere. He was here today just being an Alpha, and retrieving what he thought was his, she guessed. Technically, she was supposed, as one of his pack members.

Briefly wondered as she watched him lean down and use the child safety lock on the car’s door, to make certain she couldn’t get out, unless she was let out, what he was actually thinking. But did not ask. He would only talk to her, if he so chose too. That was how it had always been. Nothing had changed on that front, she knew.

Jo-anne watched as T.J. dropped down onto her bed and stretched out, made himself comfortable, like it was his room and he had not a care in the world, smiled at him and teased him about needing a nap did he? He’d chuckled and stated he did, he’d over-exerted himself, putting four humans down today.

That had made her stop and look at him. She’d snort and laughed. Yeah right, no human would be an issue for T.J. a piece of cake most likely. One deep-aggressive growl from Lark and it was likely they would all have run away from him in fear.

Now she could understand why Steffan Lang had been apologetic and Eu-Meh had looked so nervous, they had definitely been threatened by West, and T.J. had obviously shown his brute strength to get West’s message across.

Jo-anne knew that Steffan had done nothing to warrant Wests fury.

She was curious as to how they found her so quickly, but let it go, West would likely have used that tether in his Alpha brain to track her down, and she knew T.J. could always find her, ever since she was a little girl, not one single scraped knee had gotten by him, not even when he had been a boy.

She smiled to herself. She had scraped her knee yesterday, in fact, right before getting into Steffan Lang’s car. ‘Ah’ she thought ‘he must have been close by and seen her.’ That’s how they had found Stefan Lang. Tapped his knee as she went past him, he smiled right at her and looked at her knee, it was all healed up. So he had been close enough to feel it at the time.

Knew exactly what it had meant, when she tapped his knee.

When West asked her about the dress she was wearing she’d told him honestly and turned to look at him as he’d growled right at her. Seemed more than a little angry about it.

Why? She couldn’t understand.

It was just a dress, admittedly a very pretty one, she thought. She looked good in it, felt good in it. Actually, she owned quite a few nice dresses. She was hoping they were on their way back to the pack. Hopefully, some of them were quite expensive.

Needed to have nice clothes to work in the gallery, and so had bought nice clothes. Felt good in them, liked to dress up, she supposed.

West got even more angry when he heard that Jo-anne had just accepted it and wore it without issue. The man was behaving weirdly, to say the least. Jo-anne knew they didn’t have a good history, terrible one in fact, but she had let it all go.

It was neither of their faults, she didn’t blame him, never really had. But it did appear he still held some contempt for her, or something else. She didn’t know and was not going to bring it up. Had dealt with it years ago, gotten past it.

There was anger rolling off of him like no tomorrow, next thing she knew he was yelling at her “Get in the damned car.” And then had stalked off out of the room. Her eyes turned to look at T.J. questioningly.

He just shrugged at her, smiled, shook his head and stated “The man’s cranky.”

“Always was.” she commented drearily.

“Come on, let’s go home. I’m craving the biggest damned stake there is.” he hopped up off the bed, grabbed her suitcase and they headed down stairs and outside.

Jo-anne was completely shocked to see West standing by the car smoking a cigarette. Wolves didn’t normally do that, and he had not been smoking when they had been mated. Never once had she smelled it on him. Couldn’t help herself but tell him “That’s not good for you.” He didn’t acknowledge her words at all, but did stub it out and get in the car, the minute she was in the backseat with the door closed.

West said nothing to her as he walked her to the private plane he had waiting. One hand curled around her elbow, the whole way. Jo-anne wasn’t sure if it was because he thought she was going to bolt away from him or try to run away. She was not that stupid, Volt would easily catch her, even with Clova’s speed assisting her, they were no match for his Alpha wolf.

Or if he was simply directing her, because she had absolutely no idea where to go, he didn’t say a word, until they got on the plane, “Sit there.” he’d told her, pointing to a seat. She had done as she was told. Wow, this plane was really something, she thought as she looked around. It had deep cream leather seats, could seat 10 wolves comfortably, there was a small bar and a three-seater lounge on the left side down the back near two doors. She was curious about that one had to be a bathroom for sure the other?

West walked comfortably about and stowed her luggage easily. He’d been on this plane before. It was probably his plane, she thought as she watched him sit down. She knew that both he and T.J. had pilot licenses, though there was a pilot on board, and the minute T.J. was on and had pulled the door shut, West called for them to take off.

Jo-anne dozed off sometime later. It had been a long few days for her, but with T.J. around she felt completely comfortable and safe. He’d always been her protector. Likely always would be.

Jo-anne’s eyes snapped open as a hot shiver shot through her body, the shivers were coming ‘No, not here.’ she thought panicking, shoved herself up from the chair, nearly tripping over in the blanket that was over her, hadn’t been there when she’d gone to sleep. Was tangled around her feet, finally managed to get to her feet.

Found both T.J. and West staring right at her, clearly surprised by her sudden and agitated movements ‘Crap, no, no, no.’ she thought this couldn’t be happening now “Bathroom.”

She gasped out urgently, both of them were staring at her wide eyed and both of them point down the back of the plane.

She ran and yanked open the first door and thankfully, it was the right one.

Slammed it shut and locked it.

“No.” she whispered to herself, putting both her hands on the walls to steady herself for what was to come, this couldn’t be happening, not right now, not with both West and T.J. out there.

An Alpha and a Beta. She was not going to be able to hide it from the both of them, not with their senses so keen and strong enough to pick up bare whispers, and with how she had practically thrown herself out of that chair and nearly fallen over, run down here. They would both be looking in this direction and listening in all likelihood.

Jo-anne stood there biting her l!p, waiting for the damned shivers to start and completely take over. She’d never had control of it, never been able to stop it or put it off either. Closed her eyes, even if she could somehow keep the moans of pleasure from escaping her, the scent of her arousal would not go unnoticed, not in this tiny plane.

Stood waiting more then mortified at what was about to hit her, how was she going to ever be able to explain this? Let alone come out of the bathroom afterwards? Face either of them?

West knew what she sounded like during org**sm, smelled like. It was never getting past him. Goddess would it bring out his wolf?

Would Volt take over and try to mate her? Nothing.. Nothing happened. Just the heat on her back and it to now was passing. “Oh, thank the Goddess.” she sighed softly and sank down on the closed toilet lid ‘please don’t do this to me now.’ she prayed. Glanced at her watch to see what time it was. Then realised she had no idea how long they had been in the air for. Or how far into the flight they were.

“Jo-Jo…you alright in there?”

Jo-anne bit her l!p, how was she going to explain this, explain her crazy dash to the bathroom? Probably had looked like a mad woman. “um.. yeah.” she finally answered, so embarrassing.

“You sure?”

“Yes T.J.” she told him. She had to find an excuse. Stood up and looked at her flushed and embarrassed face, knew that he was still outside the door. Took a deep breath and closed her eyes, ‘you can do this. Been doing this for a very long time.’ She told herself.

Opened the door to find T.J. staring down at her, a questioning look on his face. He’d know she wasn’t in pain, he would feel that. That was an interesting thought. Did he to feel it when she got the shivers? No, she thought. He’d never felt anything when she’d been Mated to West.

“Um.. a bit embarrassing.” she halfheartedly smiled at him, and it was all she could manage. “Is this? West’s private plane.

“She asked quietly.

“It is,” she heard West’s voice come from down the plane where he was sitting, obviously listening to their conversation.

She took a step out of the bathroom, T.J. took a step back but didn’t leave, and she looked over to where she knew he had been sitting. He was looking directly at her, watching her.

“Um.. do you have any, female hygiene products on board?” she asked very awkwardly.

Saw West raise an eyebrow at her “In my bedroom there are supplies for female guests,” he nodded.

“Do you think…” she took a breath “May I borrow,” shook her head “stupid word…can I have one? Would Miranda mind?” she finally got out. It was the only thing she could use to keep their questions at bay, and her utter embarrassment over the situation would be completely acceptable, as well as her dash to the bathroom.

“Why would Miranda care?” he asked. “Go ahead.”

She turned and saw T.J. looking at her quizzically. She glanced at the door next to him, pointed to it. He nodded, she pushed it open and stepped in, closed the door and looked around as she heard T.J. walk back down the plane. Closed her eyes briefly and took in a breath.

This flight could get very awkward, she now realised, biting her l!p, she opened her eyes. There was a large bed in here. Had a grab bar above the headboard, shook her head, did not need to think about that or why it was there. She could well imagine West only liked it one way, as far as she knew. Walked across the room to a set of inbuilt draws and opened the top draw.

Blinked in surprise at the handcuffs and other items that were in the draw, several different types of s*x toys and plenty of protection, she noted. No surprise there. She had been on multiple types of contraception when they had been Mated. He had not wanted a baby with her, that was for sure.

West had made sure she was not only on the pill, but also had a contraception implant in her arm and he’d also insisted on an IUD as well. Told her outright there would be no child between them. She had actually been thankful for it, too young to want one anyway, and with how they were mated, she hadn’t particularly wanted one with him either. Had just done as he’d told her on that subject.

Heard the door to the room open, “Not that draw.” West stated calmly, as though a draw full of s*x toys meant nothing, he reached around her and closed it. Then he moved her, his hands were on her hips, moved her to the right of him and leaned down to open the bottom draw.

Jo-anne did not look at him, bit her l!p. Couldn’t look at him, the man had only ever put his hands on her hips like that when he’d wanted to.. he’d been… they’d been… having s*x. He stood up and looked right at her. Jo-anne kept her eyes firmly on the wall in front of her.

West leaned right over to her ear. “What’s wrong, Jo-anne?” His voice was soft in her ear, his l!ps brushing against her ear lightly, “Does this surprise you?”

“No!” she answered him simply, the fact that he still had one of his hands on her hips was the issue right this minute. The man had never touched her, unless he wanted to have s*x, and he was touching her right now. For the second time today, she realised.

“You seem…uncomfortable.” he sounded slightly amused, she thought.

“I need you to go West. I have an issue, I need to tend to.” she kept her eyes fixed on the wall, refused to look at him.

“Mm, forgot about that for a minute,” he said and leaned away from her, his hand slid off her hip and he walked away. “Might not want to open the other draws,” he now sounded very amused, then he left and closed the door.

Her eyes moved to the other draws instinctively. He had said it on purpose, likely. Perhaps wanted her to snoop and see what was in those other draws. She did not want to know. Let her eyes move to the draw he had opened, there were indeed feminine hygiene products in there. She was going to have to use one, regardless of the fact that she didn’t need one.

Picked one up and closed the draw, stepped into the bathroom again and applied it.

Hated knowing that they were both out there and if so chose to, could hear everything she was doing. Washed her hands and returned to the cabin. They were both watching her.

Jo-anne looked away more than uncomfortable under their watchful gazes, sank back down in her seat.

“Need anything else?” West asked, still sounding fully amused to her ear.

“No thank you, Alpha,” she murmured and turned to look out the window. “When will we land?”

“A few hours still,” T.J. answered her.

Jo-anne nodded and continued to look out the window, sent up a prayer that she would be spared a full blown shivers, whilst in either of their company, here on this plane, or the car on the way back to the pack.

Let her mind wonder to what she was going to do when they got back to the pack. She was going to have to talk to Alpha Damien about West breaching her exhibition contract and them paying for it all. She could not afford it right now. She had also- not been intending on breaching her contract.

West had forced her too, so technically he, the new Alpha, was the one at fault, and should have to foot the bill. Though how she was going to tell him that. She a no-body in the pack.

Held no rank or standing within the pack. Trying to make her Alpha pay for the breach to her contract it was not going to go down so well.

Jo-anne could see herself directly under his wrath once more. Was not looking forward to it at al. Alpha Damien was likely her best bet, she thought, she would rather approach Alpha Damien than West, and it was Alpha Damien’s seal of approval that West had broken anyway. Let the two of them sort it out.

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