Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 117

West POV

Watched as Jo-anne walked out of the pack-house, heading for the cells, didn’t really want her to go on her own, but she wanted too. From what Belinda had revealed today, it was very likely that Heath was actually of no threat to Jo-anne at all anymore.

He was curious as to what she wanted to ask the man, but it was her business and she would tell him when she was ready, he supposed. Or tell T.J., West doubted their bond would diminish even now that he had Ella, they would still be really close and he knew it.

He sighed and headed back to his office. He had a few calls to make himself today, he needed to start getting things underway for the up-coming Luna Ceremony, needed to organise new furniture for not just his office but the Luna’s office as well.

He also needed to talk to his father about remodelling some of the 4th floor. He had a feeling Alpha Terence and Luna Ella were going to need a bigger suite. Smiled to himself.

West knew he was making the right decision for his pack and with Jo-anne also on board and liking the idea herself and by the way her eyes had glowed, he knew that she was really happy about it too. The question was, did he just spring it on the two of them at the Luna Ceremony or let them know before hand?

Sat behind his desk and pondered that very question, he did not know how T.J. would react or Ella, for that matter, if he sprung it on them. Then there was how to get Ella dressed appropriately for her Luna Ceremony without her knowing about it.

Knew she wouldn’t want to outshine Jo-anne, perhaps it was best that he just sit them down and talk to them.

Though he was not going to take no for an answer, he also didn’t want an argument either, so no, he could not spring it on them. Would have to bring it up with Terence first. Didn’t think it would take much for Jo-anne to convince Ella. And if he could get T.J. on board, that man had always been able to get Ella to agree to his wants.

Made a call to the packs carpenter and requested two new desks, one for the Alpha’s office and one for the Luna’s office. Did not need to explain why. There was nothing unusual about anewly established Alpha or Luna, for that matter, redecorating their offices. Most had their own unique tastes and Luna’s would often not just redecorate their office but their suite and sometimes the entire pack-house. Though West didn’t see Jo-anne doing that, not her thing he didn’t think, Ella might want to though, who knew.

He was not fussed.

Decorating was a Luna’s job. It put their very own personal stamp on everything. He must remember to tell Jo-anne she could decorate their suite any way she liked, smiled at the thought, must also convince her to go shopping and fill up her wardrobe full of clothes. Wondered if she actually let him purchase her a Luna’s gown, hadn’t liked his choice last time. Perhaps something very different from the last one, though he still wanted to use those diamonds he had in his safe.

Got up from his desk and wandered up to his parents’ suite, found them both sitting on the couch together chatting happily it seemed, his fathers hand was resting on his mother’s stomach. She was not showing yet, but soon would be. Alpha pups grew fast and came early at that.

“Boys or Girls?” he asked them, sitting down across from the two of them with a smile. He was curious as to if he was getting brothers or sisters.

Was hoping for brothers though.

Watched as the pair of them chuckled and shook their heads “It’s going to be a surprise.” His mother smiled right at him.

Shook his head, his mother would never be able to keep that a secret. “Till you decorate.” He smirked “What colour did you pick?”

Saw his fathers hand whip up and snap over his mother’s mouth, West burst out laughing, she never could resist answering that question and he knew it as well as did his father. They were both staring at him now, a little shocked it seemed, and it took West a moment to realise it was because he was laughing, waved it off.

“So I have some news,” he stated.

“She’s pregnant.” his mother burst out excitedly.

“No.” West shook his head, babies on the brain it seemed “Well, not that I know of anyway.”

“Come on son, you’re an Alpha, put your hand on the girl’s belly, it’s been well over a week now. You’d feel a tiny heart beat in there if there’s a pup.”

West smiled, he’d had his hands on Jo-anne’s belly just yesterday and had not even thought about checking that. He had just liked the fact that she was comfortable around him enough to relax back all na*ked against him. “She’ll tell me if she is.” He shrugged, he didn’t need to check, it would happen when it happened, he was in no rush actually wouldn’t mind spending a few months just him and her, ravishing her in all the ways he liked, would have to curb his appetite for the woman once she was with pup, had barely even shown her all the things he liked or learned what she liked, wanted that before any pup he realised.

“So I wanted to talk to you two about the packs’ future, in fact.”

Saw them both frown at him.

“I’m going to appoint Terence and Ella as Alpha and Luna.”

“The hell you will.” his mother suddenly yelled at him, shooting right up onto her feet.

“Calm down mother.” he shook his head. Jo-anne had said he was like his father but he was pretty sure that he got his temper from his mother.

Two Alpha’s and Two Luna’s, I’m not stepping down.”

She was still glaring right at him, unhappy it seemed about the idea. “Why?” she asked as his father tugged her back down onto the couch.

“Because Terence gave up everything yesterday. To protect this pack.”

“That’s not the real reason,” his father stated. “You’d already made the decision before then. Terence was your back up, if you never found your Mate.”

“What?” his mother gasped.

West nodded “That is true.” he told his father looked to his mother. “I was not expecting a Mate or children for that matter. So I already had a contingency plan in place. That Terence would take over as the Alpha and his first born would hold the title of the Pack Heir.”

“Son.” she was frowning at him, “Now l know your life has not been easy for a very long time, but you can’t just go and hand the pack over to another me.”

“Actually as the Alpha I can.” he told her. ” Father was also aware and did not object. Thought as I did, that Terence was a good choice. And over the past few days, look at his mother. He is a born leader, steps up and can handle anything. Is an Alpha and should be.”

“I don’t like it.” she muttered “That boy defies West smiled he knew why. “Because you removed Jo-anne from his care mother. Is why and he’s still mad about that.” watched her huff and look away from him. “Did you know mother, who Jo-anne’s mother was that day, when Terence found her out in the snow?”

Saw her jaw tighten but say nothing.

“So you did know.” he sighed “You, Terence and Belinda all need to sit down and sort this out.”

“No we don’t. Belinda was just a girl at the time, Westley, bore a pup to another not by choice and hid that pup. Yes, I knew right away who’s child she was. I could smell my friend on the baby. Also knew why she did what she did. As I’m certain did Jonathan at the time. I did what I knew I was supposed to be do, with a new born pup and no parents to claim it.”

He sighed “Then perhaps you need to explain this to Terence. Belinda has come forward and explained as much herself. To both Jonathan and Terence, now just this morning. I would like for you and Terence to get along, mother. I would also like you acceptance of he and Ella as our packs Alpha and Luna as well.”

“I don’t like it. It will make things difficult, who’s child will claim heir to the pack. The one that is first born, or the one that has royal blood?”

“Mother, you are too angry to think straight. Jo-anne also has royal blood.” he reminded her,” though they have both renounced the King and to his face as I understand it.”

“What? I knew Jo-anne had, but Terence?”

“Yes, Terence renounced him after the alliance was signed and told him.” he looked to his father for confirmation “that he was no longer welcome in his pack.”

Damien nodded. “He did, and I don’t think that man will come back, not anywhere near this pack.

Though your annual meetings in the kingdom will likely still have to be attended by one or both of you.

“I don’t think he will come back either, and as I understand it, Belinda has plans of her own. Where her father is concerned, used the inter-realm phone last night to call Prince Christian, next in line to the Throne.”

Heard his father whistle “It’s possible, there might be a dethroning coming.”

West shrugged. He did not particularly care. “It is possible, I will not be offering assistance to either party, our pack will be neutral and stay out of it.”

“A wise choice though..” his father sighed, “it is possible any and all involved will have to present themselves to aid in the dethroning.”

“I will not be putting Jo-anne in a room with those two again.”

“Hmm, from what I saw yesterday, she’d likely kill one if not both of them. That could aid Prince Christian, she could just hand the Throne to him, if she doesn’t want it.”

“She doesn’t, already told Belinda that.” West informed him.

Saw his father think on it fora long time, “Likely if Belinda tells everything her father did to her back then, trying to mate her off to Hendrick, and hide her Goddess-Gifted Mate from her, and what he tried to do to your Luna after you were mated to her… I think, the royal wolfen council will hire an independent seer to hunt out the information for themselves and remove him if it proves true, he was and is a threat to his own blood line.”

“So no war?”

“Likely not.” his father shook his head “Not once that Alliance Terence drew up against the King and Queen is produced, it’ll confirm everything about what went down, and what he was trying to do to his own kin.”

“I guess we will have to wait and see then,”

“Yes, though it will be your alliance papers that will need to be seen. The king will deny everything I imagine.”

“I’ll gladly send a copy or have one of the royal council come here and smell the blood of his King and Queen on it.”

“A good idea.”

“Mother, about my making Terence and Ella a part of the packs official linage?”

“Do whatever you want.. But” she turned and pointed a finger right at him “Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.”

“I hear you, I don’t think it will be an issue to be honest. Terence and I will draw up a new pack law that this pack is to be run by two Alpha’s always, one from each blood line his and mine.” he stood up, she likely though he’d never really sat and thought this through but he had a lot over the years.

Stood to leave.

“Wait, you will not have a Beta.” she stated.

“Sonja can step up.” West smiled, the majority of this pack’s heirs would all have Alpha blood, royal alpha blood at that. “Our pack will be one of the strongest now and for the future generations to come.”

He stood watching as his mother’s brain was suddenly ticking. “You know, son, Ava has no Mate. She rejected hers long ago.”

“Im aware of that, yes. My understanding a rude d!ck of a man. Who did not stop fvcking the she-wolf she found him with, just smiled at her and kept on going.”

“She is itching for a pup of her own. Though no 2nd chance mate has come along. Belinda is heart broken by her daughters’ craving to be a mother.”

“Yes and your point being?” he asked.

“Ricky and Cole son, they do need an heir, perhaps some sort of agreement could be made their.”

West frowned now “A breeding alliance? That is archaic.”

“No not like that, she wants a child and so do they, so a mutual agreement. Patterson could help with the conception, of course.”

“Mother, are you planning Alpha-blooded heirs for every member of the Alpha units heirs to this pack?”

“Why not? If they agree with it, that is. Offer it and see what happens is all am saying. Ava knows both of them, and they are respectable. She might like the idea. Get her need to be a mother fixed even though mate-less. Speak to her first, then approach the boys.”

“I will consider it.” he nodded and walked out of the suite. The woman, it seemed, never stopped planning for babies at that. Shook his head and headed back downstairs. It wasn’t a bad idea and they had both expressed their wishes to adopt already. Could work though it would be up to Av. He could talk to her, and allow her to make that decision, even let her approach them to sort it out.

Came to a halt on the first floor as he smelled rogue scent, heard Volt snarl instantly at the stench, turned and looked at where it came from, saw two females coming down the hallway towards him, a mother and daughter. They froze to the spot when they realised he was looking right at them, Volt was on the surface, likely looked like he was a threat. ‘Terence did tell me about this Volt.’ he told his wolf who’d been sleeping at the time.

Felt Volt recede “My apologies, I’m Alpha Westley, you must be the two Alpha Terence brought in.”

Saw the mother nod, he could tell the little girl was scared of him, he could smell her fear, see the way she was now clutching her mothers hand and had stepped closer to her. “You’re safe here, little one.. though we should initiate you into the pack so you don’t have to be afraid, around anyone, come on lets go do that.” he turned and walked away down the stairs to the pack foyer, knew they would follow him, not many would ignore an Alpha’s request, certainly not a rogue requesting sanctuary.

Found Terence in the Alpha’s chair and smiled, such a natural thing. The man had been seen in that chair damned near every day since West had taken over. For one thing or another, he picked up the pack’s ceremonial blade and handed it to Terence. “Alpha I believe you need to initiate these two into our pack.”

Watched as T.J. frowned up at him “You’re back West.”

West shrugged “And you’re currently sitting in the Alpha chair, so you do it.”

Saw T.J. stand up “West?”

“No, you do it. You’re still the Alpha in charge. I haven’t taken it back yet. So go on. You know how.”

“West only the actual Alpha can do that.”

“Hmm, then I guess you’d better agree to be the Alpha with me, from now on.” then just turned and walked out of the office, nodded to both the woman and her daughter “Welcome to the Eclipsed Moon

Let’s just see what the man would do.

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