Her Alpha’s Orders Chapter 118

Jo-anne POV

Heath looked so much better, and he smiled right at her, like he used to. She realised “You’re alright!” he sounded very re-leaved to her ear.

“I am,” she nodded “how are you doing?”

“All better. Thank you for healing me.”

“I” she frowned.

“It’s who you’re meant to be, Jo-anne. A healer.

I’ve seen it, watched you as a child do it. I didn’t tell you or anyone else for that matter, because children should be allowed to be children and live happy. fun lives. Not be trained like a slave to your ability.

You just need to be a child. Every child has that right.”

Jo-anne was just staring at him now. It was what she was meant to be? Needed to be just a happy child? She’d only been really happy till her sisters had come along. “Why’d you change?” she asked “Why’d you stop loving me?” it had always hurt, though she’d tried not to let it show.

“I never did. But Karen turned out to be extremely jealous of you. Of our bond, and I was worried she would hurt you. Found out that she was nicer to you if I paid our children more love and attention. I’m sorry.”

Jo-anne shook her head sadly “lt was mean, and it hurt.”

“It was.” he agreed, “and it didn’t help in the end. I’m sorry.” he sighed heavily “I’m sorry for what she did to you. I had no idea.”

“Do you know how I healed you?” she did not want to talk about Karen or what she’d done to her and West.

“Yes, the same way you healed all those animals, you used to bring home as a child. You just prayed for them to get better…you have two mates, I hear.”

Jo-anne shook her head. “Not anymore, I rejected Jayden.”

Saw Heath smile “You need to heal West, it’s why you’re hear, isn’t it? To try and figure out how you do that.”

She just nodded “I didn’t really do anything to you.”

“Sweetheart, you wished with all your heart for me to go back to the man I was before Karen, the man who loved you, your real dad.”

“How do you know that? You were sedated at the time.”

“I was, but I think you wanted me to know,” he shrugged, “you are special, always will be. Though something about us changed two days ago” he frowned, “you feel different to me now.”

“You can still feel me?”

“Yes, l’m still blood bonded to you.”

“Oh,” she was surprised by that, perhaps only her tainted blood had been removed from him, not that first initial drop of her blood as a baby, when she, as her mother put it, was pure of blood. “Do you want West to remove that?” she asked him.

“No.” he shook his head “You’re my little girl, Jo-Anne. I love that, I want to keep that, if that is alright with you?”

Jo-anne did not know if that was a good thing or a bad, to be honest, that he was still blood bonded to her. Would need more clarification on that. Perhaps Belinda could sort that out.

“Why did you bite me?” she asked.

“We needed you away from us. We’d stayed away from you at all costs. Already knew we’d hurt you. I saw it when you were 16,I think…a vision of us hurting you, badly. So we stayed away, Jester, and I needed to keep you away from us.”

“And the trying to kill me?”

“After we bit you, we were flooded with images of you killing Karen and it drove us to try and protect our Mate. The only way we could at the time do that was…” he looked at her. “I’m sorry. Jester,” he sighed “Has retreated, I can barely feel him at all, he has to much pain from what we did. I don’t know if he will come back.”

Jo-anne sighed now, she’d been there once, had thought she had lost Clova. “Give it time, it was not your fault or Jesters, my blood is special apparently.”

“You’re special Jo-anne.” saw his eyes move to her neck. “West has not claimed you yet?”

“He can’t, it will make him like you and Jester were,” she told him softly, and actually felt sad about that she now realised.

“Then fix him.”

“I don’t really understand how.”

“Sweetheart, yes you do..I think, you just came here to see for yourself, that you did really heal me. Not to ask me how, answer me something. What do you want for West, way down deep inside, what do

“For him to go back to how he was before me. Before waking up next to me in that hotel room, before my blood ruined him…but” a part of her was also terrified at that the same time, that he would no longer be her Mate, because at that time he had not been. That their bond would just vanish along with everything that she wanted for him.

“But?” he prompted her after a full minute of silence.

“What if that’s it? He does go back to that man and I and Clova are nothing to him and Volt, I can’t.. I don’t want that, I don’t want Clova to feel the loss of Volt. She has loved him her whole life, like literally, since 4 days after I got her. It’s all she wants.”

“Ah, I see your dilemma.” he walked over to the cell bars and leaned on them. ” You were gifted to him, it will be fine. At worst you’ll have to wait for the next full moon once again.”

“That’s a month away still. Clova and Volt are already Mated.” she worried. Not only had they mated, they’d knotted each other multiple times.

Those two crazy wolves she knew were trying to get a pup of their own. Regardless of her and West’s thoughts on it. They were truly crazy, she thought.

“It’s fine Jo-anne. It will all be fine. I remember everything, even the not-so nice things I said, so will West and Volt. Come here.” he held his arms out through the bars and she let him hug her through them. “Heal him and it will sort itself out.

Everything will be just fine, I promise.

“I’m scared… what if it doesn’t?” she admitted.

“It will. Your life has been one horrid tale after other. I think Selena will grant you happiness, to make up for all of the past. Do you think you can be happy with West?”

Jo-anne nodded, she knew she could, he was a good man, a possessive a*ss-h0le at times, but that was she now knew her tainted blood inside of him.

That had caused all of that, it wasn’t the real him.

She let go of Heath.

“Belinda is my real mother, Terence is my brother.” she told him. He had a right to know. Heard him sigh very heavily “Well, that’s not a good thing on my part. Terence wants me dead.. But I guess the pack laws are there for a good reason.” he touched her face before stepping back into the cell fully “Stop denying that man.”

“Heath, l am not going to let either West or T.J. kill you. It was not you’re fault. They also both know this now. I’ll sort it out and ill have Maree and Marie come and visit you later on. They both want to see you.”

“I’d like that.” he nodded “Go on Jo-anne, go and do what you have to do.. Heal West. It’s the right thing to do and you know it. You never put yourself first… I don’t think you’re about to change and become selfish now.”

Jo-anne nodded, “I’m glad you are better Heath.”

“Me to, even if it’s short-lived.”

“I’ll work on that.” she told him and headed out of the cells. He did not deserve to die. It had not been his fault, it was her tainted blood, that had ruined him, ruined Karen even, ruined West too. So many lives ruined and in turmoil and filled with pain and fear all because of her tainted blood. She really hoped that her children would not be like her, not have the same blood.

Headed right for the Alpha’s office and stared at the two females in there, smiled all her other worries forgotten in an instant, walked right over to them. She’d had a vision of these two already. A happy one already, when walking with West to see the Luna in the hospital. They smelled like pack members now. “Welcome, I wondered how long till you got here!” she smiled at the little girl after her mother. Hunkered right down in front of her “You, my little one, have nothing to fear from your father anymore. He’ll not be able to find you. I promise you that.”

“You know who they are?” T.J. asked, sounding completely shocked. “Yes I do.” she nodded and stood up. “I want to introduce you to someone.” she grabbed Carmen’s hand and pulled her along behind her “Someone who will protect you and your daughter always.

“What?” it was Carmen, sounded more than shocked Jo-anne mind-linked to the man, to find out where he was, in his suite. Even better, took them right up to the 3rd floor and knocked on the man’s door. T.J. was trailing her, clearly curious about this himself.

Oliver opened the door at her knock and smiled at her “Luna.” he half teased and she knew it was because he had obviously known what she was long before she had.

“Mr, I follow orders and won’t tell you my name.” she shot right back at him and saw him laugh “I have two charges for you to protect. I order it.”

“Yes Luna.” he was suddenly serious. She knew that he would not even ask why. Just follow the order without question. Suddenly realised why West liked him.

“They’ll stay here with you, till proper accommodation can be found.” she told him.

“Oh, alright. I’ve got spare rooms I guess.” She stepped aside and Jo-anne ushered Carmen and little Camilla inside.

“Carmen, Camilla, this is Oliver, Alpha West and Alpha T.J.’s Elite Warrior. You’ll be safe here with him, under his care.”

Heard Oliver correct her “I’m actually their War General.” saw him smirk right at her, cheeky bastard, had lied to her accounts for the entire team of men he had on her, his own unit in all likelihood.

Shook her head and smiled. Stepped out of the room, winked right at him and then just closed the door, giggled to herself two could keep things hidden.

“Oh what are you up to, Jo-Jo?” T.J. asked her.

“Me, T.J., nothing. Just puting something delicious smelling right under Oliver’s nose, for the next full moon.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes,” she smiled”makes me happy to match make. I think my foresight might actually come in handy for this half un-mated pack of ours.” Then she looked right at him. “oh T.J, I hope you like lots of pups!” she winked at him.

Saw the man grin right at her “Already working on that.” he wiggled his eyebrows at her, “why you think Ella is exhausted?”

Jo-anne laughed at him. “Stop, it’s already happened. Saw it before you even claimed her, knocked her up the first time you slept with her.

“What? Really..I’m gonna be a dad?” then she was up off the ground in a big bear hug. “Boy or a girl?” he asked all excitedly as he put her back down.

“I didn’t see that, just saw Ella.” she moved her arms out in a big circle to indicate the size of the belly she had seen “out here.”

Saw T.J.’s eyes go wide. “That’s not just one in there then.”

“Unlikely.” she chuckled “Go.” she waved him off and laughed, he looked so very excited, then he was gone, heading up the stairs to go find Ella for himself. She was going to be an aunt, and wondered if their mother knew already. It was likely she supposed.

Strolled along to the Alpha suite, found Belinda by the door, a small vial of her blood in her hand, standing looking at the door, hesitantly. Like she wanted to knock but didn’t want to, at the same time “Mother?”

Saw the woman’s grey eyes turn on her, and suddenly realised she had her mother’s eyes too.

“I…l just.” saw her hands shake as she looked to the vial, then took a deep breath. “You should have this.”

“What is it?” Jo-anne asked.

“My blood, so that if you want to know. You can see everything, my past, Merrick and.” she looked at the vial, her hands were still shaking “Your choice” she held it out “l don’t want to relive it ever, but you have the right to know about your conception and what kind of person he was. This way I don’t have to relive it.”

Jo-anne took the vial. Obviously, she had been to see Patterson to have her blood taken.

“You might understand the choices I made and… forgive me for abandoning you and leaving you tainted, for no…”

“Stop. I don’t blame you. You did what you had to, what you thought was right at the time. I don’t have any anger towards you over this, there is nothing to forgive, you had a terrible choice to make and I’m sure you made it with not just your own interests at heart.”

“Thank you… but that could also help you understand your other side. I don’t really know, but it could.” then she hugged Jo-anne “Use it, don’t use it. It is completely your choice.”

Jo-anne hugged her back “Do you know, your going to be a grandmother?”

“I know triplets, I already saw and told Ella.” she pulled away and smiled “They will be a handful, all little girls just like their mother” she laughed softly.

Jo-anne chuckled, “Well, that will be fun when they’re all grown up and T.J. is trying to stop them from playing with all the boys.”

“Yes, it will” Belinda nodded and then walked off down the hall, felt better it seemed.

Perhaps she was more like her own mother than she realised, that woman went from being anxious and scared to happy in a blip of a second, just like Jo-anne could. Hmm.

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