Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 113

West POV

West sat with Jo-anne in the lake’s water, had her right in his lap, hugged her a little, thought she might need it “We’re alone.” he commented, after he’d used the mind-link to clear the area of all pack members. She looked right at him with a raised eyebrow, I don’t think now is…”

West chuckled “I wouldn’t, out here with you..” he knew what she thought, amused him a little, he’d cleared the area so that she would feel more comfortable, and relax. But it also meant seeing as there was no one around that they could speak about whatever they so chose. “Well, I thought we could have a private conversation while here.”

“About?” she enquired.

“A few things, regarding our pack.” he smiled at her.

“Your pack, you mean West.”

“No, it is our Pack..” he reminded her. “You will take over as the Luna, on the next full moon, mother will stay and help you for likely a year, but you will be in charge.”

Heard her sigh softly, sounded a little sad “West, what if you can’t Mark me?”

“That is something we’ll deal with, I guess.. I love you, Jo-anne. Volt loves Clova and as long as you’re here with us, we’re happy. Marked or not.” He told her, and he didn’t care as long as she was here, with him, he could deal with it.

“But you would prefer Marked! Yes?”

“Yes of course..” he nodded to her. “But our Mate Bond is still there. Not Marking you, really only hinders Volt and Clova’s connection to each other, and they can talk in human form when they take over us.” he shrugged.

“But they need that connection, to make them feel whole.”

“We’ll likely find away, given time.” he reassured her with a hug. West was certain she had healed Heath, had made that man vomit up all her tainted blood. She was, as Belinda said, able to fix that. He wasn’t exactly sure how, but she had done it, he knew that much.

“I wanted to talk to you, about Terence and Ella, actually.” and he smiled, when she smiled right at him, thinking about them being Goddess-Gifted Mate’s and he knew it. She’d done that too.

“I’m so happy for them West. Choosing Clova, was the right choice.”

“Seems like it.” he nodded at her. But that whole; only one can be happy thing! That was wrong. He didn’t understand it, not really. Seeing as both Clova and Volt were happy, he was happy.

Now Ella and T.J. were happy, even Belinda and Jonathan were happy, having everything out in the open. Everyone was happy, he thought.

He could even see how happy she was, not just right now, but when T.J. had claimed EIl. Jo-anne had been a ball of joy, bouncing up and down, so very happy, hugged Ella’s parents nearly cried with Joy, in fact.

“Are you happy, Jo-anne?” he suddenly asked.

Maybe it meant only she or Clova could be happy, only one of them could be happy with the choice she made. He didn’t want her to be unhappy with him as her Mate.

“Mostly.” she nodded at him.

“Mostly? Can I ask what it is you’re unhappy about.. is it me?” West asked. He didn’t particularly want to ask the question, she had not chosen him, she’d told him as much, right to his face even.

“I’m not happy about my tainted blood, West.” she sighed heavily, “and i just know.” she looked right at him “That it’s my fault, you were the way you were in our previous Mate Bond. I, my blood, caused you to change, from that happy person you were to… a very angry man.” she sighed again.

“Not your fault.. Karen did that to us.” he tried to tell her, reassuring her it was not her fault.

She shook her head. “No only that we were mated is her fault.. my blood West. It’s my blood that caused all of this between us, still now you’re tainted. If we’d never been Mated till I was 18, as you say, you could scent me. What would it have done to you then?” he could hear the real worry.

Obviously, she had thought about this since finding out her blood was tainted. Heath had said just one bite and he would want to kill her. That she was destined to die by his hands. He sighed “I honestly don’t know. Don’t want to think about it.

Perhaps your mother would have come forward a lot sooner to stop it. I’m certain that Belinda, knows how to fix it.” he smiled gently at her. “We will be fine.”

Saw her think for a long minute about what he said “Then why didn’t she fix it before?” saw Jo-anne shake her head. She didn’t think so.

“l don’t care, Jo-anne that it’s not fixed, right this minute. As long as we are together I am happy.” he reassured her “Can I ask you something about the only one can be happy thing?”

“Sure,” she nodded.

“I still don’t think that is right. Is that all the moon goddess told you? That your choice meant only one could be happy?”

Jo-anne was quiet for a long time then frowned

“No,” she shook her head. “Selena said something about only one can be happy at this point in time, but that if everything was revealed everyone could be happy.” she sighed, “I never understood that part,”

West smiled softly after a full minute of thinking on her words. “I think I’ll do. Because everyone is happy. So, everything to be revealed.. meant your linage, who you are. Belinda, so to speak, she had to be revealed to you, to all, her Mate and her children, the truth of your birth needed to come out, then everyone could be happy.

Watched as she just stared at him for a long time, then smiled slowly “Do you think that was really it?”

“Yes, because everyone is happy..” but then he sighed “I’m only concerned about you being happy, you did not choose me, Jo-anne, told me out right. I want you to be happy in our Mate Bond. Do you think you will be?” again, asking a question he didn’t know if he would like the answer to.

She nodded slowly, “You’re different now. I see that. Though I chose Clova, by extension she is me, we think mostly the same. Kind of weird but therapy really brought us together. She wants what I want and I generally want what she wants.”

He was glad to hear that reached up and tugged on her ear “So you want me,” he teased a little.

“Maybe,” she answered him, but there was a smile in her words.

“You know, you say I’m different, I think you did that to me. When I accepted you as your Alpha, the minute our blood merged I felt calm. Like..” he thought about it while looking at her, “Like I was happy, you were where you belonged.”

That’s the bond West.” she shook her head at him.

“No it wasn’t. I didn’t feel it on the day I took over, it took more than a week for me to start to scent you out all over again.”

“That’s not what your mother says.” she smiled at him.

“What did she say?” he asked curious, clearly they had talked about it at some point. When? He had no idea.

Watched her turn around in his lap and settle herself back against him, her back to his chest, leaned her head back on his shoulder, even rested her hands on his hands as they were linked together over her belly. So very comfortable, he really liked it.

“That she knew, what I was before you even left to track me down overseas.”

“Really and how is that?” he frowned. He’d not even known then, so how could his mother know. Heard her chuckle, really liked that, sounded very happy “Said you flipped your whole desk over in a fit of rage, that I had left the pack.” her eyes moved to his as she turned her head and looked up at him. “Did you?”

“Mm, I did.” he nodded, would not lie to her about that “Ricky and Cole nearly wore my desk.” he smiled at the thought.

“Your mum said, that’s when she knew.”

“Mm, a smart woman never misses a thing. Heard Jo-anne giggle and felt his heart rate pick up at the sound. “Told me, that she once made Damien not just flip his desk over, but that his wolf picked it up and threw it out the office window, in a full fit of rage, before she knew what he was to her.”

West laughed now. “Ah yes, I believe so. She wound up tethered to him after that day, actually on that day, pretty certain his wolf stalked off and bound her to him for k!ssing some other boy.” He snorted it was a good funny story all his sisters and he had heard, “as far as I’m aware the tale goes? Dad knew what mum was to him, but mum had absolutely no idea at all, and it drove him and his wolf crazy with jealousy, so that was his way of solving the issue. Though I also hear from mum and dad, she was still just as naughty tethered to him, that the tether got shorted each day till she couldn’t be more than a foot from him. Hilarious because she had no idea why at the time, they still pick on him about it, I believe.”

“I think you’re more like Damien than you realise,” she chuckled.

“Is that a good or bad thing?” he wondered.

“Hmm.. good, I like your dad.”

He smiled, “I will be better Jo-anne, I promise you.. no more being an ass-hole.”

“Well, I’ll just push you into line.” he heard her chuckle and then watched as she lifted both her hands out of the water and they glowed a little, surprised him quite a bit as she wiggled all her fingers.

“So you have some control over it?”

“A little I guess.” she nodded. “I can feel for that power now and I guess I can reach it if I want to, but… I don’t like that I get all angry or am angry when I use it. That is bad.”

“Well, I think,” he tilted her face to look at him again. “You just need some time to focus on it and learn to control it. That is all, maybe it was your inner anger that awoke your powers, but you don’t have to let it control your power.”

“And if I don’t want to use it at all, like ever?” she bit her l!p, kind of looked worried he’d care about that.

He smiled right at her “Then just don’t. It is up to you. I will never ask you to use it for anything, I don’t want you near any battle ever.” he used his thumb to tug that l!p from her teeth, damned woman couldn’t not do that, it seemed. “I only want you.” he leaned down and k!ssed her softly on the l!ps, “to be happy and be who you want to be, who you are.” watched her smile right up at him.

“Can I still have my art studio?” she asked. West smiled big now, “Yes, and I’m going to watch you paint.” he moved his mouth to her ear and spoke softly “annoy you while you paint.” growled a little playfully “hug you and k!ss you and distract you, all the time in that studio.” nibbled on her earlobe “I like watching you paint, it makes you happy.” he k!ssed her neck, nipped gently at it, then I his mouth away and shook his head “I’d better stop there, before I get carried away.”

Saw her smile as she looked away from him, liked that she could smile at the thought of them being together intimately.

“So, Terence and Ella.” he changed the subject completely or he was going to have her right here in this lake.

“What about them?”

“An Alpha and a Luna, technically. How do you feel about that?”

Watched her as she sat up properly and then turn in his lap to look right at him, all curious about his meaning, he thought.

“Actually a Prince and Princess, technically.”

She corrected him.

West nodded, though he knew that T.J. would not claim to his royal bloodline, not officially. He was happy here in pack life. “I was thinking..” he slid his hand up her neck, his eyes on her mouth, Goddess he wanted to k!ss her.

“Yes?” she prompted a few seconds later.

West leaned forward and pressed his mouth to hers for a long, slow, deep k!ss, and she returned it, leaned into him even.

“Two Alpha’s and Two Luna’s for our pack.” He murmured after breaking their k!ss.

Saw her eyes go wide, then start to glow a little around the edges, knew she was happy, they glowed when she was happy. Wondered if she knew that, “1 like it.” she nodded “but will T.J. though. He likes being the pack Beta.”

“You can make him, if he doesn’t.” West chuckled right at her “You out rank him now.”

“What? No I don’t, he’s older than I am.”

“Mm, but you just took on the King and won Jo-Jo” watched as her eyes widened at the use of her shortened name, but then she smiled a little “Do you like it when I call you Jo-Jo.” he asked, it was her real name, the one T.J. had given her as a baby.

“It’s nice, but.. a little weird, only T.J. ever calls me that.”

“Alright Jo-anne it is.” he nodded, it was worth a shot, he did like Jo-Jo as her name. Had always been a little jealous that T.J. was the only one allowed to call her that.

Watched her think about it. “Well.. Maybe Jo-Jo is okay out and about in the pack, but not in our bed.” she shook her head “That’s just too weird for me.

He smiled “We should go christen our bed.” He growled softly at her. Liked hearing her say the words ‘our bed’.

She splashed him “‘m sure you’ve.”

West cut her off completely. “Never, ever. Have l had anyone in that suite, only moved into it a few weeks ago, only ever been in it once before, when mother insisted l look at it. Miranda was never in there.”

“Hey… why’d you let me believe she was your Mate all that time?”

West shrugged “I didn’t want you thinking about my possessiveness over you and trying to run away from me”

“Oh, and the order to keep me here. Like I could have gone anywhere.” she rolled her eyes at him.

“Sorry about that, was still an ass-hole around you then,” he admitted.

“Hmm.” she looked right at him, then splashed him again “Well, I’m an alpha too, maybe I should put some orders on you then.”

West laughed “Yes, go ahead.” pulled her right up close to him and growled deeply “Make them all naughty.” Watched her laugh and shake her head, pushed away from him a little. Seemed to be back to her normal happy self again. “Come on, we’d better go and see what’s happening in the pack-house.”

“Can we ask them to just leave?” she sighed.

“You can l imagine.” West nodded, still smiling.

She had no idea how much power she actually wielded. It seemed. Got up and pulled her up onto her feet. Slid his eyes over her. “Hmm, can’t have you walking through the pack na*ked.. better shift to go back.” felt Volt push forward to look at her ‘yes shift’ he told West.

“Goddess help me.” Jo-anne laughed. She could see Volt right there, likely knew they were not going to make it back to the pack-house without their wolves mating again.

Chuckled “Mm, what can I say.” watched her shake her head but saw Clova right there on the surface now too.

“Crazy wolves,” she muttered.

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