Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 111

Belinda POV

“You have some explaining to do, Belinda.” Her father stated flatly as she walked passed him to Jonathan.

“I have nothing to explain, that you don’t already know.” Belinda looked right at him. She did not fear her father. She had never confronted him or her mother, for that matter, about what they had tried to do to her when she was 18.

If the man was now looking for a fight, she would give him one. He was staring right at her, as she walked passed him to slip her hand into Jonathan’s. “Our boy has a Mate.” she smiled right up at him, happy for her son.

“He does.” Jonathan smiled right back at her. “I like her too, she’s a cheeky one, will be good for Terence.”

Belinda smiled. “Yes. I like her too. We should have a family dinner with her parents..” she chuckled “When they stop Mating.

Heard Jonathan chuckle too. “I’ll talk to lan, we’ll do it after your parents leave.”

“You’ll, do it while we are here, she’ll be carrying royal bloodline heirs one day.” her father snapped, clearly had not liked the way she had dismissed him or ignored him.

Well, that’s how he has treated her, her whole life, since she ran away. A little payback couldn’t hurt, turned her eyes on him. “Terence’s children will be nowhere even close to being able to claim to the throne. Nearly 50 others would have to die, father. Let it go already. He, Sonja and Ava will never claim to the throne as neither will I.”

“That is not the point, daughter.’ he grabbed on to her arm. ” Your bloodline is important to the Kingdom.”

“So important, that you tried to sell me off to Hendrick at 18.” she snapped right back at him, letting him know she knew exactly what he had done. Yanked her arm from his grip “So important, that you just tried to force Jo-anne to Hendrick as well.” there was anger in her voice now “Do you want to have that conversation.” she stalked down the stairs, “Father I can read your mind and see, just what you wanted that man to do to me. To do to my daughter up there. Would your actions constitute a threat to the royal bloodline?” she shot at him over her shoulder.

There was complete silence from him now, she was pushing her luck a bit. But Belinda had, had enough. She’d had to run for her life back then, her children had to be all presented to him and Hendrick for the possibility that they maybe like her, have that special blood. So, her own mother and father could just hand them over to his warlock if they were like her, even any children her children had, would have to be presented to him for that very reason. It was sick.

If anyone was a threat to the royal bloodline, it was her own mother and father. She could claim it, have the royal seers search the King’s own mind, all of them, have him dethroned and her eldest brother Christian take over and become the new ruler. She knew he was itching for their father to step down.

Christian would make a good King, he to did not like Hendrick and his ways. She had once confided in him, what their parents’ plans had been for her, all the horrid details. He actually sighed and shaken his head, told her when he took over, he’d make sure she and all of her children would be left alone. He saw no need for there to be a wolfen seer.

When there were plenty of actual seers out there.

He had to believed it was a threat to the bloodline, but knew their father would play it off as a plan to make the Kingdom stronger therefore, not an actual threat. But the fact that they had gone to the lengths to hide her true Mate from her, and were going to hide her children from her, declare them all dead right away, keep them from her. Meant that they didn’t want anyone knowing about what that plan was. Therefore, a valid threat could have been claimed.

Perhaps it was time to get Christian involved, force her mother and father to step down.

Belinda knew they were following her and Jonathan “Hendrick abandoned you yet again, I see, left you here in the human realm, father.”

He said nothing, just followed her and Jonathan down the stairs. She did note that her mother was awfully quiet, hadn’t said anything at all this whole time, did she have remorse or guilt over their actions and not just today’s but all those years ago?

Turned at the bottom of the stairs to look at them both, they were just watching her, she’d never once stood up to them, this would be the first time and to her, they looked like they did not, or had not ever been expecting this from her, they appeared uncertain how to deal with her right this minute.

She held a card that could be used to dethrone the pair of them and had just tossed it out there.

“Felt Jonathan’s arm slide around her waist” Honey, let’s go and organise the formal lunch.

Perhaps your parents might like to take a morning walk around the pack.”

“I think that is a good idea.” she smiled at him, knew he was trying to diffuse the situation, so sweet. Looked back to her parents. “I will formally introduce you to Jo-anne at noon, in the private dining room. Please feel free to walk about til then.”

She knew that they would not, they had no royal guards here, no seers to detect a threat to them, something they were used to relying on all the time, they didn’t even have their own omega’s to do anything for them and with the pack on an official rest day, most pack members were off with their family’s doing what ever they liked.

Though Belinda did know that some of the pack members had cooked and set up breakfast in the pack-house dining room. They had either been unaffected by the seers or had not come across them and so were going about their reqular routine.

Bless their little hearts, trying to help those who needed it.

Her mother and father sat at the head of the table. No big surprise there. It would usually be reserved for the Alpha and his Luna, but not today.

Belinda sat with Jonathan to her left and both Sonja and Ava on her right. They were all dressed in formal wear as was the requirement for this meal.

She and the girls, wearing long floor-length dresses and Jonathan in a suit of dark blue, nearly made her drool. It was well fitted to his physic, she never tired of him or looking at him.

Had gotten a very unhappy response from Terence when she’d interrupted him, requesting that he bring his Mate down for the family’s formal lunch had at first told her he wasn’t coming, but she’d told him it was not a request of her doing, the King himself expected him to present his Mate at the meal. Had gotten a “Fine.” muttered at her in the end.

She knew they would likely be late for this lunch. Terence would go out of his way to arrive late. No one should be interrupting him right now.

He was the acting Alpha and he was up there Mating his Luna, so to speak. But her parents were insisting on him making an appearance.

Watched as West walked into the dining room wearing a dark blue three-piece suite with a black dress shirt and vest with a silver tie, his hair all gelled back, he looked every part the Alpha he was.

Jo-anne was wearing a lovely soft purple coloured dress that fell to just below her knees, a nice cocktail dress, her hair was braided down her back, and her hand was resting in the crook of West’s arm, as they walked in.

It was a very Alpha, Luna thing to do. A display of their power as a couple to the entire room usually to their pack or visiting members, but today it was for those that had come to separate them from each other and had not succeeded.

She smiled at them, they were going to be just fine once that taint was out of West and Volt, the man and his wolf would go back to being how they were before. Happy and charismatic, it was going shock the pack and take a few weeks to get used to, he’d once been happy and friendly to all. Not so much anymore.

Belinda had seen the changes in him, though over the past month, even with the taint in him, their true bond was winning over the tainted blood in his system. It was a good thing, he was a good man, had always been, just tainted. Something she had not had the power to fix.

Jo-anne on the other hand, had been healing things all her life unbeknownst to her. Today Belinda had actually seen her and Clova heal themselves actively, using their witch’s powers to heal themselves. Wonder if they recalled doing that? She was certain Jo-anne would be able to heal Volt and West. She had saved Heath from her tainted blood.

Watched as West pulled out a chair directly opposite her for Jo-anne, and then sat right next to her, did not she note go and sit next to the King as was his right. A clear statement that he was not happy about the going on’s the King had brought into his pack where his Luna was concerned.

Smiled as she watched him, he was chatting with Jonathan casually about the current state of the pack members and their distress, another dig at the King, she thought. But his arm was draped along the back of Jo-anne’s chair, and he was absently touching the girl’s ear and neck, while he talked, a typical mate thing, especially when it was new.

Nearly chuckled as she watched Jo-anne swat his hand away, several times. Not used to the attention, she supposed, it did nothing to stop the man’s hand, it seemed to have a mind of its own.

She looked right at Belinda and rolled her eyes as she swatted it away again. Both Ava and Sonja giggled, they too were watching. Everyone in this pack had seen his possessiveness over Jo-anne rise up day by day. Once she was here in the pack, it had certainly not gone un-noticed by the ranked members that lived here in the pack-house. She had heard both her girls betting on West trying to lay claim to her once more after he’d carried the woman out of Maxi’s night club.

Belinda was a little surprised to see Damien and Natalia stroll in dressed to impress and sit down as well, but then again, West was now Mated to Jo-anne a royal princess. So they likely had some overlapping concerns they wanted addressed. Could wel make this a royal pack.

Not that she wanted that, that would mean they would have to house seer’s all the time, and that Hendrick could just drop in anytime he liked unannounced to check on members of his coven.

She did not want that. Doubted that West or Jo-anne would want that either, for that matter.

Terence strolled in last, he too was dressed much the same as West in a full three-piece suit, his dark grey and his dreadlocks neatly pulled back in a ponytail, Ella was on his arm wearing a long maroon dress that flowed as she walked and her long black hair was pinned neatly into a braided bun on the side of her head, the silver filigree of Terence Mark on full display for all to see. She smiled right at the two of them.

Watched the man do exactly as West had pulled out a chair for her, only he dropped a k!ss right on her mouth for all to see before sitting next to her. They both looked very happy. Belinda couldn’t stop smiling at the two of them, Goddess Ella was practically glowing with happiness and why wouldn’t she?

“Belinda?” it was her father.

She turned to look at him, as the first course arrived, a beef fillet on potato puree, with roasted fennel and asparagus with a smoked garlic and thyme butter. It seemed Jonathan had gone all out with the head chef, to dish up a proper menu that would impress the King and Queen.


“The girl? Is your actual daughter then?” he waved a hand at Jo-anne.

She’d had time to talk with both Sonja and Ava.

They had been quite shocked to hear that Jo-anne was their actual half sister, but had not gotten upset about it. They had been told a very basic story of her being kidnapped for a two-year period when Terence was just 2 years old, had been a little on the horrified side, but seemed to understand like their father did, why she had not raised Jo-anne once it was explained to them.

“Yes it appears so.” she nodded.

“Appears? The girl looks just like your other daughters. How did you not know about this? Smell your own kin?” sounded annoyed about this.

“She was abandoned in this pack, and Luna Natalia bled her to another’s bloodline, therefore disconnecting the child from me.”

“You had to birth the girl.”

“Yes.” Belinda acknowledged calmly, “though I am guessing, mind you. Seeing as the baby, Jo-anne, arrived in this pack weeks before I did, that perhaps someone stole her from the warlock that was her father and tried to hide her.”

“You can’t explain any more than that?” he sounded unconvinced.

“I was not in a good or healthy state, father.

When I returned, you are aware of that yourself, you saw it with your own eyes.” she reminded him.

“The girl’s father?”

“I killed him, that’s how I escaped, took a lot of planning and time and effort. He had foresight and I had to figure out how to get around that to enact my escape. In fact, when I killed him, everyone in his residence fled for their lives, I was not his only captive..” and she had not been either. Every person in that place had some sort of compulsion on them, to stay and do his bidding for one thing or another. When she had fled, so had all of them.

“So you had no knowledge of Jo-anne, as your daughter here in this pack.”

“No I did not. Did not even know if l’d birthed a boy or a girl, in fact.” and she had not was one of the reasons Hendrick never saw Jo-anne. “only when Alpha Westley and Terence here made the decision to sever her blood bond with Heath, the man who raised her, did her Alpha and royal Aura come forth.”

Watched as her father looked right at Jo-anne, he glanced at West and then Terence too. “What was the reason to sever the girls bond with her father?” he asked.

It was West who answered “The man attacked her, and then a few days later attempted to kill her.”

There was a slight hard edge to his voice, Belinda noted. He was still unhappy about what had gone on.

“What? Why?”

“Unknown at this point. It fractured his mind and is still recovering.” Terence muttered sounded annoyed that the man was still alive. In fact, “Jo-Jo will not allow West or I to kill him for it.” saw that Terence was looking right at Jo-anne now, he clearly still wanted to carry out that order.

“No T.J., he was a good father to me, there has to have been something behind it.”

“I don’t care, Jo-Jo.” Terence snapped at her.

They were unlikely to ever agree on it, she Dught. She might be able to help with that later on, build some trust, but not until after her parents had left. Not until after Jo-anne and West were sorted out. They had to come first, their matter of West and Volt still being tainted was the most pressing concern.

“Wait.” she saw her father frown “Damien, did you not tell me that the person who tried to kill your son’s Luna, had been dealt with. Was dead?”

“I did.” Damien answered “That would be the second time someone has tried to take her life in the past few weeks.”

Saw her father’s frown deepen further, he was likely wondering how the seers never picked up on the threat to the bloodline at all. “Not the same person then?”

“No.” it was West. “Her stepmother and it was not an attempt. She did succeed. Jo-anne died. Terence and I brought her back.”

Watched her father’s eyes move back to Jo-anne, she didn’t say anything to him. Belinda had already asked her not to. That some of what she would hear today would be a lie and that she would tell her the truth later on. But didn’t want the King or Queen, for that matter, to know all the actual details, due to what they wanted her for.

The girl had already heard some of it, had stated she kind of understood and would sit and listen, but not interfere. Belinda had also asked her to only speak when spoken directly too. On the bright side, Jo-anne had only found out about her being her mother yesterday, so nothing would be a lie coming from her.

“Both of her parents tried to kill her. That is unusual.”

“It is father.” Belinda nodded. “Likely to do with the taint your witch detected.”

“When did you know she was your daughter?”

“Like I told you yesterday, about a week ago.”

“Did anyone else know?”

“No, she was found out in the snow a few hours old, from my understanding.” Belinda shrugged.

He was staring at Jo-anne again. Belinda knew he’d seen her take on Hendrick and out muscle him with her powers. She had also demanded he release West, which the man had actually done. His own grandchild was very powerful and alienating her, would be reckless on his part.

If she was trained up in the use of those powers, properly. She would make for a very good asset on any given battle field. Though Belinda already knew West’s thoughts on Jo-anne out there fighting. It was not what he wanted. He wanted her safe inside the pack-house at all times.

“Jo-anne, my grandchild,” he acknowledged her linage “when did you know about you mother here?”

“I found out yesterday.”

“What? Only yesterday? Who told you and when exactly?”

“T.J. yelled it at me. Before lunch, we were arguing.” she shrugged.

Watched her father look directly at Terence You knew?”

“I did suspect. But I only found out for certain when mother did.”

“How long did you suspect, there was an unknown Royal in this pack boy?”

“Not long.” he shrugged “Jo-anne rolled her aura at me a week ago, So then.”

Belinda knew that was an outright lie, but Terence held all manner of secrets and could talk as though he spoke the truth at all times. A nice talent to have. Would make a good Alpha to any pack. He was fair and trustworthy, and kept people’s secrets. He was laid back for the most part but stirred that boy’s instincts into a battle of any kind and he was suddenly a vicious savage beast like all Alpha wolves were.

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