Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 112

Jo-anne POV

Sitting at the dining room table listening to the king talk about her, as though she wasn’t in the room, as though she meant nothing at all, was more than annoying to her and to Clova. She had been told by Belinda to please only speak when spoken to directly by the King or Queen and she had agreed. Jo-anne had no idea how one conducted themselves in the presence of Royalty.

Noted while she sat there silently, that Sonja, Ava, Jonathan, Ella and both of the Wests’ parents also sat quietly and said nothing as they ate their meal and listened to what was being said around them. Only spoken when spoken to. Perhaps this was the completely normal thing to do, but she had no idea.

Knew that both Ava and Sonja had been to the Kingdom to be presented to the King and his warlock. She was older than both of them but knew that they had to at certain points in their lives, because she had been around when T.J. had to do it.

He’d always come to visit her at her home before going to the Kingdom, just to let her know how long he was going to be gone, to make sure to tell her to stay out of trouble and not to get hurt in anyway. At least that now made more sense to her, why he’d always done that.

She, however, had never had to go and be presented, go through any of the things that they had, so had no idea what it was like inside the royal kingdom, though she already knew she and Clova alike, did not much like their biological grandparents. Clova more so than Jo-anne, not after the way he had held her Mate down earlier.

Clova was sitting up in her mind, listening to al that was going on. Everytime the King opened his mouth to speak, her tail would flick furiously back and forth, sometimes her ears would lay flat against her head, just hearing the man talk was making her wolf angry it seemed.

Jo-anne got the distinct impression that Clova wanted a piece of him for hurting her Mate. They had asked him if he’d wanted to play with them, but although they had been thinking as one, it had definitely been more Clova who’d said that.

He was the King, but that didn’t seem to bother Clova at all. She clearly did not like the man, and it was both of them that wondered what they would see, if they could get their hands on him. Turned their eyes on the man in question, found him looking right at her, felt heat grow inside of them, Clova snarled softly inside her mind. Her anger was growing. They didn’t want to be anywhere near him. Didn’t want to be in this room with him right now.

Found Wests’ hand slipping into hers, squeezed it gently, gaining her attention. Her eyes left the King and moved to West.

Your eyes are glowing.’ he told her via the mind-link.

‘Clova doesn’t like him.’ Jo-anne answered him honestly.

‘Neither do I, but he’s the King. Try to stay calm.’ West encouraged her.

It was not likely something that she could control at this moment, not after all that had happened today, a part of her was really itching like crazy to tap into that well of power deep within them and release it. See just what they could do, and their anger was attached to that part of her, the angrier Clova got, the more that power screamed to be released, and Clova knew just who she wanted to release it on. Their so-called grandfather. Who only wanted to use them to feed his damned witches.

Her eyes moved back to the King, she could feel Clova stand up slowly inside her mind, a deep growl was resonating from her. Heard movement within the room around her, knew that growl had not just been in her mind, it had been out loud and l and menacing. That man had wanted her to die, to drain the blood out of her, had been willing to let them witches and that warlock.

Who had not only wanted a piece of them today, had also wanted their own mother, to be forced into breeding with her, just to create more like her, so that they could be used as bleeders to feed his witches as well. Her anger grew at this thought, building to fury.

“Jo-anne, calm down.” it was Belinda.

“We will not.” they stated together as she felt Clova come forward and join her “We want to play with him!” they stood up from their chair, their eyes still on the King. “We will not be denied.” a finger pointed right at him “For he would feed us, to his witches, uncaring we are his kin.” a snarl ripped out of them “He would willingly kill his own Kin.”

Saw the King stand and push the Queen away from him. He knew they were a threat to him. “Back down girl.” he snarled right at them.

They laughed a little menacingly right back at him, they were not going to back down, they were not going to be denied, not this time “Come…let us see inside your mind.” and then they were gone up over the table to latch their hands to his head.

Saw his wolf emerge right away, could hear yelling all around them, her name, telling them no. telling them to calm down. Telling them what to do.

They would not stand for it anymore, they would not be denied their desire to seek who this man Was.

The King’s wolf snapped their hands out and caught her by the wrists, and was forcing their aura over them, snarling right at them, it only ignited utter fury within them, made that well of power searingly hot inside of them. They snarled right back at him, and pushed all they had at him, smiled I opened their hands. The stupid man had grabbed the wrong part of them.

Let him have a taste of their power, allowed it to flow out of her hands unchecked and felt him stumble back a half step and surged forward. They were winning, shoved all their aura and power at him used that anger inside of them and forced him back. He staggered a whole step his chair knocking over, snarled at them “Bow down.” he roared at them with all his authority as the King of wolves.

Felt it hit them, his full authority, but they weren’t just wolf, he was trying to make them Bow to him and his wilI, but the power that was in them belonged to a warlock, one her mother had said was a Royal himself, he was not the ruler of that side of them and that side of them was screaming to explode out of them at this man.

They watched him through heat-filled eyes as he slid backwards against the use of their power, him half shift to his black wolf with its glaring red eyes. It was snarling at them in fury, trying to force them to submit.

They pushed hard, reached right down deep inside of themselves and grabbed onto that burning ball of power so filled with anger, so hot it was radiating like a burning sun and roared right back at him “You bow down wolf.” and then threw it all at him, till the man and his wolf faltered and then they had him, saw it in his eyes, the fear that he and his wolf could not beat them.

Laughed right in his face and shoved him down to the ground and bit him right in the neck, saw it all as their vision whited over, saw everything he had done to her mother, planning to Mate her off to that warlock. The agreement to breed his own daughter to create bleeders to feed his witches, a minimum of a litter was the agreement with all effort to produce as many more as they could.

Turning his own daughter into a baby-making machine and not of her own free will, just to create bleeders to feed his warlock and his witches, uncaring of his own child’s happiness. He just wanted more power for his rule.

Saw his mapping out of her mother’s bloodline, the tracking of all her children, waiting for that one that could be bled to his witches or bred to his warlock at his will, to be forced to create bleeders.

Pushed harder, latched onto it saw not just T.J. but Ava and Sonja’s children too, that he intended to track all their children and their bloodlines, waiting for that one that could be bred to his warlock to produce those bleeders. Saw that he had already written up Mating alliances for any and all of the children that directly followed Belinda’s bloodline, any child, boy or girl, to be given to his warlocks coven, they were all written up and waiting, just needed a name to be placed on it.

This man did not care for his own daughter, or her children, only for Belinda’s bloodline, which could be inherited down the line. He was waiting to claim it and use it as he saw fit, regardless of the harm it would bring to that wolf.

Yanked themselves away from the man, snarled right down at him as they spat his blood on the floor. “You are unworthy to be a King.”

Watched as the man heaved but managed not to vomit. Got himself up off the floor and glared right at them “You think you could do what I have to do to stay in power?” He snarled right back at them.

They said nothing, did not want any part of him or his bloodline. “We renounce you as our kin.” They growled at him.

Saw the man’s eyes go wide, likely no-one had her beaten him like they had today, likely none had renounced their royal status to him before either.

They did not care for him, “You come for us, we will play with all your men. Till death is all that awaits you.” then turned and stalked out of the room, shifted fully into Clova and was gone, running at full wolf speed, away from the pack-house, away from all of them. Had to get away.

They could hear many of them inside her mind, calling out to her, trying to get her to stop, to wait, but they didn’t know just how much danger they were all in. She was out of control. Their whole body was burning hot, felt like they were on fire and were going to explode any minute, they were burning up and there was so much pain inside of them, they needed to get away to get rid of the heat.

Ran at full wolf speed through the pack and barrelled right into the lake. Clova dived into it and shifted them back to Jo-anne trying to release the heat into the water to get rid of it.

Stayed there in the water, it was blissfully cold, cooling them down, opened their hands under the water and let it all out, into the cold water till there was nothing left. Found her mother in the water next to her, turned and stared up at her “He’s going to bleed all your bloodline, he’s horrid.”

“I know my child. It’s why I had to hide you from him.” watched as her mother sank down into the water next to her and hugged her gently to her chest “I won’t ever let him hurt you, not ever.”

“What am I?” she half sobbed.

Heard her mother sigh “A celestial wolf.” She said softly “That power, you hold all comes from your father. He was a celestial warlock, drew his power from the sun, is all | could make of him.”

“Is that why it burns?” she asked.

“I’m not sure about that, to be honest.” Tilted Jo-anne’s face up to hers “He was ancient, much older than Hendrick and a lot more powerful. And a Royal Alpha Warlock himself.”

“He was horrible and cruel, wasn’t he, angry and mean.” felt her tears spill down her face. “l’m going to be just like him, aren’t I?”

“You, Jo-anne, are nothing like him. The complete opposite, in fact. So gentle and loving, so forgiving and caring about others. You are nothing like him.”

“But..” they could feel his power and with it rage.

“No buts. I have watched you for a long time, you, I promise, are all heart and he had none.” She leaned forward and k!ssed her right on the forehead

“Even now, your powers out of control, and you ran away from everyone, to stop yourself from hurting anyone. Deep down inside, I think you knew. You and little Clova knew you were about to loose all control and didn’t want to hurt anyone. You and Clova, your good.”

“I just.” turned at the sound of splashing in the water behind them, it was West, but a*ss na*ked, must have shifted and chased after them in wolf form. He was hurrying towards them, turned back to her mother. “There’s so much anger and rage in me”

She didn’t stop West when he knelt down in the water and touched her face gently, looked at him, he looked so concerned, “I’m sorry.” she whispered to him.

“Don’t be.” he shook his head “Are you, alright?”

Jo-anne just nodded slowly “I was just so hot”

“We all felt it.” he sighed softly and brushed her tears away.

“Did I start a war?” she worried. Now she’d had time to calm down, she knew they had attacked and threatened the King himself.

Heard her mother laugh out loud “No child.

He’ll likely leave and never come back, likely never tell a soul. You and little Clova made the King of wolves bow down to you. You could challenge him for the throne if you wanted to and likely win. Become the Queen of all wolves and rule over us all.”

“I don’t want that.” her eyes widened “I don’t even want to be a princess.”

“That is a good choice.” saw her look at West. “I think it is time. I step out of my comfort zone.”

“Don’t do anything silly, Belinda.” West warned her.

“Me, West…” she snorted, “l am not that kind of person. I see a lot, and calculate even more. I believe there is one that I can trust to put an end to all of this. Its time l went home and dealt with this the way it should have been when I was 18.”

“Don’t go.” Jo-anne shook her head and grabbed onto her, she needed her here, she was the only one to help calm her when she was getting out of control.

“I will try from here first.” she smiled gently, then turned back to West “You got my little girl right.”

“I do.” he nodded “Always.”

“Good stay here, in the lake until she is comfortable.”

Jo-anne watched her mother walk away out of the lake, then shift to her wolf and head back to the pack-house at full wolf speed, “She’s so fast,” she commented.

Felt West settle down right next to her, “So are you. Not even Volt could catch Clova today.” Heard the smile in his voice, as he tugged her onto his lap.

She went wanted the comfort he was offering. But looked at him questioningly. “Really?”

“Mm.” he nodded, “and Volt really tried was all he could think of, to get to Clova..” he smiled and then chuckled “Well then he got all excited at the challenge she presented to him.”

Jo-anne shook her head and snorted, rolled her eyes “Volt just wants to catch and Mate Clova right.”

Heard him laugh “Yes, in the end. What can I say? Clearly, Volt is utterly head over heals for your little Clova. Can’t ever get enough.”

Jo-anne shook her head. “Crazy.”

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