Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 110

Jo-anne POV

Clova did not like seeing her Mate held down, by the King, she was already snarling inside Jo-anne’s mine, could feel anger welling up inside of her wolf, could even feel heat behind her eyes already. Though her attention had to be elsewhere as they saw those coming towards her, they were a direct threat to them.

West and Volt would have to manage on their own, though Clova did not like it, it didn’t look as though her Mate was being harmed just forcibly held still by the Kings aura and strength. The four women looking at her were already trying to pry inside their mind, they could feel it, a creeping spidery feeling was moving through their hair.

Clova pushed forward and they united as one, right as one of the witches stepped up to her and snapped her hands to their head. They snarled at the pain it caused them, and latched onto that woman in the same manner. If she wanted to play and invade her mind, they would play with her in the same manner.

Forced her will on that witch, she could feel her pushing right back, gripped her head tighter and felt the woman’s nails break skin, snarled at the physical damage the woman did to them, and Clova’s claws all snapped out and they heard the Woman scream as her claws buried inside the woman’s head. Felt her trying to pull away, snort at her, she shouldn’t play with things she couldn’t handle. Their physical strength as a wolf far outmatched hers as a witch of the frail build.

Felt that witch pull her hands away and grip at Clova’s claws, to try and pry them off of her, but they were buried deep and the minute she was trying to get free, let her guard down, saw inside that witches mind, to the way they lived, all tethered to their warlock doing his bidding without mercy.

How he treated them, vile and cruelly even though they were his sisters.

Saw that he drank their blood to gain power for them, saw how weak it made them, saw that he would beat them, when they were too weak to give him any more of their own blood, and begged him not to take anymore.

His sisters, tortured souls, every one of them, bound to him by blood, bound to him by an actual blood oath to help make him stronger regardless of the cost to themselves. He was a soulless foul creature. That only cared for power. Had no real love for his own sisters. They were at his mercy at all times. They feared him more than they feared the King himself.

Wondered why, dug deeper and saw that warlock drain their own mother dry, day after day, till he had all her power, for himself. Saw him do that to many others, his sisters had found and brought forth to him. Saw him beat and abuse his sisters for his own sick needs. They were unable to stand up to him. Bound to him as they were.

Released the woman and she staggered back and away from her, locked eyes with them for only a moment, she knew what they had seen, turned and hurried back to stand behind him, hated him but relied on him to protect her all the same. She would never leave him, none of them would and one day he was going to drain them all dry and they all knew it.

Saw another step up to her, wondered if she would be just as stupid as the first, didn’t seem to be, was more calculating, they thought. Reached out and took Jo-anne’s hand, they knew one would test her blood, guess it was going to be her. What she and Clova were not expecting was this woman to suddenly bite her right on the wrist.

Shocked them completely, they could feel her sucking the blood right out of their wrist, it was flowing freely, could see it dripping from her wrist, bloodying the woman’s face around her mouth.

Watched as the woman’s eyes rolled back into her head and then fluttered closed, was deriving actual pleasure from the act, or possibly the taste of her actual blood. Heard the woman m0an with pleasure as she continued to drink their blood, they hissed in pain as the woman bit down harder and started sucking furiously at her wrist, wanted more than just a taste of her, wanted a lot more of what she was getting.

They snarled right at her, it was enough, raised anger inside of her to another level, felt their hands start to heat up and snapped one into that woman’s chest. She weighed nothing and went flying across the hallway, to distracted by feeding off of them, that she had not seen the attack coming.

Put a hand to her wrist, and felt the heat in it soften to a light wave and watched as the wound healed over and the bleeding stopped. Turned her eyes to the woman as she started to get up from the floor, there was blood on her l!ps and down her chin. Watched as her tongue slid out and started l!cking at that blood, saw her use her fingers to wipe the blood from her chin that her tongue could not reach and then sucked the blood from them too.

The woman’s eyes never left Jo-anne’s, there was a hungry look in her eyes, like Jo-anne was the next meal she wanted to eat. “She’s the one…” saw the woman’s eyes close as her tongue l!cked the last of the blood from around her mouth, and over her l!ps, l!cking every last drop “Her blood.” The woman opened her eyes and locked right onto her.

“So sweet, delicious, power.. oh, the power she will bring to us all.”

“The hell we will.” she and Clova spoke as one.

“Try it again witch, we’ll kill you dead.”

“So sweet brother, take her now..” then she gasped and one hand clutched at her stomach, shook her head “So very sweet…” groaned and frowned “but.. something else too..” shook her head and staggered a stepped, clutched at her head suddenly and then cried out in pain “No.it hurts us brother… pain… so bad.. pain.” saw the woman collapse down onto her knees, one hand on the floor to stop herself falling all the way to her face, saw her eyes go red and blood was dripping down her face coming from her eyes.

Heard her scream in pain, one agonised word burst from her. “Tainted.” saw the woman heave more than once. “Not the one..” she shook her head “is tainted blood.” Then screamed “Get it out of me.” and started shoving her fingers down her throat, blood poured from the woman’s mouth as she tried to bring up all she had drank.

The blood was darkened and turning black by the second, till the only thing she was bringing up was black blood, it came from her nose and then black blood was dripping from her eyes. It was a horrible sight to see, but they did not look away, couldn’t it seemed take their eyes from this woman and the horror of what their blood was doing to her.

Saw the other three women rush to her and lay their hands on her, were chanting in some foreign language, using whatever magic they had to try and help their sister, who was fading by the second, till she was lying on the ground, black blood coming from her ears. It was too late for her that much they understood.

Saw the three women panic at the realization that they were not strong enough to save her, yelled for their brother Hendrick to help them, to save their sister. He, however, was just standing there watching what was happening, seemed uncaring of the woman, his younger sister’s plight. Wanted to see what would actually happen from drinking her blood, she thought. The callus bastard didn’t even seem to care his own sister was dying and likely at his very order to taste her blood.

They stood and watched as that woman, drowned in her own blood, poisoned, it seemed, by their tainted blood, watched as the other three women laid their heads on the now lifeless body of their sister before them, sobbing mournfully and calling her sister.

Watched as Hendrick turned to look right at her, “You are Belinda’s bastard daughter, I will have what is mine and you will breed for me.”

They turned their eyes right on him as one” You’ll die like that woman.” they snarled “Do you want to play with us?” they growled right at him.

Had wanted to play with others but had been denied.

Saw him race across the 10 foot gap between them, his arms out stretched to grab a hold of her, their anger bubbled to the surface not just at his claim that he would have them, that they would breed for him, but at his outright lack of compassion for his sister, felt that heat inside their hands burn white hot and then snapped them out towards him, threw that heat at him, saw him stagger back and full two steps and then raise his hands out just like hers, his power aimed at her.

“Oh, you think you’re special.” he laughed harshly “”‘m much older and know how to release my powers.”

They laughed right back, drew on all the power in them, felt her back grow hot, her whole body filled with heat, saw the glow of their own eyes reflected in his as he stared down at them, registered that his eyes widened in shock “No it can’t be, he’s dead.” he gasped.

“Oh, let’s play.” they snarled right at him and channelled all that heat to their hands and roared with all they had, released everything at him, wanting him to be hurt and injured, wanting this vile creature of a man to be away from them.

Saw him go flying back through the air and slam into the wall behind him, he looked more than shocked by them and their power “You still want to play. We got more in us still.” their head twitched to the side and they felt it deep down inside of them.

The raw untapped power of what they were, was so very hot, it burned like the sun inside of them, itching to be released and burn everything down.

Found Belinda right in front of them. “Calm down my child…Shh”

They didn’t want to calm down, they wanted to kill him for his vile thoughts and acts he wanted to do to them.

“He can’t beat you, and now he knows it.” felt a hand on her face, touching her gently. “Shh, you’re alright, you belong to another, he can’t touch you anymore.”

“We belong to Volt” they said, feeling the heat dwindle away from them a little. “Shh.that’s right, you belong to Volt, calm down now.”

Their eyes turned to meet the Kings, and a snarl ripped out of them at the sight of him still holding down their Mate. “Release him, or play with us.” They growled menacingly at him, uncaring that they were threatening the King himself, he did not care about them, so they would show him the same courtesy.

They would not allow anyone to harm their Mate.

Watched the King stare right at them for maybe 10 seconds and then let West go, released his aura over him so he could get up from the floor.

Heard movement from where they knew the warlock was, turned to see him walking towards her, but his eyes were on Belinda not them. “Your bastard child to another, to that warlock, tainted by that foul mans DNA, useless to me now… you should have mated to me, our children I fore-sorewere all pure and perfect bleeders for me.”

“You are a heartless, vile and cruel man, just as he was. I would rather die than belong to you. In every lifetime, I would run for Jonathan.”

Saw that man raise an eyebrow at her statement, it all rang truthful, nothing she said was a lie, his eyes moved to theirs “I’d put that mongrel of a mutt, down. Only death will spawn of breeding her.” Then he turned and walked across the hall, knelt down and picked up the lifeless woman, watched as the three remaining women put their hands on him and then he was gone, with a loud c0ck of thunder like noise, vanished into thin air, along with those touching him.

Felt a hand touch her arm gently and knew it was West and Volt, felt Clova separate from her, as his other hand slid to the small of her back. His body was right there up close to hers, pulled her gently into his side, felt his chin rest on the top of her head.

Watched as Belinda visually shuddered before her.

“He’s not my father, right?” she asked quietly.

“No, I killed that man, myself.” turned and looked right at her “l assure you, Jo-anne, he will not come for you as Hendrick did.”

“He’s a warlock right. So…that makes me…

“Part witch sweetheart, and a strong one, he was Royal himself. Can we discuss him another time, please.” her eyes moved down the hall, to where she knew the King and Queen were still standing. watching them all. Sighed heavily “We’ll need to make a formal introduction now l que looked back to her and then to West. “West son, please find some suitable clothes for Jo-anne and” she looked him over a half smile on her face” yourself, we’ll have a formal lunch in the private dinning room, at noon.”

Then she ran her hands through Jo-anne’s hair.

“So much power my little girl, we’ll sort that out, I promise, give you a good outlet for it.”

“Do you know?” Jo-anne sighed, better not ask that question. Perhaps with the King right there I was not the right time. “Are they a danger to me? To Clova?” her eyes moved passed West to those in question.

“Unlikely, you just outpowered his own warlock, go with West, get some food in you, and we’ll see you at lunch time, rest up till then, okay.”

“Alright…mother.” Jo-anne nodded. She understood this woman had done all she could to protect her, was her mother, would call her that from now on.

Saw Belinda look right at her, tears in her eyes, smiled at her gently and then just hugged her “Daughter.” she returned, then pulled herself away “West, take her please.” there was a slight catch in her voice.

West walked her down to the other end of the pack-house where their suite resided and opened the door for her to step inside. “I don’t have any clothes in here.”

“I’ll have your things brought up.” he said closed the door, then his arms were around her and he pulled her into his chest “l’m sorry, I couldn’t get to you. The king.” he sighed, “I couldn’t overpower him.” she could hear the regret in his voice at not being able to help her.

“It’s alright West, I don’t think anyone can.” She stood and leaned into him, slid her arms around his waist, it seemed like he needed a hug as much as she did right now. They just stood there for several minutes in silence.

“You’re all messy.” his hand moved to her hair, ran through it “Your hair goes all staticky when you’re all powered up.” he chuckled softly.

“Really?” she had no idea.

“Mm, it does, almost stands on end. If it was shorter, I imagine it would.”

She looked up at him as both his hands moved through her hair, neatening it she thought, wondered if he wanted her to cut it like it used to be.

“and all of you practically glows, your hands, your eyes, your back”

“It must look weird,” she murmured.

“It’s fine. And at least I’ll know, when your about to kick my ass, before it happens.” He laughed softly.

“I would never.” she pulled herself from him and stared up at him indignantly.

“Well, you are too sweet-natured to really hurt someone, even this ass-hole huh.” Jo-anne smiled, couldn’t help it, he was making fun of himself, she’d never seen him do that before, it was kind of cute, poked him in the chest.

“Go get my clothes.”

Saw him smiling right at her “Stay in here.”

Then he k!ssed her forehead and left the room to do as she told him. Liked that he did what he was told, wondered how long that would last, before he reverted back to being the Alpha who craved to be in control of everything, including her.

Wondered as she sat and waited for him come back. What sort of warlock her father was?

Obviously not a good one. Not if she was born between T.J. and Sonja, something she had still yet to learn about. Though Hendricks words rang in her ears ‘no it can’t be, he’s dead.’ it was clear to her Hendrick must know who her father was. Had recognised it from her use of her powers, her glowing eyes, in fact. Guess her warlock of a father had eyes that glowed too.

“Hungry’ Clova told her.

‘Mm, that’s because you Mated Volt all night.”

Heard Clova chortle inside her mind “I’ll not deny my Alpha wolf!’

‘You never did.’ Jo-anne shook her head ‘Rest up, I’ll feed us. West has to have food in here somewhere.’

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