Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 115

West POV

He and Jo-anne were sitting in the Alpha suite, with both Belinda and Jonathan, he had the ceremonial blade on the ottoman between them.

Jo-anne was looking right at Jonathan, it was clear that she didn’t want to have her bond to him severed from herself. He could see that she actually did want him as her father.

It looked to West, that Jonathan himself wanted Jo-anne to be his daughter as well. West had seen the man with her, the way he had talked to her before being bonded to him, the way he had hugged her, told her she belonged in his arms and wanted her for his own child, and now that West was really thinking about it.

Jonathan had been the one to stand over her, in the packs hospital, while T.J. and Jayden had fought it out inside the Luna’s medical suite. The man had actually refused to hand her over to Ricky at all, had protected her with his own body, like his own child at the time. Not even the pack’s Gamma could get him to relinquish protecting her.

The man had always gone into the city with Damien to see her, had helped organise her contracts, the man, it seemed, had known about her for a long time. “Jo-Jo, it’s alright.” He heard Jonathan tell her “Im still going to be your father. I’ve always wanted to be, you know this now.”

West watched Jo-anne nod but say “I won’t feel the connection to you anymore.” sounded sad and a little pained to his ear.

“Jo-anne, how do you feel about Heath?” he interrupted them. He’d seen the way she was still connected to that man, even without her blood bond.

Jo-anne turned and looked at him, seemed to think about it. “like he’s still my dad I quess, just… she frowned “one of those dad’s that’s hardly around, I still love him, but were not as close as we used to be. Does that make sense?”

“It does,” he nodded, thought as much, she still loved the man, had a heart as big as the moon, it seemed, ” think, Jo-anne that if you want to, and I can see that you do. Want Jonathan to be your father, even without the blood bond he will be, its what he wants. It’s what you want, and with your powers and getting what you want seems to be a thing, so you are now family regardless.” he told her, it was very unlikely that Jonathan was going to give her up, he was already calling her Jo-Jo.

“It’s true Jo-Jo, you can’t get rid of me that easily. I’m stubborn and when I claim something. It is mine forever. I have claimed you as my child, so that is what you are now. My daughter, we, Belinda and I are your parents.”

Watched her nod and smile a little more “Alright.”

“Wait.. do I have to blood bond to Jonathan every time that the King or his Warlock turn up and then have to have it severed again, when they go?”

Jo-anne was looking right at Belinda.

It was a good question, not even West had thought about that. It is a good precaution to have. But I don’t think that either of them will ever come back here.

Not to take you. Once you are Marked and Mated by West, they can not remove you. That’s how I escaped the Mating Alliance with Hendrick. I ran here at full wolf speed and begged Jonathan to Mark me, he took me at my word that I was his Mate and did so.”

Heard Jonathan snort, amused it seemed. “I smelled you honey. Just thought you should have waited till you were 18 is all.”

Watched as Belinda stared at him a little shocked “You’ve never told me that before.”

“I like your version, where l am the hero who saves you, trusted your word and gave you what you wanted.”

Saw her whack him “You devil, all these decades, and you never not once said anything.

“Yep.” he grinned at her “I have many secrets.”

Saw Belinda’s eyes go wide “No you don’t.”

“Hmm, Jo-Jo now knows at least one too. Saw it when she was blood bonded to me.” watched the man wink at Jo-anne “That is our little secret, a father daughter thing, no telling your mother.”

Saw Belinda turn and look at Jo-anne, who was now chuckling “Yes father.

“Hey” Belinda huffed.

West just sat and smiled, they were just like a real family, tormenting each other.

West completed the severing of her blood bond with Jonathan and asked how she felt, no different, just like the last time. Her scent changed went back to what it had been before, Rosewood, Cinnamon and Ylang Ylang, whereas when bonded to Heath there had been no Ylang Ylang but Lavender, and while bonded to Jonathan it had been peppermint instead of the Ylang Ylang.

West liked how she smelled, regardless of who she was bonded to. Each unique scent had been beautiful to him, they were all her as far as he was concerned. It was likely that her actual Mate scent was either the Rosewood or Cinnamon, and because it had been retained at all times, he’d smelled and scented her always. Personally he liked to think it was the Cinnamon, loved that smell.

“Can we talk about…the warlock, who he was?” Jo-anne asked Belinda quietly.

“We can, but not today, Jo-anne, it’s been a long day, a somewhat traumatic day for you. I think we should let you rest and we can discuss it tomorrow. I’ll try to explain about the tainting of your blood and all of that as well.” Jo-anne nodded “Alright.”

“We’ll leave you two to get some rest.. West who’s currently in charge?”

“Terence.” he frowned up at her, she should know this.

“Um, no. He is off with his new Mate like you are.”

“Oh, then I guess I’ll put Ricky and Cole in charge. Why?”

“I need to put a call into Christian, my brother, and I need to use the phone in the Alpha office for that.”

“I let them know, and to give you privacy as well.”

“Thank you.” she nodded and stood up.

Jonathan stood as well and both he and Jo-anne saw them out. He mind-linked to Ricky and Cole as he said he would and let them know Belinda was on her way down and why.

Then he turned to Jo-anne. “I’ll run you a bath so you can relax in there. It has been a l ong day. You must be tired.”

“I am a bit.” she nodded.

West went to fill the jetted tub in their en-suite and put in some lavender to help her relax, made Sure the water was nice and hot, smiled as she walked towards the bathroom, when it was ready, wondered if she’d let him join her, the bath was big enough for the two of them.

He’d like to, just sit in that water with her leaned up against him, like in the lake earlier. Though he was certain here in the privacy of their suite his hands would wander. Slide over her body nice and slow and, mm.

Saw Jo-anne stop dead, snap her head around to look at him and then turn and shove him back towards the lounge room “0ut.” she’d practically yelled at him, and then banged the bedroom door shut.

West stood there frowning at the door.

Something was going on with her. That was not the first or even second time he’d seen her do that, the third time now. Narrowed his eyes on the closed door and thought about it.

The last time, she’d said she had a medical condition.

Sighed and thought back to each time he’d seen her react like that. The first time had been on his plane, she’d been sleeping, he’d been looking at her, frowned, thought she’d possibly been having an er0tic dream, he’d been thinking about her at the time it happened. He’d been thinking about touching her, in fact.

Then the other day, in her room with both Ella and T.J. there, she’d come out of the bathroom in that towel and he’d slid his eyes over her, he’d been thinking about k!ssing her entire body nice and slow. Then now, he’d been looking at her, thinking about touching her too.

Heard Belinda’s voice popped right into his head “Oh, and West, stop torturing the girl with your naughty thoughts.”

Hmm, he stood and stared at the closed door for a long minute, that was an interesting thought, pushed the bedroom door open and leaned on the door, looked at the bathroom door, it was closed. Surely it couldn’t be that he was thinking about touching her.

Recalled he’d been more than thinking about touching her in his office, the day he’d walked into her bedroom and found her all hot and bothered, touching herself. Then that very night he’d been in this bed, right here in this room thinking about her, what they had done earlier in the day, when she had called out to him.

No it couldn’t be that, surely not.

Though it was a nice idea, stood and chewed on his l!ps, as he pondered his thoughts. There was a way to find out, he supposed.. a devious smile played on his l!ps now. Strolled over and leaned on the wall next to the bathroom door. Wondered for all of about 30 seconds if he should test his theory or not.

“Stop torturing the girl, with your naughty thoughts,” rolled around inside his mind. If it was that? Then Jo-anne! He bit his l!p, had been getting tortured for 10 long years by his naughty thoughts, of all the things he’d wanted to do to her, longed to do to her, had dreamed of doing to her and pictured himself doing to her, at all times of the day and night.

Closed his eyes and smiled, wanted to stroll into that bathroom, climb right into that tub with her, and slide his hands over her body, caress her br*easts and bite softly on her ear and tell her about how he was going to slip his hand between her thighs had tease her slowly, heard a moan come from the bathroom, smiled to himself, oh he wanted to join her now. Pick her up and have those legs wrap around him as he buried himself deep inside of her, heard a muffled cry of pleasure come from her, pictured in his mind, her riding him hard and fast until she came, actually heard her cvm a minute later.

‘Damn.’ he thought, all them naughty thoughts for the past 10 years. He wondered if every time, she got a release like that, hmm, must be something to do with the witch part of her.

Wondered if she knew what caused it, caused her to suddenly build to an org*asm out of nowhere, he could definitely have some fun with that.

Smiled and walked away from the en-suite, oh he was definitely going to have fun with that “Stop torturing the girl.” ha ha ha, he’d not even known he was torturing the woman with pleasure, oh but he was going to now. Chuckled to himself. Really hoped that she had no idea, even Volt was chortling inside his mind at the thought of Jo-anne and likely Clova gaining pleasure from just them thinking about touching her.

Sank himself down on the couch and wondered just how much thought he could put into it, and for how long it would affect her, he had some deep needs, could go on for hours, heard Volt snort, fully amused by the possibilities’ let’s do it again.’

West laughed out loud at his wolfs comment’

You try it, think about all them things you like to do to Clova’ he heard Volt growl all excitedly.

West and Volt sat and listened from the living area. Their hearing tuned into the bathroom and sure enough, there it was. She was gasping and moaning, muffled by what, who knew? She was clearly trying to hide it from them, heard her cl!max and groan afterwards. Volt was chortling inside his mind ‘Oh that is fun.’ he told West. West had to agree with his wolf.

‘Oh yes, that is going to be a lot of fun.’ got up and quietly closed the bedroom door, so when she got out she’d think he’d not heard anything at all.

Was going to play it that way. Keep that a secret for now, for his and Volts’ own enjoyment, for now anyway. He’d tell her eventually.

Heard her come out of the bedroom, he was sitting with his legs outstretched his feet on the ottoman, the T.V. was turned on, moved his eyes to her, and smiled “Want to watch a movie?” he asked patting the couch next to him, like he’d heard nothing. Done nothing to hear her all wanton and ar0used for him.

Jo-anne was standing there appeared a little nervous, likely trying to figure out if he’d heard or not, he thought “I won’t bite Jo-anne.” he chuckled

“Not allowed remember, I’ll even go make popcorn if you like.”

“No, I’m good.” she murmured.

“How about a nice relaxing cup of tea?”

“Hmm.” she sat and looked at him. “Alright,” likely confused about him, he’d never done these things for her before, but he would now, wanted to.

West smiled, “Pick any movie you like, I’ve got a nice strawberry and Vanilla tea, you might like.” And he did, had a whole assortment of teas in the pantry, over 20 different flavours, for her to try. He got up to go and make the tea, smiling the whole time. Yes, he was going to play with her, chuckled to himself as he walked back in with her tea, saw her look right at him questioningly.

“Just thinking about something Belinda said to me, about my naughty thoughts, where you were concerned,” he told her as he handed her the tea and then sank down, grabbed the throw blanket off the back of the couch, and flicked it over the two of them and made himself comfortable.

Watched her fall asleep not even 30 minutes into her movie choice. Exhausted, it seemed, he smiled, picked her up and carried her off to their bed and settled in next to her, k!ssed her temple, murmured “happy to help sweetheart.” and then just lay and watched her sleep until he fell asleep.

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